tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 19

Auntie Mabel Ch. 19


Mabel had never in her life been kicked in the bollocks. But from how she had heard it described to her, she felt all the symptoms of a massive boot to her balls.

As usual under stress, Mabel's thinking processes accelerated, she was frantically trying to process what Alison had just said. Alison was pregnant.

You fucking, selfish, stupid, Cunt, flashed through her mind. This was followed by Envy, so powerful that she could have screamed in pure rage at this younger woman.

Mabel unconsciously clenched her fists so tightly, that her knuckles turned white. Alison had managed what Mabel's old body had failed to achieve.

John had pumped pints of his cum into Mabel's womb, and nothing had happened. Alison gets two good fucks and she clicks. Fuck her, Fuck her to Hell, her mind screamed in impotent rage.

What was she going to tell John and Jane, for fucks sake. It was all her fault; she should have stopped this happening. Wait a minute; she had stopped this happening.

She had made John wear a condom; how could Alison be pregnant for fucks sake? Alison was still looking at her, waiting for her reaction. Mabel could detect a manic aura emanating from the nervous woman kneeling naked in front of her.

Even in her own distress Mabel knew that this was a pivotal moment in her relationship with Alison. 'Wow, give me a second darling, I need to catch my breath here,' Mabel said playing for time.

She must appear delighted at the news; any other reaction would be disastrous to their relationship.

If any other man was involved she would be pleased, but it was her John. Mabel's boy had been somehow tricked into impregnating Alison.

John was Hers, Mabel's, not fucking Alison's. How could the selfish Cunt have done this to me? She screamed to herself.

'Congratulations darling how on earth did this happen?'

At last the Steel Tiger that was inside Mabel rallied. She decided to accept what she couldn't change, and try and limit the damage that this event could cause to the group.

Alison was beaming with joy. 'I have no idea darling; it wasn't John's fault he was careful to wear a condom.

I can only think that it was that one time during the game when he took my virginity. He must be so fucking potent, that he impregnated me the first time he fucked me.'

'Well however it happened, I can see that you are over the moon about it, and so am I my darling girl,' said Mabel wrapping her arms around Alison and hugging her tightly.

Alison was so relieved at Mabel's reaction, for a second there she had feared that Mabel was going to attack her. She held tight to her lover, and told her again how much she loved her.

'Wow, Alison this is going to take some thinking about. I am overjoyed for you, but you must understand that Jane may not be so happy about it,' said Mabel carefully.

'It'll be all right with Jane, she will know it was just one of those things. It could have been any one of us, just as well you remembered the condoms or we could all have been up the duff.

'Well leave Jane to me, I will tell her in private,' said Mabel. 'The same applies to John, it will be best if I tell him he is going to be a daddy.'

'Thank you so much Mabel, I knew I could rely on you to sort this out,' whispered Alison thankfully.

Mabel smiled at her, and excused herself to go to the bathroom. Once inside with the door locked, she sat down on the loo and burst into tears. She cried her hurt and pain and crushing envy out in heart rending sobs.

Her world had been shaken to the core. Despite her brave words to Alison, she had no idea how that spitfire Jane would react to the news.

This could destroy the entire gang, if Mabel didn't handle it perfectly. She had tonight to think of a way to break the news, without breaking up this group of lovers.

Sarah had no such worries; her world had suddenly become full of life and colour. From the dreary round of work and being alone, she was now faced with the possibility of a real life outside the factory.

Alison liked her, she was sure of it. They had got on so well, they had so much in common it was almost as if they were sisters. Although if Sarah was honest; she didn't want to think of Alison as her sister.

Oh no, she had drunk in every detail of Alison; her beautiful face her slender body. Her seductive voice, when she had said she would see Sarah in the morning.

It was to be just the two of them alone; she was getting wet just thinking about her. What if Alison wanted to make love to her tomorrow? How did she look naked? Sarah had no doubt that Alison was as beautiful naked as she was dressed to kill.

Sarah had to check herself out and quickly. She ran upstairs to her bedroom and quickly stripped off her clothes until she stood naked in front of her mirror. This is what Alison would see, was she worthy of such a famous woman.

Sarah ran her eyes over her body. She seemed slim enough, her breasts were full but reasonably firm, her nipples were still small and pink. Her pubes were still trimmed in the Brazilian style.

Standing naked and thinking of Alison had made her hand hold her cunt tightly. She groaned with unrequited lust, and gripped her pubes harder. She moved over to her bed, and lay down on it with her legs open.

