tagErotic CouplingsAuthor, Author! Ch. 01

Author, Author! Ch. 01



The sound of a rooster woke Julia bright and early. She didn't mind the early alarm, though. Feeling refreshed from a good night's sleep, she stretched and smiled in the cozy bed. A thin cotton sheet covered her lithe body, and it clung to her enough to reveal that she'd slept nude. Propping herself up on her elbows, Julia squinted out the window at the rising sun, then flopped back down into bed and said, "Good morning."

There wasn't anyone there to respond, so Julia wriggled luxuriously into the sheets and closed her eyes again. She took a deep breath of fresh country air, which invigorated her and brought her fully awake. She'd only arrived at the cabin the previous evening, so it still felt new and exciting to her. Throwing the sheet aside, she reveled in the feeling of warm sunlight on her skin, shining through the open window. Although she knew no one was around for miles, it still felt delicious to be naked and exposed. Running her hands over her golden skin, she cupped her pussy, feeling the soft light hairs and the growing wetness. Julia made deep, contended sounds in her throat as she dipped her fingers inside herself, then spent a lovely 20 minutes stroking and teasing her clit. She built herself to a full and explosive orgasm, and in the freedom of solitude she gave full voice to her cries of pleasure.

After dressing in a tank top and shorts and enjoying some morning coffee, Julia sat down to work. She opened her laptop, collected her thoughts for a moment, then got to work. The cabin had electricity, but no phone or Internet. And that was the point of spending two weeks in a friend's cabin – no distractions so she could finish her novel in time for the deadline set by her publishing house. For several hours, Julia worked steadily, occasionally pushing her shoulder-length blonde hair behind her ears as she typed, only pausing for lunch and, at one point, to strip naked and masturbate once again. No distractions...

By mid-afternoon, the cabin was becoming rather warm. The summer sun was intense outside, though a cool breeze offered relief. Beads of sweat formed on Julia's neck, and she fastened her hair up with a clip to keep it off her shoulders. The blissful peace and quiet was broken at that moment by a series of loud clangs coming from outside the cabin. Julia jumped, startled, then went outside to see what was going on. A few dozen yards from her front door was a fence, a property boundary between her friend's land and the farm next door. With nothing but two miles of corn and wheat fields between the cabin and the actual farm buildings, Julia hadn't expected any neighbors.

Yet there he was, a farm hand busily hammering attachments to a large irrigation rig. He had a solid build, though lean, with short sandy hair covered by a baseball cap against the sun. A white cotton t-shirt covered broad shoulders and skin bronzed by a summer of work. She didn't really notice at first, and a note of irritation was clear in her voice as she stepped forward.

"Um, excuse me...I really came out here for some quiet so I can work. Do you have to make so much noise?"

He turned toward her, removing his cap, equally startled that someone else was present. "Oh, hell. Sorry Miss, I had no idea..." He faltered, holding the hat in front of him with both hands. "Thought it was just me and the squirrels out here," he said with a shy grin.

Julia stood with her hands on her hips. "Ok, well. If you could try to keep it down a little."

"Sure thing, Miss. I should be done here in about two hours." His voice was soft, yet clear. She noticed his grey eyes passing over her body, and realized that without a bra her tank top didn't hide much.

"Thanks then," she paused awkwardly, noticing how attractive he was, not sure how to end their exchange. She gave an odd breathy laugh and went back into the cabin.

After a few minutes, the sounds of his work resumed, but they were muffled, much quieter than they had been. It was still annoying, but Julia could bear it for a while. He did say he'd be done in two hours. And he did have a job to do, just like she did. And he did look pretty nice as he was doing it. Her thoughts began to wander. Although she was young, attractive, successful and single, Julia had been so busy with work that she hadn't had time even for quick hook-ups, much less any relationships lately. The last 18 months had been filled with a marathon tour to promote her first novel, along with a variety of deathly dull business meetings. So her imagination was fertile ground for dirty thoughts.

She shook herself out of the daydream and laughed to herself. "I'm supposed to be working," she thought to herself, "And the sight of one farmhand gets me all flustered and distracted. One tanned, handsome, virile farmhand..."

Unable to resist her curiosity, Julia went to the window to get another look at him. He was hammering the metal pipes, but he had taken off his t-shirt and was using it to cushion each blow, minimizing the noise. His torso glistened with sweat. She was taken by the sweetness of his effort to silence the work, so she went to the well-stocked fridge and grabbed a cold soda. She carried it out to him, walking up to the fence, but he didn't hear her coming.

