tagSci-Fi & FantasyAurelia Compelled

Aurelia Compelled


It had been hours now, that Aurelia the vampiress like goddess had scoped the crowded mega dance club, searching for a sign of the sexual predator that she suspected was a vampire in possession of the gift to compel others. All of her time so far had been fruitless, though, as all the sexy and gorgeous dark haired brunette had accomplished was to break the hearts of the many men that had tried, but failed to score a dance with her.

And then, yet another loser was set on getting his heart broken. Aurelia watched as the tall dark figure approached her. Yet another unwanted advance on its way, with this latest particular man not even being good looking in the least.

"Hello there beautiful." he greeted, not yet aware that Aurelia was about to shoot down his attempt to pick her up.

"Hello and goodbye." Aurelia rudely responded.

"Goodbye?" the man inquisitively asked.

"Yes, goodbye as in, I thank you for your interest in me, but I'm not interested in you, so thanks, but no thanks." Aurelia answered.

Staring straight into Aurelia's seductively beautiful green eyes, the man countered, "Ah, but I think you are mistaken. I think you are very much interested in me."

Suddenly feeling strangely interested in where this might go, Aurelia said, "Oh yeah, you think I'm interested in you?"

Undeterred, the man continued, "My name is Boris and not only do I think you're interested in me, but I know you're interested in me."

Given his surprising confidence, the thought ran through Aurelia's mind that perhaps she is interested in this guy, after all. "You sound pretty sure of yourself, Boris, but what makes you so sure I am interested in you?"

Keeping his gaze fixed upon Aurelia's eyes, he answered, "I am sure you are interested in me, for your body does not lie, and your nipples, not at all showing through that sexy tight shirt of yours a moment ago when I walked up, are now hard as nails and clearly trying to break through the smooth dark green fabric of your t-shirt."

Aurelia had not sensed any arousal when the man walked up, but now, with his suggestion, she sensed her nipples becoming very erect and when she glanced down at her t-shirt, she could see that indeed her nipples were now clearly protruding making very evident bumps through the smooth shirt fabric.

In an attempt to deny her body's sudden response, Aurelia dismissed the hardness of her nipples, "What can I say", she said, "It's a little bit cold in here."

Boris disagreed, "Oh contraire, my saucy little vixen, it very warm in here and not only have your nipples become hard and excited with my presence before you, but between your legs you are becoming increasingly moist with the excitement and anticipation of having my body pressed tightly against yours on the crowded dance floor."

As the words flowed out of Boris's mouth, Aurelia began to experience an intense tingle of arousal not only between her legs, but throughout her entire body, almost sending her a quiver. In a quick instant, in her mind she recognized that, "Oh my god, he's compelling me!", but in the next instant, her awareness of what was happening to her was gone, as her thoughts were replaced by her thinking to herself, "Oh my god, Boris is soooo hot and I so very much want his body pressing against me on the dance floor."

Outwardly, Aurelia did not answer back, instead letting out an only partially noticeable gasp as her body was being overcome by excited anticipation and arousal.

Aurelia's gasp did not go unnoticed by Boris, though, causing him to smirk in satisfaction in seeing yet another woman fall victim to his supernatural ability to compel his will upon them. He then told his captive target, "Tell me your name."

"My name is Aurelia.", she obediently revealed.

"Aurelia, hey. Hmm, that name somehow sounds familiar." He momentarily contemplated as to where he may have before heard of her, before snapping back to his more immediate thoughts. "Aurelia, I know you want to dance with me, so just come out and ask me already."

In her mind, Aurelia was being overtaken by her desire to want to dance with Boris and she could not resist asking him any longer, "Boris, please dance with me."

With even a bigger grin of satisfaction coming over him, Boris agreed, "Certainly, sweet saucy Aurelia." He offered Aurelia his hand for her to take in leading her out onto the crowded dance floor.

As she allowed Boris to lead the way, for a fleeting moment her consciousness of what was going on returned, as she thought to herself, "My god, I'm doing everything he wants me to do. He's compelling me!" In the very next moment, though, even though Boris didn't say anything, it was as if he were in her head, as she could swear that she just heard Boris whisper to her that "you're going to do everything I want you to do, Aurelia."

Having found an open spot on the dance floor, Boris stopped and turned around, at the same time pulling Aurelia in close to his body. Holding her left hand in his right, Boris used his other hand to grab Aurelia by the bare skin of her lower back, revealed by her slightly cropped t-shirt, to pull her body in tight against himself.

In doing so, Boris thought that he somehow felt a slight bit of resistance in Aurelia, which surprised him, as all the woman before her had always been completely bent to his will. Though only slightly, he could somehow sense that Aurelia was of a much stronger, independent mind.

