Towards the latter part of college, I was in a long-term relationship with Jessica, whose roommate Laura and she and I all got into a drunken conversation late one night. We started telling the corniest jokes we knew, and when it was my turn, I told this one:

Hillbillies Billy Ray and Billy Bob were sitting on the front porch whittling while their old hound dog lay there licking its genitals.

Billy Ray—I wish I could do that.

Billy Bob—That dog, he bite you!

Anyway, that led into talking about blow jobs. Laura was talking about swallowing cum and how some men's tasted OK while other's were so revolting she had to spit and run for mouthwash. Jessica chimed up that mine tasted quite good, and I said that although I didn't exactly crave it on my fries, I didn't think it was too bad, either. Well, their eyes got as big as saucers, and, of course, I quickly clarified that I'd never sucked another man off, but that just made them that much more curious how I knew what cum tasted like.

So I informed them that I had tried it when sucking myself, what I call auto-fellatio. They had never heard of such a thing and were amazed and extremely interested, like I'd just told them I had proof of intelligent life on Mars or something. I'd never mentioned my auto-fellatio capability to Jessica before, as, until then, it just didn't seem pertinent. I mean, why suck yourself when you've got a sexy girlfriend who gives great head, and loves to do it anytime of the day or night?

Well, though Jessica was very possessive and would not think of sharing me with another girl, she was as interested as Laura in seeing this, so, probably helped by our extreme inebriation, I pulled down my pants and gave them, with high drama, an auto-fellatio demo—stressing that it would be a one-time-only thing. They were as riveted to what they saw as I am witnessing a basketball player swish a one-handed 3-pointer from the opposite end of the court with 2/10 second left on the clock to win the game.

Jessica, who was one of the best dick-suckers of all time, talked about that for the rest of the time we dated, but she honored my one-time-only stipulation and never again asked me to do it, though I was sure she wanted me to.

Years later, after she and I broke up, I was invited to the wedding of Tommy, Laura's older brother and a good friend, as well. For his rehearsal dinner, I was seated beside Laura, and she whispered to me that she had for years saved the mental picture of me sucking myself as a way to get turned on when masturbating or to get herself in the mood with a guy she was with. She begged me to do it again.

You know, there's about a jillion things I'd rather be known for than sucking my own cock, and her request was, honestly, more than a little bit irritating. I'd always wanted to fuck her silly, as she and I had had countless ultra-graphic conversations about sex, and she was a tiny, not-even-five-foot cutie with a nice, petite body covered in smooth, dark skin, and a new, short, 1960s Twiggy hairdo that accentuated her pretty face.

She was drunk as Cooter Brown, and, knowing that she was engaged to be married to the man who was sitting right there across the table from me, I threw down a gauntlet I never thought she'd pick up: I whispered to her I'd do it if she would be my sex slave—doing anything, anytime, anywhere with me for the rest of the weekend.

Without hesitation, not even a blink, she said, "Deal!" Now I had not said this to coerce her; on the contrary, I thought such an outlandish offer would back her down in a heartbeat. After all, there were three other hotter gals there I'd fucked in college, one of whom was Jessica The Blow Job Queen.

Another was the tall Martha, who had the biggest boobs-to-skinny-waist-and-hips ratio of any girl I've ever seen, not to mention a perfect smile now that I was seeing her for the first time since having had her braces removed. And then there was the athletic Ellen, her best friend, with the big brown eyes, cover-girl face, and ultra-smooth skin. Any of those three were available for the mere asking.

But before I realized what I might have gotten myself into, Laura reached under the tablecloth, grabbed my cock, and whispered, "Let's not waste another moment." She made some lame excuse to her fiancé, and we left him, separately so as to not to arouse suspension, right there at the table while others toasted her brother, and went deep into the shrubbery maze, which I'd learned the way in and out of in my exploration of it earlier, in the enormous rear garden. There, I peeled her elegant black silk dress off, shucked my suit, and proceeded to suck myself on a concrete bench.

She sat Indian style facing me on the grass and watched. Bug-eyed and gape-mouthed, she was enthralled, and soon began to twiddle her nips and clit, saying things like, "Unfuckingbelievable," "Even better than I remembered," and "That makes me hornier than holy shit!" After she came a couple times, I popped my mouth off my cock with a flourish and pointed it at her face.

She was an 85-pound 4'11" pixie of a girl, with a proportionately small mouth that could surprisingly get around my thick meat though not deeply inside it, so I let her suck it for a while at her own pace before grasping the hair on each side of her head and face-fucking her hard and fast. Before she tossed her cookies, I turned her around, impaled my cock in her, again, surprisingly-big-for-her-diminutive-size pussy, from behind, picked her up, and reverse-flying-fucked her to the middle of the maze.

There, gracing its center, was a bronze, scaled-down reproduction of Donatello's famous nude sculpture of David. I had her lick its cold, penis while I mercilessly reamed her pussy doggie for a really long time until I finally blasted a huge wad inside her, which precipitated her own shuddering climax. From the expression on his face, David appeared to have enjoyed the three-way!

