tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 26

Auntie Mabel Ch. 26


Mabel was feeling a bit down, the housewarming party was nearing it end. Everyone had said what a good time they had. Mabel had enjoyed the party, but sometimes when she heard about the sexual adventures of her friends, she realised that she was getting old.

She had deduced, overheard or been told, that everyone at the party had sex with someone, except her and Sarah. John had been sucked by Sue, and had then buggered Alison. Steve had fucked Diana. Someone had made love to Doreen.

Sam had fucked Jazz. Jazz had fucked Jane. Bill had fucked Sue. She wasn't even too sure about Sarah; she had seemed invigorated during the party for some reason.

So if Sarah had Sex of some kind, it would definitely mean that she was the odd one out. Her pride was hurt, and as she had been drinking more than she usually did, she determined to do something about the situation.

She was confident that John or Sam would fuck her if she asked, but was well aware that both men had recently emptied their balls. John would have cum into Alison's arse, because they had agreed to leave her cunt alone whilst she was pregnant. Sam would have cum into Jazz's arse because she didn't have a cunt.

Sue had confided that Bill had shot his load into her in the stables, not that Mabel would have asked him anyway without asking Sue first. Steve had almost certainly fucked Diana, so would also be empty of cum. Anyway he didn't look the kind of boy who would fancy fucking a sixty year old woman. The only person she could think of who hadn't shot their load, was Jazz.

It was decided that Sarah would drive Bill, Sue and Jane home. Steve would take John's mini and drive Sam, Doreen and John home Alison offered to drive Mabel and Jazz home.

Mabel asked Alison if she and Jazz could stay the night in one of the spare bedrooms. Alison was only too pleased to agree, this would save her a lot of bother, she was tired and was anxious to get to bed.

'I'm in need of loving Jazz, are you up to it dear?' asked Mabel looking up at her friend.

'Can't wait my sexy little friend; I had been hoping to make love to you. You should know that although I have had the pleasure of Sam and Jane, I deliberately restrained myself. I have saved my strength for you my sexy little girl.'

Jazz had to kneel down on the floor to hug her old friend Mabel. Jazz was 6ft 5" tall compared to Mabels 5ft. Jazz was a Lady boy, a woman in all respects except for the fact that she had a cock instead of a vagina.

There are many different types of human beings. Most people however are happy to believe that there are only two sexes male and female. As one gets older and more worldly wise, it becomes obvious that the simple assumption of two sexes is incorrect.

There is the transsexual; these men really want to be a woman. They grow their hair long, have breast implants and in extreme cases have their cocks surgically removed. These are Men; they have been brought up as men and change later in life.

The Lady boy from Thailand; is a different kettle of fish altogether. They were brought up as a Female from birth, they think like a girl and look like a girl. Some are very beautiful, and can easily fool a tourist looking for sex in Bangkok.

These people are women; inside and out the only difference between them and a biological woman; is that they have a working cock. Jazz was such a person; she had always been treated as a girl and was a girl in her own mind. She found having a cock very useful; she also had the strength of a man.

The only drawback was that she didn't have a cunt. Lady boys took it up the arse or in the mouth; they had no other options. Mabel and her husband Simon; had met Jasmine or Jazz as she liked to be called at a party in Bangkok years ago. They had started chatting to this beautiful young woman; Mabel and Simon, had both been enchanted by her.

Mabel and Simon were engaged to be married, and had decided to take a trip abroad to escape the flack from Simon's family. Simon's father was the CEO of Brit. Oil, a multi-national company and he was a multi millionaire. He didn't want his son and heir, marrying a Gold digger such as Mabel.

Mabel couldn't in all honesty blame him, she was a Gold digger always had been since young. She had set out to seduce Simon and had done so; her plan had backfired on her when she fell in love with him. She had decided to come clean and had told him her life story; he had been very impressed.

He saw her as a modern day female pirate, using all her skills and womanly attributes to survive in a man's world. She for her part had discovered a Soul mate; she delighted in showing him the seedier side of the world. He had been quite naive until he met Mabel, very sexual but in a straightforward almost innocent way.

Mabel as an experienced Sexual warrior; realised at once that Jazz was a Lady boy, but played along with the harmless deception. Simon was flattered at the attentions of this extraordinary woman. He was unused to having to look up at a woman. Since meeting Mabel, he had relished being so much taller than this tiny little sexpot.

