tagIncest/TabooAunty Sutinah's Welcome Party

Aunty Sutinah's Welcome Party


Julianah and her cousin Harlina were sitting in their living room waiting patiently for their aunt to arrive from her long trip from Australia. Their aunt Sutinah had been living in Sydney for the last 4 years with her husband and they had no kids. She is now visiting her nieces in Singapore after about two years. They all come from a well off and open-minded Singapore Malay family.

Julianah looked matured than her actual age of 26. She sat in a casual tank top that barely covered all of her big and bouncy breasts along with tight jeans. She did not wear a bra or panties underneath her outfits. Like most of the Malay women Julianah was beautiful and sexy. She had long black hair and dark black eyes. She had red, thick lips and her white teeth were neatly set. These made her look gorgeous and simply irresistible whenever she laughed or smiled. Julianah was of a moderate height of 5’7” and 125 lbs. with a big 36C bust, 22-inch waist and 34-inch hips. Her ass was gorgeous and big but tight.

Her cousin Harlina was 38 yr. old had 34C bust and a tight ass. She too had thick lips and well set teeth. Her skin was of very fair complexioned and the few pink blemishes on her face made her face extremely sexy and horny too. She had black eyes that were intoxicating to look at, and her voice was of the erotic type. She wore a floral patterned beige Baju Kurung, the traditional Malay dress. The two sexy Malay cousins were impatiently waiting for their Aunt Sutinah’s arrival, when Julianah spoke out.

“Harlina, I am so excited that Aunty Sutinah is coming to Singapore after a long time’”

“I am too Julianah, hope you will be a good girl to her,” Harlina said

After an hour of waiting, the doorbell rings.

“I’ll get it,” Julianah yelled as she ran to the door while Harlina walked behind her and looked on smilingly. Julianah arrived at the door and answered it and what she saw completely took her breath away for a few seconds. There stood Aunty Sutinah and Julianah stared amazingly. At the age of 39, this Aunty Sutinah looked a lot better in person than in pictures. Aunty Sutinah had long flowing silky black hair along with dark blue eyes. Julianah also thought that Aunty Sutinah was even sexier than her cousin Harlina was since Aunty Sutinah had a huge bust of 40D and a big shaky butt. Sutinah wore a blue Baju kurung that increasingly made her skin look fairer. Her sexy, red thick lips and her olive skin added beauty to her face.

Aunty Sutinah interrupted and brought Julianah out of her dreamland by saying,

“Well somebody must be happy to see me. Is my young niece just going to stand there or is she going to give her aunty a big hug and kiss?”. Aunty Sutinah put her bags and Julianah wrapped her arms around her for one tight hug. Julianah could swear that she was giving her aunty a tight hug, she could feel aunty Sutinah’s erect nipples against her own chest and that her hands were on Julianah’s big and tight ass.

“Oh aunty, how I’ve missed you,” said Julianah as she hugged and kissed her aunt on her soft cheek.

Once Julianah let go, aunty Sutinah asked Harlina, “And how’s my other favorite niece doing?” As Harlina gave aunty Sutinah a hug and also kissed her on her cheek and she said, “I’m doing fine”.

Harlina said, “Look at the time. I have to do a little shopping. Julianah show aunty her room and take her bags for her. I will see you two in an hour.

“OK, bye,” the two responded as Harlina left and they closed the door.

“So do you like me to help you with your bags aunty Sutinah?” Julianah asked.

“Sure, that would be nice Julianah” aunty Sutinah responded and she handed one of her bags and a suitcase to Julianah to carry up the stairs.

Julianah picked up aunty Sutinah’s bags and said, “Follow me,” and she led the way walking up the stairs. Without even thinking as Julianah walked up the stairs, she was casually and slowly shaking her big ass behind her. But what she did not know was that her aunty was checking her out from behind and was licking her lips ever so quietly as she admired and awed Julianah’s big and sexy ass.

The two of them arrived at Harlina’s bedroom and Julianah asked, “You won’t mind sharing a room with Harlina will you aunty Sutinah?”

“No. I would love to,” she responded. “Its fine”.

“That sounds great,” Julianah said. “Well if you need to take a shower, it is just down the hall and if you need anything else, I will be in my room. Don’t hesitate to knock”

“Okay I won’t,” aunty Sutinah responded. “Thanks for everything Julianah”

With that, Julianah walked back to her room and shut the door behind her. She jumped on her bed and lay on her back. She quickly stripped out of her sexy tank top and unzipped her tight jeans. Her fingers immediately drove into her jeans to play with her cunt and already erect clit. Julianah’s cunt was partly shaved leaving a trail of black hair just around her thick cunt lips. It was gorgeous. She couldn’t get the sexy image of her aunty Sutinah out of her mind. She wanted to see her sexy aunty totally naked and wanted to see those big boobs and her big ass. The thought of seeing aunty Sutinah nude made her to moan loudly and finger her clit faster.

