tagSci-Fi & FantasyAurelia - Fun With Zombies Ch. 01

Aurelia - Fun With Zombies Ch. 01


Growingly, Aurelia was becoming more and more depraved in her bent indulgences. Having already killed her target vampire, she was not at all concerned by the fact that roaming the grounds were vampiric zombies, the results of failed genetic testing by the organization she had just effectively brought down.

On the contrary, from what she has seen of these zombies, they were rather slow moving near corpses that posed little threat to her, given her far superior supernatural strengths and powers. In fact, she thought it might be a little bit of fun to tease and toy with these hapless abominations. Besides, if in her toying, she were to get bitten here and there, she did not mind, as she had always found being fed upon by vampires to be an erotically arousing experience.

True to her musings, when her path was blocked by a single zombie, she proceeded toward it with no fear whatsoever. As they came upon each other, the smallish zombie slowly reached out to grab Aurelia. As she had expected, it was very slow and easy to elude. She simply side stepped its failed grab and circled behind it, giving him a shove in the back of its right shoulder, while noting in her mind that it was a good half foot shorter in height than she was.

The push enabled the zombie to turn around to face Aurelia quicker than it would have otherwise been able to accomplish. Aurelia was amused as it again reached toward her, knowing full well that zombies like this are only dual minded in their cravings ... to feed on their victims and to fulfill their animalistic yearning which they could not control, nor understand.

As if the thrill of being fed on by such mindless creatures was not enough, Aurelia fancied being doubly desired by these sort of creatures and she did not mind letting them sexually please her as well, if they are so inclined.

As the creature kept trying to reach for her, slowly, Aurelia stepped backward out of its reach, when suddenly she heard steps from behind her.

Quickly turning to look, Aurelia was surprised that a second, similarly sized creature had been stealthy enough to sneak up from behind without her having noticed. Only about five steps away from her when she turned around, the slow moving zombie closing the gap between them when it too began to reach out to grab her.

Aurelia pushed out her left hand to stop the zombie's advance when all of a sudden she felt the hand of the first zombie grab her right shoulder from behind. The zombie from behind created enough distraction that the second zombie standing in front of her managed to grab onto her left hand.

Unconcerned by the zombie now holding her left hand, Aurelia twisted to face the zombie that had grabbed onto her shoulder, so as to ensure that it wasn't about to take a big bite at her neck, as being fed on by her neck was a much more dangerous endeavour than letting herself be nibbled upon from other less prone parts of her body.

As she started to turn around, the zombie from behind let his hand fall off of her right shoulder, instead grabbing a hold of Aurelia's right forearm. It then brought its other hand forward, grabbing onto the Aurelia's right wrist with a surprisingly firm two handed grip.

Similarly, the other zombie firmly gripped Aurelia's left arm with both of its hands.

Mildly excited by this, Aurelia was still completely unconcerned as she asked aloud, "Mmmm, what are you two up to?"

Aurelia suspected that the zombies were incapable of actually making a verbal response, but still, all the same, she found it amusing to speak to them as though they were just semi-mindless pets, despite knowing the actual answer to her question.

Opening his mouth, thus revealing small pointy, but sharp incisors, the zombie to her right brought its mouth to Aurelia's forearm and bit into her skin, creating multiple punctures from which it began to suck on Aurelia's delicious blood. As the other zombie did the same to her left forearm, Aurelia let out a subtle exhale, with her mouth slightly falling open with a pleasured expression on her face.

Slowly closing her eyes as she enjoyed the depravity of allowing herself to be fed upon by these two sorry creatures, Aurelia again spoke out, knowing full well she was not going to get any verbal response, "Mmmm, you two are very naughty ... but I like it."

After a moment of enjoying the intoxicating feel of being fed on, Aurelia slowly opened her eyes while the pace of her breathing increased, as she became increasingly aroused. With her eyes opened, brought into focus was the sight of a third zombie approaching her from the front.

For a fleeting moment, a shred of rational thought intruded upon her pleasurable indulgence, as she briefly contemplated freeing herself from the grip of at least one of the two zombies so that she could safely guide the inevitable attempt of this third zombie to also take a nibble on her. That thought was interrupted, though, by the sudden tug of both zombies as they simultaneously collapsed down to their knees, all the while maintaining their grips and bites on Aurelia's arms.

