Aunts' Lingerie Party

byGeorge VI©

Kathy said, "He can wear the one I bought for Craig." Craig was her husband. He was a pretty small guy, too, though not as skinny as me.

The others all said, "Yeah, Jeremy should try that on!"

"Oh, I don't know," I stammered. But these horny, half-clad women could talk me into anything right now.

We'll try on our naughty stuff if you put on a thong," proposed Val.

"Yeah," the others all said, even Gail and Linda.

My mind was trying to imagine what could be naughtier than what they were currently wearing, and the thought was keeping my dick hard. "OK, then."

Kathy excitedly rummaged through a bag until she pulled out the tiniest garment. It looked like a red satin jock strap. She handed it to me, and I headed for the bathroom. "But you all have to put on your other outfits," I called back.

"We will," answered Kathy. I hurriedly stripped naked in Aunt Val's bathroom, watching my hard cock spring straight out. I pulled up the little thong, and gingerly stuffed my hardon into it. I looked in the mirror. I really have a pretty skinny body, and started to get self-conscious, but at least the bulge in front looked fairly impressive. My butt was bare, and stray pubes were sticking out of the sides and top of the front. I kicked my clothes into the corner, exhaled, and opened the door. As I entered the family room, the women erupted in cheers, howls, and whistles. All except for Kim who I could see already changing in the darkened living room. I watched her silhouette pull off her teddy, and could see the outline of her naked tits. Then I got distracted by the other women ogling me.

Val disappeared into the bathroom to change, and Kathy joined Kim in the darkened living room. That left me in the family room with Gail and Linda, the two that had been the most reserved up to this point. But suddenly, with my appearance in a thong, Linda seemed to morph into another woman. She walked around me, staring at my near-naked body, and let out a loud, long squeal. "Ooooooweeeeii!" She placed her hands on my shoulders. She tall woman stood to the right side of me, rubbing her left hand over my back and shoulders, and her right hand over my bare chest. I've never had a girl or woman show any interest in my chest before, but Linda was acting like I was some bodybuilder. She pressed her tits into my shoulder, and pressed her bare right thigh into my hip.

Gail wasn't nearly as exuberant, but she approached me from my left, and also massaged my shoulders, looking down at my crotch. She just sort of purred in my left ear while she pressed her crotch into my left thigh.

I put my arms around both aunts, and rubbed their bare backs. That's when Linda moved her left hand down my spine, and massaged my bare butt. Gail saw her do it, and when I just smiled, she moved her right hand down over my ass also. Both women squealed and giggled as they squeezed my butt. So I felt confident enough to lower both of my hands down over their bare butts. Gail had the best ass by far, much smaller and firmer, but I also enjoyed grabbing a handful of Linda's bare butt flesh.

Gail dropped her left hand off of my chest, and as she brought it down, she grazed my hard cock sticking out. I wasn't sure that it was deliberate, but I suspected it was.

We were groping each other's asses when Aunt Kim entered the room. She was wearing a white bra and panties set with matching white stockings and garters. But the most striking thing about this outfit was its "peek-a-boo" bra. Her bare white tits and pink nipples were sticking right out of the big holes in the middle of the cups! I was looking right at my Aunt Kim's bare tits! Kim proceeded to do the modeling bit while looking at me - walking back and forth, posing, smiling at me. Her eraser-sized nipples were sticking out. I noticed she had on white shoes with spiked heels, as well as the tiniest white satin thong panties. It was so ridiculously tiny that her dark blonde pussy hair was sticking out of the sides and top of it. That may sound gross to some people, but I've always wanted to see my aunts' pussy hair, and now I was getting to see at least some of it. While even Linda and Gail "oohed" and "ahhed" Kim's kinky underwear, Linda commented, "Uh, I guess we should have brought a package of razors with us," which gave Kim and Gail a laugh.

Kim's erotic outfit and show had momentarily distracted me from the fact that my favorite aunt's big, nearly naked tits were rubbing into my shoulder. I moved my hand off her ass and moved it up her side, under her baby doll top. It climbed her bare waist, but I moved slowly from here. I'd gotten away with pinching some butts, but still wasn't completely confident enough to reach up and feel a tit in a crowd. But I wanted to so bad, I was starting to go for it. I teased the side of Linda's left tit with my fingertips just a little.

