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Aunt's New Boots


My uncle died long time ago, when I was a small kid, and I barely remember him. Aunt was left with their daughter, but never married again and rose her alone. Uncle was aunt's love from student days (they both studied Law, and became excellent lawyers), and aunt whole time was saying that uncle was her only true love in her whole life.

Aunt was fighting all the time to rise her daughter, and she built great lawyer career. She became one of federal judges, and was very appreciated and famous in layers' world. Parallel with her professional rising, of course, there was money satisfaction as well, and my cousin never felt poorly it that way. Fact that she grew without father is totally different thing...

My mother appreciated very much the fact that, after her brother death, aunt never was married again and they became true friends. I have no brothers or sisters, as my cousin also, and our families visited each other often. They said that one of reasons was that cousin and I have no closer relatives and it should be nice for two of us to hang out more, although my cousin is 10 years older than me (uncle was older than my mother, and uncle and aunt were married and got a daughter during their studies, and my parents were married much later) but main reason was that mother, as I told before, is true friend with aunt.

Nevertheless, aunt and cousin were our guests at least once per a month. Aunt, as a judge, always kept attention of her look, and transferred that behaviour even on family visits. She was every time dressed like a top model, with unevadable make up, lots of golden jewelry, and she often used to wear boots, sometimes even in the summertime. (She always told that she is addicted to boots and always spent a big amount of her incomes on them, although I think that real reason is tattoo on her left leg between ankle and knee - uncle even had more tattoos, they together did many tattoos as students, as aunt used to say, "sins from the student days".)

She was always fit, admitting that she is going to gym every day. Her usual joke about that was that she must fight with criminals, and, if needed, beat them! Having in mind that she is over six feet tall (my uncle also was very tall man, but my mother don't; I obviously received mother's genes, because I'm less than six feet tall, although my father is not too much tall neither) that was not impossible in my opinion. Her appearance (and, let's say, most of older women appearances) always caused strange feeling in my pants, but I was a kid and didn't know to explain nothing about that...

Years were passed, I grew to 18 years old youngster, and my cousin got married in the meantime, but my aunt's family continued to visit us (and we also continued to visit them), this time with cousin's husband also. One Saturday there was a winter time, but weather was shiny. There was aunt's family's term for a visit, so they came to lunch at our home. When they rang on our door, my parents and I came to ante room to welcome our guests. Aunt, cousin and her husband came to our home. During mother's and aunt's greetings, I took cousin's and her husband's coats. Others came to living room, and I took aunt's knee long fur coat and leather gloves. Then I looked at her...

Although in her early 50s, aunt was very good looking woman. But this time she was looking like never before! Her blonde dyed hair with perfect styling was reaching half of her back. Her big dark blue eyes were rounded with black eye liner, hyper volume mascara and few tones of a light blue eye shadow. She had light powder on her face, together with discrete blush and shiny bloody red lipstick. She had big earrings in both ears, and in left earlobe she had three more small fashions (one of the sins from student days). On her neck there were several necklaces of different lengths, from shortest just beneath her head to longest, which end was hidden between her big breasts held by laced push-up bra, hiding under white shirt buckled just to the end of the bra. Shirt was stretch, just to emphasize her great figure. Under shirt there was black pencil skirt to just over knees with wide leather belt.

Shirt sleeves were long, but wider at their ends, and there was impossible to completely hide the tattoo she had on right hand. (One more sin from student days, aunt used to wear long sleeves often as boots.) She had inch long nails polished in the same bloody red colour as her lips, with flat ending and couple of rings on each ring finger, but besides them, she had rings on both middle fingers and pink fingers. Besides that, she had gold watch and couple of chain bracelets on left hand, and at least ten bangles on right hand, partially hiding tattoo, which made clank sound with every move of her hands.

But her black leather boots were thing that immediately attracted my eyes! With pointy but slightly rounded top, discrete platform (about half an inch) and 5 inch stiletto heel, overknee high, reaching just beneath her skirt from front side (back side was about two inches lower), with inside zippers only, they were magnificent in their simplicity. They were very shiny, so obviously new, with a little bit of snow from outside which just started to melt.

