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Aural Sex


The taste of rubber filled his mouth. It was the taste of the rubber ball gag that she had stuffed into his mouth just before she blindfolded him.

"It's no use to struggle, dear," she said. "Your arms are securely tied to the headboard. Your feet are tied together and secured to the foot of the bed. Remember, you agreed to all of this."

He had agreed. Eagerly.

"I have a special surprise for you," she had said at dinner two weeks ago. "But you have to agree to everything. Even though you don't know what it is. All I'll say is that it's something you've wished for, for a long time."

Now, here he was, his arms stretched and tied above his head, his naked body pulled taut on their bed, and his wife sitting squarely on his chest. He felt the sharpness of her high heels digging into his naked thighs as she shifted and climbed off of him.

"I was going to put ear plugs in your ears but then I decided that this would be much better. Yes, much better," she said.

He could hear her walking around the room as she spoke.

"I hope you liked the way I look tonight. I hope you liked the stockings, the short skirt, my tits hanging out of my blouse. I hope you liked the teased hair, the make-up and the come-fuck-me shoes. And there are some things you didn't even get to see underneath it all. Yes, I think I look pretty hot and slutty tonight. Don't you?" she asked.

He nodded his head as vigorously as his restricted position would allow.

"I'd like to say I dressed up like this for you. But I didn't," she said.

He could feel her standing next to the bed now, next to the edge where he was firmly tied.

"You see, dear, frankly, I'm really sick of it," she said. "I'm sick of you asking, hinting, insinuating and hounding me. It's constant now, you know, your asking the same old thing. We can't even have a simple dinner when you don't manage to work it into the conversation," she said.

He felt her move, heard her leave his side of the bed and go back to the center of the room.

"Oh, good! I can start now," he heard her say, and heard her moving around the room again.

"You've been at it for two years, now. Did you know that, honey? Two years!" she said firmly. "It started slowly at first, and now hardly a day goes by without you bringing it up. Dear, I'm unbuttoning my blouse now. Nice and slow. Now, I'm taking it off."

He heard the sound of the fabric rustling in the air, felt the breeze as the thrown blouse passed by his face.

"I'm wearing that very sexy black bra you like so much. You know, the half one that pushes my tits up and makes my nipples stick out," she said.

"Oh, yes, please do that. Rub them," he heard her say. Then silence. He listened, but just heard her breathing and the sound of his own heart pounding loudly in his ears.

"And it's really an obsession with you now. You leave porno magazines out for me to see with pictures, articles and letters about it. You send websites with pictures to me at work about it. And honey, I'm sick of it. Do you hear that sound, dear? That's my skirt unzipping and coming off. I'm standing here in a very sexy black garterbelt and my stockings," she said.

"What do you think? Like what you see?" she asked.

Confused, he heard some rustling, heard her take two steps and then a soft moan. Her moan.

"Ohhhh, I guess you do like it," she said. "And dear, I can't begin to count the number of porno videos you've rented about your obsession and begged me to watch them with you. Then you ask every three minutes if it turns me on and if I'd like to try it. Honey, now I'm spreading my legs apart and slipping my finger into my very wet cunt. Oh, I'm sooo hot! And it's soooo easy to put my finger in because I'm wearing those nasty crotchless panties that you bought me and I've never worn before. But I've got them on now."

"Oh, yes, that's it! Go ahead! Right there!" he heard her say.

He strained, listening intently, listening to her rapid breathing, listening to the wet, sloshing sounds of her masturbating, of slippery fingers moving in and out. Then he heard her move again, back around the bed and over next to him, standing near his head.

"Do you hear that? That's the sound of me rubbing my cunt. I'm touching my hot little pussy, but can you tell what you don't hear?" she asked.

He turned his head, stretching, listening. Nothing.

"You don't hear any rubbing of my pubic hear. I shaved my cunt today. You wanted me to do that too, didn't you? So I thought that I might as well go all the way tonight. Now it's so hot and slick, honey. It allows everything to be seen, my dripping pussy lips, my pink opening, everything, and there's my hard clit all swollen. Too bad you can see it, honey," she said. He heard the soft, liquid sounds of her rubbing and touching herself. "Uuuuuummmmm," that feels so good," he heard her say, as the rubbing sounds continued.

