tagIncest/TabooAuntie's Panties Pt. 03

Auntie's Panties Pt. 03


This one has a bit of everything in it. I'm keeping it in the Incest category, but Group, and Lesbian would be equally appropriate. As always, all characters are over eighteen.

Vonnie and Danny are just getting started. Shelagh has decided to join them.

Need I say more?

Oh, and... Pace yourself. There's a LOT of sex in this one.


My brain was quite obviously losing touch with reality.

First my beautiful, young, sexy Aunt welcomes me into her bed. Now, my equally alluring sister is here, taking off her clothes, intent on joining us?

Yes, I'm losing my mind. That's the only explanation.

Funny though... It doesn't feel like a hallucination.

No, it feels like I have my Aunt Siobhan's big, soft breasts pressed against my ribs. It feels like she's actually here, in my arms. I can still taste the kisses. But it can't be true, because if it is, then I can only assume that what I'm seeing is true, as well, and what I'm seeing is just... Oh my.

Despite my mind's attempts to make rational sense of the situation, I had no choice but to admit that I was not hallucinating. My second youngest sister, Shelagh, was indeed here, in my Aunt's incestuous bedroom, about to remove her blouse.

I felt Vonnie's hand on my erect penis, stroking softly, as the last button was dispatched. Shelagh had always had an excellent fashion sense, and even in the summer, never really dressed down to the level of t-shirts and shorts. She always looked like she was ready for an impromptu dinner party to break out, and was prepared to host it.

So today, her hair was brushed out, and hanging like a sensuous boa over her left shoulder. Mom's hair was red... I mean, RED... but most of us kids got a slightly darker version, just to the red side of auburn, a hint of Dad's DNA. Shelagh had beautiful hair, and her blue eyes were positively huge. Coupled with her full lips, it gave her a look that was part cartoon, part incredible sex goddess. I couldn't believe she was the only unmarried sister I had left, because I had always thought she was the prettiest.

The blouse she had just unbuttoned, and was holding by the lapels with both hands, was classic black. Crisp, impeccably ironed, and fitted to her body, she held it, as though for effect, waiting for my eyes to wander up to hers. I was currently trying to pierce the shadows that obscured the chest I hadn't seen since she was much, much younger... and much, much less developed; back in the days before I had been banished from my sister's rooms for showing a little too much interest in their bodies. I knew she was bigger, but beyond that, this was all new. I finally looked up.

Shelagh smiled, and rolled her shoulders out of the top, opening it wide as it moved down her arms. She was... breathtaking, and she was still mostly dressed. I gasped, and so did Vonnie.

Her bra was black as well, and struggling mightily to contain her voluptuous breasts. While she wasn't quite in the same league as Mom and Vonnie, she was very, very well built, as were all my sisters. Is there any wonder I developed a thing for women with big boobs?

Vonnie gave my dick a surreptitious squeeze under the covers, and I glanced at her briefly. She was grinning; I assume she was pleased that our little group was growing. She nodded in Shelly's direction, and I turned just in time to see my sister, hands behind her back, unhooking her bra. She held it in place for a moment.

"Danny, I can't believe I'm about to do this," Shelly smiled. "I remember kicking you out of my room because you were looking at me funny when I was dressing. You were so young. Are you ready?"

"Yes," I croaked, my voice cracking. Vonnie stroked me again. My cock was like steel. Apparently, it was ready, too.

Shelagh took a deep breath, and closed her eyes. She raised her arms slowly. I expected the satiny, black bra to drop, but it held on for a few maddening seconds, clinging to her abrupt, firm breasts while I willed it to fall. As her arms extended over her head, her breasts spread wider, and the bra finally succumbed to gravity. Her breasts did not, riding high and proud on her chest, crowned by light pink nipples that were equally proud and tall.

"God," I breathed. "They're beautiful. I... uh... I mean, you're beautiful," I corrected.

Shelagh smiled, and turned her body gently from side to side, causing those spectacular globes to sway slightly. She slowly brought her arms down, running her hands over them as she did.

I noticed that Vonnie's hand had stopped its motions, and she had her fingers in a tight ring around the base of my cock. I hadn't realized how close I was to cumming, but my ever thoughtful Aunt had noticed the signs, and gripped me tight to stem the tide. She was snuggled into my side, watching Shelagh strip with an interest as keen as my own.

My sister reached back, and unzipped the elegantly sexy, knee-length skirt that she was still wearing. Matching black, the monochromatic look really looked good on her.

