tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 28

Auntie Mabel Ch. 28


Bill thought he was going insane, his sexual life had changed dramatically in the last weeks.

He wasn't complaining, far from it.

His wife Sue had turned into a sexual woman, after years of being a dull boring wife.

She now wanted sex anytime he did, she loved to be fucked and would allow him to fuck her anywhere he desired.

Even more amazing, she now loved to be fucked up her arse, and would often ask him to bugger her after he had fucked her cunt.

As if that wasn't enough, he had just discovered that she was having an incestuous affair with their daughter Jane.

He had inadvertently seen them making love a few nights ago.

Sue had also asked him to whip her naked arse, until she was striped with red welts.

This appealed to the repressed Sadist in him, and although at the time he didn't know why she needed this punishment, he could now guess it was because she felt ashamed at her sexual relationship with her daughter.

However despite all this he had a separate problem, and it was this that was driving him insane with frustrated and forbidden lust.

His problem was that he had seen his daughter Jane naked twice, once when she was masturbating on her bed.

The second time he saw her naked, was when she was licking her mother's cunt.

He had wanked himself until he had squirted out every drop of cum in his balls, as he watched them in bed together.

He couldn't get the picture of his daughter's naked cunt out of his mind, and every time he thought about her he got an erection again.

He had become obsessed by the need to see her naked again, and he had thought of a way to achieve his ambition.

Bill was a Doctor and had access to all manner of drugs, and he had been using Amphetamines to help him through the day for some time.

He decided to drug his wife and daughter tonight.

This was so he could join them in their incestuous relationship, albeit without their knowledge.

Both Jane and Sue; habitually took a glass of water to bed with them.

As a Doctor, he knew just how much sedative to put in their drinks to achieve a deep sleep.

He was sitting reading, while he watched as Sue drank her water and settled down to sleep.

Soon she was snoring softly, and he checked her pulse to ensure she was in a deep sleep.

Jane had also drunk her water, and was out for the count.

Bill slipped out of bed and putting on his dressing gown, crept out of his bedroom and down the corridor to his daughter's room.

He had a story already made up in case his daughter was still awake, he would say that he had thought he had heard her cry out and had come to check that she was Ok.

As it transpired this subterfuge wasn't necessary, as Jane was also in a deep sleep.

Jane had begun to sleep naked lately and after checking her pulse, Bill gently pulled the bedcovers off her.

The moonlight shining in her window was sufficient for him to see every detail of her naked body.

She was lying on her back with her legs apart; her large breasts were slightly flattened by their own weight.

He had often admired them bouncing about under her clothes, and now he could see them naked.

He brushed his hand over her nipples, and was surprised to see them stiffen at the stimulation.

They weren't the only things that had become stiff; his cock was so hard at the sight of his daughter naked and helpless, that it was sticking out of his dressing gown.

Bill slipped his dressing gown off, and stood by the side of Jane's bed naked.

He rubbed his aching cock as he decided what to do next.

Her nipples were begging to be sucked, so he knelt on top of her with his knees either side of her naked hips, and bending down took one of her nipples into his mouth.

He sucked hard on Jane's nipple, until it was standing out from her breast red and swollen.

He then sucked the other one to match the first.

Bill squeezed Jane's breasts hard, pinching her nipples and rubbing them between his fingers.

Jane had hairy pubes, and her cunt hairs were brushing against his naked arse as he knelt above her.

Bill's cock was so hard it was leaking pre-cum onto his daughter's belly. He climbed off her, and moved around to kneel between her legs.

He lifted them apart, to expose her naked cunt to his eyes.

Her legs were limp and heavy but stayed where he put them.

Lying down between her thighs he buried his face in Jane's cunt, sniffing her woman's smell deep into his nostrils.

His mouth found her cunt lips and started to suck and lick them.

He found her total unconsciousness a big turn on, he could do whatever he liked to her and she would never know.

He slipped his finger up into her cunt and gently fingered her.

Even deeply asleep, her cunt reacted to this by becoming juicy and relaxing for him.

Soon he had three fingers up his daughter's cunt, he pulled them out and licked her cunt juices off his fingers.

He then decided that he just had to fuck her.