Jazz intrigued him, and she was doing all she could to seduce him. By her nature Mabel wasn't a jealous person, she was confident enough in herself to allow other women to flock around her rich and handsome fiancée. Mabel whispered in Simon's ear.

'She likes you darling, I'm sure I could get her into bed with us if you wanted.

' Simon was very tempted, Jazz was a very sexy girl and he quite fancied her as well. He was amazed and delighted that Mabel seemed all for this dalliance.

'If you are sure you don't mind, I certainly would like to get to know her better,' he said.

Mabel could speak a little Thai, and asked Jazz if she would care to spend the night with them. Jazz explained also in Thai that although she wasn't a prostitute she had a family to support, and named a figure of 100,000 Baht. This was about $3000 for the night well over the going rate in Thailand. Mabel smiled at this bold young Ladyboy, and decided that it was worth the money to give Simon an experience he wouldn't forget.

'We won't tell Simon that I am paying for you,' she said in Thai, ' he is a Romantic and thinks you are doing this out of mutual attraction.

'Jazz and Mabel were reading from the same page on this, and after a few more drinks they went up to Simon's Penthouse hotel room.

Jazz was very impressed with this couple, they were obviously very rich and seemed to love each other very much. She wondered why they would want to involve her in their evening, but as she was being paid far more than the going rate she decided to go with the flow and do her best to please them.

As Simon made them drinks from the wet bar, Mabel lit candles and turned out the main electric light. Simon thought she was doing this, to promote a intimate and sexy atmosphere. He was partly right but Mabel's main purpose in making it hard to see details, was to hide the fact of Jazz's cock until the last possible moment.

Ladyboys were quite happy to strip off down to their knickers, that way they looked exactly like a girl. It was only when they revealed their cock, that it was obvious what they were. Mabel took charge of the evening, and suggested that they all disrobe down to their underwear.

They had all evening so there was no rush to get Sexual. The three of them sat together on the bed and talked about all manner of things. Jazz told them that she was thinking of becoming a model. Her unique height and beauty were a rarity in this part of the world. Mabel thought she would do well in that industry, and encouraged her to try.

Simon was having a great time; he was entranced by this tall beauty. She was intelligent and interesting, and he found he wanted to get to know her better. Mabel started things off by removing her bra, her large breasts bounced free and she could tell that Jazz was very interested in them. Jazz was interested in Mabel's breasts, they were amazing.

Her body was tiny, only 5ft tall and she was lightly built except for her breasts. They were designed for a bigger woman, but Mabel's breasts were still firm and bouncy. Jazz in turn slipped off her bra, exposing her perfect breasts to their view.

They were a good size but seemed smaller, compared to her tall body. Simon was content to watch as Mabel caressed Jazz's breasts whilst Jazz laid down flat on the bed to make it easier for Mabel to reach them. Mabel enjoyed sucking a woman's breast, it felt comforting at an instinctive level, she liked sucking and she liked having her breasts sucked.

When both girl's nipples were sucked hard, Mabel crawled over to Simon and with Jazz's help pulled down his under pants. Their show had hardened his cock and it was standing proud. Mabel spoke to Jazz in Thai again.

'I bet you $1000 that I can take more of his cock into my mouth than you can,' she challenged the tall girl.

Jazz had sucked hundreds of cocks and was considered an expert, so comparing her size to Mabel she readily agreed. Simon groaned in pleasure as the exotic young girl fondled his cock, before lowering her mouth over it. He opened his legs to give her room to work, and relaxed and enjoyed her ministrations.

Simon had a big cock; it was thick and long. Jazz could get almost half of it in her mouth, before she gagged on his knob. Mabel smiled at the proud girl, and took her place between Simon's legs. Jazz smiled as she watched this tiny woman trying to beat her performance.

She noticed Mabel taking a very deep breath, before sliding her mouth down Simon's shaft. To Jazz's amazement she continued pushing her mouth right down his cock, until her lips were touching the root of his cock where it met his balls. Jazz couldn't believe this tiny woman could deep throat a man. Jazz had never been able to do this; her gag reflex stopped her.

She gracefully admitted defeat when Mabel slowly pulled back, allowing Simons cock to emerge from her mouth. Mabel had learned to deep throat many years ago, she had been blessed with a low gag reflex to begin with, and by practice she had become an expert at this technique.

'I get first fuck,' she said triumphantly,

'I want it from behind and you can guide his cock into me.

'Mabel got on her hands and knees and Simon knelt behind her. He allowed Jazz to fondle his throbbing cock, before guiding it between Mabels wet cunt lips.

