tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAunty Gets Stripped on Escalator

Aunty Gets Stripped on Escalator


The day had started like any other Saturday, only it was less than a week before Christmas, and my aunt Cheryl had asked me to take her to the mall for some last minute shopping. I grudgingly agreed, not having anything else planned, but not particularly wanting to spend the time hunting for a place to park, fighting the throngs of other people who hadn't gone shopping yet or listening to all the noise, either.

Cheryl was my dad's younger sister, and she had come to live with us several years back, after my mother had passed away. She wasn't married and would probably never be. While exuding an air of properness on the outside, she tended to have a wild inner self, which still attended parties in the area whenever the situation presented itself.

She was in her early 50's, but my aunt had a very youthful appearance from years of hiding beneath full clothes and sunscreen. She also wore a floppy, wide-brimmed hat most of the time when she was outdoors, with further shielded her face from the sun's rays.

"Ready?" she inquired, as she appeared in the kitchen wearing a bright yellow dress and carrying a black handbag.

"Yeah, sure." I replied. "We missed the opening though. It'll probably be crowded as hell."

"Mm-hmm." she answered vaguely.

I wound through traffic, with the windows rolled down, and the warm breeze blew in through the windows. Although it was a week before Christmas, the warm Florida weather was very mild. We finally reached the mall and exited the car. It was only then I really noticed what my aunt was wearing.

The dress reached all the way to the ground; in fact, it was dragging. The hem was covered in tassel-like extensions that I'm sure were going to act like brooms, collecting everything we walked through. The thin, spaghetti straps on her shoulders looked like they belonged on an evening dress, not something one would wear to the mall, but then again, I always considered her slightly eccentric, so I wasn't too concerned.

As usual, Cheryl was wearing her trademark hat; its floppy brim shading her face in the bright Miami sunshine.

We entered the mall and browsed a few stores, before Cheryl suggested we go upstairs. As we stepped onto the escalator, I could see one of the local news teams set up on the second level, shooting random footage of Christmas shoppers as they exited the moving stairs. Halfway up, I heard Cheryl muttering.


I looked back and could see her struggling with the hem of her dress, which had caught in between the stairs. As I stepped off the top of the escalator, and turned around, just in time to see the entire lower portion of the dress disappearing beneath the safety plate.

"Oh my god!" Cheryl screamed, attracting the attention of everyone within earshot, including the news crew, which turned the camera in her direction.

She was being pulled down, when suddenly; two sharp pops could be heard above the din. The thin shoulder straps broke easily and the dress was pulled from her body within two seconds. I stared in shocked amazement, at my aunt. She wasn't wearing a bra or panties, and aside from her white canvas pool shoes, she was totally nude.

My jaw dropped at the sight of my aunt's nude body. For a 50-something, she was pretty hot. Her tits should have been hanging by her belly button by now, but instead retained a youthfulness of someone in her 30's.

They were long, but not saggy at all, and they looked firm. I was surprised to see a nice landing strip of blonde hair on her pubes as well.

Cheryl began screaming at the top of her lungs and wandering aimlessly as if in shock; first one way, then the other, before heading in my direction. Some guy reached out and squeezed one of her boobs, and I saw something wet shoot out from between her legs. I assumed she had pissed herself in fright, but as I studied the situation, it became obvious to me, that the entire thing was choreographed.

Her hat was obscuring her face and she was making no effort to conceal her body.

"Oh my god!" she screamed once again, at the top of her lungs.

By now, a huge crowd had gathered, and cell phones were snapping pics and recording footage in addition to the news crew. Cheryl finally reached me, and I flung my arms around her in an attempt to cover her nude body with mine. Within a few seconds, mall security arrived on scene and pushed the gawking hordes back.

A minute later, someone from a nearby store arrived with a bathrobe and placed it around Cheryl's body. Security led us into the store, and I awaited Cheryl's return as she was taken into the dressing room.

"What the hell happened?" one of the guards asked me, as I waited on my aunt's return.

"I don't know." I replied. "Her dress got caught in the escalator and it tore it right off. Jesus Christ, I can't even begin to put myself in that situation. All those people-"

"Whew...!" the guard replied, shaking his head. "The news was there. I know they can't put everything on the air, but with cell phones and leaked footage, this is gonna be all over the Net."