He guided his cock into her unresisting cunt and thrust it all the way into her; her hot cunt walls gripped his shaft tightly.

Lying on top of her naked body, he lifted her limp head up and kissed her on the mouth.

He opened her mouth with his fingers, and thrust his tongue inside.

She was like a limp sex doll and he started to fuck her cunt, gently at first but then becoming bolder as she showed no sign of waking up.

Soon he was fucking her hard and fast, her tits were bouncing wildly and his balls were ready to come.

He thrust his cock in deeply, and lay still on top of his daughter, allowing his cock to calm down.

He was panting and sweaty, and just lay there relishing the feel of her hot wet cunt squeezing his shaft as she breathed.

He pulled his cock out of her cunt, and moving up the bed straddled her chest.

His balls were dangling between her large breasts, and his knob was hovering over her mouth.

Opening her mouth with his fingers, he pushed his cock between her teeth and onto her tongue.

He very gently fucked her mouth as she slept.

Bill then withdrew his cock from Jane's mouth, and stood by the side of the bed.

He had considered rubbing his juicy cock all over her face, but realised she would be all sticky in the morning so restrained himself.

He rolled her naked body over until she was lying on her belly.

Pulling her bum cheeks apart, he took a good look at her anus.

To his surprise it seemed to be more stretched than he would have thought.

Licking his finger he pushed it deep into her bum, and found that Jane's anus was quite relaxed.

As a Doctor, Bill realised that his daughter had been well buggered to have such a relaxed anus.

'So you take it up the arse do you?' he whispered to his comatose daughter.

'John buggers you doe's he, well two can play at that game.'

Bill took some baby oil from Jane's bedside cabinet, and rubbed it in and around her anus.

Kneeling between her legs he guided his cock between her bum cheeks, and pushed his swollen knob into her arsehole.

She lay limp and unresponsive, as his cock slid up into her bum.

Her very passiveness turned him on, and he began to bugger her arse deep and hard, until her limp body was shaking with the force of his thrusts

The feel of her tight arsehole gripping his cock, and her naked buttocks slapping against his balls, finally made him orgasm.

He groaned out loud, as his cum pumped out of his cock and up into his daughter's bum.

He lay collapsed on top of her limp body, as he panted trying to get his breath back after such a marathon buggering.

He could feel his cock shrinking in Jane's arse, until it slipped out easily.

It left her arse full of his cum.

Climbing off her, he stood by the side of her bed and pulled her bedcovers back over her naked body.

His cock limp and satisfied, he staggered back to his own bed and slipped back under the covers.

Sue was still fast asleep, and Bill lay there remembering the feel of fucking his daughter's mouth, cunt, and arse.

It had been so erotic and satisfying, that he knew he would have to do it again, and soon.

A far as Sue was concerned, now he knew why she wanted to be whipped.

He was really going to beat her arse hard, the next time she asked for it. He would make her sorry, for being such a perverted mother and wife.

In fact now he knew how guilty she must feel, he might even introduce her to more extreme punishments, than just spanking and whipping.

It was a shame he had just emptied his balls up his daughters arse, he quite fancied buggering his wife as she slept.

Bill was a good Doctor and a very nice chap all round; he had spent his life helping people and enjoyed doing so.

However like all men he had a dark-side, which he had managed to control for most of his life.

Only now was it surfacing in his personality, the stress of his job was wearing away his self control.

He had started using Amphetamines to help him through the day, and this was allowing his darker desires to emerge.

Whilst browsing through the adult porn sites on the Internet he had discovered the Domination sites, where women were beaten and tortured for sexual gratification.

He had seen a woman hung up by her breasts from the ceiling, as she was being fucked.

He was thinking of hanging Sue up by her big breasts while she was asleep, to see what it felt like to totally dominate a woman.

He had enjoyed fucking Jane so much that he decided to do it again, but this time he would film it so he could watch himself buggering his daughter.

He was confident now of the dosage required to keep them unconscious, whilst he did whatever he wanted to them.

Fortunately for Bill, when Jane awoke the next morning she put her soreness down to being well fucked and buggered by John the previous evening.

They had been out to the pub for a drink, and afterwards had stopped in a lay-by for sex.