"So dear, I've finally had all I can take of your asking me about it and obsessing about it. Would I like to have another man fuck me? How about a threesome? Would it turn me on to fuck some other guy while you watch me? Would it turn me on to have another man join us? Well, dear, suppose we find out."

Across the room, he heard a noise. First metal sounds, a belt buckle, perhaps? Then cloth rustling, a thud, perhaps a shoe dropping. He cocked his head, canine like, turning an ear to the sound. Had she moved undetected, away from the bedside and back to the middle of the room? He felt the sag of the mattress, the weight of another person climbing in the bed. Then a shock, as she spoke again, still standing at his bedside.

"Ummmm, that looks nice," she said.

He heard her walk away, the slow sauntering click of her high heels on the floor, around the bed, to the other side. He felt the bed sag again.

"Oh my," she said. "That's so big. I can hardly wait to ride that nice, hard cock. Does that feel good when I rub it?"

The bed shook. Then he heard her laugh. "Okay, let me put it in. You just lie there. Yes, just press the head against my hot cunt lips. That's it. Now I want it in me!"

He felt the bed jostle, then bump, then her loud moan.

"Ohhhhhhhh, yes!" he heard. "That feels so good. Oh, god, it's so deep and so hard."

He felt the bed beneath him begin to move, gently at first, then steady and rhythmically.

"Yes, fuck me! Pump me with that big cock of yours. Oh, I can feel it going so deep inside me! You're splitting me open with that big cock. Oh, god, yes! Do it!" he heard her say, her voice now throaty and breathless.

"Ahhhhhh! You like fucking that tight cunt of mine, don't you? You like slamming that huge piece of meat into my hot hole, I can tell," she groaned.

He listened for a response, stretching his neck muscles and straining to hear some clue about the man sharing the bed with him. Nothing. Silence. Just the creaking of the bed and her moans filling the air.

"Oh, god, I love riding this fat cock! YES! Shove it in me! Deeper! Yes!" she urged.

He heard the slapping of naked flesh on flesh, and the soggy, squishing noises of lubricated sex, as slick organs rubbed and mingled together.

"Wait! Wait!" he heard her shout, then a long moment of silence. The shaking of the bed stopped. All calm, all quiet.

"I think I'm ready. Are you?" he heard her ask, panting, breathless. He heard no response.

"Dear," she said. "You kept on and on, asking the same question, and I didn't know how to respond. You were always trying to convince me to let another man join us. Asking how I'd like to have sex with two men. Well, dear, I'm about to find an answer to that question, too."

He heard movement. Was she getting up? Was the man leaving? Then he felt the weight, the bed sagging as someone sat down next to him, naked flesh rubbing up against his side. Was someone else in the room? Or had she moved around to sit next to him? Then he heard her speak, still from the other side of the bed.

"Okay, we'll take it easy at first. This is new for me. But when we get warmed up, I promise it will be really good."

Was that someone else sitting on the bed next to him? Was she trying to fool him? He struggled to hear, hoping to tell if the man she had been fucking had gotten up and was now sitting on the edge of the bed. Then he heard it, the slow, sloppy squish of sex starting up again next to him. It was the unmistakable sound of a hard cock going into a wet vagina. He felt the bed begin of thump again, and then new movement next to him from the edge of the bed. Someone was crawling over top of his bound body, over top of him to reach the fucking couple next to him. He felt a hairy leg drag across his thighs, then a penis, yes, that was it, a hard penis, drag across his body. He listened. He heard nothing, except the slow, fluid, rhythmic pumping starting up again. Then he heard her whisper.

"Oooooo, that's nice. Yes, that's good. Stick your finger in my tight little asshole. Easy. Easy. Ahhhhh, yes. I can feel my hot little hole being stretched open for you. You like that?"

Then he heard a low moan, starting from deep within her and spilling out of her mouth.

"Oooooooooooooo, that's heaven! You're driving me crazy! Yes! I love your tongue in my asshole while I've got another cock stuffed in my cunt. Oh, that's it, yes, eat my sweet asshole! Eat it! I love it, your tongue inside my ass. Can you feel his cock from there? Oh, yes, stick it in, deeper!"

He heard her groan, as the bouncing of the bed grew stronger and continued for several minutes, then stopped suddenly.