It looked even better on the bedroom floor, as she stepped out of it, leaving her in her tiny panties, also black. She was nothing if not consistent... and gorgeous.

"This is very exciting," Shelagh whispered, hooking her thumbs in the thin strips of fabric that arched over her hips. "I never even considered doing it before yesterday, but it's soooooooo hot!"

She wasn't very specific about what 'this' was. Stripping for another woman? Stripping at all? I chose to assume she meant getting naked before my eyes, and I agreed with her assessment; it most definitely was soooooo hot.

I suddenly realized how unfair I was being to Vonnie, staring at my sister... who was now totally naked, having stepped clear of her panties... as though she was the first unclothed woman I had ever seen. Two days ago, I was looking at her that way. I didn't want her to think I was over her already. I didn't want to be that guy.

She didn't even notice. She was too busy checking out Shelagh's pouty little pussy to pay any attention to me, so I didn't fight it. I cast my eyes on the little gap at the top of my sister's thighs as well, where two lips laid open like butterfly wings.

"Oh god, Shelly, you've got such a pretty kitty," I heard, but it wasn't my voice that said it. It was Siobhan, who apparently had as great an appreciation for my sister's vulva as I did. I looked at her, a bit surprised.

"What?" she giggled, with a smile. "I think most women are a little bi-curious. All I know is... that's a very sexy pussy. I'd lick it."

What was that sound? Oh, right... My mind being blown. My Aunt... who just happened to be naked, gripping my erection tight, and my lover... had just told me she would willingly lick my sister's cunt. The sister, who was also naked, and currently looking for a way under the covers to join us in bed. The whole 'no sex with blood relatives' thing was going to take a beating today. Of that I was sure.

"Um, I think I'd like to see that," I laughed, lifting my arm to allow my sister to squeeze in beside me. She slid her body along mine, and within seconds, I was in boob-lover's heaven, with a voluptuous pair pressed against me from each side. "Hi Shelly," I smiled.

"Hi!" she giggled. "You're so warm," she commented, caressing my chest with her hand.

"Warm?" Vonnie asked. "You have no idea, sweetie. Wanna see it?" She moved her hand, shifting the tent pole and focusing everyone's attention on the obvious bulge in the covers.

I was the 'it' in this case. Well, a particular part of me, anyway. Vonnie still had her grip on my twig and berries, and was offering Shelagh a peek.

"Hey, don't I get a say in this?" I objected. "After all, it's my dick." I was joking, of course. Shelagh could look at it all she wanted to. I was hoping she'd do a lot more than just look.

"Oh pleeeeease, Danny" she begged. "I didn't really get to see it that well last night, and it's been driving me nuts ever since. Show me. Lemme see? Please?"

She was probably yanking my chain, but having any woman, especially one as beautiful as my sister, beg for a peek at my package? Oh yeah. Really good for the ego.

I picked up the edge of the covers, and peeled them back slowly. Shelly leaned closer. I guess I wasn't going fast enough, so Vonnie pulled my stiff shaft out into the open.

"Ta da!" Vonnie smiled.

"Yowza! Where did THAT come from?" Shelly asked, eyes wide, staring at my cock intently. "Maybe you got all the penis each of us girls didn't need when we gave up our Y-chromosome."

"Why? Is it big?" I asked. I wasn't one of those guys who goes around comparing his Johnson to everyone else's in the locker room. I figured it was what it was... but if what it was, was big? Well, a woman's opinion couldn't hurt.

"Oh yeah!" Vonnie chimed in. She turned it slightly with her hand, admiring it. She smiled. "It's huge."

Shelly's eyes were still locked on my penis, and she nodded.

"Yup, that's a big dick," she breathed, unconsciously licking her lips. "Who knew my brother was hung?"

"Who knew my sister was stacked?" I returned the compliment.

"Thanks," she blushed, "but these are hard to hide," she said, cupping her firm breasts. "I had no idea you were packing that monster."

All this dick appreciation was going right to my head. Prior to now, 'hung', 'huge', and 'monster' were not words I would have used to describe my equipment. I had a new love for my sister, and we hadn't even had sex yet.

"Um, I really hate to bring this up," Vonnie said, making a sour face, "but, there's only one of him, and there are two of us. Who gets to have him first? Rock, paper, scissors?"

"No, no," Shelly shook her head. "You were here first. I'm the interloper. You fuck him first. I trust you won't mind if I stay and watch?"

"Not at all," Vonnie smiled. "It's okay if your sister watches us have sex, right?" she asked me.

Another question I never thought I'd be asked. I shook my head.