Though the zombies were smaller than her, the combined weight of their collapsing to the ground served to pull Aurelia off balance, causing her to fall down to her knees.

"Mmm, guys, this is fun, but three might be a bit of a crowd.", she weakly protested aloud.

Not distracted, the two zombies continued to feast upon Aurelia's arms. To her surprise, a wave of dizziness briefly pulsated through Aurelia's head, when both zombies, again in unison, laid down onto their sides, pulling Aurelia down with them, this time onto her back.

With one of Aurelia's legs getting entrapped under her, Aurelia struggled a little bit to move her right leg out to free it from underneath her own body. Just as she extended it out, the third zombie knelt down in front of her and grabbed her just freed leg by her black combat boot.

Rather than concentrating on her leg, though, it moved up her body pawing her bare leg over her knee and up her thigh, settling under her already short skirt.

Aurelia tried to prop her torso up to better see what the third zombie was up to, but the other two zombies had her arms firmly secured as they fed upon her forearms rendering her attempt to sit up as failed. Thus, she was only able to slightly raise her head, just in time to see the third zombie angling its mouth high upon the now exposed inner thigh of her right leg.

Suddenly, Aurelia let out another gasp as the third zombie's mouth locked onto the soft supple skin of her inner thigh. As it began to suck on the blood leaking from the new wound in Aurelia's leg, while holding her leg in place with its left hand, it used its right hand to probe further up her leg until it found the moist panties between her legs.

Aurelia let out another gasp and she felt its fingers move her panties to the side and then effortlessly penetrate her moistened vagina. The pleasure of this caused Aurelia's eyes, to again fall shut, as her body tingled with depraved excitement.

Adding to her arousal, the zombie that was feasting on her left forearm reached out and grabbed hold of the hemline of her shirt, which had already rode up to expose a teasing amount of her stomach, pulling her shirt up even further, thus exposing more of her abdomen. The zombie on the other arm also grabbed onto her shirt, pulling it up right over her boobs, exposing the bra that covered her beautiful breasts.

That other zombie's hand then moved from her belly button up to her bra and then he slid its hand under her bra and grabbed onto the bare flesh of her right breast. The other zombie followed suit, as if they were cooperating in unison, bringing its left hand up her tummy and under her bra, latching onto her left boob.

Aurelia was surprised by this apparent act of cooperative fondling, as in her past experience with zombies, they were always singular in purpose with what they were currently doing, which in this case was feeding from her.

While enjoying the rush of excitement from having these three diminutive zombies feeding from her AND fondling her breasts and her pussy, another wave of light headedness pulsated through Aurelia's head. With it, Aurelia thought to herself that maybe the zombies were drawing blood out of her at a faster pace than she should safely allow.

Deciding that she should break herself free of at least one of the zombies, Aurelia tried to pull her arm free of the zombie on her right side. She was surprised, though, at the firmness of the zombie's grip, which caused her initial attempt to free herself to fail.

Instead, she then tried to free her left arm from the other zombie. That attempt also failed, again due to the surprisingly strong grip of the zombie.

Suddenly, Aurelia came to the realization that the potency of energy in her blood was allowing the zombies to grow stronger with every passing slurp of her deliciously invigorating blood.

This concern of hers was interrupted as the zombie that was feeding upon her inner thigh suddenly pushed its probing hand much harder into her vagina, managing to slide its entire hand inside of her, ramming back and forth and probing inside of her. With this, her lower body began to involuntarily quiver.

While Aurelia was becoming overcome by pleasure with her body quivering in heightened arousal, another rush of light headedness fell upon her. As this latest rush lingered much longer than the others waves of light headedness before dissipating, the zombie on her left withdrew its mouth from her arm and instead moved its mouth toward her left boob.

Taking first her nipple, then a lot more of her boob into its mouth, it clamped down tightly around her tit, with its teeth easily penetrating Aurelia's soft skin. Following suit, the zombie on her right side did the same.