It was the same lay-by where she had lost her virginity to John, and it had become their special fucking place since.

John had remembered fucking Mabel on the bonnet of the Mini, and had bent Jane over the front of the bonnet and fucked her in both holes, until she had come over his cock in her orgasm.

She really enjoyed being fucked by John, she was aware that Alison was on his mind a great deal owing to her being pregnant.

It was nice to have him all to herself for a change.

When she managed time alone with him, she wanted all the attention and sex she could get.

Which probably explained why her cunt and arse felt so tender this morning.

John had told her that he was going round to see Alison tonight, to check that she was Ok.

Jane was a bit concerned about John's relationship with Alison.

However she comforted herself with the thought that Alison had no interest in a long term relationship with her man.

How wrong can you be?

Alison was visiting Mabel, and was just telling her that she was thinking about John all the time.

She wanted him to move in with her and Sarah, until the baby was born.

Mabel had to be careful when talking to Alison lately.

Alison was easily upset, as her hormones raged around her pregnant body.

Mabel had just told Alison that she had informed Sam about the baby, and that his son John was the father.

Alison had assumed that this meant they could now come out into the open, and John could move in with her to help her in her pregnancy.

Mabel gently pointed out, that she already had Diana and Sarah living with her to help with the pregnancy.

Alison had jumped up in agitation, and pacing back and forth, stated that she needed John to be with her.

He was responsible for her being pregnant, and she wanted him with her at all times.

Despite her good intentions, this unreasonable statement caused Mabel to grind her teeth in fury.

She remembered quite clearly that Alison had been responsible for getting herself pregnant, and had tricked John into impregnating her.

'What about Jane? She won't want John living with you, she is being very understanding as it is,' said Mabel quietly.

'Jane will understand, I am pregnant you know,' snapped Alison.

Mabel went out to her kitchen to make tea, and cool down.

She rang Jane's mum Sue, and asked her to come over as fast as possible to help her talk Alison out of this mad endeavour.

Sue had woken up feeling a bit tired that morning, but otherwise Ok.

She agreed to go round ASAP, and quickly getting ready, left her house and walked to Mabel's.

A telephone repairman was working down a hole in the pavement; it was a dirty and lonely job.

He glanced up and saw Sue walking towards him; he stopped working for a moment to admire this beautiful woman.

Her breasts were bouncing freely under her white blouse, and her short summer skirt was flouncing to the movement of her hips as she walked towards him.

He sighed wishing he had someone like that in his life, greatly daring he said 'Good Morning,' to her and smiled.

Sue was in no hurry to confront Alison, the last time they had discussed her being pregnant Sue had pissed all over her as a punishment.

Now however it appeared that she had donned the mantle of Lady Armatage, and was being her normal demanding self.

Therefore Sue welcomed the Telephone man's friendly greeting and stopped by his hole for a quick chat.

'Good Morning to you, what's your name and what are you doing?' she asked looking down at him.

The telephone man's name was George, and he was Forty years old.

He had seen many things in his career as a telephone engineer, but looking up at this woman he saw something that he had never seen before.

From his position in the hole, he could see right up her dress.

She was standing with her legs apart and she wasn't wearing any knickers.

He could see her naked hairy cunt quite clearly.

Seeing the direction of his gaze, reminded Sue that she had come out of the house so quickly that she hadn't bothered to go upstairs for her knickers.

Strangely enough the thought of this stranger seeing her naked cunt really turned her on, and she decided to have a bit of fun with him.

She crouched down by the side of the hole; this action caused her legs to open wide and exposed her cunt lips to his eyes.

His cock strained at his overalls, as he got an erection at the sight of her cunt.

'Er, it's George miss, I'm trying to find a fault in the line miss,' he stammered going red in the face.

'I hope you have a big tool George,' she said innocently.

George thought she had seen his erection, and blushed red under her gaze.

'Yes miss, it is big enough for most jobs,' he replied looking up at her face.

'Is that it in your pocket? Can I see it?' she asked, as she allowed her skirt to ride back exposing more of her pubes to his eyes.

Sue liked the fact that George was embarrassed at the sight of her naked cunt.