"What? You won't let her?" Vonnie gasped.

"No. I mean yes, of course she can watch, but that's not what I shook my head about," I clarified. "I was just wondering what I did to get so lucky that two women, whom I both love, want to share me."

"Well, we'll see about the sharing part," she smiled. "Right now? Now serving number one!"

Vonnie dropped her mouth over the head of my cock.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck," I hissed, dropping back onto the pillow.

"Oh wow!" Shelagh gasped.

"Mmmmm, yummy," Vonnie added, pulling my dick out of her mouth for a second. She plunged it back in a moment later.

Shelagh laid next to me, watching my Aunt sucking my cock from close range. I could see the excitement in her eyes. Vonnie was slurping loudly, drooling all over my shaft, and stroking the half that wouldn't fit in her mouth.

"This is much better than porn," she giggled, tracing a finger across my chest. She leaned closer, crushing her breasts against me, and kissed me. Shelagh had kissed me before... on the cheek. Never on the lips, and certainly not on the tonsils, which is pretty much what she was doing right now. I found myself kissing her back, and it was goooooooooooooood.

Suddenly, she was gone, slipping out of the bed while I watched. Her ass wiggled across the room, and she took a seat on the chair by Vonnie's dressing table. She smiled, and hooked a leg over the armrest, giving me a very nice view between her legs.

I realized the reason she had left the bed... Vonnie was mounting me, so we needed the space, and the chair afforded her a great place to watch from... and masturbate! While I felt Vonnie's pussy sliding down over my cock, my eyes were inexorably drawn to the juicy pink lips of my sisters own vagina. She began to gently caress herself, and I felt a hand on my chin.

I looked up at Vonnie, who was showing a bit of displeasure on her face.

"Poor etiquette, young man," she directed. "When a woman is in bed with you, she deserves your full, undivided attention... even if your sister is fingering herself a few feet away! She'll get her turn when I'm done with you."

"Yes Ma'am," I smiled, receiving a kiss for my efforts to ignore the elephant in the room.

Who knew how hard it would be to keep from looking over at my sister? I mean, you'd think that the incredible sensation of a warm, wet vagina, gripping my cock snugly as it slid up and down, would be enough to keep my attention. Any other day, or with any other distraction, that would be true, but today was unique in multiple ways.

It was the first time I was being watched. It was my first experience with group sex. It was the first time a woman was openly masturbating right in front of me, other than the window washer game yesterday. Most unique of all... all those elements were being provided by, of all people, my sister.

That will test your concentration.

Vonnie was very understanding, allowing me a few peeks across the room to where Shelagh was jamming three fingers into her cunt, and twisting her nipples. She took a few looks over there herself. It was easy for Shelagh; her fingers weren't jealous of her eyes.

My Aunt was moaning softly, rising and falling with exquisite slowness on my dick. She leaned closer, blocking my view of Shelly with her big, round tits.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" she breathed, looking down at me.

"Mmmmm," I grinned, and latched onto her left nipple, sucking as much of her large, dusty-rose coloured areola into my mouth as possible. I flicked my tongue across the rubbery nub of her erect nipple.

"Oh fuck!" Vonnie gasped. "I just love the way you do that! It goes straight to my clit!" She picked up her pace a little, groaning with each stroke. "Oh Shelly, you're going to love this big cock! It fills me so good! I hope your pussy can handle it!"

I couldn't see my sister, as Vonnie's beautiful rack filled my field of view, but I could hear her ragged breathing and moans of escalating passion. I could imagine her fingers plunging deep into her beautiful pussy.

"Oh fuck, Danny, I'm cumming," Vonnie grunted, yanking her nipple out of my mouth as she sat up to grind herself over my cock harder. She threw her head back, and screamed. "Yes! Yes! YESSSS! THAT'S IT! YESSSSS!"

"GNNAAAHHHHHNNNNNNN! YESSSS!" Shelly sang in harmony, drawing my eyes to her. She was hunched down in the chair, with both legs pointed at the ceiling in a wide V formation, finger-fucking her cunt furiously. Their orgasmic aria echoed through the house, and my brain, until they both stopped singing, and tried to catch their breath.

Vonnie looked down at me. She took a deep breath.

"You're close, aren't you? I can feel you throbbing," she smiled.

"Very," I nodded, gritting my teeth.

"Shelly? Want to help me make him cum?" she asked.

My sister was back in a flash. "Oh yeah! Sounds like fun!"

Vonnie quickly dismounted, and gripped my shaft with her hand. Shelly took a spot next to her, and did the same.