Sarah spent a lot of her life alone, and had always masturbated since she was a young girl. Her fingers slipped easily into her vagina, and she began to finger fuck herself frantically whilst thinking about licking Alison's sweet cunt.

The thought of Jane joining them in bed, thrust her over the precipice and into a fantastic orgasm. Alone on her bed she thrashed and convulsed in passion, her ecstatic cries echoing though her lonely house.

Jane was also rubbing herself as she listened to her parents fucking in the next room. Since Sue had been caught by Jane, as she was wanking in the kitchen; she had relaxed about having sex with Bill in their bedroom.

She no longer cared if Jane heard her fucking, she wouldn't care if Jane watched her fucking Bill. It was so nice to have sex in a nice comfortable bed. She didn't even have to eat chocolate now, to enjoy his big cock thrusting into her cunt and up her arse.

Sue did feel a bit guilty that the thought of John's young cock thrusting up her arse; was enough to slam her into an explosive orgasm. She excused herself by rationalising that this gave Bill pleasure, so it couldn't be all that wicked could it?'

Jane was also thinking about Sarah, that sexy cow owed Jane a good fucking. Jane didn't really mind if she had to share Sarah with Alison, in fact she would really like to have them both in bed together if possible. She would love to finger both their posh cunts simultaneously.

Sue wasn't too busy coming herself to hear her daughter's cries of passion, as thoughts of Sarah and Alison made Jane squirt her cunt juices over her fingers. She does take after me Sue thought, John was right I am a sexy fucking bitch and I love it.

I will have to thank John properly, the next time we are alone. I might give him a demonstration of how Sue Sanderson can suck cock.

Diana was happy with her life, from what she had heard between Alison and this new woman Sarah, it would seem that Diana would be kept very busy in the near future.

Her cunt and arse could still feel the effect of her Jonny's big cock. She fell asleep thinking of Jonny.

Mabel washed her face, and slapping on a big smile rejoined Alison in bed. 'Goodnight darling, tomorrow is a whole new day,' 'Goodnight Mabel my love,' replied Alison happily snuggling up to her back.

The next morning both Alison and Sarah rose early. Horse people were often up at the crack of dawn, and Sarah was eager to have her stables in tip-top condition for Alison's inspection.

She herself was wearing her scruffy clothes, but had omitted to wear a bra or knickers. Instead of her usual jeans she was wearing a sensible skirt. For easy access she giggled to herself hopefully.

Alison was also dressed in her horsy clothes and Wellys. She was gone from the house before Mabel was awake. The sun was just risen, when Alison's BMW pulled up in Sarah's yard. Alison had been very impressed, as she drove up the long drive towards the old farmhouse. It was good horse country, flat and with lots of grass.

The suns rays caught her long blond hair, as she got out of her car and looked around for Sarah. She walked to the house and went inside. She saw the same room as Jane, however her horsewoman's eye saw only a tack room.

Alison had a separate tack room next to her stables, but it appeared that Sarah had to use this room to store hers. Alison felt very comfortable in this room; she could see herself saddle soaping the reins, and polishing her boots here.

She could smell a hint of Sarah's Chanel perfume, amongst the smells of leather and horse sweat. Alison went upstairs to Sarah's bedroom. She noticed that there was only a single bed. There were no pictures of family or friends on show.

One wall was covered in Show ribbons, for Jumping and Dressage. Alison was a show jumper pure and simple; she didn't have the patience for Dressage. She admired anyone who competed in Dressage it was a very difficult discipline, calling for an almost psychic bond between horse and rider.

Her respect for Sarah increased even more. However she was also aware that this was the room of a lonely woman, Alison knew all about lonely. She decided that Sarah must be in the stables, and went to look for her there.

Sarah was standing by the side of Isis, feeding her a treat. She looked towards the stable door, and saw Alison standing there looking at her. Her long blond hair was glowing in the morning sun, she looked every inch a horsewoman and Sarah fell in love there and then.

For her part Alison looked at this scruffy bag of rags in her muddy Wellies. She looked past the outer shell, and saw the soul-mate within. 'Welcome home Ali,' whispered Sarah. Alison smiled in pure joy, and ran into Sarah's arms.

Sue was making her early morning cup of tea when there was a knock on the kitchen door. She was dumfounded to see Mabel standing there.

'Good morning Sue, can I come in? I'd like to speak to Jane if she's up.' Sue was unsure how to react to Mabel. She still hadn't decided, how to deal with the information that she had inadvertently gained, about this attractive woman.