Laura used her fingers to tightly pinch her pussy lips together and followed me back to the bench, where she plucked a tampon from her little purse and pushed it into her pussy to keep my cum from streaming down her legs, then applied some fresh make-up and slipped her panties and the slinky dress back on. We made arrangements for later on that evening and left the maze, she going back to the rehearsal dinner immediately and I returning five minutes later.

We were all staying in the same hotel, so, as planned, while her fiance slept, Laura slipped out in the wee morning hours to rendezvous with me down in the workout room. Just in case her fiance was up when she returned, she wore a bathing suit to corroborate the ready-made story that she left to relax in the Jacuzzi. It was a white, French-cut, semi-transparent one-piece that left no doubt she had hard, dark, dime-size nipples on her firm B-cuppers. She looked great in that suit, but, of course, we were completely alone at that hour and it came right off.

I brought two bottles of room-temperature champagne left over from the rehearsal dinner, and we took one each and swigged on them while she watched me perform auto-fellatio again, got super-turned-on, and then we were off and running once more. The gym equipment was laid out in a circuit, and I took advantage of that by eating her pussy and/or fucking her on every piece of exercise apparatus in there--in circuit order--of course!

The room had mirrors on every wall, so it was nice to see her hot little body from every angle, especially the tandem views when we were near the corners. And I gotta tell you, compact, lightweight girls like her are just so much fun to suck-lick-fuck, as it takes minimal effort to maneuver them every which way. It was easy to do a standing 69 with her: I was standing flat of my feet with no support holding her upside down with face buried in her gash while she sucked my cock. There have been very, very few women I've been able to do that with comfortably.

I managed to choke back several near-orgasms while making sure she had plenty until I flying-fucked her into the sauna and cranked up the steam. After all, I didn't want it to be a lie that she would tell her fiance about her whereabouts! I sat down on an upper perch, sucked myself briefly while she watched from a lower perch, then turned over blow-job duties to her.

She liked her rub her nipples and pussy with her hands while she sucked, but, with her rather shallow mouth and impossibly narrow throat, I was not going to cum unless she got both hands involved in head. So, I pulled her hands up to my shaft, and she caught right on for a very nice BJ, twisting in opposite directions both hands fisted around my shaft as she slid them up and down in tandem with her sucking lips. I took care of her tits and pussy with my fingers and toes, respectively.

I really, really, really wanted to cum in Laura's mouth. Remembering her statement from many years before when I gave her and Jessica the auto-fellatio demo—that she liked some guys' cum but had to spit others' out—I reminded her that Jessica thought mine was good. "I remember. I remember," Laura mumbled, smartly leaving my dick in her mouth to continue the blow job.

All the earlier drinking and recent champagne, coupled with an extremely long day and it's being about four in the morning, I very gradually came up to orgasm. While I did, I just relaxed in the sauna, watching Laura blow me, and the beads of sweat form on her body and roll down her back into her crack or off the tips of her little hard brown nipples. She was just so petite and cute, and the sight, feel and sound of her was just devine.

She'd often look up into my eyes while continuing to suck, as if to ask, "Getting close?" And I would wiggle my toe a little faster in her twat and say, "You're doing real good, girl. Just keep up the good work, and I'll get there. You ARE going to swallow my cum, now, aren't you?"

"Uh-huh," she'd mumble, keeping my cock responsibly in her mouth where it belonged.

She'd been non-stop sucking me in that sauna for at least half an hour, and I know she was getting tired. She picked up her already brisk pace and increased the suction, and then I felt my seed rising fast. "OK, Laura, that sweet cum you've been waiting for is due for arrival. You ready?"

And then every sexual synapse in my body fired at once, blasting over two hours of choked back semen into Laura's little mouth. Oh, my god, did that feel great!!! Though she swallowed most of it, that first mega-spurt backed out onto her lips and chin, but she continued to milk out every last drop, finally looking up at me, licking the cum from her lips, and saying, "That was the biggest and best tasting load of sperm I've ever had. Delicious!"

We got our bathing suits back on and planned to go back to our respective rooms, but my cock would just not deflate. While in the elevator, she noticed, pulled down my trunks, and gave me another blow job. We went up and down that elevator I don't know how many times before we got out on a random floor where she sucked for all she was worth, begging for some more of my semen. It felt good, but my well was dry, so we eventually went back to our rooms just before daybreak.

I got some, but not enough, well-needed sleep before driving to the Saturday brunch at a swanky restaurant wholly reserved for the wedding party. I managed to scarf down some food and a couple Bloody Marys before Laura spotted me and whispered in my ear that she was ready for another round. It occurred to me that, though the deal was for her to be my sex slave, it seemed that I was just as much her sex slave. Neverthless, she was horny and so was I, and her fiance was currently lost somewhere in the thick crowd, so why not?