Jazz watched as Simon fucked Mabel doggie fashion, she squeezed Mabel's breasts as they swung beneath her to the force of Simon's thrusts. Jazz was impressed at Simon's size and vigour as he fucked the tiny woman hard.

'Jazz's turn' gasped Mabel, Simon stopped fucking her and withdrew.

Mabel called for a toilet break, and took Jazz with her into the bathroom.

'I don't want Simon to know you are a Lady boy just yet,' she said to the puzzled girl. Mabel told Jazz to bend over so she could lubricate her anus. Pulling her knickers to one side Mabel admired the exotic woman's arse.

It was young and firm, her anus had been well fucked, and was as resilient as a woman's cunt. Even so Mabel put plenty of lubricant up it. While she was playing with Jazz's arse, she couldn't help but notice her balls hanging down between her legs.

Jazz's cock was smooth and hairless, and so were her balls. Jazz was overall so feminine, that it was as if she was wearing a very realistic strap on. When they returned to the bedroom, Simon was gently rubbing his cock to keep it hard during the wait.

Mabel suggested that Simon be blindfolded before fucking Jazz. He thought the idea sounded like fun, and made no protest as Mabel told him to shut his eyes. When he had complied Mabel took off Jazz's knickers, and used them to blindfold her fiancée. She took great pleasure in telling Simon this fact, and was pleased to see his cock react favourably.

With Simon blindfolded, Jazz could relax and bend over for him. Mabel gave Simon's cock a little suck, before guiding it between Jazz's buttocks and into her anus. Simon gasped as he thrust his cock deep into such a tight hole.

'God Mabel her cunt is so tight, this is fantastic' he gasped as he began to fuck her hard and fast.

Jazz moaned with pleasure; as Simon's big thick cock buggered her. It was really stretching her arse, and she loved every stroke.

'God Mabel I really feel like coming.' He warned. Mabel stopped him, and told him she was fitting a strap on to Jazz so she could be fucking Mabel, whilst Simon was fucking Jazz.

Instead of using the time to fit a mythical strap on to Jazz, Mabel instead knelt down in front of the tall woman, and took her smooth cock into her mouth. She felt so strange sucking a woman's cock, she had never done this before, and it was making her cunt very wet and hot indeed. She deep throated Jazz taking her entire cock into her mouth, until her lips were sucking Jazz's balls.

Jazz had to think of ice cubes, as the urge to shoot her cum into Mabel's mouth mounted. Mabel then knelt on the bed with her arse to jazz; Jazz inserted her cock into Mabel's cunt, and then waited until Simon positioned himself behind her. Reaching back she again guided his cock up her arse.

Jazz started to fuck Mabel's cunt, Simon waited until Jazz's arse was thrusting back towards him, before ramming his cock deep into the tight hole that gripped his shaft so erotically. Once they synchronised their fucking, they could really enjoy each other. Simon was holding Jazz's breasts as he fucked her.

Jazz was fondling Mabel's breasts as she fucked her, and Mabel was enjoying being fucked by a Lady boy for the first time in her life.

'I want you to cum in me,' she panted to Jazz, 'and I want you to cum in Jazz' she ordered Simon. Mabel then relaxed and allowed the pleasure of jazz's cock to allow her orgasm to build. Jazz was also nearing her orgasm.

The combination of fucking this tiny woman's juicy cunt, whilst being buggered by her fiancée was bringing her very close to coming. Simon was also ready to explode, but was holding back as hard as he could to prolong his pleasure. Jazz came first, the double sensations on her cock and arse was too much for her, and with a small scream she shot her cum deep into Mabel's cunt.

As Jazz orgasmed her arse clamped down tightly on Simon's shaft, this was the final straw that cost him his control. With a loud cry he shot his pent up cum deep into Jazz's arsehole. Hearing her lover coming pushed Mabel into her orgasm, and she surrendered to it happily.

Her body convulsed as waves of pleasure flowed through it, and caused her cunt juices to splash over jazz's cock and balls. Jazz held on tight to Mabel's breasts as she shuddered through her orgasm. Finally she felt Simon's cock withdrawing from her arse, and she could pull out of Mabel. All three fell onto the bed exhausted but happy.

'Fuck me girls but that was fantastic.' Said Simon sincerely. Jazz was too breathless to comment, and Mabel was allowing her orgasm to subside quietly.

'Did you enjoy Jazz darling?' asked Mabel.