"That's it," he heard her say. "Smear it all around my asshole. Oh, yes, that will make it nice and slick. I can hardly wait to have your big cock buried deep in my asshole. Would you like that? Would you like to push that monster into my tiny virgin ass? Oh, that feels good when you put two fingers in my butt. Yes, work it around, loosen me up! Ohhhh, yes, I'm ready now. I want you both to fuck me at the same time."

He tensed his body, rigid against the ropes and cursed his heart for pounding so loudly that he couldn't hear her, hear them. He held his breath hoping to eliminate the roaring sound he was making as air rushed in and out through his nose. Then he heard it, her scream.

"AAAHHHHHHHHHH!" she yelled. "Ohhhhhh, God! That hurts! Wait! Wait! Stop! Stop a second! Don't! Don't…. don't pull out. It's just so big in my ass!"

Time stopped for him. All sound stopped for him. Then he heard her deep throaty exhale.

"Ahhhhhhh, yes, it's okay now. Now slide the rest of it in. Go ahead," she said.

He heard the room fill with the sharp intake of her breath then the low, vibrating hum from her throat. "Uhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmm."

"OH, YES! All the way! Stick that big cock in my ass. Oh, god, yes, fuck me in the ass. And fuck my hot cunt. Yes, do it! Fill me up with those two big dicks. Oh, yes, it feels like you're going to split me wide open. I can't believe it, you're both so big, so deep inside me! Yes, pump those hot cocks into both of my holes!"

He heard her grunting, her low deep guttural sounds that coincided with each lurch and thump of the bed. He picked out the small words that fell out along with her pants and moans. The "ohs" and "ahs" that interspersed the wave of noise emanating from other side of the bed. He heard her breathing coming faster now, her tiny gasps more frequent, as the bouncing of the bed changed from a patter of smaller countering thumps to a heavy, deep, rhythmic pounding, so violent that he felt his body being bounced off of the mattress. He could feel the repeated tugs at his wrists and ankles as his body flew up and down on the bed, mirroring the nearby pummeling.

"Please! Yes! Come on, don't stop! Don't stop! Fuck me! Harder! I'm gonna' come, too! Come on! Shoot it in me! Give it to me, both of you! I want it in both holes! Yes, cream in my ass! Oh, god , yes, I'm gonna' come!" he heard her scream, as his bound body flailed up and down from the thrashing.


He heard the loud smack of bodies, enormous grunts and moans as sweat covered flesh slammed together, drowning out the wrenching of the bed and the creaking of the wooden bed frame. Then silence and stillness. After a moment, a chorus of soft deep breathing arose from the bed next to him. He heard people panting, catching their breath. He heard her whisper, strained to hear but couldn't make out what she said, or what was whispered back to her. Then she laughed, and her laughter exploded around him, filled the room and rang in his ears. He felt the bed jostle and shake as he heard people began to move about. Footsteps filled the room, scurried about for a moment and then more silence. He was alone in the room. Minutes passed.

It was the sound of her high heels on the floor echoing down the hall that made his lift his head. He heard her come into the room and walk over to the bed. He felt the bed shake then felt her weight upon his chest, her nylon clad legs pressing hard against his ribs as she sat on top of him. Hands worked behind his head and in a moment, his blindfold was off. Light flooded into his eyes.

He focused his eyes and looked at her now sitting squarely on top of his chest, her swollen, spread vaginal lips were just inches from his chin. The semen dripped out of her slit and formed a small puddle in the hollow of his chest, just on top of his sternum. He could feel something dripping from behind her. A small warm rivulet was running down onto his stomach. He could see the smile on her face.

"Well, dear, did you enjoy me having sex with another man? Or a threesome?" she asked, knowing that no answer would come from his still gagged mouth.

"So we won't be having any more of that little obsession will be?" she asked rhetorically.

"Oh, and dear," she said, as if remembering something forgotten, "In the last few weeks, I've notice that you've added a new wrinkle to your constant questions and hints. Would I like for another woman to join us? Do I want to have sex with a woman? How about a threesome with another woman? Well, I not about to listen to that for two more years."

She slid sideways off of his chest and stood up by the side of the bed. There, standing at the foot of the bed, was an attractive brunette, naked except for black thigh high leather boots. She held a small, nasty looking whip in her hand.

"So, dear…" he heard her say, as she moved to replace his blindfold, "Why don't we just go ahead and answer that question tonight, too?"

Plunged into darkness again, her heard her walk away, heard the sound of a small giggle, and then her moan, "Oh, yeesssssss!"

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