tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 17

Auntie Mabel Ch. 17


It was very late and everyone had gone to bed.

It was raining outside, and Alison could hear the wind howling around the ill fitting windows.

Alison had slipped a tampon inside her, to retain as much of John's sperm as possible.

She was lying on her back, staring at the canopy of her four-poster bed as it moved slightly in the draft.

She was thinking about sex, and babies, and men, and husbands.

She had turned the heating on and the bedrooms were warm and cosy.

Mabel was wearing a baby doll nightie with matching panties.

She was sitting up in bed, reading the latest Stock Market reports.

She was wearing her glasses, which made her look like the shrewd business woman that she was.

Only when she was alone and in business mode, would she wear her glasses, normally she didn't through sheer vanity.

'Do you miss him?' asked Alison softly.

Mabel thought for a few seconds, and then put her reports on the bedside cabinet.

'Every day, I miss him so much.

I try and fill my life with work and love to keep the sadness away, but Simon is always there in my mind.

I thought of him when I tried to arrange my hair to cover my body, do you remember?'

'Just before your Lady Godiva ride? Was that Simon's idea?

Mabel smiled to herself, and related the story of how Alison's brother Simon Armatage had met and won her.

Including the story of making a dress out of her hair.

'The clever old stick, he never told me anything about your first meeting.

He knew the family saw you as a gold digger, and probably thought the less they knew about your relationship the better.' Alison mused to herself.

'Your family was right to be suspicious of me; I did set out to seduce Simon.

What I didn't expect was that I would fall in love with him,' explained Mabel in a rare fit of candour.

'Do you know who John reminds me of?' asked Alison quietly.

Mabel suddenly sat up straight in bed, ' Oh my fucking God!!,' she exclaimed, ' how fucking blind can I be?

John is the spitting image of Simon when he was young.

No wonder I was smitten when I first met him, even when the girls said he reminded them of James Bond. I still didn't connect him with Simon,' Mabel gasped holding her face in her hands.

'That's why I've been teaching him all I know about sex.

I've been trying to recreate Simon in my bed.'

'Whoa, Mabel darling lets not get too deep here, I only meant to point out the similarities in their looks and build.

Apart from that they had little in common.

John is a nice kind boy who wouldn't hurt a fly.

Simon had a hard streak in him, and could be very ruthless if it served his purpose.'

'You may be mistaken about John,' replied Mabel.

She took this opportunity, to enlighten Alison about the violent side of John.

She edited the story regarding Diana, and hinted that it was something to do with a work situation.

Alison was surprised to find herself becoming wet, at the thought of her man beating up some villain.

'Well that makes him even more like Simon, doesn't it' said Alison.

'Do you remember our Wedding? He looked so handsome my heart nearly burst with love for him,' reminisced Mabel.

'So did all the bridesmaids, dear' remembered Alison.

They were all drooling over him, and envying you for catching him.'

'Then they were wrong, I didn't catch him, he caught me.

He saw right through me, and my plans for him, and he didn't care a bit.

I was so busy following my plan to seduce him; that I hadn't realised that we were made for each other.

His killer instinct saw the tiger in me, and loved it.

I was lost from the moment I first met him, and I relished every minute I was with him,' said Mabel quietly.

'It was a shame that someone so special, should die of something so mundane as a heart attack,' said Alison sadly.

There was no answer from Mabel for a long while.

Alison looked up at her, and saw that Mabel was staring at her with indecision on her face.

'What's the matter darling, you look worried, what's wrong love?' coaxed Alison seriously.

Mabel took a deep breath and looked Alison in her eyes.

'Alison my love, as we are going to be married perhaps it's time to tell you a few things that I couldn't tell you before.

As part of the establishment, I know I don't have to tell you to keep this to yourself.

Mabel reached forward and held Alison's hands in her own.

'Simon Armatage didn't die of a heart attack, he was shot dead.'

John was cuddled up with Jane and Diana, he was absolutely empty of sperm.

His cock was the smallest it had ever been in his life.

Jane had been taking the piss, and had even managed to bend it around her little finger.

'Laugh it up while you can Jane girl, it just needs a good nights rest to recharge its batteries,' said John smiling.

With Jane's permission Diana had joined them in bed, and asked John if she could play with his cock for a while.