'Oh yes, I have never felt such a tight cunt in my life' he replied, taking off the blindfold.

Jazz had rolled onto her back, and he was presented with a perfect view of her breasts, cock and balls.

'Fuck me Mabel, what's this?' he asked confused. Mabel smiled at him and hugged Jazz to her naked body.

'Jazz is a Lady boy darling; she has a cock even though she is a woman. The reason you thought her cunt was so tight, was because you were fucking her up her arse.


'Well whatever you are Jazz, you are a great fuck and I really enjoyed you,' he said contentedly.

'I really enjoyed you too Simon, I loved the feel of your big cock up my arse,' Jazz replied.

As they were all totally fucked, Simon suggested that they all go out on the town for a meal. Mabel smiled at her young fiancée; his energy always delighted her. They hurriedly dressed, and arm in arm went out on the town. They were destined to become very good friends and lovers.

Alison had spared no expense in converting Sarah's farmhouse. It now had guest rooms, and it was to one of these that Mabel and Jazz retired. Mabel was tipsy and tired, it had been five years since she last saw Jazz. Although her mind wanted to make love, her body just wanted to cuddle up and sleep.

Jazz helped her undress with many kisses and caresses, soon Mabel was naked and Jazz tucked her into bed. Mabel watched sleepily as Jazz undressed, she had a beautiful body, slim and slender. Her breasts were real, a result of hormones that she took, instead of silicone implants.

Mabel studied Jazz's cock, as it dangled between her legs. It was strange that even seeing it, Mabel still thought of Jazz as a woman with a cock. She simply wasn't a man with tits. Mabel smiled as Jazz joined her under the covers, and cuddled Mabel under her arm. This brought Jazz's breast within reach of Mabel's mouth, and she sucked her nipple contentedly. Jazz held Mabel gently as she fell asleep, Jazz went over in her mind all that had happened at the party.

She was really impressed with Jane; she was such a sexy little fucker. She wouldn't mind another go at her tight little cunt and with any luck perhaps her arse. Jazz smiled as she remembered the look on her face when she saw her cock. Jazz loved to surprise her new lovers with her cock; it was her party piece so to speak.

As for Sam he was quite the man, she had really enjoyed his big thick cock ramming up her love hole. She would have loved to make love to Mabel; but the poor woman was exhausted. Remembering Jane and Sam had made her randy, and she had a semi hard on.

'Hello Jazz, is Mabel sleeping?' asked Sarah quietly from the doorway. Sarah had just driven Bill, Sue and Jane home. She was on her way to bed; she had already showered and was in her dressing gown.

'Yes dear, she does her best but she is Sixty years old and it tells on her sometimes,' replied Jazz.

'I'm sorry I couldn't spend as much time getting to know you as I would have liked,' said Sarah, ' but if she is sleeping would you care to join me downstairs for a nightcap?

'Jazz wasn't that tired, so she gently disentangled her arm from Mabel and slipped out of bed.

'Oh My God!' exclaimed Sarah shocked, as she saw Jazz's cock dangling between her legs.

'Oh Fuck it, I wanted to surprise you with that later on,' said Jazz smiling at Sarah. Sarah was a genius, but she didn't have to be one to instantly know what sort of person Jazz was.

'You are the first Lady boy I have ever met, I must say you are very beautiful and I even like your cock,' said Sarah admiringly.

'You have me at a disadvantage Sarah, I am naked and you have a dressing gown on,' said Jazz. Sarah was still buzzing from the realisation of her power over Diana, and was at her most confident.

'No problem Jazz,' she said untying her belt and allowing the dressing gown to slip from her shoulders. She stood naked and slender before Jazz, totally confident in her own beauty. Her body language was sending out an unspoken challenge, to this exotic creature.

Jazz was impressed; Sarah was beautiful and tall enough so that Jazz didn't hurt her neck when she kissed her. Sarah kissed back with a passion that caused Jazz's cock to harden. Jazz's hands roamed over the velvet skin of Sarah's breasts and buttocks. Sarah had slipped her hand down between their bodies, and was fondling Jazz's cock.

Sarah was a lesbian, pure and simple. She had never been involved with any man including John. She was a virgin both vaginally and anally. She had masturbated from an early age, but had never been fucked by a man.

She was wary of men, unlike Alison who had been afraid of them. Jazz's cock was the first cock she had ever held, had he been a man she wouldn't have entertained it. However Jazz was so obviously female, that none of the alarm bells in her head were triggered.

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