Aunty Sutinah's Welcome Party


The awesome sight of their sexy aunty sucking Reymon’s thick cock was too much for Harlina and Julianah. Aunty Sutinah loved the feel of Reymon’s hard and firm butt, which she held as he was fucking her hot mouth with his thick cock. Saliva drooled out of her mouth. “Fuck her mouth harder, Reymon” whispered Harlina in Reymon’s ear and Julianah smiled when she heard that. Reymon felt he was about to explode. He controlled himself and stopped pumping his cock in and out of aunty Sutinah’s mouth. Meanwhile Julianah shoved the big dildo into aunty Sutinah’s hairy cunt and was moving it in and out. Harlina sat next to aunty Sutinah and caressed her thick nipples while aunty Sutinah tried to adjust to he triple pleasure that she was receiving.

“Aunty Sutinah do you like my prick?” Reymon asked without pulling his cock from her mouth. Aunty Sutinah could only moan a gurgle in reply as her mouth was stuffed with Reymon’s thick cock. He was delighted to see that his aunty offered no resistance at all, in fact she was sucking and licking his huge cock profusely while her cunt was fucked with a huge dildo. Reymon then held the back of her head and started fucking aunty Sutinah’s mouth again, first with slow long thrusts and then with short fast jabs. He fucked her mouth faster and faster and he exploded in her mouth and filled her mouth with his warm juice. He stayed still until he had emptied the whole stuff in her mouth. “Fuck aunty Sutinah faster Julianah,” said Reymon with his stiff cock still stuffed inside aunty Sutinah’s mouth. Aunty Sutinah’s inner thighs and her hairy cunt were all wet with her flowing juice.

“Kiss her Harlina” Reymon said as he pulled his cock out of aunty Sutinah’s mouth. Harlina kissed her aunty on her sexy lips and licked all over her face. Aunty Sutinah responded to Harlina’s wet kisses with abandon, whimpering and moaning loudly. Harlina trailed her tongue down to aunty Sutinah’s big breasts and cupped her thick, brown nipple in her mouth while her hands massaged her other boob. Reymon told Julianah to pull the dildo out of aunty Sutinah’s cunt and she did as Reymon told her and placed the wet dildo on the bed.

Julianah spread aunty Sutinah’s big butt cheeks and kissed her dark asshole. Harlina and Julianah were trying to treat their aunt to a complete orgasm, while Reymon watched the fun. Aunty Sutinah’s dark anal sphincter contracted in anticipation for Julianah’s eager tongue. The asshole sphincter was dark black on her slightly tanned smooth body. Julianah pushed her finger into aunty Sutinah’s asshole and began to ream it with her tongue. She licked all over aunty Sutinah’s ass hole while shoving two fingers into her hairy cunt at the same time. Reymon could not hold any longer, seeing the three sexy, hot, and horny Singapore Malay women making love in a wild way. Aunty Sutinah moaned and grunted loudly.

Reymon pulled Julianah away from aunty Sutinah and made aunty Sutinah lie back on the bed while Harlina sucked on her enormous boobs. Aunty’s Sutinah’s cunt lips were fully engorged and puffed up above the dense bush of curly black hair. Aunty Sutinah’s dense black pubic hair, her stout creamy thighs, and her thick pink cunt lips were too much for Reymon. He knew that aunty Sutinah was in need of a hard fuck. He raised aunty Sutinah’s legs over his shoulders and placed his erect thick cock on her cunt and pushed it in. The feeling of aunty Sutinah’s dense pubic hair on his cock was great to him. Aunty Sutinah’s cunt had never before experienced such a thick cock inside her cunt. Reymon had pushed only the head of his cock into her wet cunt; her outer thick cunt lips were fully stretched. Aunty Sutinah yelled in pleasure, “Reymon…your cock is too big and thick...aaaahhhuunnnggnngnaaaaaa!!!!” “Your cock is ripping me” she wailed. Julianah went near aunty Sutinah’s mouth and kissed her lips when Reymon pushed his cock all the way into aunty Sutinah’s horny cunt. He began to fuck aunty Sutinah with slow strokes, while Julianah kissed her and Harlina sucked on her big boobs. Julianah then excused herself and went out of the room, as she had to go to Orchard road for a little shopping. So it was Harlina, aunty Sutinah and Reymon in the house.

