Aurelia - Fun With Zombies Ch. 01


Before she could fully comprehend what was happening, the zombie released its bite on her calf and quickly brought its mouth up to her wrist. With tremendous suction, it latched on and immediately began a deep, long suck from Aurelia's bleeding wrist.

The fast flow of her blood out of her into the zombie's mouth sent yet another wave of light headedness through Aurelia. Her breath exhaled and her free right hand collapsed to the ground beside her, as she sat without further resistance as the creature sucked a vast quantity of blood from her.

While continuing to feed from her wrist, the zombie moved its left hand onto Aurelia's stomach, positioning it underneath her shirt and then moved its hand up her body, latching onto her right breast. Once there, it firmly grabbed hold with its claw like nails again puncturing Aurelia's skin, causing her to start to bleed from her right breast.

The light headed feeling that was overtaking Aurelia continued to intensify causing her mouth to fall open and her head to fall somewhat forward, as though she was barely able to keep her head up. At the same time, the zombie continued to squeeze on her breast, as though trying to squeeze more and more blood out of her, while continuing to suck the blood out of her wrist as quickly as it could.

Feebly, Aurelia raised her right hand and moved it under her shirt to grab onto the zombie's right wrist, in an attempt to pull its hand off of her breast. She pulled down several times, but all this did was cause more pressure on her breast as the zombie's claws plunged deeper inside of her.

Aurelia's grip on the zombie's wrist let go and her hand again fell to the ground beside her.

Feeling increasingly weak, Aurelia's head tilted sideways to her left, as her focus tunnelled in on the right side of the zombie's neck which was facing her. AT that moment, in Aurelia's perception, everything seemed to slow down to super slow motion, as she focused in on the pulsating vein of the zombie's neck.

Aurelia's eyes then closed for a lingering moment before reopening, still focussed in on the zombie's neck. Suddenly, her mouth opened wider and her fangs became fully exposed and her head fell swiftly forward with her mouth aimed on the zombie's neck.

Before the zombie could react, Aurelia had locked on with a deep bite onto the main vein of its neck and she began to quickly suck its blood, at a significantly faster rate than it was able to suck on her blood.

Pushing out with its left arm which was still locked onto Aurelia's right breast, it tried to push Aurelia back in an attempt to push Aurelia's bite off of it. In reaction, Aurelia simply twisted her torso to mitigate the push attempt, as she intensified her sucking, with the energy inside of her beginning to grow.

Aurelia again brought her right hand up and under her shirt, grabbing hold of the zombie's hand which remained attached to her right breast. This time, though, she brought much more force with her attempt. When her initial attempt to simply pull the zombie's hand free her breast failed, she then simply concentrated her strength on tightening her grip on the zombie's wrist.

With inhuman power, her grip grew tighter and tighter until finally, the bones in the zombie's wrist began to crumble underneath of her powerful grip. All at once, with its hand rendered useless, the Zombie's grip on Aurelia's breast was released and she pulled its hand away. Just as quickly, her regenerative power took hold and the wounds on her breast healed.

Undeterred with its wrist being crushed, the zombie continued to suck on Aurelia's wrist with increasing ferocity, but it was fighting a losing battle, as the flow from its prone neck was much more than what it could replace from feeding upon Aurelia's wrist. Suddenly, after several moments of the cross feeding contest going on, the zombie's bite on Aurelia's wrist was released and it fell back in such a way that Aurelia's rolled with it, onto its body while maintaining her bite on its neck.

After a few more moments of feeding upon it, the zombie's body became limp. Aurelia had succeeded in drawing out enough of its life force to render it not a threat. Finally, Aurelia released her bite and sat back up.

She then leaned forward and stood up and straightened her shirt and skirt into place.

Looking down at all three zombies, she walked up to one that was still barely moving and with a single stomp of her boot, crushed in the skull of its head. Still conscious and seeing what just happened, the zombie that Aurelia had just managed to get off of her, started trying to drag itself away.

Upon seeing what it was doing, Aurelia asked, "Where do you think you're going?" She took a couple of steps toward it and then without mercy, stomped it also into oblivion, like she had just done with the other zombie.

She then turned her attention to the last remaining zombie, who had recovered enough to sit up onto all fours as it began to slowly moved toward Aurelia, as if it was still wanting to attack her, despite its obvious disadvantage.

"Aw, poor dear." Aurelia taunted, as she walked toward it.

Bending down and grabbing it by the chin, Aurelia asked, "Actually, you're kind of cute for an ugly, disgusting thing. Still up for some fun?"

As she was finishing the question, the zombie brought its right hand up and grabbed the wrist of Aurelia's left hand, which was still holding its chin.

Surprised by its resiliency, Aurelia answered her own question with a pleased expression on her face, "You ARE up for more fun. Good!"