'Sure come in, Jane may be a while but I will tell her you are here.' Mabel sat at the kitchen table, and waited patiently. Sue came back into the kitchen, and told Mabel that Jane was in the shower and would be down soon.

Sue took a deep breath and sat down opposite Mabel. 'As Jane's mum, I feel that I have to have a talk with you Mabel.' Sue explained that she had watched the video taken at Alisons; and was understandably concerned at what she had seen.

Could Mabel explain what had been going on during the weekend. To Sue's horror Mabel put her hands over her face, and burst into tears. Mabel had enough; she couldn't handle this extra can of worms.

She was still trying to sort out Alison's pregnancy, and now this had been flung at her. She just collapsed into silent tears. Sue flew around the table, and put her arm around the little woman as she sat and sobbed.

'Auntie,' screamed Jane walking into the kitchen,' what's wrong?' Jane threw herself across the kitchen and hugged Mabel tightly. She was kissing her and hugging her, while whispering words of love into her ear.

'What the fuck is going on Mum, why is Auntie crying?' 'I don't know, we were just about to have a talk and she collapsed in tears.' Sue watched, as her daughter cuddled and comforted this tiny woman.

It was obvious that Jane loved Mabel, and was distraught at her condition. Mabel called upon all her strength, and calmed herself down as best she could.

'I'm sorry, Sue, I'm Ok Jane darling. Today has been a bastard, and it hasn't started yet.' Jane was shaken to her soul; Mabel was her rock. She looked to her for everything, and to see her crying shook her world badly.

'Has anybody hurt you Auntie? Tell me and I'll kill the fuckers' snarled Jane ferociously. Sue was stunned at her daughter's reaction to this woman's pain.

Mabel hugged Jane, and assured her that nobody was hurt. 'I'm just a silly old woman, and today has been too much for me, I'll be Ok after a cup of tea. Jane sprang to the kettle, and quickly produced the required drink.

'Time for a serious talk,' said Mabel looking at both Sue and Jane. 'I'll address Sue's question about the Video first, as it will explain my second problem.'

'Sue, Doreen's son John and I became Lovers a while back. I thought I was leaving the village so I arranged for Jane to replace me in John's heart, so he wouldn't be so hurt when I went.

John and Jane became lovers. Jane and I then became lovers. Alison and I are lovers. Alison and Diana are lovers. John and Diana are lovers. John and Alison are lovers. Or to put it more simply all of us are each others lovers.'

'Fuck me' breathed Sue looking at her daughter, ' is this all true Jane?' 'Yes mum, the situation just grew, we all get on so well we are a team. A commune I suppose you could say.

'Let me get this straight,' said a shell shocked Sue. 'John, is the only male in this commune, he is fucking you all?' 'Yes,' replied Jane, 'but the girls are also fucking each other; it's not all John.

The poor fucker is outnumbered by us girls, all wanting his cock.' 'I know what you mean,' breathed Sue. 'Anyway, this brings me to my reason for coming here this morning,' continued Mabel.

'Jane, I was only told last night that Alison is pregnant.' Jane sat down abruptly her face went white with shock. 'Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,' she whispered and lowered her head into her arms.

'But I thought Alison was a confirmed lesbian, she said so at your engagement party,' protested Sue. 'Yes she was until clever fucking Mabel interfered, and cured her of fearing men,' said Mabel.

'Alison swung back the other way so drastically that she fucked John, lost her virginity and got fucking pregnant all in one night.'

'I'm so sorry Jane this is my fault, everything is down to me,' admitted Mabel. Jane took a deep breath and sat up straight. Her eyes were still wet with tears, but her strength was flooding back.

'It could be worse you know, I could have been me. That would have been a fucking disaster, thank God you made us use condoms Mabel.' Mabel sagged in her chair with relief.

Jane was taking the news as well as could be expected. 'Now you know why I love your daughter Sue, she is kind and beautiful and strong as steel.' Sue was overloaded with information, and fell back on levity.

'Please tell me that none of you has fucked Bill?' 'No mum, I hear you fucking the poor bloke enough as it is without us joining in,' smiled Jane bravely.

Sue was very tempted to confess her involvement with John. However she thought that Jane had heard enough shock news this morning, to last her a long while.

They all sat around the table and told Sue everything. 'When all is said and done, all concerned are over eighteen and adults.