She noticed that I am looking down, and told:

- Well, well, look in what handsome guy you grew!

She grabbed my chin and directed me to her face, making clanking sound with bracelets. Naturally taller than me, with high heels she was even more taller, and I had to look up at her in uncomfortable position. My hearth started to beat violently, and I felt something in my pants (in that moment I was, of course, grew enough to know that that's my cock becoming harder). She looked at me right to my eyes:

- Pity that you're so shy!

Mother added:

- He's really, really shy, he has only a few friends, and I don't know was he ever had a girlfriend.

That was not so pleasant, but that was a truth. I have never even kissed a girl! Probably because girls of my age were not attracted me...

Mother said:

- If you greeted each other, let's go to living room, we'll have a lunch and later you'll have a plenty of time to talk!

Aunt agreed with that and came to the living room.

Aunt's visits every time upset me, but this time that was a real hell. I didn't dare to look at her, and every time when I looked at her and noticed that she looks at me, I directed my looking down. During the lunch that was even worse: at one moment I accidentally dropped my fork, and when I reached under the table to take it, I noticed aunt's boots and legs in black nylons! I immediately started to feel nervous. Whole time I barely said something, only when somebody asked me, and impression about my shyness became larger than usual.

Lunch was finally finished, and aunt said:

- These heels are killing me, I must take my boots off! I knew that today I had to take some old boots, not these new.

She took her boots off and put them in the ante room. Everybody sat in the living room and family talk started. I was with them at the beginning, but I felt too much uncomfortable to sit longer, and went to the toilet. Going to the toilet I spotted aunt's boots next to the toilet door. I stared several seconds in them, and finally I took the decision...

I took aunt's boots and entered in the toilet. Immediately whole toilet was filled with nice smell of new leather. I sniffed the boots from the heels to the top end. Leather was so soft, but strong, because boots were new, and they didn't bend, but stayed straight up. I got on my knees and started to kiss and lick them. My cock reacted, and became rock hard. I pulled it out of my pants and started to rub it with one boot, licking and sucking top of other boot. I was in the heaven, when suddenly toilet door was opened. In my excitement, I totally forgot to lock the door! In addition, we are living in the old building, and there is no indicator that light in the toilet is on, but only a simple switch. My aunt supposed that there is nobody in the toilet (probably she knocked, but I didn't answer, because I was too much excited to hear anything), entered, closed the door and then spotted me in the bathroom playing with her boots.


I turned around and saw aunt which was pretty angry. Before I said anything, she slapped my face hard with loud clanking sound of bracelets. I should feel pain, but instead of that I felt a nice feeling going down my spinal to my crotch. My cock became even harder and bigger, probably 7 inches long. She obviously spotted that and commanded me with icy calm voice:

- Put that... THING... - she pointed to my hard rock cock with clank of bracelets - back to your pants and go to the living room right now! We will discuss this incident later.

I somehow packed my cock to my pants and went out of the toilet asshamed, but somehow excited. I went to living room, sit in the corner and didn't speak nothing. Aunt came back and sit, but she didn't speak nothing about what happened in the toilet. Talking continued some time, and aunt announces that it's time to go (cousin and her husband already went to their home) and said to my parents:

- I asked your son, and he agrees, that he will come to my home to help me about cleaning my basement. I wanted to clean it up now when it's nice weather, and I don't know how long this winter will be, so I need a help to do it quickly.

My parents, knowing nothing about things that happened in the toilet, agreed with that, only spotting:

- He is so shy, he didn't tell that to us. Of course, go and help your aunt!

We said goodbye to my parents and went out of our home. Aunt and me sit in her car, and headed to her place. I told to aunt:

- Thank you for say nothing to my parents. I'm so sorry what I did!

But she said nothing. During the drive I looked at her several times, but she didn't look at me. I then started to look at her leather gloved hands and boots, but that was short, because I was frightened what she will say if she spot that I'm staring to her boots again. So in that silence we went at her home.

She unlocked the door and commanded me to enter. She entered behind me, locked the door, took off her fur coat and gloves, and with even more icy calm voice ordered me:

- Now, young man, take all of your clothes off!

