While sitting on the edge of the tub, Auntie spread her legs wide as my wife applied shaving cream and began taking short delicate strokes with the razor. As my wife cuts, one couldn't miss the way my wife stroked Aunties pussy evaluating it for degree of smoothness. It quickly became obvious to me, the degree of detail she was applying was a bit excessive, ensuring no stubble existed. I watched as she rubbed her pussy with a finger carefully placed in the slit making contact with all the right places. Auntie was responding with subtle sighs while arching her back. After applying the final rinse, the wife stood back to admire her handy work. The girls giggled remarking on their adolescent features. Auntie rubbed herself commenting on the liberating feeling of being hairless. My wife, worried about razor burn, or so she said, approached Auntie with a bottle of baby oil. As she applied a generous layer to Aunties smooth mound, it was now very obvious, treatment of razor burn was not an issue here.

At the time, I had been married to this girl for over 12 years, and never once has she given me a clue she had bisexual interests. Again, tomorrow I would be told the story of her fling with Auntie for the first time. What was occurring today was a total shock. Let me backup here, total shock may be a bit of an exaggeration. We are not prudes. We watch porno at home on Saturday nights. My wife has an excellent lingerie collection. But we are not part of the hyper sexual crowd. We do not flaunt our sexuality. We are very discreet and selective. We do not consider ourselves swingers. We have never been to a sex club or participated in grandiose orgies. Nor do we have a desire to do such. Our only extended sexual experiences have always been with a married couple that we knew well and felt comfortable with. This has only occurred a few times. We found these encounters to be very satisfying. Everything is above board. This is not adultery. There are no secrets. We have found these occasional encounters add to the confidence associated with our relationship and provide a good basis for personal and mutual development. At no time have I ever seen my wife express passion for another woman during these escapades.

So what the hell is happening here? I have broken a confidence with my wife, cheated on her and hidden the truth, yet she seems to be encouraging me to move forward. And here I sit in the tube, watching her getting ready to go down on Auntie. Things are moving way too fast here. I am feeling somewhat insecure and awkward. Not sure what I should do here. This decision may have major implications concerning the future of our relationship. As I rise to leave the tub, Auntie quickly pulls me to her. She sucks my dick as I watch my wife lick her pussy. My erection is intense. I guess the decision has been made for me. For now, I decide to go with the flow.

Positions rotate many times. I fuck each with equal intensity and duration. I watch Auntie give my wife the finger in ass, thumb in pussy and suck hard on clitoris trick. Wife asks Auntie where she learned this. Auntie proud of her now smooth pussy, shoves it in my face every chance she gets. I give her the works. Auntie lodges a complaint as she sucks my dick, it too should be shaved. Folks, this is the mid 80's. I realize that such is in vogue now but it was largely reserved for the homosexual crowd at this time. I resisted at first but was overwhelmed by the persistent demands being made by both my wife and Auntie. They shaved me bald. This made my dick look larger than life. I was kind of getting into it by the end of the evening. While fucking my wife, the urge to ejaculate came. I withdrew only to find Auntie waiting to suck me dry. I had to pull her off my dick as the intensity of the orgasm became more than I could bare. After a final shower, we got dressed, had a drink for the road and we left for home. Auntie went to the loft to sleep with Uncle. We both passed out, exhausted when we hit the sack.

We had to wake early the next day to make our flight. The trip home was odd, to say the least. I usually sleep but no such luxury this flight. I am wound tight as a drum ready to address a variety of issues with my wife. Being a conscientious and caring individual, she started the conversation. It began with the description of the fling, with Auntie many years ago. I appreciated the situation but wondered why she never told me of it. There was a vow from both to never tell anyone. I understood and respected this commitment. She then summarized the many conversations she had with Auntie since our marriage. Several reoccurring themes seemed to be present. Both treasured the fling. Even though separated by distance and time, the event had become somewhat of an obsession between the two. I referred to it as a long distance love affair, my wife cringed. She than carefully explained that it never influenced our relationship, which she considered completely different. I could think of no argument to counter this. In addition, both looked forward to a repeat encounter with a high degree of anticipation and expectation. But there were issues. My wife did not want to do it behind my back. She felt a need to come clean with me and reveal this secret. This was a good decision, demonstrating maturity and confirming the strength of our relationship. Thus, it was decided by my wife and Auntie, that I should be included in the event. My inclusion was welcomed by Auntie who admitted a fascination for me. My wife accepted this without jealousy. Indeed, she boasted my sexual prowess to Auntie and admitted to me how she looked forward to sharing me with this special person.

There was a situation on a previous trip where the three of us were alone. An opportunity to execute the above plan presented itself. Even though I do not remember the scene, my wife does in detail. She described to me a high anxiety situation in which neither her or Auntie had the courage to get the ball rolling. The time, place and stars were not right. After we had returned home, my wife received a letter from Auntie with regrets concerning the last trip and a plan for the next trip. The two conceived some loosely bound scheme which starts with Auntie having sex with me in some accidental and yet very casual manner. Both felt this would ease the introduction to the real issue.

So at the arrival party, my wife watched as I staggered down the hall for a nap. She knew I was a bit loaded/ burned out and in no real condition to recognize or resist what was about to happen. After a quick consultation with Auntie, it was decided a down and dirty blow job delivered right then would suite the bill. It was executed with perfection.