"Release yourself to me, Aurelia.", he whispered into her ear.

Hearing his suggestion, Aurelia allowed her body to be drawn even tighter against Boris. As he danced Aurelia in a circle, very slowly, in defiance of the fast, deep beat of the music, Boris let go of Aurelia's left hand and placed his right hand on the front of her shirt, slowly letting his hand ride up toward her left breast.

Instinctively, Aurelia tried to intercept his straying hand. Upon her clutching his hand, though, Boris whispered into her ear, "Relax, Aurelia, I know you want to let my hands fondle your breasts. Tell me so."

Releasing Boris's right hand, Aurelia simply put her left hand around his waist to pull him in closer toward her as he fondled her left breast. With her right hand, she grabbed Boris's left hand that was around her back, and brought his left hand up the front of her shirt, laying it to rest on her right breast. Breathlessly, she then whispered back into his ear, "I want you to touch my breasts. Squeeze them."

Satisfied with what Aurelia was telling him, Boris did as she asked, and began to fondle and squeeze both of her breasts.

"Your tits feel fantastic! So firm. I know you want my hands on the bare flesh of your tits, though, don't you?"

After a slight pause as she tried to defy him of her own will, Aurelia could not fight her desire any longer, so she responded, "Please Boris, slide your hands under my shirt onto my tits. I want to feel your bare hands on my tits, squeezing them."

Boris did as Aurelia asked. Slowly he slid his hands down to the bottom of her shirt and he hooked his thumbs under the shirt's hemline and began to inch her shirt upward. As the bottom of her shirt came up her midriff, now revealing Aurelia's lower ribs to anybody that was watching, and there were more than just a few people indeed watching, Boris let his hands probe upward underneath her shirt, taking both of her breasts into his big, strong hands.

Whispering into her ear, Boris further suggested, "Having my hands on the bare flesh of your little, firm titties like this is driving you crazy with arousal, isn't it? You are so wet with arousal now, aren't you?"

Aurelia's legs began to feel like rubber, as she was being overcome with arousal, feeling herself become almost dripping wet between her wobbly feeling legs.

Boris took Aurelia's left nipple between his fingers and pinched tightly, causing Aurelia to let out a slight yelp. To calm her, he compelled her further, "That feels so good, having me pinch your nipples like that, doesn't it? You want me to pinch them even harder, don't you?"

With her body becoming more and more overcome with arousal, breathlessly, Aurelia agreed, "Yes, I love it when you pinch my nipples."

Boris pinched even harder, while he approvingly told her, "Good, I am glad that you like having me pinch your nipples." He continued, "My squeezing your tits and pinching your nipples is causing you to become even more aroused, isn't it?"

"Yes.", she replied.

"So much so that you want me to touch you under that sexy short skirt of yours, don't you?" he further challenged.

"Yes ... please ... touch me under my skirt." Aurelia obediently asked.

Boris agreed, "As you wish, my saucy little slutty vixen."

While he continued to fondle Aurelia's right breast with his left hand, Boris slowly slid his other hand down against the bare flesh of Aurelia's midriff, past her waist, and then onto the top of her bare left thigh.

Without him having made another suggestion, Aurelia then further encouraged Boris, "Please, slide your hand up under my skirt and touch me. Please ... touch me between my legs."

It was at that moment that Aurelia regained her consciousness, catching herself as she thought, "Oh my god, I'm asking him to touch me. This is the guy, the rapist that I have been hunting. It's true as I suspected, he can compel people with just his mind. And he's a vampire, I can smell it." Aurelia then thought further, "Come on girl, resist him, he shouldn't be able to compel me. He's just a vampire."

Sensing her hesitancy, Boris interrupting her effort to refocus, "I know you so very much want me to touch you, to arouse you to the verge of a climax." As he said it, Boris slowly brought his right hand up the front of Aurelia's left thigh, underneath her skirt. His hand made its way all the way up onto the thin, damp material of Aurelia's thong, where he began to gently rub the outside of the material, against her pussy lips.

Feeling his finger pressing firmly on her thong, pressing into her between her pussy lips, Aurelia began to quiver as her thoughts of control faded and an orgasm neared.

With his fingers still probing, Boris's found the side of Aurelia's panties and then probed underneath toward the middle, between her pussy lips. "You want my finger inside of you, don't you?", he asked.

"Yes, I want you inside of me." Aurelia helplessly responded.

Boris began to press his thumb upward, penetrating into Aurelia. Despite his long arms, Boris crouched down slightly to achieve a better angle and then he thrust a couple more fingers up inside of her.