I took my clothes off, but left my pants on. I somehow got calm and had no erection at the moment. Then she very strictly ordered:

- I said take ALL of your clothes off!!

I took off my pants also, and completely naked, stood in front of her. In my shyness, I looked at floor. Then, she roughly grabbed my chin with clank of bracelets and directed me right to her angry face. Taller with me and in high heels, she was taller six or seven inches by me, and looked even more dangerous. She told through her tooth:

- What's wrong with you? I am your aunt!

Before I even thought about that we are actually not a blood relatives, she slapped my face with clank of her bracelets. I felt the same excitement which I felt when she slapped me first time, and my cock immediately became rock hard. She noticed that and told me:

- Get on your knees and go to the living room right now.

I turned around and went to the living room on foot, but she said, this time much louder:


I got on my knees and in that position I went to the living room. She went after me, sit in the armchair in front of me, and said:

- It looks like you like my boots. Now show me that again. I hope you're not mind if I wear them.

- Not at all - I said.

- From now, when we are alone, you must call me Madam. It that clear?

- Yes.

- Yes WHAT???

- Yes, Madam.

- Good boy. Now lick my boots. - She crossed her legs, holding the left boot right in front of my face. Her skirt lifted up revealing her black nylons ending with lace and held with garter clips.

I started to lick the top of her boot and sniff the smell of leather. She pushed boot deeper to my mouth and then started to pull and push it. Then she moved her foot that she pressed my face with sole. I licked the sole some time, when she turned me the heel to suck it. After that, she turned me upper part of foot, and I licked the perfectly shaped arch above. Then she bended to me, grabbed my head, put my face on the shaft, and ordered:

- Now lick it all - and she sit back comfortably.

I started to lick whole boot from the top to the end. She became very excited, talking that I am licking so good that she could feel my tongue through the leather. Soon she started to shake and sigh and groan, and there was clear that she has multiple orgasms. I heard (from papers and movies, of course) that it's possible to bring woman to orgasm without sex, only by licking her body, but fact that only licking her legs, and to be more precise, licking her legs through the leather, could bring her to the pleasure, excited me so much that I grabbed my cock and started to jerk it. She noticed that and pushed me back with her boot.

- A-a -she said - don't you even dare to think about that! You are my slave, your cock is my property and I will decide what to do with it! You will cum when I decide! Is that clear?

- Yes, Madam - I murmured and continued to lick her boot. Soon she crossed her legs that right boot was in the air, and I licked it the same way I licked the other boot. I don't know how much long it continued, I totally lost conception of time. I was so excited, but without possibility to be pleasured, I started to feel pain in my crotch and moan. She obviously noticed that, because at the end she put her both legs on the floor and said:

- Now, young man, it's your time. Go closer, kneel and take your portion!

I moved next to her, kneeled and she put her right boot betwwen my stomach and my cock, pressing my testicles with left boot. Then she bent my cock with her right boot, pressed it on the top of the left boot and started to move her legs in opposite directions. Wave of pleasure immediately came through my whole body. She did that for some time, and after that, she moved the left boot on my knee and pressed my cock to my stomach with the right boot. She started to move boot up and down, all the time pressing my cock. In the short time I felt pleasure like never before in my life. I almost lose my conciousness because of strong orgasm shaking all my body. I cum with big load of her boots.

- Good boy. Now clean up my boots, yourself, take a shower and go to the basement to clean it up. At the end, have I told your parents that you will help me to clean up my basement? It wouldn't be nice if I lie to them. Now go and do it, I will change to something more comfortable, these new heels are beating me.

She took off her boots. I picked them, went to bathroom, cleaned the boots and took a shower. Later I dressed up and went to clean up the aunt's basement. There was not too much to clean, she was very tidy person and everything in her apartment and basement was in almost perfect order. It was clear that she brought me home not to clean up the basement, but to give her the pleasure. During all of that I did, I was thinking a lot, and one thing became perfectly clear to me: my aunt never married again because she haven't found a man who is able to fulfill her perversions. Strange things are that I was able to do that, and that we both share the same perversions. Did she knew about that and only waited for me to grow up? One day I must ask her about that...

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