Almost immediately, she could feel the pulsating of it sucking her life force rich blood from her boob. At the same time, though, Aurelia's body became overwhelmed with arousal and in no time at all, her body transitioned into orgasm.

While her body convulsed, held in place only because of the firm grip of the zombies on top of her, Aurelia felt the zombie on her lower side pull it's hand out of her, then shift its weight moving to bring its mouth down onto her other leg, biting down upon her left upper inner thigh.

Aurelia tried to lift her head and torso, but was unable to because of the weight upon her from the two zombies feeding on her tits. Instead, her head flung back as her back arched up as much as it could under the weight of the zombies, as her body convulsed as the intensity of her orgasm grew.

With the zombie between her legs having removed its hand from her vagina, slowly Aurelia's orgasm began to dissipate, though she remained in a state of heightened arousal simply from continuing to be fed upon.

After another wave of light headedness came and went, Aurelia realized that she's had her fun, but that now she should get back to business and bring this depraved indulgence of hers to an end. This thought was easier said than done, however, as when she again tried to free herself from the Zombies on top of her chest, they were able to reject her attempt to move them off of her.

With more of a panicked thought, Aurelia again realized that there was something different about these zombies and the way that they were seemingly gaining strength exponentially from feeding on her energy rich blood.

With both of her hands free, she grabbed the zombie on her left boob by its head and tried to lift it up from her to free her of its bite. The zombie was relentless, though, in not letting its bite release. Although Aurelia was able to lift it head up quite a bit, its jaws remained locked onto her breast, causing her boob to stretch up with the zombie's head.

The pain of the zombie not releasing its bite, thus stretching Aurelia's boob up too high as she lifted its head was too much pain for her to bare, so she released its head.

Aurelia instead turned her attention to the other zombie and started to try to lift its head. When it became clear that it was also just as determined not to release its bite upon her, Aurelia continued to hold its head up with her right hand and then with all of her power, brought her left fist crashing upon the side of the zombie's face.

The impact did the job, as its bite was released and it laid dazed from the punch with its head slumped onto Aurelia's stomach.

Aurelia then used the same tactic on the zombie attached to her left boob, with equal success. She was far from out of the woods yet, though, as both zombies were laying on her stomach dazed, while the other zombie continued to feed from her left thigh.

Aurelia raised her torso into a sitting position, causing the two dazed zombies to fall off of her body as they continued to struggle to regain their composure. At the moment Aurelia sat up, the zombie feeding upon her thigh worked its right hand back inside of Aurelia, causing her mouth to fall open with a gasp. Though again stimulated, Aurelia was able to look past the distraction of her body's arousal, as she pulled her bra back into place and pulled her shirt back down over top of her already healed breasts.

After a slight pause to enjoy the zombie's continued fisting of her, she reached down and grabbed the zombie's arm and pulled its hand out of her.

The zombie seemed not concerned, as the attention of its mouth remained locked onto her thigh as it continued to feed from her.

Aurelia leaned forward and grabbed its head and repeated the process that had freed her from the bite of the previous two zombies. This one however was more determined, for despite the force of her punch, it did not release its bite upong her thigh. Instead, it seemed to bite down even harder, causing Aurelia to let out a moan of pain.

With a sense of increased urgency she tried again, this time hitting the zombie with even more ferocity. The second time was the charm, as its bite was released. Despite having its bite removed, though, it did not simply fall away dazed, like the previous two zombies. This zombie turned and stared with a black hollow look of hatred right into Aurelia's sparkling green eyes.

With its fangs bared and stare still focussed upon Aurelia's eyes, in a slow lunge, it retaliated by starting to try to climb up Aurelia's body grabbing at her face.

Aurelia was able to use her hands to prevent it from grabbing onto her, but because of the way it was partially on top of her, she lacked leverage in her curretn position.

Her lack of mobility played to her disadvantage as the weight of the zombie pushing up onto her torso caused her to fall back to the ground on her back, with the zombie lurching forward trying to grab onto her face and bite at her neck.

Aurelia was managing to prevent the zombie from its reaching its target when all of a sudden she felt the zombie that had been dazed off on her right biting down onto the front of her right thigh, just above her knee.