“Is it wrong to have feelings for a relative?” Julianah thought to herself. But she couldn’t help trying to resist her feelings for her beautiful and sexy aunt. During this, what Julianah didn’t know was that aunty Sutinah was also fingering herself in the shower, since she could not stop thinking of the sexy and big ass of her niece. Julianah thought up a perfect way to act on her feelings towards her aunty. She got up from the bed, she put on one of her flimsy, and sleeveless nightgown and walked over to the washroom where aunty Sutinah was showering. She looked in through the partially cracked open door and could now clearly hear her aunty moaning loudly as she watched her showering and fingering. Julianah saw aunty Sutinah completely naked now. She was amazed at the size of her tight big boobs and the big ass.

“Oh yeas, make love to me Julianah. More Julianah more…fuck me baby…Oh yeah Harlina my darling sweetie fuck me,” Julianah heard her aunty groan loudly and realized that her plan had just become a lot easier. She waited until her aunty shut off the shower and stepped out of the shower fully naked and that is when Julianah put her plan into action. She opened the door and walked into the washroom and acted as if she was the only one in there and then she purposely looked in her aunty’s direction and pretended to leave and she said, “Oh I am so sorry aunty. I didn’t mean to walk in on you,” she said with a sight grin on her face as she looked in another direction so that aunty Sutinah couldn’t see it.

That is when her aunty Sutinah said, “No, it’s okay Julianah honey, you don’t have to leave. I’ve been waiting for you,” she said in a lower voice. “Do you want to use the shower?” she asked and did not make any moves to cover herself from Julianah seeing her lovely, luscious and gorgeous body. “No, I’ll do that later” Julianah responded and grabbed a towel for aunty Sutinah. Julianah’s eyes immediately stare at her aunty’s brownish nipples that have now become very erect and stiff. With her right hand, aunty Sutinah guided Julianah’s face up to hers and asked her horny niece, “Do you like what you see, sweetie?”

“Yeah I love you aunty Sutinah…your big boobs…your big butt…large navel…and the extremely bushy cunt…so much hair…I love it aunty Sutinah…I love you” Julianah bursts her lust for her aunty.

That was enough for aunty Sutinah. She at once kissed Julianah on her sexy lips. She had kissed her niece on the lips before, but this is more of a passionate kiss that is shared between two lovers as aunty Sutinah’s tongue separated Julianah’s lips and her tongue dived in. Julianah sucked on aunty Sutinah’s thick lips. The two sexy Malay women locked their lips and sucked their lips for a long time. As they were sucking and kissing each other’s lips, Julianah’s free hands slipped down behind aunty Sutinah and began to caress and tease her big ass. She cupped aunty Sutinah’s hairy cunt and shoved her middle fingers into her wet twat.

Aunty Sutinah then responded to Julianah’s quick and horny hands by placing her own hands on Julianah’s big and tight ass cheeks and slipping her middle finger into her niece’s horny and wet cunt. Aunty Sutinah broke the passionate strong kiss to say, “Julianah you are in such a hurry and you seem so damn horny, let’s return back to the bedroom, my lover,” Julianah smiled eagerly as aunty Sutinah lead her to Harlina’s bedroom.

They arrived in the bedroom and aunty Sutinah leaves it open just a crack by accident. They both come near the foot of the bed and immediately start to passionately kiss each other as the naked aunty Sutinah helped her niece to slip out of her nightgown. “When did you last shave your cunt Julianah?” she asked. “Yesterday” replied Julianah. She then commanded, “Julianah, sweetie lie back on the bed. I have a surprise for you,” she said with a big smile on her face. Julianah did as her aunty told her. Sutinah went to open her bag. She fumbled through it for a few minutes and finally pulled out a big dildo. It looked real, about 10 inches long with grooves.

Julianah was thrilled to see a dildo in her aunty’s hands. All she could say was, “Yeah aunty Sutinah, I want you now! Fuck me with that monster dildo now!”

“Okay lie back Julianah honey and spread your legs wide for your favorite aunty. I am going to satisfy your desire and fuck your horny cunt, dear”. Aunty Sutinah got down oh her hands and knees. She spreads the outer folds of Julianah’s partly shaved cunt and slowly slipped the dildo head. Julianah’s cunt was wet and the dildo started to move in smoothly stretching her cunt lips. The hair around her cunt lips folded over the dildo and it was a great sight for aunty Sutinah. As she kept pushing the dildo in, Julianah began to moan. Aunty Sutinah thought to herself, “I want her to moan louder than that” and with that she started to pump the dildo in and out of Julianah’s cunt. Julianah spread her legs wide and her cunt lips were stretched completely taking most of the huge dildo inside. Aunty Sutinah caressed Julianah’s hairy cunt lips as she worked the dildo in and out of her cunt and Julianah’s moans got louder and wilder.

