tagGroup SexAutograph Ch. 2

Autograph Ch. 2


The three of us slept for about 45 minutes with Linda in the middle. Marcus spooned her from behind while I embraced her from in front. Marcus' arm laid across her waist and draped along my hips. My smaller breasts meshing against her larger -- the cum from Marcus' earlier explosion slick on her nipples -- connecting she and I. The three of us were one.

I woke up and rested my head on my left hand looking at my sleeping lovers. On my side, I raised my right leg and let Marcus' hand fall between my thighs, then gently closed my legs again, his fingers nearer my pussy. I rubbed my legs to pull his hand upward toward my clit -- his eyes slowly opened and he looked at me, realizing my desire. With my right hand, I reached over Linda and rediscovered his flaccid manhood.

"This is no good," I whispered, tenderly but-repeatedly pumping his cock in my hand -- until it began to stiffen to erection.

He pulled the three of us closer in our connection, his hardening body prodding our Linda. Her eyes opened quickly as she realized she was still with us. She smacked her lips and smiled with me.

"I just had a dream I had the best sex," she smiled. "Oh, wait -- that was reality," Linda giggled.

"Want more?" I asked.

"Please, Elizabeth."

I was already kissing her lips again.

"Spread your legs, hon," I requested. As she did, I pulled Marcus' cock between her legs and rubbed it up and down her slick pussy lips. She moaned welcoming the discovery. I told her to straddle my waist has I had onto her when I was sandwiched between my lovers. Our legs tangled for a moment until she found a comfortable position -- her legs spread over my waist -- her 36D breasts laying on mine while Marcus pushed into her lost virginity. Her wetness warmly greeted his cock as he smiled with the sensation. Her lips pursed and her eyes closed in pleasure. I rubbed her cum-stained breasts and kissed her neck -- trying to give her a small hickey below her neckline.

She squealed in a mixture of happiness and annoyance at my act. I laughed at her.

"You're marked by me," I said.

"You already autographed me," she smiled, then grimaced as Marcus pushed hard into her. Marcus was nearly oblivious to our conversation, kissing her neck and shoulders as he fucked her.

"Linda, you okay?" I asked to her expression.

"Yes. He's just so big, Elizabeth," she suggested.

"I think you need more wetness," I determined. She looked at me questioning, wondering what I could mean through my statement. "Marcus, spread your legs," I told him. He stood with his cock still long in her, stretching her in another new way. As he did, I lowered myself from our breast-to-breast contact until my lips were on her nipples. I put my arms on her thighs and ass as I looked up to see her looking at me. She wanted to ask what I was doing, but I think she was too nervous. I also think she already knew.

My lips and tongue bathed her breasts and her belly, and I scooted my legs, back and shoulders down until my lips rediscovered the shape of her inner thighs. I recognized the musk of my lovers' cock and sucked against Linda's clit as Marcus sank into her. My lips concentrated on her clit while I lapped away at Marcus' hardness and licked against his balls.

Her breathing went from shallow to frantic in the minutes where he fucked and I sucked. I added a finger to her mix of sensation, rapidly rubbing over her clit and at the same time massaging Marcus' sack as he quickened. She tried to remain quiet, but within ten minutes she was cumming all over my lips and Marcus' cock -- I looked at her holding her own body, her shoulders and her breasts -- as she tried to recover from the pleasure. My own body was ready for sex, and I spread, welcoming Marcus into me in one swift motion. I wrapped my legs around his ass and looked at Linda as she stared back at me. With the finger with which I massaged her clit, I opened her lips and watched as she sucked it like a cock. Her mouth inhaled and deep-throated my digit covered with her own passion taste.

Marcus pounded deep and hard on me while Linda returned to my body, kissing my mouth, my neck and my 34B breasts. I wrapped my arms around Marcus and ran fingernails down his back; Linda ran one of her hands through my long brown hair and rested the other on Marcus' pumping leg muscles.

Another ten minutes of sex continued until I came all over Marcus' cock and begged him to cum inside my body.

"Jesus," he breathed, still sweating. "Jesus, Liz, I think I'm out."

I giggled. The boy's prostate had coated Linda's body earlier and probably needed a few hours to replenish the sperm banks within. He pounded me for about 30 more seconds, then slowly and expertly pulled his engorged cock from my depths. Linda quickly wrapped her mouth around his thickness, drinking my honey coated on his honeycomb.

After sucking him clean of my fluid, he leaned back and almost fell of the bed in ecstasy -- but he was still not able to climax.

"You two -- Elizabeth and Linda -- are like Viagra," he smiled. "All cocked up and no way to blow," Marcus quipped.

I got up and embraced him. "The night is still very young," I reminded him.

"Let's go get in the swimming pool and then the hot tub," Linda suggested. "Let's cool off and then warm up Marcus."

"Think that'll help my situation?" he asked.

"I don't know. I just think it would be fun."

The three of us -- now individuals roaming around the hotel room as we found our bathing suits. Mine was a two piece purple bikini -- Linda's favorite color. Her bikini was designed with dozens of cute penguins wandering along it -- crossing her breasts and waddling down by her pussy.

"Lucky penguins," Marcus commented.

"Very," I agreed.