She grimaced in pain, but managed to not let the distraction prevent her from blocking the attacking zombie on top of her from biting down onto her neck.

Her troubles then multiplied, as she felt the other dazed zombie bite down onto her left calf. Despite again grimacing in pain, she was still managing to fend off the bite attempts of the zombie on top of her chest.

As the ferocious zombie on top of her again lunged for her neck, Aurelia deflected its head to her left. As its face came to rest on her left shoulder, she turned to face its exposed neck, and then with her fangs fully bared, she clamped down onto its neck and she began to suck the life force from the zombie.

Aurelia's bite proved to be too lethal for the zombie, as its strength was quickly being sapped from it with each and every swallow of its blood by Aurelia. Although the blood of the zombie was helping regenerate Aurelia, her strength was not yet appreciably enhanced due to the two other zombies still feeding from her legs.

With the zombie lying on top of her seemingly reaching a state of incapacitation, Aurelia was able to roll it off of her. She then sat up and turned her attention to trying to break free of the zombie feeding on her right leg above her knee.

Aurelia wasted no time in hammering her fist upon the back of its head. This time, though, for whatever reason, the zombie was not dazed by her punch. She reached to grab its head to again start hammering it with punches when suddenly she was surprised by its quick release of her leg and twist and lunge forward at her, with shocking quickness for a zombie.

Aurelia was not prepared for such an aggressive attack and as a result, she was unable to divert it.

Before she could defend herself the zombie had lunged up onto her torso causing her to once again fall onto her back. As she fell back, Aurelia's head slammed onto the ground beneath her, slightly dazing her.

Her temporary vulnerability was quickly capitalized upon by the zombie as it brought it mouth down to Aurelia's neck, biting down on the left side of her neck. Though dazed, Aurelia's eyes grew large as she felt the beast's bite upon her neck.

As the zombie began to suck on her neck, with each suck she felt a pulse of weakness, as her blood was being drawn out of her. Each suck by the zombie seemed to increase in length and intensity, which in turn led to increasing pulses of weakness flowing through Aurelia's body.

As Aurelia laid prone being fed on by the two zombies, she realized that her depravity had landed her in a rather dangerous predicament, leaving her at the mercy of two diminutive zombies.

Not yet giving up, though, she summoned her power to use both of her hands to take hold of the zombie's shoulders and push up to push the zombie away. Unfortunate for Aurelia, however, the zombie's increasing strength coupled with its positional advantage of leverage served to thwart her effort.

Quickly reverting to plan B, Aurelia instead moved her hands up to grasp onto the sides of the zombie's face, to try and push his bite off of her neck. The zombie was undeterred, though, managing to maintain its bite, while it continued to drink in Aurelia's strength enhancing blood, which at the same time served to continue to slowly diminish Aurelia's own strength and power.

Realizing that her situation would soon become very grim if she was not able to free her neck from the feeding zombie, Aurelia used her thumbs to dig into the eye sockets of the zombie as she continued to try and push its face from her neck.

The zombie was unrelenting, but as its eyes were literally popped by her thumbs, finally its bite was released.

Aurelia then twisted her body counter clockwise, causing the zombie to fall off of her to her left. She continued to partially roll on top of the zombie, even though her leg did not twist with her because of the zombie still latched on to her left calf.

Still not worrying about the zombie on her leg, Aurelia bit down on the zombie now partially beneath her and began to feed from its neck. With its wounded eyes, this zombie was subdued even quicker than was the previous zombie Aurelia fed from.

Content that the zombie beneath her was now rendered harmless, Aurelia rolled back to her right, onto her back. After a few hurried breaths of recover, she then sat back up to turn her attention to the zombie that was still feeding from her calf.

Aurelia leaned forward and reached out to grab the zombie by its head, but the zombie sprung its left arm out to deflect Aurelia's attempt.

Undeterred, Aurelia again tried to grab at it, but again it managed to block her attempt. This time, however, rather than simply deflect her attempt, it grabbed onto Aurelia's left hand and with its pointy sharp claw like nails on its fingers pressed them tightly against her skin, breaking the skin on the underside of her wrist in the process.

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