“Oh yes more, aunty Sutinah!” Julianah yelled as her aunt continued to work with the dildo. She began to shove the dildo faster and continuously.

During all of this, the two sexy Malay women didn’t know that Harlina has returned home. “Where is everybody? Isn’t somebody going to help me with my groceries?” she called out as she lugged them in the kitchen. She gets out of her shoes and looked around the house for her cousin and her aunty. “Aunty Sutinah, Julianah, where are you?” she yelled and looked everywhere. Since there was no sign of them she went upstairs. She heard a little moan but she paid no attention to it. She looked in Julianah’s room. She was not there. Harlina went to her room and peeps in. She was astonished. There her cousin Julianah was naked with her legs wide spread and was being fucked with a dildo by her aunty. Harlina wanted to go in immediately and stop them but decided to stay there and watch the show.

Meanwhile, in the room, “Oh yes auntie Sutinah, make your niece cum for you! Aunty you are so fucking sexy and hot...those big boobs and your hairy cunt…oh aunty I want to cum for you! Julianah yelled as aunty Sutinah kept on fucking Julianah with the dildo. She kissed around her clit and made a wet trail with her tongue to Julianah’s dark anal hole.

The scene and the dirty words of Julianah turned on Harlina immensely. She lifts up her Baju kurung and touched her hairy cunt and stroked her clit. She was unable to resist herself. She stopped her little play and walked into the room.

As Harlina walked in, both Julianah and aunty Sutinah are startled half to death. The sexy ladies covered up their own naked bodies and Julianah was the first to speak up, “Harlina what are you doing and how come you are home so early?”

“What the hell are you two doing over here?” Harlina asked staring at aunty Sutinah’s naked body. This is the first time that she sees her aunty fully nude.

“I know you love that too Harlina darling” smiled aunty Sutinah. Saying she hugged Harlina and kissed her sexy lips. Then she helped Harlina out of her Baju kurung and made her naked. “You are now going to be my darling Harlina” said aunty Sutinah and motioned Harlina to lie on the bed.

Aunty Sutinah fetched a double-headed big dildo from her bag. Harlina was on the bed with her legs spread wide. “Harlina you a lot of hair around your cunt” said aunty Sutinah. “Yeah look at yours…its very bushy too” replied Harlina.

“Julianah do you want to cum for Harlina?” asked aunty Sutinah

“Oh yeah aunty, I will cum for Harlina over and over again, just keep your tongue in that sweet hole” Julianah replied enthusiastically, and got on her knees and straddled her sexy cousin’s face.

While aunty Sutinah slowly shoved the head of the dildo into Harlina’s hairy cunt, Harlina was licking Julianah’s lovely inner thighs and reached for her partly shaved cunt lips. Harlina kissed it hard. The slowly she pushed her tongue into Julianah’s cunt and tasted her juices. “Haaaaaaaauaunnnnn…ngggghhhha…aaaaaaaaaaaaa” Julianah began to moan softly. Julianah helped Harlina out by reaching underneath herself and she spread her big ass cheeks and the folds of her cunt so that her cousin could get her tongue deeper into her wet and horny cunt.

At the same time, aunty Sutinah had pushed a good portion of the dildo into Harlina’s hairy cunt. Her cunt lips stretched fully around the shaft of the huge dildo and her dense cunt hair formed a huge bush around it. Holding the dildo aunty Sutinah began to get a good rhythm and pace as she began to thrust the dildo in and out of Harlina’s hairy, wet, hot, and horny cunt. In between thrusts, while she was trying to lick and suck Julianah’s cunt, Harlina with a muffled and erotic voice said, “More Sutinah…more aunty Sutinah! Fuck me deeper…Fuck me harder! I need a big good cock! Aunty Sutinah fuck me harder!”

Aunty Sutinah did as her sexy and lovely niece asked her to do. She moved the dildo in and out of Harlina’s cunt and inserted her middle finger into Julianah’s butt hole. Julianah’s big ass was spread wide paving way for Harlina to lick all over it. It was a wonderful picture to see. Three sexy and horny Singapore Malay women all fully naked and fucking each other with a big dildo and fingers. Julianah yelled at the top of her lungs, “More Harlina…more…Harlina…suck my cunt harder…I want to cum for you!” Harlina increased her speed of licking Julianah’s cunt and inserted an index and middle finger into the wet and sloppy hot twat. This made Julianah to moan louder than ever before. Julianah’s moans got louder and she screamed out, “Harlina I am going to cum, get ready!” and Harlina spread Julianah’s cunt even wider with her fingers and licked the pink interior that made Julianah wild.