Just then Kathy entered the room. She was wearing a pink bra, panty, hose, and garter set. The bra and panty were completely see-through in front. Her medium-sized areolas on her smallish tits were clearly visible, almost like there was no fabric there. Her cone-shaped tits hung down just a little with almost no support from the cups. The front of her panties were as small as Kim's, and Aunt Kathy was exposing as much pubic hair at the top and sides as Kim. But it didn't matter much, since her whole pussy could be seen through the sheer panty crotch. Her pussy hair was mated down by the material, but completely visible. Aunt Kathy posed, twirled, smiled at me, and showed me her completely bare ass, with only the top little string and triangle of material showing in back. I noticed that Kathy must only wear one-piece bathing suits, because as tan as her arms and legs were, her whole torso, from her cleavage to her stomach and ass, where pale white. Her spiked heels and stockings made her legs look so fine.

All I could do is grin and say, "That's just great! Just terrific!" Kim, Kathy, and Gail were commenting on her outfit, when I remembered Linda again, and started to move my hand further onto the side of her big tit. I was still trying not to let the others see my hand there, and still being cautious with Linda, but I glanced over at her, and she had a big grin on her face, so I looked away and let my thumb find her nipple. Linda arched her back as I squeezed her big tit momentarily, and subtly massaged it at sort of an awkward angle.

"Linda!" yelled Kim. Linda jumped back, and straightened up, like she'd been caught.

"Huh?" Linda said.

"Go get changed!" Demanded Kim.

"Oh," said Linda. She glanced at me. "OK." Linda found her bag of garments, and headed off into the bathroom. Gail also disappeared, into the living room.

"Here I come!" Yelled Val, emerging from the bathroom. We all looked her way as the busty blonde sauntered into the room. She was wearing a red corset that was attached to two strapless bra cups. But the cups didn't cover much at all. "Here's my corset and shelf bra!"

Aunt Val's "shelf bra" pushed her tits up from the bottom, but covered none of the top half. Her two dark-pink areolas were poking out of the top. Her tits were pushed way, way up, practically to her collarbone. Val had a very dark, freckled chest, but her white boobs were so pale that the flesh almost looked transparent. While her spotted chest and shoulders obviously spent a lot of time out in the sun, it appeared that her two big puppies had never seen the light of day. Her cleavage jiggled as she walked, and heaved as she breathed. The bottom of the corset ended just a couple of inches above where Val's red string thongs started. Like her two sisters, Val sported similar-colored and thickness pubic hair spilling out. They were a hairy family, which was just fine with me. There was a string right at the front of her crotch. "It's an open crotch with a string tie," she explained. Frankly, with her flowing blonde hair, pushed-up red corset, red hose exposing the tops of her meaty thighs, my forty-something aunt looked like a bad imitation of a cheap prostitute. I loved it, and told her so when she asked me.

Aunt Val approached me, grabbed my head with both of her hands, and roughly pulled my face down into her chest. My face was buried in her tits, and she shook her chest back and forth while my nose burrowed into her cleavage. I was still a little embarrassed doing this in front of the others, but I couldn't help myself, and put both hands on her sides, and nuzzled my cheeks into her tits. Her nipples popped completely out of her shelf bra, and I felt my chin grazing her hard nipples. I moved my hands down and grabbed both of her big bare ass cheeks, and squeezed them tight, until her flesh was oozing out between my fingers. The other laughed and squealed at our obscene behavior.

Gail now entered the room. The petite medium-dark-haired, quiet woman was wearing a lavender bra, panties, hose, and garter set. Her bra had "peek-a-boo" cups similar to Kim's. The bra was squeezing out Gail's tiny titties, and her pink nipples were sticking out a good inch or so. And her thong panties, they were crotchless! My pretty aunt's brown patch of pubic hair was on complete display for me as she strutted towards me. She threw out her pelvis, put her right hand on her hip, twirled around, and walked away from me, showing me her beautiful ass that I'd just been groping.

In the meantime, Val, Kathy, and Kim were all crowded around me, all quite drunk and giddy. All three were looking gorgeous in a sleazy way, in their kinky underwear and their own earrings and jewelry, and their hair and makeup were still looking fresh. Val and Kim were hanging on my arms, groping my ass. They were both rubbing their pussies into my thighs, and Kim was pressing her exposed nipple into my arm.