From the stand point of Auntie and wife, the Obon festival scene was an unexpected development. As I waited in the garden, Auntie and wife were again in consultation. Numerous issues were discussed. First and foremost my wife was, and appropriately so, somewhat disappointed in my decision of infidelity. Auntie was quick to point out how they had baited the trap. She also suggested that my wife should join in right now. That would largely end the infidelity issue. My wife agreed with the logic, but had reservations. The location and the timing were off. She did not want to be pulled into a situation that she did not initiate. She wanted to be the one to invite me into this inner circle. So now the question was, should anyone respond to the situation. Obviously, my wife responding by herself would be all wrong, but should Auntie? The issue of infidelity seemed to have gotten lost in the process as my wife persuaded Auntie to go to the garden. Sitting here in the plane listening, I was unclear why my wife had made this decision. It would have made more sense to me if neither responded. I prodded my wife for further explanation. Obviously embarrassed and no longer looking me in the eye, she explained she saw it as a potential leverage point if I became angered when her involvement with Auntie was revealed. The female mind is truly a mystical thing. At a point when I should be asking forgiveness for screwing Auntie, I am instead forgiving my wife for sending her to me. Isn't life grand. My wife was unaware of the no underwear suggestion Auntie had made to me, I decided this would be mine and Aunties secret.

Since no opportunities had spontaneously arisen, it was decided a plan was needed. Time was running short, it was decided the farewell party which was only two days away, would be the last ditch effort. Prior to the party , my wife and Auntie had made plans to go swimming late into the party. Anticipating the only people at this party which would go swimming was myself, the wife and Auntie, an opportunity would present itself. Down the street from the pool is a Love Hotel. They had no intention of stroking in the pool but instead stroking in a room they had reserved. This plan was dumped and replaced when the spontaneous opportunity arose at my brother-in-laws house. Both felt this was a much better setting than the Love Hotel, which has a tacky image and reputation for being not completely private (peep holes, hidden cameras, etc). As I was in the bathroom peeing, the girls were positioning themselves in the adjoining room. My wife standing in the door to invite me in met the criteria she was looking for; she has initiated the situation. She felt comfortable with this. None of the rest of the evening's events were planned.

As I sat in the plane listening to my wife I was regaining much of my composure concerning Auntie and related events. One question still needed to be addressed. So are you bisexual now? She thought before answering this one. She admitted to a strong physical and emotional attraction for Auntie. But she also noted that she has never felt this way about any other woman. On the other side of the coin, she admits to having strong physical attraction to other men. But she quickly pointed out that most of these infatuations were addressed through our sexual interactions with other couples. Those not addressed in this manner were of no importance to her. I concurred that I was of the same mind. We had found common ground. I felt comfortable with the position Auntie now had in our life and the relationships all three of us now share. My wife almost cried when I expressed this to her. We snuggled through the rest of the flight. What seemed to me to have the potential for trouble turned into a bonding experience. Life is good.

Within an hour of our arrival back home, my wife and Auntie were on the phone. They talked for the next hour. Not wanting to intrude, I sat in another room. I could hear little else then the giggles, that were frequent. After the call was done, my wife entered the room with high spirits. She related to me the excitement my acceptance of Auntie had caused in their conversation. She also related to me how Auntie considered the shaving of my crotch to be the highlight of the trip. A vision of my bald, erect dick was stuck in her head. There were other consequences of this trip. At least twice per week my wife would now jump into the shower with me. The surprising part of this, she always came equipped with shaving cream and razor. She would shave both of our crotches. After a while the itching stopped and I really felt comfortable with it. It was obvious the wife loved it. She fell into a mind set she calls "penis adoration". The most notable part of this was the huge increase in the quality and quantity of oral sex she gives me. Before work, while I am driving, in the middle of the night while I slept, any and all scenarios were now fair game. In conjunction with this, she almost always sucks me to completion and swallows the product. She now claims, liked Auntie, to have cravings for the flavor of semen. Thank you Auntie.

Time and distance had there effects. The frequency of the phone calls and letters between the wife and Auntie slowly declined. Due to family, professional and financial reason, we were unable to return to Japan untill 1991. As plans were being made for the trip, the anticipation of getting together with Auntie again were rising. Several things had changed during this period. Both my wife and Auntie had children. Correspondence had also revealed that Auntie had been working in a village shop as a sales person, a position she enjoyed. We looked forward to the arrival party.

The more things change, the more they become the same. I was sitting, eating and drinking at my in-laws house looking over the relatives. Time to catch up on the news and events in the village. The turnout was great. The wife was being her normal self, greeting each in her characteristic traditional yet flamboyant manner. I could not help but look at Auntie with long lingering glances, which were never returned. Things had changed with Auntie. Her hair was cropped short, she wore no make-up or finger nail polish, she was dressed in a neat and clean, yet dowdy and plain dress consistent with the rest of the village women. She sat next to Uncle the entire time without speaking. My wife's attempts to talk with her were met with a polite and courteous contempt one can only see in Japan. My mother-in-law briefly mentioned that Auntie and Uncle had marital problems earlier that year. No further information was requested or offered on this topic. Even though my wife was experiencing a sense of loss, it was decided we should leave the situation alone. We departed several weeks later without seeing Auntie again. Not an especially good trip.

We would never see or hear from Auntie again. In the summer of 1995, at the age of 45, Auntie died of a brain aneurism. My wife cried for several days. We mourned for several weeks. Uncle committed suicide within a year of that. Auntie had obviously influenced his life too. We still think of her often.

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