"She was wearing a hat." I responded. "Hopefully, it covered her face."

"Hers maybe," the officer replied, "but not yours. She had her arms wrapped around you like an octopus, and film was recording nonstop."

The guard looked at me and smirked.

"You're famous now, no doubt."

"But!" I managed to blurt out.

"But nothing, Boy! No one saw her face, but they damned sure saw yours. You'd better get used to being in the spotlight."

I was pissed. Never before in my life, had I been so angry. My aunt had used me; of this I was certain. I still wasn't sure how, but I knew I had been duped. Whern she emerged from the dressing room a few minutes later, clad in an outfit donated by the store, I glowered at her.

"Let's go!" I snarled.

The security officer led us into a hallway behind the store, which was located in the heart of the mall. An oversized elevator opened, and the guard tapped a few buttons.

"Where are we?" I inquired, as the door opened.

"Lower level." he replied. "You're in a tunnel that goes into the heart of the mall for delivery."

"Underground?" I asked.

"Yep. You'll come out behind the dumpsters. A security vehicle will be waiting for you, to take you to your car."

Ten minutes later, we were on our way home. I couldn't help but reflect on the events, including the comments of the security guard. Cheryl remained quiet; staring straight ahead.

I parked the car and stepped out.

"I'm going to lie down." Cheryl stated. "This has really taken the life out of me."

"Okay." I replied. "I think I need to lie down too."

Oh yeah, I needed to lie down! I needed to lie down and jerk off to the sight of my aunt's nude body. I retreated to my room and turned on my computer.

After a short search, results were already being posted. I clicked on one, and slid my pants down as the video progressed.

My cock hardened, and I began to slowly jerk off, as video of my Aunt Cheryl being stripped in public played out before my eyes.

She was hot; there was no doubt about that, and I watched in fascination, as the guy squeezed her boob and she squirted. I paused and replayed the action several times, and it became obvious, at least to me, that she wasn't pissing herself, but having an orgasm!

"You like that, don't you?" a female voice said quietly behind me.

I whirled around, my dick still in my hand, to see Cheryl standing in the doorway.

"Don't you know how to fucking knock?" I exploded.

"Oh, don't worry." she replied, as she approached me. "I've seen that look in your eyes for the past seven years. You loved that shit and you know it."

"What if I did?" I inquired cautiously.

"Then you have the choice to jerk off to that video, or to the real thing."

My head was swimming. Was this real, or just some kind of a cruel trick?

"It's your choice." Cheryl continued. "Just let me know. Do you want to see me nude again?"

I couldn't answer her. I was frozen with fear and lust at the same time.

"Answer me!" Cheryl demanded.

"Y-yes!" I burst out, without even realizing I had said it, until it was too late.

My aunt dropped her house dress and approached me.

"Look at me." she instructed. "Look at my nude body."

I complied, and she smiled evilly.

"You like what you see, don't you?" she asked, as she rubbed her clitoris.

I was caught. I was beaten, and there was no turning back.

"Yes!" I hollered. "Oh yes. I want you, Aunty. I want to fuck you and I want to cum in your cunt."

"You're such a dirty little boy." she responded. "I wonder if I should tell your daddy what you are up to."

In a split second, I aged at least fifteen years, and I had the perfect reply for my eccentric -- make that, slutty -- aunt.

"Go ahead, you cheap little whore!" I shot back. "You tell my dad how you seduced me. Tell him how you wanted to keep it all in the family. Then tell him all about your little exhibitionist escapade this morning."

Cheryl was stunned. Never in her life, had she encountered this sort of resistance, and she was taken completely off guard.

She stared at me, as I continued to jack my cock while looking at her.

"Come here." I instructed.

To my amazement, my exhibitionist aunt approached me as I masturbated to the sight of her nude body.

"Let me help you." she offered.

I relaxed the grip on my cock as she took it into her right hand and began to slowly slide her hand up and down the length of my shaft.

"Does it feel good?" she inquired.

"Oh yes, Aunty!" I replied. "Jerk me off!"

"I waited for so long for this to happen." my aunt explained, as she slowly stroked my cock. "I've had this planned for months."