"Excuse me," she started.

"Oh Miss, sorry, sorry. I'm trying to do it as quiet as possible, I promise. I'll be done in no time."

"No, no, you're fine! I really appreciate you trying to muffle the noise. Honestly, I feel bad for being so bitchy before. Everyone has to work, right? Here, would you like a cold drink?"

He stood and retrieved his shirt, using it to mop sweat from his brow and neck. "That's something I can't turn down on a day like this. Thank you very much." He accepted the can, popped it and took a long drink.

Julia stuffed her hands into the pockets of her shorts, realizing that she never had put on a bra. "Would you like to come in out of the sun for a little while?"

The farm hand looked down at the irrigation pipes, then said, "I guess I am ahead of schedule, I could use a break." He climbed through the fence rails and they headed into the cabin. He went to put his shirt back on, but hammering at pipes through it had rendered it grimy and torn. "Uh, sorry Miss, guess I ruined my shirt."

She sat at the cabin's large kitchen table and gestured for him to join her. "No worries, I understand. I can get you a towel if you'd like. By the way, please call me Julia."

He smiled. "Thanks Julia. I'm Eric." They shook hands briefly. "Mind if I use the restroom to wash up?"

Julia told him where it was and pointed out the stack of clean towels on a shelf. After a few moments, he came out looking significantly cleaner, drying his hands on a large towel. "You know there's a pretty bad leak under the sink in there? I think there's a connection that just needs tightening. I've got a wrench with my tools." He went out and returned shortly, then ducked down under the bathroom sink to affect the repair.

Julia came in and stood beside him, peering down at the plumbing. Then her eyes traveled over Eric. She guessed he was in his mid-thirties, probably ten years older than she was. Without realizing what she was doing, she placed her hand on his bare shoulder. He kept working, but hesitated when she began tracing small circles on his skin. He stopped altogether when she ran her fingers up the back of his neck, into his hair.

"Well now, that's something else I can't turn down on a day like this," he said with a chuckle.

Julia continued running her fingers through his hair. "You don't mind then?"

He dropped the wrench, mopped his hands on the towel, then turned to face her, still kneeling. He reached his hands around and cupped her ass. "Not in the least."

Within moments, Eric was flat on his back on the kitchen floor. Julia was topless, and she had tugged his faded, worn jeans down to his thighs. She was crouched over him, stroking her hand up and down his recently released cock, looking down at it with great enthusiasm. He was reaching down to cup her firm, pink-nippled breasts, hanging just in reach. She had him hard before her lips ever touched him, her hand moving smoothly along the silky skin of his cock. It was perfect, she thought – thick, hard and a good eight inches long. She ran her tongue all along the shaft, rubbed the sensitive head across her cheeks and lips, then parted her lips and gently eased his meat into her mouth.

He moaned and lifted his hips slightly as she worked her mouth further. Once his cock was wet with her saliva, she slid it easily in and out as she bobbed up and down. Eric pulled her lower body closer, and he managed to get her shorts pulled off. Then he pulled her legs over his head and they settled into 69. Julia let her weight rest on his torso and used both hands to play with his balls and stroke his shaft as she happily sucked him. She was getting as much pleasure from working his big cock in her mouth as she did from his tongue slipping up into her soaking pussy or his lips suckling gently at her clit. She was gobbling his meat with such skill and enthusiasm that before long he yelled "Whoa, whoa," and pushed her petite frame off of him. She slid her mouth off of his cock reluctantly, and he grabbed himself firmly around the base of his shaft. His face reddened for a moment, than he gasped and let go. "Damn, almost lost it right there. You are one hot little firecracker. I didn't really want to finish just yet though."

Julia laughed and stood as he got up and lead her to the kitchen table. It was a bulky, hand-built table made to seat 12. It was very solid, and Julia climbed onto it, lying on her back and spreading her legs for Eric. Her pussy was right at the edge of the table, and he easily pushed inside her. Holding her ankles wide apart, he pumped smoothly into her, gradually increasing the pace and the force of his thrusts. Julia's breasts were soon shaking with the pounding, and Eric climbed onto the table himself. With the extra leverage, he began fucking her even harder.

"Jesus, I love that. Slam me with that cock, yeah," Julia groaned.

"So you like it hard, huh?"

"I want you to fuck my brains out."