Aurelia then knelt down on her knees so that she was almost at the same height as the zombie, though she was still higher up just because of her taller stature.

While letting the zombie continue to hold onto her left wrist, she pushed the zombie back with her other hand, so that it fell off of its knees and onto its bum, but still in a sitting position. Aurelia then lifted one of her knees and straddled over the zombie's lap, with its face sitting eye height to her boobs.

Then, to help the zombie with its weak attempt to pull her wrist to its mouth, Aurelia took the initiative, moving her left wrist to its mouth, telling it, "Well, don't just sit there, have a drink."

On cue as if obeying her, the zombie brought its mouth forward and bit into her wrist.

Aurelia let her head fall back in pleasure as she once again allowed herself the depraved indulgence of the zombie beast.

As it sucked on her wrist, Aurelia moved her hips around slowly, essentially dry humping the beast's lap.

With her eyes still closed and her head still tilted back, Aurelia was lost in her bent pleasures when all of a sudden she felt the zombies left hand slide up the skin underneath of her shirt, grabbing onto her right breast, which had already fully healed due to her regenerative powers. Like the previous zombie, this one too sank its sharp claws into Aurelia's skin.

With this, Aurelia gasped out aloud and then brought her head forward and opened her eyes while seductively licking her lips. the commenting, "Naughty, naughty."

As the zombie continued to feed from her wrist and squeeze her breast, Aurelia gently placed her right hand on the left side of the zombie's face and then gently caressed upward, letting her hand flow back through the zombie's wiry hair. All the while, Aurelia continued to buck her hips as she dry humped the zombie's lap.

As her own arousal was once again building to higher and higher heights, she could sense the zombie's power increasing as it drank her energy giving blood. Choosing to verbalize this realization, Aurelia said, "Mmmm, I can feel you getting stronger by the gulp." She then added with a wry smile, "I can also feel you stiffening underneath of me."

Indeed, Aurelia's writhing in the zombie's lap had served to physically stimulate the zombie's beast hood.

Excitedly, Aurelia managed to pull the zombie's hand from her breast and she then slid off of the zombie's lap, shimmying part way down its legs, so that the waistline of its grungy pants was accessible. She then used her free right hand to deftly manoeuvre to open the front of his pants. All the while, the zombie continued to feed from her left wrist without pause or emotion.

Artfully using just one hand, Aurelia managed to free its penis from its pants. Belying the zombie's slight stature, its penis was at least eight inches long, maybe more, and surprisingly thick, and it was standing to aroused attention upon being freed. Staring at it, Aurelia said, "Well, I think we're going to have to do something about this."

While still allowing her left hand to be held up to the zombie's mouth and fed upon, Aurelia moved her hips even further down the zombie's leg and then she leaned forward and took the zombie's penis into her mouth. Slowly Aurelia then moved her face down, taking the zombie's penis all the way into her throat as far as it would go.

While she orally worked its penis, with her right hand, Aurelia hooked the hem of her skirt and lifted it up, free of her bottom. All the while, she continued to give the zombie a grade A blowjob.

Withdrawing her mouth from the zombie's penis, Aurelia sat back up, still facing the zombie. As she sat up, though, a rush of light headedness-returned, due to the volume of blood that she was allowing the zombie to continue to withdraw from her body.

As the light-headedness dissipated, she then straddled her way back onto the zombie's lap, positioning herself so that its hard and fully erect penis was sticking up between her legs. Using her free hand to help guide it, she brought herself over and down so that its penis was able to easily penetrate her wet vagina.

Aurelia again began to move her hips up and down, this time not to dry hump, but rather, to fully fuck the zombie.

After a few moments of this, the zombie withdrew its bite from Aurelia's wrist. It did not release her wrist, though, but rather, it grabbed on tighter with its right hand and lifted its arm straight up, taking Aurelia's hand up with it. With its left hand no longer holding onto Aurelia's right boob, it firmly grabbed hold of Aurelia's right wrist and then also brought it up as high as it could go, so that both of Aurelia's hands were now being held up above her head.

Then, with a push and a bounce, the zombie managed to push Aurelia back while freeing its legs from underneath her. It then continued to push Aurelia back and then down onto her back with her wrists held firmly to the ground behind her head. Throughout this reversal of position, the zombie's penis remained fully inside of Aurelia, enabling the zombie to continue fucking the vampiress.

Now on top of Aurelia, the zombie quickly brought its torso down on top of her, taking up a traditional missionary position. Non traditionally, though, when the zombie buried its face into the small of Aurelia's neck, rather than merely nuzzle, it brought its mouth to bear, biting into her neck with its sharp incisors.

That coupled with the ongoing stimulation from its penis was enough to send Aurelia deep into yet another climax.