Val looked down at my bulging thong, and asked, "What have you got in there, a flashlight?" This made it bulge even more. It was sticking out so far that it stretched out the skimpy thong, and some of my balls and pubic hair were hanging out the sides. Val brazenly reached down and palmed my cock over the silk thong, rubbing it and squeezing it. Kim also reached down and grabbed me, and her and Val's hands briefly fought over my silk-clad crotch. Val grabbed the right side of my thong, Kim grabbed the other side, and they started tugging it down, exposing more pubic hair. They pulled the front out, and my cock sprang out into the open, sticking straight out in a horizontal line. Kathy squealed when she noticed it, and Val and Kim started gently tugging on it.

"I'm coming out!" I heard a drunk, gleeful Linda call from the bathroom. I watched with anticipation as she slowly sauntered out. Linda was wearing a black leather bondage outfit. It was shaped like a teddy, like a one-piece bathing suit, except that it was held up by a piece of leather running up her cleavage and tied around her neck with silver studs. And there was nothing covering her tits. Oh, there appeared to be some sort of small shelf that was giving her big jugs support and pushing them up a little. But basically, they were just sitting up there exposed in all of their monumental glory. And they were lovely. Her big areolas were a dark brown, and her nipples were long, fat, and hard. Her breast skin was white and near flawless that I could see. Her outfit was cut high at the crotch, the fabric covering her pussy only being about two inches wide, exposing plenty of even-colored brown, long, pubic hair at each side. There were two silver snaps just above the crotch. Linda's black hose were attached to her leather teddy. Linda's big bare tits jiggled and shook as she walked, but the shelf contained them just enough so that they didn't sway much.

Linda strutted by me, looked down at my exposed cock, and smiled at me as she walked away. Her ass was completely bare. Her butt cheeks shook and jiggled, alternately rising and falling with each step. I don't think Linda's gait was as elegant as Kathy's or Gail's, but I had to wonder if, in her youth, with, the proper training, she could have been a model with those long legs and big tits. Or maybe a porn star.

Linda stood in front of me, and started dancing to the music. I stood there watching her, my cock out and aiming at her, as Kim and Val gave me a hand job. I watched The Big One's tits jiggle all over the place as she did a drunken white-woman-soccer-mom sort of dance. She danced just inches from me, looking right into my eyes, and smiling. Then she took my hands in hers. I was afraid she might want me to dance with her, which I'm not good at. But instead she placed both of my hands right on her big tits, and thrust her chest out. I kneaded both of the monsters, right there in front of my other four hooting and laughing aunts. I lifted the puppies off their shelf and squeezed and jiggled them like I was alone with them, alternately gently massaging and stroking them, and roughly tugging and grabbing them. Linda threw her head back and moaned.

Now I felt like an Amazon River cow in a piranha attack. Except these piranhas were attacking with soft lips, fingers, and other body parts. It was a polite, quiet attack, but there was some jockeying for position.

Aunt Kathy was standing behind me, to my left. She was blowing in my ear and nibbling on my earlobe. When her kissing moved over onto my cheek, I turned and made eye contact with her. She then planted her lips on mine and passionately kissed me. She moved her tongue into my mouth and encircled it around my tongue. Linda got distracted and backed away, and I reached out, not wanting to let go of her chest. But there were plenty of other tits around. I reached to my immediate left to find Kim's medium-sized tit sticking out of her peek-a-boo bra, and fondled it. With Kathy just behind Kim and me, I turned my torso a bit, reached up with my right hand, and found Kathy's smaller tit, feeling it over the sheer fabric of her bra, toying with her hard nipple. Kathy momentarily came up for air, and Kim stuck her face in and planted her lips on mine. Then I alternately French kissed Kim and Kathy, and fondled both of their tits. Kathy may have been the more passionate kisser, with a swirling tongue, but Kim's rapid-fire flitting of her tongue on mine was a nice feel. I reached inside of Kathy's bra, and pulled the flimsy thing down below her left tit, and fondled her bare tittie.

Val was still stroking my cock, and rubbing her thigh and crotch against my right leg. I reached right and grabbed her big tit, pulling it completely out of her shelf bra. I alternated feeling the tits of the three sisters. Their tits were all different sizes, but their nipple and areola colors were the same, with their areolas all a proportional size to their tit size. Val got into the kissing game, too, and I alternated kissing the three mature sisters.

Gail must have been feeling left out, because suddenly she appeared in front of me, and forced her face into mine and kissed me. I took the opportunity to feel her little titties sticking out of her bra. Aunt Gail might be the prettiest of the five. There were a number of times during the night that it just hit me what I was doing, and this was one of those times. "I'm making out with my gorgeous aunt, and feeling her tits!" I thought.