Walking down the hotel hall, Linda and I took turns groping Marcus and keeping him hard. Precum leaked from his head and onto the fabric of his suit. If he had been any other guy -- especially on his own -- he would have probably hidden his hard bulge and covered the spot of wetness, but he didn't care. Heck, why should he with two girls by his side?

The pool area outside was nice. There were two older women who were swimming laps with each other, and a little boy with his Mom in the shallow end. The only other person there was a pretty blonde who was listening to a Walkman and reading some thick magazines about legal issues.

Apparently, the two women thought the trio of Linda, Marcus and I were obnoxious. They saw the three of us playing and left within a few minutes. A few more minutes passed, and the little boy started crying. The last I saw, his mother was dragging him away by his arm.

I swam up to the corner of the pool where the woman was relaxing in the sun.

"What are you reading?" I asked innocently.

"Corporate law in Fortune 500 companies," she said, peering down from her sunglasses. She looked like Reese Witherspoon -- long blonde hair, lightly freckled skin, small-figured, like me.

"Interesting stuff?"

"Not really, but it helps pay for my Dodge Viper," she smiled.


"It's a good drive."

I was thinking about giving her a drive -- with my favorite Viper, a vibrator I had in my luggage. In the background, I heard the splashing of Linda and Marcus as they played and kissed.

"So, are they boyfriend/girlfriend?" she asked me.

"Oh no. He's my boyfriend. Um. She's my girlfriend," I answered, half-smiling.

The girl licked her lips and smiled. "Really?"

"Yes. Is that okay?" I asked.

"Sure. It's all good. I had one of each when I was at my Ivy League school," she grinned.

"It's all good," I agreed. "When did you graduate?"

"About a year ago," she said.

"Been having fun?"

"Fun? In my law field, no fun is allowed. It's been ten months since I've been on a date and thirteen since I smiled."

"Sorry to hear that," I said, glancing down at her body. Linda and Marcus came up from behind me and introduced themselves. I think we were all admiring her body -- and that either made her uncomfortable or turned her on because she decided to get her body back in the pool. Her breasts were about 36C, I guesstimated -- but I'm rarely wrong. Her swimming suit was one-piece and deep sea-green, like her eyes.

"What's your name?" Linda asked.


"Hi Julie. Enjoying my hometown?" she asked.

"It's nice here, yes. Warm. I like warm."

"It's not like this too often. You came at a good time of year."

"Anytime you cum, it's a good time of year," Julie flirted with Linda.

"Well, that makes today the most wonderful time of the year," Linda expressed. She had already experienced her first woman, first man and first half-dozen orgasms not from her hand in the past three hours. Julie didn't know this, but the glow of Linda did express

Both girls giggled. Julie explained she was 23 and from South Carolina originally, but moved out of the Southeast to start a life of her own away from family and friends. She worked for one of the biggest law firms in Chicago, but was out west for a conference.

We played some volleyball, and then some Marco Polo -- where I noticed everyone had hands that were a little eager to touch each other. We were like 18-year-olds on spring break with the amount of groping going on in the pool. Touching Marcus and Linda was nice, but Linda and I were also having fun touching Julie -- the sides of her breasts, her abdomen, her ass as she tried to escape to grasp of the Marco-caller.

"Liz," Linda commented, "I think it's time we play chicken -- blind chicken."

"What's blind chicken?"

"When the holder supports the chicken on their shoulders."

"How is that any different from chicken," Marcus questioned.

"Because the holders face looks toward their partners' tummy."

The very thought rushed dampness to my folds. I partnered with Marcus, his lips centimeters from my pussy, his wet face supporting my wet legs; while Linda held Julie. Julie and I halfheartedly guided our partners -- who had to walk backwards -- toward each other. But it was difficult to get inspired to play chicken while Marcus was purposely licking against the fabric of my bottoms and exciting my pussy. From my vantage point, I could see Linda doing the same to Julie -- the young attorney's eyes rolling back -- her nipples hardening in the cool of the air and the heat of Linda's kissing of her pussy.

Julie and I pawed at each other in an attempt to push each other from our mounts, but there wasn't a lot of inspiration in either's efforts. After about 30 seconds of the "game," I decided it was time for her to lose her top and pulled her strap from her left shoulder, freeing her beautiful breasts to the pool.

With some shock and a tad of embarrassment, she started to fall but managed to grab my arm to bring me into the water as well. Linda and Marcus were dunked briefly, but came back up curious what took their oral desserts from them.

"My top!" Julie screamed laughing. Linda fished it from the water.

"Here. Let me put it back on you," Linda said.

I held my hands along Marcus' firm tummy as we watched our lover Linda strap Julie's bikini around her chest, purposely taking her time as she pushed Julie's orbs into position.

"Where did you come up with 'Blind Chicken' anyway, Linda?" I said laughing in the water.

"I just made it up about 10 minutes ago."

"That should be an Olympic event," Marcus suggested staring at Linda.

"What game do we play next?" Linda breathed, her lips kissing Julie's shoulder blade at waterline. Julie's breathing was erratic and goose pimples invaded every inch of her skin.

My hand lowered and again gripped Marcus' returned erection.

"How about 'Hide The Manhood?'" I suggested.

"I don't know the rules of that game ... but I think I'd like to learn," Linda noted.

"You've played before," I smiled.

*** to be concluded. :)

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