Well, the problem was that there was absolutely no place in there to have sex: All three dining rooms were jam-packed, the small restrooms were crowded with alcohol-induced frequent pee-ers, and the kitchen was full of bustling employees. Even the walk-in frij—not exactly my top choice—had restaurant personnel in and out of it all the time.

I looked outside, but there were no open businesses close by or foliated areas for cover. But then I noticed a hotel shuttle van pull up under the breezeway, deposit a bunch of other guests, and the driver come in to the restaurant and get a screwdriver from the bartender. Perfect.

Intimating that the hotel management might regard his drinking on the job unfavorably, I asked the driver, who recognized me from the hotel, if I could drive his van around back for a little girly action. He readily agreed and lent me the keys. So, I got Laura and did just that for the next hour and a half, culminating in her giving me another marathon BJ in the same fashion as she had done previously in the hotel's sauna before pulling the van back out to the loading area in front of the restaurant.

When we came back inside, Laura got back with her fiance, who had been looking for her. Then Martha and Ellen, both with wicked gleams, came up to me and said they had beat incessantly on my hotel door in the middle of the night before but could not arouse me. When I asked what they wanted, they said, "You, because we were real horny and feeling wild and kinky."

Hoping to take a rain check on that lost opportunity, I looked back out at the van just in time to see the driver starting it up and boarding passengers to go back to the hotel. The brunch was over, and before I could get out a counter-proposal, they had blown me off and wiggled their fine asses onto it for a ride back to the hotel, saying "A hard man is good to find--a hard, AWAKE man."

Well, shee-it! Not that I didn't have a good time with Laura, but having already done her in the maze, I wished I'd forgone round 2 with her in the exercise room/sauna, and stayed in my own room to accept what was sure to have been a mind-bending menage a trois with Martha and Ellen. In fact, at that point, I was downright angry with myself for having proposed the all-weekend sex-slave deal with Laura. I would have MUCH rather boinked her once and had a FMF with Martha and Ellen, bisexual dynamos with awesome good looks.

Being the groom's sister, Laura was in the wedding pictures group, so she left with the inner circle and I drove back to the hotel to get some more rest until the 6:00 PM ceremony. When I woke up with a stiff cock, all I could think about was the orgy that could have been with Martha and Ellen. I had been to bed with both of them years before in college and knew that they were absolutely fantastic lovers. And to think I could have had them both at once had I only been in my room to open the door!

Jessica stopped by for a bit, and though she was as sexy as ever, I was not interested in jumping her bones and probably reawakening emotions with one of my life's true loves. She did say, however, that she had had helped Tommy organize the rehearsal dinner, and wanted to know why I sat by Laura instead of Martha, whose place card she had put next to mine at an entirely different table, figuring the two of us would surely want to fuck. I told Jessica thanks, but that I sat right where my place card was when I got there.

Then, it hit me: LAURA had moved my place card next to her because she'd PLANNED on getting me to suck myself for her!

Laura had slyly engineered the whole thing. Well, if I was mad as hell before this realization, I was now boiling!!! I did not tell Jessica this, not to mention that her good and engaged friend Laura and I had been fucking all weekend. Following the adage, "Don't get mad; get even," I put a simple little plan together.

You see, that evening I fucked Laura's drunk virgin ass in the stall of the lady's room at the church where her brother was married and the reception held, while the rest of the gang showered the newlyweds with bird seed as they sped off for their honeymoon.

Carrying out my end of the deal by first sucking myself, I had her kneel on the edge of the commode seat with her nice miniature ass reared high doggie and her head practically in the toilet. Had she not had the new, short hairdo, it would have certainly dragged in the water. I spat a big louie on her anus, and just rammed my cock in it to the hilt over her vocal protests, but she couldn't make much noise or people would come in to see what was up.

I pumped her hard, fast, and deep for a good five minutes before creaming in that tight little asshole, a welcome respite from fucking her somewhat loose pussy all weekend.

Even more satisfying was the fact that I was just about to pull it out of her bung hole when her mother came into the bathroom and tinkled in the adjacent stall! I was sure it was her by her shoes. Whether she saw my black wingtips, and if so, recognized them as mine, I'll never know, for she never said anything. Of course, her daughter's feet were out of sight, dangling on the edge of the toilet seat, so she didn't know she was in there with me.

At any rate, drunk and knowing it was her still-decent-looking-at-fifty mom in the very next stall patting her pussy dry, I got half hard again in Laura's ass.

As soon as her mom left the restroom, I started pumping Laura's ass again, despite her vehement protests but reminding her of our sex-slave-for-sucking-myself deal. Several other women from the wedding party came in the adjacent stall to relieve themselves while I fucked her ass, but I nevertheless continued, as Laura would immediately shut up her pleasure/pain moaning as soon as the restroom door would open.

I imagined myself fucking her mom's ass, the mental picture of which finally enabled me to cum again in Laura's bad hole still lubed from my previous sperm deposit.

That was the last time I ever demo'd sucking myself for anyone. But, like Laura and my old girlfriend, Jessica, I have found down through the times that many women are turned on at the notion of a man sucking his own cock.

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