I had my hands full with all of the great tits around me, but as I glanced down, I saw Aunt Gail's pretty brown muff on display in her crotch-less panties. I slid my right hand down her bare stomach, and grabbed a handful of fur. I rubbed her protruding pussy mound. The puffy hair-covered mound arched towards me. Gail's petite hand battled Kim's and Val's for position on my cock. I slid my left hand down Kim's body, and rubbed her pussy over her little thong. Kim pulled the material aside for me, and I grabbed another handful of a hairy puss. I rubbed Kim and Gail's pussies up and down in unison. Then both of my middle fingers combed through the forest until they found their slits. I grazed the entrances a couple of times and found them moist. Both women spread their legs wider as I slid my middle fingers into their warm, lubricated pussies.

Someone had turned off the music, and there were basically two sounds in the room. Some of the women were giggling - Linda, mostly, a high-pitched giggle and voice, like a thrilled, giddy schoolgirl. Most of the others, certainly Kathy and Val, were more into serious moaning and sighing as I touched them.

In the mass of flesh and lingerie surrounding me, Kim dropped down to her knees. She leaned her face into my crotch, and planted her soft lips on my dick head. She softly, slowly, and deftly sucked on my throbbing organ. In the meantime, I had slid my left hand down inside of Aunt Kathy's panty bottoms, and rubbed her pussy. And when Gail had moved back to give Kim room, my finger slid out of her. Val grabbed my hand, led it to her crotch, and rubbed it over her pussy. I felt the string that was holding her panty crotch closed, and pulled on it. I worked my fingers into the slit in the fabric, and rubbed her pussy mound. Val and her sister Kathy had the same hairy, coarse, thick patch of dark blonde pussy hair, as did Kim. I rubbed the furry sisters for a bit, and then slid fingers into their steamy hot wet snatches.

Gail whimpered when she realized she'd lost use of my finger in her pussy, "Oh, it felt so goood! I want more, Jeremy!" she begged. Linda was behind me, pressing her big tits into my back, rubbing her leather-covered crotch into my ass. She dropped to her knees, and kissed my bare ass.

My knees were getting rubbery from all the excitement, and I was being pulled a little bit. But I didn't want to break off and move, fearing that would end everything. Then Val suggested, "Let's get down on the carpet and continue." I pulled away from all the hands, lips and pussies, and sat down in the middle of the soft family room carpet. Kim lied down between my legs, and stretched her mouth over my cock again. I lay back, and the pixie-like, limber Aunt Gail squatted over me, and lowered her crotch down on my head. Looking up, I saw the fur-surrounded pink slit landing on my face. Gail's smooth thighs engulfed my cheeks as her juicy slit hit my lips. I stuck my tongue up into the tasty twat and licked in circles. Gail shivered and moaned. Val sat to my left, and Linda to my right. I reached up and felt the tits of my two most-endowed aunts.

Eventually both of my hands went to Val and Linda's crotches. I worked my left hand back into Val's open-crotched panty. After rubbing Linda's leather-clad puss for the first time, and playing with the long pubes sticking out of each side of her crotch cover, Linda hurriedly reached down and forcefully unsnapped the two snaps just above her crotch, and exposed her whole big hairy pussy. Her fur was about the same color as Gail's and possibly even harrier than the three sisters. Her patch sprung way out from her body, and I eagerly combed my fingers through her forest. I rubbed her mound for a bit, before sliding a finger into her wet slit.

Linda and Val were slowly moaning and panting, but Gail was squealing, and writhing on my face as I licked up into her pussy. She was slapping her thighs against my ears and wiggling her butt on my chin. "OoooooOOOOOOOOH!!!" "EEEEE, AHHHHH!"

Kim looked up from sucking my cock, and said, "Gail, if you came, I want some of that."

"Ohh, I came, but I think I might come again!" panted my Aunt Gail.

"Don't be selfish, let me have a turn, please!" begged Kim. Kim stood up and practically pushed her sister-in-law off my face. Gail reluctantly got off, and I saw Kim's nice thighs and hairy hairy pussy approaching my face. As it landed, I heard Gail whine, "Oooh, I wanna cum again."

Kathy replaced her younger sister between my legs and sucked my cock. Kim's thighs are nice and smooth, but a little less firm than Gail's. She slapped her thighs repeatedly against my cheeks like a bird flapping its wings. Kathy sucked slower than Kim, using her tongue a little more along the shaft. Val and Linda were moaning and wrapping their thighs around my hand as I fingered them.

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