Aurelia the vampiress nympho responded with not only full body quivering, but very audible gasps of pleasure timed with the zombie's thrusts of its penis and the coinciding rhythmic sucking of blood from her neck.

Suddenly, to Aurelia the zombie's sucking of her blood seemed to fade as she felt an explosion of liquid inside of her spray from the zombie's penis. As the pulsating of its penis dissipated, though, so increased the veracity of its sucking of blood from Aurelia's neck.

As her body was still lost in a quiver, despite trying, Aurelia was unable to move her hands free from behind her head due to the zombie's increasing strength.

As her orgasm subsided allowing her to recapture some semblance of rational awareness, the thought entered her mind that here she is yet again, having obtained an exceptionally pleasurable orgasm through her depravity, but again leaving herself dangerously prone and vulnerable, with her blood being sucked out of her with her own strength weakening while the strength of the zombie was increasing.

She again tried to break her hands free of the zombie's hold, but all that succeeded in doing was causing the zombie to dig its claws into her wrists, breaking the skin and opening new wounds from which the blood started to flow out of her.

Beginning to intensify her struggle to break free, her continued attempts to move her arms free of the zombie's hold seemed to only succeed in causing the beast's claws to slice deeper and wider wounds upon her wrists. Also, her attempts to wiggle her hips to try and throw the increasingly powerful zombie off of her only served to make him once again hard, thus reigniting its fucking of her.

With her struggles not working, Aurelia tried the different tact of making herself seem even weaker than she was increasingly becoming by ceasing all resistance and reaction. It was easier to stop her resistance, though, than to stop the involuntary reaction of her body's quivers due to the ongoing stimulation of being fucked.

She fixated her mind toward the task at hand, though, which was to break free of this situation. To that end, she was able to coax her body to go completely limp with her head turning to the side and with her eyes closed shut, as though she had fallen into unconsciousness.

Despite her facade of defeat, the zombie continued to suck on her neck while fucking her until finally it once again came inside of her. As its orgasm dissipated, its fucking of Aurelia came to an end when the last vicissitudes of zombie seed shot inside of her. At the same time, the zombie also stopped feeding from her neck.

Bringing its torso up as it straddled over Aurelia, the zombie looked down content in having defeated the vampiress. As it lifted one leg off of her, though, so that it was no longer straddling Aurelia, something must have struck the near mindless beast as not right, as it suddenly brought its hands down hard across her abdomen.

The shock of this startled Aurelia out of her pretend unconsciousness, causing her to let out a cry of pain as the zombie's claws of each finger shredding her shirt, slicing her open across the stomach with multiple wounds.

Instinctively, Aurelia evasively rolled to the side and quickly jumped to her feet to assume a defensive posture and plot her intended counter attack. In her weakened state, though, her reaction was not as quick as she had hoped and by the time she was gaining her balance, the zombie had moved forward and began another swipe with its sharp claws.

Aurelia tried to twist her body to evade the zombie's claws, but she could not move quick enough, as its claws raked across her chest, further ripping her shirt open and again opening slice wounds, this time across her chest.

Aurelia stumbled to the side with the momentum of the swipe almost sending her to the ground. As she regained her balance, though, the zombie grabbed her left arm and with shocking strength, pulled Aurelia off balance toward himself.

As her body crashed into the front of the zombie, it wrapped its right arm around her back, sinking its clawed fingers through her shirt and into her back. As she let out a shriek of pain, the zombie wasted no time in opening its mouth and biting into the left side of Aurelia's neck, once again beginning to suck her blood.

Aurelia's legs instantly became weak and if not for being held in the zombie's grasp as it began to again feed off of her, she would have collapsed to the ground. Bringing its left hand also around her back, it dug the claws of its left hand also through her shirt and into the skin of her back, holding her tightly against himself as he continued to feed from the weakened vampiress.

As the zombie continued to feast on Aurelia's life giving blood, the zombie's body began to grow as it slowly transformed from a smallish zombie beast into an increasingly muscular powerful looking vampire. Suddenly, it stopped feeding and lifted its head to the moonlit sky and let out a loud howl of strength.

Looking down at the nearly unconscious vampiress that was slumped in its grasp, the newly created vampire beast spoke out for the first time, "I want to thank you, my poor weak vampiress, for freeing me! For this gift, I will not kill you."

Effortlessly picking Aurelia up into its arms, it then hoisted her precariously on top of its hands, raising her above its head, then offering the salutation, "Until we meet again!" It then hurled Aurelia through the air about fifteen feet away, causing her body to land with a crash onto the ground, rolling down an embankment until her body came to rest almost entirely covered by the fast moving water of the drainage stream below.

The newly formed vampire beast then turned and fled into the darkness beyond.

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