At the same time as Harlina was getting ready to accept Julianah’s cum, aunty Sutinah knew that it was only a matte of time before Harlina could cum. So she pulled the dildo out of Harlina’s hairy cunt and go on her hands and knees in between Harlina’s cunt. Julianah screamed in ecstasy, Oh..yeah..aaa…aaa..uung…Harlina…get every drop pleaseee….” Harlina flayed her tongue all over Julianah’s pussy and her clit. Harlina was unable to lick Julianah’s cunt completely as aunty Sutinah was licking up Harlina’s hairy bush. Harlina twisted her head and her body and tried to lick all of Julianah’s oozing sweet nectar. Aunty Sutinah drove her hard tongue deep into Harlina’s cunt and moved it in and out. When she flayed Harlina’s clit with the tip of her tongue, Harlina reached her orgasm and screamed, “Aaaaaaaaaaaa….uuungg……aaaaa”. At last the three sexy women lay on the bed and kissed each other until they were fully satisfied.

During their hot sexual play the three horny Malay women had forgotten to lock their door. At this time one of their distant relative Reymon had arrived from Malaysia. He was just 27 yr. old and had a good physique as that of a body builder. He was a dream boy for most of the girls and he had a huge cock that was 10 inches long when erect. He was surprised to find the door open and looked. “Hmmm…where did they all go leaving the door open” he muttered and climbed up the stairs calling, “Harlina…Julianah…aunty Sutinah…where are you all”. “No one around, I will wait,” he said to himself when he found no one in Julianah’s room. He walked towards Harlina’s room when he heard loud moans and grunts. A surprised Reymon just peeped inside and was shocked and at the same time surprised at what he saw. Harlina was wide spread and aunty Sutinah was between her legs licking her cunt…Julianah was crouched on Harlina’s face and she was licked and finger fucked by Harlina.

“Vow…what a sight…I want to fuck you my horny babes” he said to himself. This was the first time in his life that he sees Harlina, Julianah and aunty Sutinah fully naked. Reymon could not trust his luck. His cock became stiff and he wanted to fuck all of them at once. Without his knowledge his hands pulled down his pants and released his rock hard cock that was much longer and thicker than the dildo that lay beside Harlina on the bed. Holding the cock in his hand watching the three horny Malay women fucking each other was wonderful to him. He wanted more than that and he opened the door and shouted, “hello aunty Sutinah…Harlina…Julianah…I am here”. The three women were startled and did not know what to do. They tried to cover themselves and Reymon loved the chaos.

“When did you come Reymon?” all of them asked at once

“Just now…I called no one picked up the phone…and the door was open” Reymon replied.

Harlina and aunty Sutinah immediately slipped into the top of their Baju Kurung while Julianah covered herself with a pillow. They all looked as though they lost something. Reymon stood there holding his throbbing dick in his hand.

“Don’t tell to anyone what you saw here” all of them burst out in unison.

“Why would I, we all come from one family…and I am standing here with my cock in my hand…you all don’t tell this to any one” Reymon said smiling at them. Soon the situation eased but Reymon’s cock was still hard and throbbing.

“Let’s do it with the real thing now” said Reymon smiling at Harlina

“Yeah…that will be fun…throw away the dildo!” aunty Sutinah and Julianah yelled happily.

“Whom should I start with” asked Reymon stroking his erect cock.

He whispered something in Harlina’s ear and said, “Let’s give aunty Sutinah a good treat”

“Reymon that’s wonderful” Harlina and Julianah shouted joyfully.

“To keep my cock going for hours you all should talk extremely dirty to me, is that okay?” asked Reymon to which Harlina and Julianah nodded smilingly.

Reymon hugged Harlina and sucked her thick sexy lips and licked all over her horny face. He hugged her tightly and squeezed her buttocks, when aunty Sutinah came to his side and pulled off Harlina’s garment. Harlina broke the kiss and smiled at aunty Sutinah. She pulled aunty Sutinah to her and kissed her lips. The sight of the two sexy and hot Malay ladies kissing each other was too much for Reymon. He now held aunty Sutinah by the nape of her neck and brought his huge cock near her sexy face. Aunty Sutinah could smell his cock and involuntarily opened her sexy mouth to suck it. He was overjoyed seeing aunty Sutinah as a willing participant. He slowly pushed his cock into her waiting mouth and stroked her cheeks. Holding aunty Sutinah’s head he pushed his cock all the way into her mouth. Sutinah’s thick lips formed a perfect O around the shaft of his cock. It was an erotic sight for Reymon. Harlina and Julianah came to his side and kissed him. He pulled his saliva dripping cock out of her mouth and rubbed it all over her sexy face. He pushed his cock again into aunty Sutinah’s waiting mouth and moved it in and out. He held her head tight and was pumping his cock in her mouth. Aunty Sutinah’s mouth was gobbling up his cock and her saliva was drooling from her mouth. His cock was dripping and was moving faster in and out of her mouth.

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