Auntie Taken By Storm


She was amazingly energetic for her age, her soft mature body, keeping up gamely against the onslaught of youth. I pushed a spread out hanging breast from her side up onto her chest, gripping it tightly and keeping it in place as I sucked wetly on a lengthened brown nipple. She rolled her head from side to side.

She pushed hard against my side with her hand and raised leg and I realized that she was trying to get me to roll over on my back. Without getting out of her I rolled over allowing her to position herself on top of me. She rested on her bent knees, leaning forward with her hands gripping my shoulders, thumbs firmly under armpits as she rode my dick. I reached up and brought her swinging breasts against my jaws feeling and smelling the sweat between them. I thrust violently upward against her grinding movements. I heard her grunting heavily now, and as she suddenly started to shudder I took a nipple into my mouth and bit down hard on it. She winced and jerked about wildly, screaming out my name as her orgasm enveloped her. I kept pummeling upward as her jerking subsided and she lay flat out on me, her head resting sideways on my chest. I gripped her buttocks hard as I felt my explosion coming. I gritted my teeth and burst into her, wetting her insides with hot thick fluid. By the time I finished convulsing I heard the slight steady snoring, and realized she was asleep on top of me. I gently turned her over on to her back. I rose up on my elbow and stared at her relaxed satisfied body and the little smile on her face. I bent down and kissed her gently on the sleeping lips. I knew that I was going to be fucking my old aunt regularly from now on. I'm on to something good here, I thought. I couldn't wait for her to wake up so I could start fucking her grey pussy again. I patted it and lay back down, waiting for sleep to take over.

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It was very enjoyable as it was so well written and actually seems possible.

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