He lifted her entire body as he stood up, his cock still deep inside her, and carried her over to the bed. "Don't want to hurt your back on that table," he said. Julia just held onto him and allowed him to place her on her back. He hooked her knees behind his arms and pushed her legs back, then started really piledriving his cock into her. Her body almost disappeared beneath him, her long legs visible sticking straight into the air as his hips slammed into her over and over. Her blonde hair was flailing about, and the only sound she could make was "Oh...oh...oh...oh," gradually rising in pitch and volume. She finally broke under the assault, unleashing a mighty scream of "Yeah!" as she came and then came again a few seconds later. Julia laughed, "Oh fuck yes," as Eric continued pumping himself into her pussy.

He looked down and watched as his thick cock parted her glistening pink lips, filling her with every inch. He saw the look of intense lust in her eyes, watched as her body quaked with his pounding and her own orgasm. The tension within him erupted, and with a simple "Oh fuck," he pulled his cock out of her and began pumping it frantically with his fist. Julia was spread eagle below him, smiling and cooing as his cum spurted across her body. Warm strands splattered across her stomach and tits, with the last of it dripping into the soft fur of her pussy. He knelt over her, still stroking himself, draining every last drop out of his throbbing cock. She leaned forward and stroked her fingers beneath his balls, causing another tremor to go through him. Then she ran her hand along his shaft, milking out a healthy dollop of cum onto her hand. She brought it to her face and licked up the cum with a grin.

They collapsed on the bed and talked softly for some time in the afternoon sun, before Eric rose and dressed. Julia brought him a fresh soda, and he returned to work in the field.

A few hours later, Julia heard a knock at the door. She'd never dressed, just washed up and spent the afternoon reading in bed naked. Knowing who it was, she answered the door that way. Eric stood there smiling, with an intense look in his eyes.



He hadn't even finished his "Hi" when Julia's hands unfastened his jeans and dragged him into the cabin. She had his pants on the floor in seconds. As they embraced and devoured each other with feverish kisses, his cock grew hard against her naked stomach. She reached down to stroke it. He reached down and found her wet. He pushed her back against the cabin wall, lifting one leg onto his hip, then he slid up into her pussy.

Where before they had gradually built to an intense and powerful finish, now they were in a frenzy of lust from the beginning. Julia's small hands gripped Eric's shoulders. His weight pressed her against the paneled wall, and she looked up into his eyes with a pleading expression.

"Fuck me. Just. Fuck. Me."

Eric didn't speak at all. He drove his cock into her, fucking her up against the wall. The force of the thrusts nearly shook the cabin, and Julia loved it. In the back of her mind, she knew she'd be sore in the morning, but she didn't care. She loved the feeling of his thick cock pounding into her, loved the way his abdomen slammed into her clit with each thrust, loved the feel and smell and taste of his sweat and skin. She was coming already, so hard and fast that her head was spinning. She couldn't tell if she was upright and being fucked against a wall, or on her back on the floor. For a moment she felt she was somehow being fucked against the ceiling.

Her senses returned as Eric pulled out of her. Still not speaking, he held her hips, pulled her away from the wall, and turned her around. Pushing against her back, he soon had her bent at the waist, her hands flat on the floor before her for balance.

He finally spoke. "Pretty flexible."

"Yoga," Julia replied.

With his hands on her hips, he pulled her cunt back onto his cock. His hips were almost totally still – he was moving her pussy back and forth, fucking Julia on his dick. He picked up speed and started slamming her onto him. With her head upside down and her hair hanging in her face, Julia could only grunt and let him have his way with her. Her pussy felt exquisite, full and fucked and wet and hot. By the time Eric yelled through gritted teeth and blasted her pert ass with his warm jizz, she had come twice more herself.

Eric thought he was spent, but after they had a (completely naked) dinner of salad and sandwiches, Julia dropped to her knees and began nuzzling and licking his balls. When he was semi-hard, she paused long enough to say, "I really, really love this cock." When she giggled and started sucking him, he was fully hard. After about ten minutes of watching the fresh-faced blonde ease her lips up and down his cock, he was close to coming. Her pretty face was dusted with freckles from the sun, and her green eyes flashed with desire. When she pressed her hand against the base of his balls, he erupted directly into her mouth. Julia never stopped sucking, slurping up every single drop and swallowing the entire load. She closed her eyes and smiled happily as she did it.

When Eric was finally dressed and heading out the door, the still naked Julia gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Will you be working here tomorrow?" she asked.

Eric grinned. "I believe I will be."

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