Although it is a shock to hear all this, I must admit that you all sound happy in this relationship,' said Sue. 'As Jane pointed out it could have been far worse. Although I obviously want grandchildren, I would rather Jane waited awhile before she starts popping kids out.'

'Too fucking true, mum' said Jane. 'Jane why are you swearing so much, you didn't swear at all,' asked Sue. 'Sorry mum, at least that's not Aunties fault, I'll try and control myself around you.'

'Have you told John yet, Auntie?' asked Jane. 'No darling, I wondered if you would want to tell him?' Mabel and Sue watched as Jane went from being a girl to being a woman in a few seconds. 'Certainly Mabel; I'll do it for you, leave it to me.'

From that moment, there were three women sitting around the table.

Back at the smallholding; Alison and Sarah were currying the horses. Sarah was in heaven Alison had kissed her, and told her she was having a baby.

Sarah knew that when they had finished with the horses they would probably go to bed. There was no rush; they would have the rest of their lives together.

'What about marrying Mabel?' asked Sarah as she checked Pharaoh's hoof. 'We'll think of another way to keep the empire together,' said Alison confidently.

She was more concerned at that moment with getting a burr out of Isis's mane.

Jane rang John, and asked him to pop round to see her immediately. She wouldn't tell him why, but asked him how he felt about babies.

A few minutes later they heard to sound of his mini screeching to a halt outside. John came slamming into Sue's kitchen, in a panic. He slid to a halt when he saw the three women sitting there looking at him.

'Oh fuck me, am I in the shit or what?' he said falling to his knees on the kitchen floor. 'I am so sorry, I honestly tried to always wear a condom, which one of you is pregnant?'

Up to that moment, Jane had been enjoying John's discomfort. However when he looked at all three of them, and asked that question she felt as if she had been hit with a brick.

'What the fuck are you asking you stupid cunt, it's hardly likely to be Auntie is it? That only leaves me, and my mum.

Why the fuck would you think for a second, that it could be my mum?' John went scarlet, and looked away from Sue. Jane was stunned; I was only fucking you about, John. It's that posh cunt Alison, that's pregnant.

Please don't tell me you've been fucking my mum as well.' Jane looked at her mum, and saw that her face was just as red as John's.

'Oh For Fucks Sake,' screamed Jane, jumping up from the table and storming out of the kitchen. Mabel just looked at Sue calmly, 'Welcome to the club Sue,' she said quietly.

John did the bravest thing he had ever done. He stood up and followed Jane into her bedroom, to explain what had happened.

'Thank you Sue, you don't know how selfishly relived I am, that you and John have deflected Jane's fury. I am getting too old for this bullshit.'

'I was the eldest so it was my fault, I shouldn't have let John fuck me,' said Sue guiltily. 'In my defence I was drunk at the time, but I still enjoyed him. To be totally honest, I would love him to fuck me again some time.'

'As I said, join the club Sue, John is a lovely boy and a fantastic lover, we all want him to fuck us again.' 'The difference is Mabel that none of you women are married. I am, and I shouldn't have allowed him to fuck me.

I had just finished watching your video and I had drunk a bottle of wine, and he had already buggered me previously.' Seeing Mabel's look of puzzlement, Sue explained the first time John had fucked her up her arse.

Then in a spirit of confession, she also told Mabel about the time she orgasmed in this very kitchen. 'Then I fucked him in his car, and then let him bugger my arse again,' she finished.

'Wow, I can see where Jane gets it from,' said Mabel. 'That's what John said,' replied Sue ruefully. 'Are you going to leave your husband, and run off with John?' asked Mabel.

'Of course not, I love Bill. Because of John I gave him such a good fucking last night, that he was nearly late for work this morning.' 'All's well that ends well then,' said Mabel.

John stood in the doorway of Jane's bedroom. Jane was lying on her bed. She was very quiet and yet he knew she wasn't sleeping. 'I'm sorry Jane, it wasn't a planned thing, it just happened.'

'Was Sue a good fuck?' 'Sue was a fantastic fuck, just like her daughter.' 'Too right she is, I have to listen to her fucking dad till she nearly kills him.' 'I love you Jane.'

'Right answer cunt face, make sure it stays that way if you want to keep those balls of yours.' 'Are we cool?' 'Yes.'

'Are you cool with your mum?' 'Her name is Sue, she is a woman, she just happens to be my mum as well. Yes I'm cool with Sue.' 'Lets go down and join the girls shall we?' 'Yeah, fuck it why not.'

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