Diana wanted to see if she could take his entire cock into her mouth, now that it was so small.

'Go ahead Di, enjoy yourself,' he said stroking her breast.

Diana had never seen John's cock so small and limp, she held it between her finger and thumb.

She placed it in her mouth, and found that she could almost get his balls into her mouth as well.

As Diana was trying to suck John's scrotum into her mouth; Jane moved around behind her.

Jane had buggered Mabel more than once; she had just buggered Alison's tight little arse hole.

That only left Diana's well-buggered arse to complete the set.

'You have a lovely bum Di,' whispered Jane seductively.

Diana took her mouth off John's cock just long enough to say.

'Thank you Jane, you can fuck it if you wish.'

'Are you sure?' asked Jane surprised and pleased at Diana's offer.

'Oh yes, I am really grateful that you allow me to be with you.

You can do what you like to me, I really don't mind.'

'Can I try fisting your arse if I'm really careful?'

'Sure, it's all yours, I cleaned myself before coming here,' said Diana getting back to sucking the man she worshipped.

Jane loved to fuck others, but was well aware that her strap on cock was a poor substitute for a real cock.

She couldn't feel the arse or cunt, that she was fucking.

Jane decided that she would go back to fingering, so she could feel what she was doing to her sex partner.

She had never seen such a hairy arse hole as Diana's.

She supposed it was just a continuation of her cunt hair.

It spread from her pubes to her belly button.

It went between her legs to coat the insides of her bum cheeks, and partway down her inner thighs.

Diana's anus had been well stretched, compared to Alison's virgin anus which looked like a small rosebud.

Hers looked more like a full sized rose.

I wonder how many cocks have been up this arse thought Jane, gently rubbing her hands over Diana's bum cheeks.

She went over to the bedside cabinet and got a tube of KY.

Diana was really enjoying herself, Jane was letting her play with John's cock, and she couldn't get over the fact that it was so small.

It was still very thick, but she had managed to get his entire length in her mouth.

By gently bringing his balls forward in his scrotum, she had managed to get them between her lips as well.

It gave her a sense of power, to be in control of a man's cock like this.

She could feel Jane gently rubbing lubricant into her anus, and appreciated the concern for her comfort.

If only previous users of her arse had been so considerate.

She didn't really like being fisted, not because it hurt that much, but because it reminded her of a certain rich landowner that the Mayor had lent her to one summer in Italy.

All the men she had been given to had fucked her.

Some liked to fuck her mouth, some her cunt but mostly they liked to bugger her arse.

It made them feel powerful to debase this young peasant girl, with her big firm tits and striking green eyes.

This particular landowner was married to a vindictive woman, with a nasty temper.

She was older than he was, and their marriage had been one of political importance to him.

Consequently after the wedding, he rarely if ever fucked his wife preferring younger girls.

Usually he was careful not to rub her big hooked nose in his affairs.

However one evening he was very drunk, and decided to fuck his serving girl.

This time he tied her down to a bench in the woodshed.

Diana was helpless, as he pulled own her cotton panties and exposed her naked bum.

He took a long drink from his bottle of wine, as he decided how best to fuck this fresh young cunt.

He finished the bottle, and stood there holding it thoughtfully.

Being tied down to a wooden bench was very uncomfortable, and Diana was wriggling about trying to find a less painful position.

This caused her hairy cunt to catch his drunken eye.

Licking the end of the wine bottle, he spread her arse cheeks apart and inserted the neck of the bottle into her vagina.

'Please stop Sir, this is hurting me,' complained Diana.

'Shut your stupid mouth and open your cunt girl,' growled the Landlord.

He pushed the bottle further up the helpless girl's cunt.

The tapering sides of the bottle, were stretching her vaginal walls painfully.

'Please Sir, it's hurting me,' she sobbed as he continued to push the bottle into her tight cunt.

Soon he couldn't get it in any further; no matter how hard he pushed.

The girl's crying was annoying him, and leaving the bottle sticking out of her cunt he picked up a long whippy stick.

Rubbing his wine limp cock with one hand, he began to beat her on her naked bottom.

The harder he caned her the more she cried, until her bottom was red and flaming.

He only stopped because he grew tired, and had to sit down on the floor, his cock still limp and useless.

He fell asleep, and was found by his wife who had been looking for him.