He got a slow rhythm and sensed that aunty Sutinah was lifting her big ass to meet his thrusts. Her cunt oozing was flowing freely and she could feel and orgasm approaching. Aunty Sutinah clawed on Reymon’s back egging him to fuck her faster. Harlina asked aunty Sutinah how she was feeling this big cock. Aunty Sutinah managed a whimper, “Harlina my baby…its great…It feels so good”. Reymon licked aunty Sutinah’s stout thighs and began fucking her faster and harder. His heavy balls were slapping against her big ass with a THWAP…THWAP…THWAP…sound. He was fucking aunty Sutinah faster and her thick cunt lips clung to his thick shaft. Aunty Sutinah was thrilled at the power of Reymon’s cock. He went on and on with no signs of stopping and aunty Sutinah could feel her orgasm approaching. Sensing this Reymon stopped pumping her cunt and wanted to tease his sexy and horny Malay aunty.

“Reymon…you…don’t stop fucking me…fuck me harder…harder…don’t stop I need to cum badly…aaaaaaaauunngggaaa…fuck me…fuck me harder…aaaa” yelled aunty Sutinah. Reymon shoved his cock harder and kept it still until aunty Sutinah climaxed again and again grunting loudly, “OOUUII MMAA UURRNNGH OOHHRRGGAAAAAAAD”. With that Reymon too exploded and filled the wet cunt of aunty Sutinah with his warm juice.

Harlina had been rubbing her clit bringing herself to orgasm, while aunty Sutinah had been fucked. She longed to taste aunty Sutinah’s thick cunt lips and quickly placed her mouth on it and sucked it wildly all over. She darted her tongue into aunty Sutinah’s dense haired cunt and teased her clit with it brining aunty Sutinah to another orgasm. Aunty Sutinah moaned and twisted her sexy body as orgasm after orgasm gripped her. Aunty Sutinah had never experienced such a wonderful sex in her life. Harlina held the headboard of the bed and placed her cunt on aunty Sutinah’s mouth. She moved her hips while aunty Sutinah began to lick Harlina’s hairy and sweet booty. Harlina grunted loudly in her erotic voice and pushed her cunt on aunty Sutinah’s mouth and aunty Sutinah sucked and licked it hungrily. The sight of these two sexy Malay women licking excited Reymon and his cock became hard again.

He pulled Harlina away from aunty Sutinah and he sat on an armchair. He then made aunty Sutinah to sit on his lap facing him. Aunty Sutinah stared at his thick cock and slowly sat on him taking his cock in by inch into her wet cunt. The lips stretched as she sunk his cock into her cunt. Reymon guided aunty Sutinah by holding her broad hips and with one pull made her sit on his lap with is thick and rock hard cock buried into her big, horny and hairy cunt. Holding aunty Sutinah’s hips he remained still with his cock fully stuffed into her fuck hole. He now fondled, caressed and sucked her big boobs. "Aunty Sutinah do you like this” he asked her kissing her sexy cheeks and her thick lips. The sexy and hot aunty Sutinah was fully plugged up in her cunt with his cock and Reymon was only rocking her gently; the tightness of his cock was bringing her close to another orgasm. “AAAH YYOUU ROGUE YOOVEE UUMM UUMMMN UURGGGHH OOOHHH YOOOUURR CCOOCKK IITTSS FFFIILLEED MMEE UUNNGGH UUNNNGHH UUUNNNNGGH OOOO AAAAAAHHH'' wailed aunty Sutinah as she felt another orgasm.

Reymon motioned Harlina to hold aunty Sutinah’s shoulder from behind and he squeezed aunty Sutinah’s big ass cheeks together. Harlina had the weight of aunty Sutinah’s shoulders on her. Reymon slowly started fucking aunty Sutinah in and out of her cunt with is hard and big cock. He rubbed the mound of her cunt and caressed her dense pubic hair as he kept fucking her. Aunty Sutinah enjoyed each and every stroke of Reymon’s steel like cock. Reymon increased his pace of pumping and fingered her clit at the same time. Aunty Sutinah’s loud moans turned into a continuos wailing, “AAAAAHHNN AAAHHNN AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHN AAAAAAAAAAANNN UUUUUGGGGGGNNNNHHH”. From her moans Reymon could feel that she was nearing another orgasm. Aunty Sutinah was in throes of orgasm and her wailing was completely incoherent. Reymon was an excellent fucker thought Harlina. Reymon pulled his still hard and erect cock out of aunty Sutinah’s wet cunt and made her lie on the bed.