Aurelia began to gently quiver, as a mild orgasm was oh so close to overtaking her.

Sensing how near she was, Boris let his left hand fall from her right breast and he grabbed her by her right butt cheek with his left hand. He then pulled his fingers on his right hand out of her and reached around and grabbed her left butt cheek with his right hand.

Pulling Aurelia even closer, he then lifter her, allowing her legs to wrap around his hips. Boris then walked from the dance floor toward the long hallway which led to the restrooms, with Aurelia kissing his neck as her legs straddled around him.

As he carried her, Boris suggested, "You want me to fuck you right here in the hallway, don't you?"

"Yes." Aurelia answered.

"Tell me." Boris commanded.

"I want you to fuck me right here in the hall way." Aurelia obediently replied.

There was a line up of four guys waiting for entry into the single guys bathroom stall, which was blocked by a closed, locked door. Boris walked up, with Aurelia still straddled across him, and stopped in line behind the last guy in wait.

He then turned and pressed Aurelia's back against the hallway wall as she continued to nibble at his neck.

He propped Aurelia up in such a way that allowed him to keep her up in the air with her legs straddled around him, as he reached down and undid his pants. As he did this, he whispered in Aurelia's ear, "Tell me aloud, so all these guys can hear, that you want me to fuck you so badly, right now."

Raising her head from his neck, Aurelia glanced at the guys waiting in line, with all of their eyes now glued upon Aurelia, she then said, "Boris, I can't wait any longer, please, fuck me right now, right here in front of these guys."

Boris then loudly asked so that all the guys could hear him, "Are you sure you want me to fuck you right here, right now, in front of all of these guys?"

"Yes, now, fuck me right now!" Aurelia enthusiastically pleaded.

Turning to the guys in line that were now transfixed in watching Aurelia, Boris then asked, "Guys, you don't mind if I boink this little slut right here, do you?"

All four guys nodded their approval, with a couple of them verbally saying yes, in a varied manner over top of each other, the loudest of which said, "Go for it, man!"

Go for it, Boris did.

With his hard, long dick removed from his pants, Boris lifted Aurelia even higher, allowing him to guide the head of his cock against Aurelia's revealed pussy lips. He then lowered her down, allowing his penis to easily penetrate up into her soaking wet pussy.

Up and down he then guided Aurelia, allowing his penis to flow deeply inside of her and then almost out, then back deeply inside of her. After repeating this only a few times, Boris then said to Aurelia, "You're about to cum now. You're going to orgasm now."

In an instant, Aurelia loudly proclaimed, "Oh my god, I'm cumming!" She then continued, "Boris, I want you to come inside of me. Fuck me harder! Cum inside of me!"

With Aurelia practically screaming in orgasmic ecstasy, Boris blew his load of vampiric man seed deep inside of Aurelia, who was now utterly lost in her own ongoing orgasm.

As Boris slowed his pace as his own orgasm dissipated, he whispered into Aurelia's ear, "You want each and every one of these guys to take turns fucking you now, don't you?"

In her mind, all Aurelia could think about was how much she wanted these guys still standing in line, to fuck her. She then answered Boris, "I do."

"Tell them." he commanded. "tell them of how badly you want them to take turns fucking you."

Aurelia then turned to the guys that were intensely staring at the sexy vampiress goddess and said, "I want you guys to fuck me. Who wants to fuck me first?"

The guy standing right beside Boris and Aurelia was first to speak up, "I'll fuck you." he answered.

Boris then let Aurelia down, onto her own two wobbly feet. He then whispered into her ear, "Have fun letting them fuck you over and over, and don't stop until there is nobody else here wanting to fuck you."

Aurelia then turned away from Boris and moved toward the first volunteer.

He right away reached toward her and pulled her shirt up over her breasts and began to fondle her.

"Wow, what amazing little tits you have!", he declared.

Not wanting to waste any time, Aurelia ordered him to "Shut up and fuck me."

All of the guys began to hoot and holler their approval, as the first volunteer grabbed Aurelia and laid her flat on her back on top of the dirty, grungy floor. He unzipped and unbuckled his pants and then pulled them down to his knees, then bending down onto his knees.

Grabbing Aurelia by the ankles, he held her legs up high and widely apart as he manoeuvred his stiff cock underneath of her raised skirt, having no trouble at all sliding into her soaking wet pussy. He then laid on top of Aurelia and began to fuck her. The other three guys were already starting to undo their pants in anticipation of their being next up.

Boris laughed at the site before him as he did up his pants. He then turned and walked into the abyss of the club, searching for his next victim, while leaving Aurelia still transfixed under his spell, left vulnerable and prone to letting anybody and everybody fuck her at will.

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