She ordered two male servants to drag him away to his bedroom.

She stood there looking down at Diana, who still had a wine bottle sticking in her cunt.

'You filthy little whore,' she spat

'You like big things inside you do you? Well we'll see about that.'

All the older woman's frustration with her husband, was blamed on this young girl.

The woman fetched her donkey, and brought it into the shed.

Pulling out the wine bottle she rubbed the donkey's nose against Diana's cunt, as her other hand rubbed the donkey's cock.

The animal became very excited, as the smell of cunt flooded its senses.

Soon its member stood out like a small arm.

The woman found herself getting exited, as she watched the donkeys cock twitching as she rubbed it.

She managed to lift the small donkeys front legs into position, either side of the girl's body.

This brought the head of its bulbous cock, very close to the girls abused vagina.

Grasping the swollen shaft of the beast, the woman located it between the girl's legs.

When she was satisfied she slapped the animal on its rear, causing it to hop forward.

This drove its swollen member into the girls cunt.

Once the donkey felt its cock surrounded by hot flesh, its instincts took over and it began to thrust its hips forward.

The woman listened with mounting pleasure and excitement, as she watched the young girl being fucked by her donkey.

'How do you like it now you fucking dirty whore, scream louder no one will hear you.' Snarled the old woman.

Soon Diana's cunt had stretched enough, so the donkey's thrusts hurt less than they did to begin with.

Hearing the cessation of the girl's screams infuriated the woman.

She waited until the animal was withdrawing its member from the girl's cunt.

Grasping it firmly she redirected it between Diana's bum cheeks, and into her tight arse hole.

The woman smiled as the girl's screams increased, as the donkey buggered her arse.

'That's better you dirty whore, scream for me,' panted the old woman.

She had become so excited, that she had to hold herself between her legs.

The sight of her donkeys huge cock thrusting mindlessly into the young girls arse, had made her wet for the first time in years.

She found herself fingering her cunt furiously, as she watched the spectacle.

Her furious fingering brought her to an orgasm, and she fell to the floor moaning and writhing about in the dust.

The donkey became frightened at this, and pulling itself free of Diana's arse ran out of the shed and away into the fields.

Diana had fainted from the pain, and was lying limply over the bench.

The woman finally ceased convulsing, and lay there spent and satisfied for the first time in years.

She slowly got to her feet, and staggered over to where Diana was tied down.

She released the girl and made her way home, leaving Diana slumped over the bench until she regained consciousness hours later.

It took Diana three weeks to recover from that unnatural buggering, and her bum muscles had been badly damaged by the donkey.

Fisting reminded her of the donkeys cock ramming into her arse, and she didn't like it.

When Jane had first seen John's hand disappear into Diana's bum, she had been shocked.

It had looked so fucking painful that she had cringed.

However Diana had assured her that with sufficient care, being fisted was just like being fucked with a very big cock.

Jane found the process of lubricating Di's arse hole, was in itself very erotic.

She enjoyed the feeling of the woman's anus gripping her fingers, as she spread the grease in and around the hairy hole.

True Di's arse was nowhere near as tight, as Alison's virgin hole had been.

Alison had only been buggered twice in her life, compared to Diana's hundreds.

'I'm going to start fingering your bum now Di,' Jane warned.

'Ok Jane, you are so lucky to be able to play with this cock any time you want.

Jonny has such a lovely cock, and his balls are so big and firm, I just love to hold them in my hands.'

'Yeah, right,' answered Jane concentrating on the feel of Di's anus as she slipped increasing numbers of her fingers into it.

When she had inserted all five digits; and twisted them about for a while she withdrew them and studied the result.

Di's arse was gaping wide, it stayed that way for a long while before her sphincter muscles began to contract.

'Fuck me backwards,' muttered Jane as she saw the results of too much buggering.

'Are you Ok John, she hasn't bitten it off yet?' asked Jane.

John had been relaxing and enjoying Di's attentions.

It was a change to be played with, without the pressure of having to perform afterwards.

He had been stroking Di's hair, as she was sucking his cock and balls.

Every now and then, she would glance up at him with her emerald green eyes.

She seemed to be constantly looking for approval from him, so he was always sure to smile at her.

Di's return smile was dazzling, and she would get back to her sucking, happy that she was pleasing her new master.