Aunty Sutinah continued to whimper and grunt, having never experienced such a thorough fucking in her life. He propped up two pillows under aunty Sutinah’s neck. He then clasped his hard cock with her huge boobs and began to boob fuck aunty Sutinah. Her big 40D boobs were like cushion to his erect cock. He was really rough now and moved his cock faster, thrusting his cock through her huge boobs and into her mouth. Aunty Sutinah kept her mouth open and licked up the cock head whenever it went into her waiting mouth. Harlina had never seen anything like this before and the sight of aunty Sutinah’s huge boobs being fucked so roughly brought her to an orgasm. Harlina shoved her fingers and clasped her thighs together as the orgasm engulfed her sexy and sweet body. She kept her fingers stuffed inside her wet cunt until she fully enjoyed the orgasm.

Aunty Sutinah was enjoying her melon like boobs being fucked so hard and her cunt kept throbbing for more. Reymon sensed this and stopped his action. He made Harlina lie next to aunty Sutinah and raised aunty Sutinah’s left leg and Harlina’s right leg. He quickly propped a pillow under their butts so that both of theirs dense haired cunts were raised and nicely positioned. He then shoved his erect and hard cock into aunty Sutinah’s gaping and throbbing cunt and fucked her with long and hard strokes. He buried all of his cock into her sloppy cunt. He then pulled it out of aunty Sutinah’s cunt and stuffed it into Harlina’s bushy cunt and fucked her long and hard. Both aunty Sutinah and Harlina drew double pleasure from this, since while one was being fucked, the other moved in the same rhythm. He kept on fucking them hard and faster and alternated between them. He fucked them both on and on, both aunty Sutinah and Harlina continued to moan and wail as orgasm after orgasm swept through their bodies. When Reymon felt that he was about to climax, he pulled his cock out of aunty Sutinah’s throbbing cunt and shoved the wet cock into aunty Sutinah’s mouth. He loved to see such a sexy and horny face sucking his cock in her mouth. He exploded inside her mouth and kept his cock still until he emptied his content.

He then withdrew his cock and rubbed it all over aunty Sutinah’s sexy face. He then collapsed on the bed along with them and kissed them both all over their sweet bodies. “Harlina, I want to fuck you friend Suzannah” said Reymon to Harlina caressing her thick cunt hair and kneading her clit. “You want to fuck Suzannah?” asked Harlina. “Yea, she has a big butt like aunty Sutinah, I want to fuck her too” Reymon said shoving his middle finger into Harlina’s wet cunt. Harlina let out a moan and said “Try lah…try to fuck her lah when she comes to visit aunty Sutinah this weekend”.

The thought of fucking Suzannah another hot Singapore Malay women who is Harlina’s friend and colleague made Reymon’s dick spring up again. “I am going to watch you fucking aunty Sutinah now” said Harlina and went and sat on the couch. “Finger aunty Sutinah lah for me then you watch” said Reymon to which Harlina agreed.

Harlina pushed her middle finger into aunty Sutinah’s cunt and teased her clit. Aunty Sutinah was dripping and her whole pubis and her inner thighs were wet. “Aunty Sutinah do u you have any of your friends whom you like to see being fucked here in Singapore?” asked Reymon. “Yeah Rohaiyah, she is a very hot Malay woman and she is 40” aunty Sutinah whispered amidst her loud moans and continued, “She might come here tomorrow to see me, she is my old friend and has big structures which you would love Reymon, ask Harlina about her”. “Yeah I know Rohaiyah she looks like aunty Sutinah, would be fun to watch her being fucked with your huge cock lah” Harlina said as she continued to finger aunty Sutinah’s cunt. “Wonderful, I hope to screw Suzannah and Rohaiyah when they come here to see aunty Sutinah” Reymon smiled with an evil grin on his face.