Seeing him hesitating and looking around she persisted, 'Come on George, you have had a good look at mine, I would like to see yours if you don't mind.'

As if in a dream; George unbuttoned the flies on his overalls and allowed his stiff cock to fall out into view.

'My that is a very big tool George, do you need special training to handle something like that?' she asked licking her lips suggestively.

George was completely out of his depth here, and just shook his head dumbly.

Sue was now getting very hot and wet between her legs, and wanted to take this situation a bit further.

'Is that your van over there George?' she asked pointing to a big white van parked on the grass verge.

'I would like to see inside it if you wouldn't mind.'

George was so confused and excited by now that he just nodded.

He climbed out of the hole, with his big cock still sticking out of his overalls.

Sue giggled at the sight and told him to stand still, whilst she tucked his rampant cock back into this pants.

The feel of her hands on his hot rigid cock, forced a groan from his lips.

She led him by the hand to his van, and climbed into the front passenger seat.

George sat in the drivers seat and closed the door.

Sue lost no time in extracting his cock from his pants, and rubbing his hot shaft until he was rigid again.

The van was parked facing a tall hedge, so they were shielded from the view of passers-by.

Sue unbuttoned her blouse releasing her naked breasts, and placing George's hand on them.

'Do you like my breasts George?' she asked as he squeezed her breasts and rubbed them gently.

'How about my cunt George, did you like the look of it?

Sue pulled her dress right up around her hips, exposing her naked cunt to his eyes again.

She moved his hand from her breasts, and placed it between her legs.

She opened her legs wide, to give his exploring fingers access to her wet cunt.

As his fingers slipped up inside her, she rubbed his cock faster.

George knelt up on the seat and buried his face between her breasts, as he fingered her cunt furiously.

As fast as he fingered her cunt, Sue was wanking his cock.

Suddenly she had to stop rubbing, as she orgasmed over his thrusting fingers.

He watched as she writhed on the front seat of the van, her cunt juices squirting out and soaking into the cheap material covering the seats.

'Thank you George, that was really lovely,' she said when she had recovered from her orgasm.

'Now it's my turn to make you come.'

Sue got George to sit back on his seat, and started to wank his cock again.

'Tell me when you are ready to come,' she panted as she wanked him hard and fast.

'I'm coming miss,' he gasped.

Sue lowered her mouth over his cock, as she rubbed his cock to orgasm.

With a loud cry he came in her mouth, arcing his back and pumping his cum into her greedy mouth.

Sue sucked frantically as his cum squirted into her mouth; soon he collapsed in complete relief as his balls emptied themselves into her.

Sue sucked and licked his knob clean, before tucking it back into his pants.

Buttoning up her blouse she smiled happily at George.

'Thank you again George, that was fun wasn't it, who knows we may meet again one day.'

Leaning towards him she kissed him on his surprised lips, and slipped out of the van.

He watched in a satisfied daze, as she walked away her hips swinging saucily.

Who the fuck was she? he thought to himself, as he poured himself a cup of tea from his flask.

Sue was feeling a lot better; it was very liberating to have sex with a complete stranger.

She would have felt guilty about it, but after all it was just heavy petting. Anyway her arse was still a bit too tender, to take a cock the size of George's up it.

When she got to Mabel's there was a cup of tea waiting for her in the kitchen.

Out of hearing of Alison, Mabel brought her up to date on the situation concerning Sam, John and the pregnancy.

'So Sam knows that Alison is pregnant by his son, but Doreen doesn't know yet,' said Sue to clarify the situation. 'How did he take the news that he was going to be a Grandfather?'

'Very well,' said Mabel 'although the fact that I had just fucked him senseless might have helped a bit.'

Mabel had made Sue her best friend, and told her everything.

She saw Sue as a confidante and trusted her advice.

Mabel explained about the history between her and Sam, and also told her about Doreen and what she had planned for her later.

'As far as I am concerned Mabel, if Doreen doesn't want him then there is no reason why you shouldn't comfort him,' said Sue. 'However I would like you to ask me first, if you ever get the urge to fuck Bill.'

'Sue, I would never do anything to upset you, rest assured I have no interest in your husband, I barely know him,' said Mabel seriously.

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