Jane had been greasing her entire hand, and now was reinserting her fingers up Di's bum again.

She found little resistance to her fingers, until she tried to push her knuckles into Di's anus.

Jane found it easier to relax her hand, and slide it in past Di's sphincter ring, before making a fist inside her arse.

She could hear Di moaning quietly, as her hand invaded her stretched arse hole.

Jane knelt there looking at her wrist protruding from Di's bum.

She could feel the woman's arse gripping her wrist, so gently rotated it to relax her muscles.

Jane's other hand felt left out of the action.

She decided to slip some fingers into Di's cunt, to see if it would stretch as far as her arse could.

Again Di's cunt accepted Jane's five digits easily.

Sucking John's cock had made Di's cunt juicy, and helped Jane's fingers slide in.

John noticed Di would stop sucking for a bit, when Jane was busy doing what she was doing behind her.

'Are you Ok Beautiful? He whispered to Di.

'Mmmmm I will be fine Jonny.

Jane isn't doing anything that hasn't already been done to me many times,'

'Even so if she hurts you tell me right away and she will stop, Ok?'

'I love you Jonny, you are always worrying about me, I love you so much,' she replied quietly.

'Yes, well I'm not having you hurt again even by us.' He said kissing her on top of her head.

Jane had greased her other hand and reinserted it into Di's cunt.

She kept the hand in her arse gently moving, to relax Di's bum.

As her hand pressed into the woman's cunt, Di spread her legs a bit more, to ease the passage of Jane's hand into her.

Jane had never seen anything like this; both her hands were buried into Di.

Only Janes wrists were showing, as they stuck out of Di's cunt and arse together.

'Fuck me John, I've got my fists up her cunt and arse at the same time.

'It's Ok Jane the grease makes all the difference, and when you do it there is no pain only pleasure,' commented Diana contentedly.

'You can fist me if you like, it makes me come when I am fisted properly.'

Jane couldn't wait to give this beautiful naked woman, a good fisting up the cunt and arse.

She started to gently move both fists together in and out, stretching both Di's holes together.

She went faster, until she was fisting Diana in both her holes.

Diana felt her orgasm coming, and held tightly to John's waist.

'I'm coming Jonny, please hold me,' she moaned just before her orgasm exploded.

Her cunt juice squirted out around Jane's fist and ran down her arms.

Di's arse clamped hard around her other wrist, and Jane watched with interest as the woman orgasmed in front of her eyes.

Jane used the moment to extract her fists from Di's holes, and studied her anus as she came for them.

Diana's bum hole was like a dark red velvet cave, pulsing as the waves of her orgasm swept through her body.

'OHHH JONNNY I love you my hero, I love you.

I love you so much,' she screamed in her passion.

'I think she loves you John,' remarked Jane dryly.

'I do all the fucking work at this end, and you get all the credit.'

Diana had crawled up John's body, until she was kissing him passionately on his mouth.

Her long experienced tongue was working against his, and he could feel her hardened nipples digging into his naked chest.

He returned her kisses just as passionately, and felt the first stirrings of lust from his balls.

'What the fuck do you mean he was shot,' gasped Alison,

'The family was told he had suffered a heart attack.'

'I am well aware that you were told he had a heart attack, but I assure you he was shot by a terrorist,' persisted Mabel squeezing Alison's hands.

'How can you possibly know this?'

'Because I was there when it happened.'

'Where did it happen, we were only told it was somewhere in Iraq.'

'It was in Iraq, at the Saudi Embassy.

We were at a ball to celebrate the latest contract between Iraq, and your fathers Oil Empire.

This particular contract was immense, and guaranteed Britain oil for years to come.'

'Oh Mabel if this is true why couldn't you have told us before?'

'If you listen I will tell you everything as it happened, and you will understand why you were lied to.'

Jane noticed John's cock twitch, as Di was snogging him.

'Wow, are you on fucking Viagra or what?

How the fuck do you do this John?

I was there when you emptied your balls into Alison's cunt.'

'Suck it and see Jane,' he said between kisses from Di.

Jane sucked his semi hard cock, into her now experienced mouth.

She held his balls in the palm of her hand, and could feel them moving inside his ball bag.

As she sucked, she could feel his shaft thickening and getting longer.

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