"Planned what, Aunty?" I sighed, as she stroked my dick.

"To be nude in public." she answered. "Oh yes, I go down to the beach and take my clothes off, but it's nothing like being nude in a real place, where no one else can be nude. I wanted to walk around - completely nude - in public, with everyone ogling me, and yet there were no laws broken."

It all suddenly dawned on me.

"You designed that dress to get caught and pulled off!" I exclaimed.

"Damn straight!" she replied. "I got a call from a friend in the news department that they would be there at 11:00 AM. I needed you for moral support. It wasn't until I approached you in the nude, and saw the look on your face, that I knew you really wanted to fuck me."

"Umm..." I stammered.

"Um nothing!" Cheryl snarled.

She continued jacking my dick, as she positioned herself over my hips. She stopped jerking, and lowered her cunt onto my cock, then dropped all the way down, engulfing my penis with her slimy vagina.

For a moment, I was stunned, as I realized that my penis was inside my aunt's vagina. This soon passed, however, and I began to thrust my hips against hers.

"Fuck me, Little Boy." she snarled. "Fuck your aunty."

"Shit Bitch!" I hollered. "You fucking exhibitionist whore! I'll fuck you, you fucking incestuous slut. Fuck Bitch, I'm cumming! I'm cumming Aunty! Oh fuck, Aunty, I'm cumming in your fucking cunt! Oh Aunty..."

My voice trailed off, as I ejaculated inside my aunt's cunt.

She accepted my load of sperm, and grinned evilly at me.

"Better than the video, wasn't it?" she asked with a grin, a she continued to grind her hips over my cock.

The reality of what had just happened suddenly overwhelmed me.

"Oh my god!" I exclaimed.

"God had nothing to do with it!" she snarled. "I've seen you looking at me. Well, here you go. I've heard you jerking off before. You want a cheap, fucking whore. Well, here you go.

"I planned this for months. I went to that mall and tried out several different hems, to see which would get snagged.

"Then, when I found the right one, I needed to be sure the straps would pop. Oh yeah, you horny little fucker, I chose you on purpose."

"So you used me." I observed.

"Oh, don't be so childish." Cheryl retorted. "You got a free fuck."

She pulled off of me and grabbed an old t-shirt to wipe herself off.

"Yes I did." I replied. "It was awesome too."

Cheryl continued to drain my semen onto the t-shirt, and looked back at me.

"Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it." she said sarcastically. "If you ever want to feel it again, you'll do exactly what I tell you."

I paused for effect, before replying.

"I'm afraid you have it all wrong." I said sadly.

"What are you talking about?" Cheryl inquired.

"Well," I answered slowly, "I've been taping this entire episode."

"What?!" Cheryl shrieked. "You fucking piece of-"

"Shut up!" I snarled. "You used me to get your exhibitionist fantasy on air. You hid your face, and I can understand why, but then you added me. That's not cool, Aunty."

"But you don't understand!" Cheryl replied in obvious desperation.

"No?" I inquired. "You really think so?

"I just fucked my own aunt, and came in her cunt. You tell me why I should keep this a secret."

"You wouldn't!" she exclaimed. "It will destroy you."

I shook my head.

"Not as much as it will destroy you." I replied. "Now here's the deal; I have the tape of me fucking you. Man, that shot of me shooting into your cunt, and you wiping it off, well, that's an admission of guilt right there.

"I'd love to see my name on the news, as the father of the senator's kid. Even better, the mother, who is the aunt of the father... and then there's all these questions about-"

"Stop it!" Cheryl begged. "Please."

I had never seen my aunt on all fours before, and I knew this was the final curtain for this act.

"Okay, Aunty." I said quietly, as I slid my erection into her mouth. "Get your ass back home, and you'd better be laying on your back when I get there."

Well now, that was seven years ago, and the aunt vs. nephew child designation was all but impossible to enforce.

It seems that my son, who is also my cousin, has a mother.

My son's mother is therefore now, my sister-in-law as well, right?

This whole thing has been screwed up, as my niece is also the mother of my child, who is also known as my great-grand-niece. This makes my niece the mother of my child. So, am I this little girl's father, or her great grand uncle?

Right...at this point, I shall leave the debate up to you.

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