Harlina continued to stroke aunty Sutinah’s hard clit and finger fuck her at the same time. Aunty Sutinah’s cunt juices began to flow and she started gasping at Harlina’s deft touch and finger play. Reymon smiled at Harlina, silently acknowledging the beginning of the debauchery of this hot, sexy, and horny Malay aunty who has arrived in Singapore from Australia. Harlina had never touched any women’s cunt before but she was doing a good job today. Reymon was fully aroused to see aunty Sutinah and Harlina on the bed and at the thought of him fucking Suzannah and Rohaiyah. “AAHHHHH AHHHHHHH OUUUUIIIIIII” aunty Sutinah moaned loudly as Harlina massaged her thick cunt lips and her inner thighs. “Make me cum Harlina…will you please Harlina, AAHHHH PLEASE I AM GOING TO COME, PLEASE MAKE ME CUM, AAOOOO, PLLLEEAASSSSSEEEEEEEEEE AAHHNNN HARLINA…HARLINAA” pleaded aunty Sutinah.

“Harlina when Julianah comes we have to shave aunty Sutinah’s bushy cunt hair” Said Reymon. “Yeah I love to do that” replied Harlina bunching aunty Sutinah’s dark cunt hair. Reymon could see that aunty Sutinah’s black cunt hair was all wet and matted. Reymon came near aunty Sutinah’s face holding his erect cock and said, “aunty its ready, see it is much longer and thicker now all for you my dear aunty Sutinah”. Aunty Sutinah was sexually extremely excited and wanted to be fucked right away. She blurted, “REYMON I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME, I WANT YOUR BIG PRICK INTO ME”.

Reymon was pleased to see his sexy aunty being so eager to be fucked again. She whimpered in passion while Harlina was rubbing the moist inner thighs of aunty Sutinah. Seeing the thick cock of Reymon close to her face, aunty Sutinah was thrilled and whimpered in passion. Looking at Reymon’s stiff cock and his strong muscled tanned body, aunty Sutinah was moaning and could feel her cunt juices flowing. Harlina did not want aunty Sutinah to climax so she only massaged her inner thighs and occasionally stroked her thick cunt lips making her to moan loudly. Aunty Sutinah desperately wanted to feel Reymon’s cock and wondered why was he teasing her. “Fuck me Reymon… I WANT TO GET ORGASM PLEASE FINISH ME OFF DEAR”, wailed the fiercely horny aunty Sutinah.

Reymon positioned his cock at the entrance of aunty Sutinah’s big cunt and with one hard stroke shoved the bulbous head into her wet and dripping cunt. "AARRGGGGGGHH, UUNNGGHHH OOUUUIIIIIIII AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” grunted aunty Sutinah as her outer thick cunt lips were completely stretched by Reymon’s dick head. Harlina sat next to her and rubbed aunty Sutinah’s hairy pubic mound as Reymon kept shoving his cock up aunty Sutinah’s wet cunt. So excited was aunty Sutinah that she groaned to an orgasm at the thought of Reymon’s dick stuffing up her friend Rohaiya’s big fuck hole. Reymon pushed his cock fully inside aunty Sutinah’s cunt as her cunt muscles pulsated with orgasm. With slow but long strokes he began fucking aunty Sutinah. Harlina parted the upper folds of aunty Sutinah’s cunt lips and rolled her clit between her fingers at the same time massaging Reymon’s balls. Aunty Sutinah started meeting his thrusts by lifting up her big ass and groaned loudly, “UUNNGGHH AARRGGGHHHH FUCK ME HARDER…”. Harlina rubbed aunty Sutinah’s clit, as she was fucked long and hard by Reymon with his big and stiff cock.

“Aunty Sutinah, your cunt is tight and wet” remarked Reymon amidst his poundings. Aunty Sutinah’s big boobs jiggled as he kept fucking her. Reymon was too excited at having this hot aunty Sutinah and Harlina to himself and soon came deep inside aunty Sutinah’s horny fuck hole. Harlina rubbed aunty Sutinah’s clit faster and brought her to another orgasm. They all collapsed on the bed and kissed each other hungrily for a long time.

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