Auntie’s Stocking Slave Ch. 01


"Keep still and take your punishment you little bugger!" Aunty Jean said.

She pushed my buttocks back down onto her lap and adjusted her sitting position on the bed so that she could get a better swing to continue the spanking. She had opened her legs slightly and my struggles had caused her skirt to ride up her thighs. Just before her hand came down I realised that my penis was now resting against her thigh.

I could feel the coarse material of her skirt on the underside of my penis and it was not unpleasant. Then her hand came down on my buttocks and the pain returned. As she raised her had to strike me again I felt the hem of her skirt slide away from underneath my penis and my member now rested against the cool silky material of her stocking.

To my amazement, despite the burning pain in my rear, my penis began to stiffen. My Aunt's movements and my own struggles caused my penis to rub against her sheer nylons. My Aunt became aware of the situation as my penis became fully erect and she increased the intensity of the spanking.

"Oh you little pervert: I'll teach you how to behave if I have to make your bottom red for a fortnight!" she said and began to lay into me.

As the ferocity of the spanking increased my Aunt kept trying to hold me down and I kept struggling. She slammed her legs closed resulting in my penis being trapped between her thighs. Conflicting sensations surged through my body. On one hand, my behind was burning with pain; but on the other my penis was rubbing against my Auntie's nylon-encased thighs, the gossamer material stimulating my shaft and glans.

Her legs were soft and warm and her perfume assailed my senses. Her satin blouse hissed and rustled against her jacket as she spanked away adding to the stimuli as my cock rubbed on her hosiery and my bottom burned.

"You naughty boy! Naughty boy!" she screamed as she flailed away at my buttocks with her open hand.

The movements of her body as she spanked me only increased the stimulation as her thighs opened and closed on my engorged member. Despite the assault on my backside I began to rise and fall in anticipation of each smack humping my Aunt's legs.

The sensations of her nylons slithering against my cock as she briefly trapped my turgid member between her thighs each time her hand fell to my buttocks increasingly stimulated me until I felt my orgasm approaching. Before my Aunt had returned home unexpectedly I had been masturbating for over an hour, bringing myself to the edge of climax, but holding back relief. Now my penis would have none of that; it craved release and I could feel my scrotum contract in anticipation of my pending ejaculation.

"Please stop Auntie," I begged.

My cock was leaking pre-seminal fluid and I couldn't understand why Aunty Jean couldn't feel the slippery liquid leaking onto her thighs; surely she must understand what was happening, but she didn't seem to care. She was too engrossed in meeting out my punishment.

"I'll stop when you are well and truly punished," she replied; and continued to flail away at my sore bottom.

I couldn't hold back any longer; despite the searing pain in my buttocks the friction on my cock against Auntie's stocking-sheathed thighs sent me over the edge into a paroxysm of orgasmic pleasure. My body quivered as my scrotum contracted and I ejaculated streams of hot semen; even as my Aunt spanked my tender backside.

The release was something unimaginable; the most intense orgasm of my life wracked my body. Streams of ejaculate splashed over my Aunt's thighs and dribbled down her legs. I bent my head and watched the creamy fluid run in rivulets down Auntie's sheer stockings; the occasional spurt landing directly on her foot, the milky juice dribbled into her black high-heeled sandals.

"Oh you naughty, dirty, little ingrate!" she screamed when she realised what was happening.

She violently pushed my body off her lap and abruptly stood up. The last of my spend spurted onto the floor as I lay panting on the floor.

"You filthy little boy!" she hissed, and poked me in the ribs with the pointy toe of her shoe.

I crawled to my knees and looked up at my Aunty. She was holding her skirt up and away from her legs so that it would not get stained by my issue. I could see globules of my semen on the shadow-welt of her stockings. Even as I watched, one of the globules began to run down her leg, her taupe stockings turned a darker shade of brown where they absorbed my sperm.

Little drops of my semen pooled on her leather sandal straps and soaked into her nylon-sheathed toes. I looked up and caught a glimpse of red satin panty under her raised skirt and then looked at her face. My Aunty was livid with rage.

"You can bloody well clean your mess off me!" she hissed and poked me with her toe again.

I turned to crawl away; my bottom burning and sore. I intended to go to the bathroom to get a warm damp cloth to clean her legs.

"On no you don't! You made this mess you can clean it up right now!" she demanded.

"I'm not going to stand here holding up my skirt all day just to keep it from getting stained by your disgusting mess!"

"I'll get a towel," I cringed.

"Bugger the towel you dirty little pervert; use your tongue!" she replied.

I was incredulous! Did she really mean for me to lick my own semen from her legs and feet. The look on her face confirmed my fears.

"Get on with it!" she demanded.

I tentatively bowed my head and looked at the creamy gelatinous mess on her feet. I stuck out my tongue and hesitantly licked at my cooling semen. Being a teenage boy, I had of course tasted my own semen before; but this was different. Besides the fusty taste of my semen I also tasted my Aunt's perfume, the odour of her feet and traces of the fabric softener that she used on her delicates.

The taste was not unpleasant, and after cleaning her feet I used my tongue to trace the rivulets of semen that had run down her legs; working my way up slowly until I got to the shadow-welts of her stockings. The further I moved my tongue up her legs, the stronger the scent of her perfume. By the time I had cleaned my sperm off both of her legs I had become sexually aroused again.

Aunty Jean sniggered and dropped the hem of her skirt; she pushed me away with her foot. Still kneeling I looked up at her.

"I don't know if I can let you live here any longer after this deplorable incident," she said.

"But I tell you one thing; while I consider your future there are going to be some new rules in this house young man."

"To begin with, you can clean the floor in here and then wash the sheets and than my knickers and stockings. There is no way I'm going to touch them after the disgusting things you've been doing with them," she sneered, pointing accusingly at her stockings and panties lying on my bed and floor.

"You can start cleaning the floor right now," she commanded.

"Crawl out of here and go and get some cleaning gear; then you can strip the bed and wash the sheets."

"After that I will oversee you as you wash my underwear and nylons; I don't want you ruining them!" she said.

I crawled toward the bedroom door and just before I left the room I glanced back at my Aunty Jean. Incredulously she had a wry smile on her face.

To be continued...........

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