My cock was soaked with Vonnie's abundant juices, and when Shelly touched it, she brought her fingers to her nose. She now had one hand covered in her own honey, and one slick with our Aunt's slippery discharge. She sniffed them both, and smiled at me.

"Damn! We both smell delicious!" she giggled, helping Vonnie stroke my shaft.

Okay... That's more than I can take. First, I'm fucking my buxom Aunt, then my sister shows up, and gets naked before my eyes. Then she spreads her legs and masturbates herself to orgasm, while my Aunt is fucking herself on my cock. Now, she's sniffing her fingers and saying she smells delicious, and so does my Aunt's pussy. My imagination went in the logical direction, and pictured both of my lovely ladies locked in a sapphic embrace. Oh, and they're both jerking me off? It was the final straw.

"Ohhhh FUUUUUUUCK!" I bellowed, and erupted.

Usually, Vonnie would be swallowing the ribbons of hot cum that I was shooting. Today, I felt like the fountains at the Bellagio, sending ropes of semen arching though the air while the two of them stroked me to completion, and moaned excitedly.

"Ooooo, yes, Danny!" Shelagh gasped. "Cum Danny! Shoot that hot jizz all over!" Her hand kept jerking my cock furiously, while Vonnie stopped to watch her. My cum was dripping down her hand, and she kept going, squeezing every drop out of my dick. "Shit! That's a lot of cum!"

She was right about that. There was cum in blots and pools all over my chest and stomach. She released my flagging shaft, which flopped into a puddle of glop. I watched her admire the streams of semen oozing down her hand as she held it up, and gasped as she let some drip from her fingers into her mouth.

It almost made me cum again.

"Oh god, Shelly!" I groaned. "You're nasty!"

"Mmmmm, yes, and you're yummy," she smiled.

Vonnie grabbed Shelly's hand and sucked three cum covered fingers into her mouth.

Oh shit, they're both nasty. It's going to be quite the day, here in Vonnie's bedroom. I hope I can get it up again within the next thirty seconds, because I have a fresh pussy to fuck.

Watching them clean my cum from each other's fingers was very enjoyable. The sensation of them licking the spillage from my chest and stomach was equally arousing, but my dick didn't really react until they were trying to decide which one got to suck the remains from my wilted cock.

It was actually a pretty quick decision. Vonnie slurped my noodle into her mouth, and Shelagh gave me a sly look... and straddled my face! If I thought her pussy looked good from across the room? Well, you should see it from six inches away!

Yes, my sister's pussy was spectacular; juicy, succulent, aromatic, among other descriptives. Those butterfly lips which the removal of her panties had revealed, had become engorged with blood, and now dangled, pouting open in anticipation of meeting whatever would be parting them. Right now, while Vonnie was resurrecting my erection, what would be parting those lips was my tongue. I craned up, and grazed her labia with my nose, then licked her softly.

"Oh, Danny, yes!" Shelagh moaned. "I love getting my cunt licked! Go for it!"

Go for it indeed! I could feel my cock beginning to respond to Aunt Siobhan's ministrations, and wanted to get a taste of Shelagh's delectable snatch before I was forced to fuck her. Forced. Yeah. That's my story, Mom, and I'm sticking to it. First your sister forced me into her bed, then your daughter did the same. She'll buy that, right?

Perhaps not.

Well, anyway, Shelly settled lower, letting me reach her soaking wet gash without causing injury. I diddled those butterfly wings playfully with my tongue, and buried my face up her cunt, ramming the bridge of my nose into her clit. I gave her several long licks, from her tart asshole to her excited clitoris. I could just see up her body along her tummy, and through her wide cleavage, occasionally making eye contact as she glanced down past her breasts.

Suddenly, my cock was wet and alone. One disembodied hand reached around and cupped Shelagh's left breast. Warmth once again surrounded my cock, but it wasn't from Vonnie's mouth. She was impaling herself again, and moments later, her other hand grabbed my sister's right breast. Shelagh leaned back, letting our Aunt fondle her big tits, and me feast on her drooling pussy.

"Oh god, you're both making me so wet," she smiled, as Vonnie, kissed the side of her neck. "You're going to make me cum again!"

I could testify to the wetness, as I was cheeks deep in her cunt. She was dripping, and every bit as delicious as I had hoped. Her thighs were making hearing her vocalizations difficult, as they were against my ears, but I could hear enough to know she was having a very good time. When she grabbed my hair and mashed her pussy on my face, while lolling her head back on Vonnie's shoulder, I knew what was cumming.

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