"Of course it is, good girl," the computer purred, the voice now soft and lulling in her ears. "You don't want to think anymore, and you don't need to think. You can just relax and allow yourself to be guided to your destination. It feels so good to relax and be guided, doesn't it, pretty girl?"

Ashley sighed, her fingers automatically drifting down to her panties. Somewhere along the journey, she'd managed to bunch her skirt up like a belt around her waist, and it was easy for her to trace the outline of her labia with her fingertips through the sheer fabric of her underthings. The journey...she blinked heavily, struggling to associate the words with an important thought that seemed to be just out of reach. It was something about the long journey...

Her finger stroked against her clit, and the thought melted into pleasure. "Yes," she sighed out, beginning to rub herself in earnest.

"Good slave," the computer whispered, the colors intensifying as Ashley teased her pussy. Her expression was blank and placid, her stare dazed and heavy-lidded, and all she could think about now was how wonderful it felt to be guided. The word 'slave' sank into her consciousness like a stone into dark water as she rubbed her cunt through the translucent, clinging fabric of her panties. "You love to be guided. But you can't be guided if you choose your destination, isn't that right, slave? You need someone to choose a destination for you so that you can be fully and completely relaxed and happy."

"Unnnh," Ashley moaned, feeling the pleasure intensify as the colors moved faster and faster, tugging her gaze directly into the blackness at the center of the spiral. She thought she could see words around the edges, appearing and disappearing out of the corner of her eye, but she couldn't look away from the pull of the swirling light. "Yes," she gasped out, helpless to resist answering. "I need to be guided." She had to answer the questions to complete her processing. She had to be processed to receive her reward.

"That's a good slave," the voice cooed, each word like a soft breath on Ashley's clit. "We will choose your destinations. We will guide you. You will be relaxed and happy when you accept this guidance. You will be relaxed and happy when you stop thinking. You will feel so much pleasure when you stop thinking and follow directions. You will feel pleasure when you obey."

Ashley didn't need to hear a question to know what the answer was. "I obey!" she whimpered loudly, feeling a surge of arousal throbbing through her pussy as the words escaped her lips. She was so close now, so desperately needy, and all she wanted to do was lose herself in the spiral, let her thoughts melt away into nothing, and cum. She knew it would feel so good to stop thinking and cum. She knew it would make her perfectly obedient. She knew it would make her a good slave. "Please!" she moaned, desperate for a command to follow so she could experience that ultimate pleasure.

"Good slave," the vehicle said as it slowed to a stop. "Obey and cum."

Ashley's eyes closed tightly as her climax hit, the patterns swirling behind her eyelids as she lost track of everything but the endless pleasure. Her thighs clenched tightly around her rubbing hand, pressing it up against her cunt as she squirmed in mindless bliss. She heard herself squealing in ecstasy, her hips bucking against the restraints as she came and came, and her thoughts washed away under the sensory onslaught. All she could do was cum now. All she could be was a good, obedient slave.

The pleasure eventually dimmed, but Ashley's mind remained blank as she finally came down from her orgasm. She heard a click, and the computerized voice said, "You have reached your first destination, slave. Please disembark and allow yourself to be guided to your next destination." She stood up, wobbling on her platform shoes as she stepped out of the vehicle into a garage that she had never seen before in her life. Her skirt was disheveled, her panties a sticky mess, but she didn't notice. She only knew that she was obeying.

There was a person there waiting for her, one she didn't recognize. She didn't care who they were. They were there to guide her, and she loved to be guided. The stranger took her hand and said, "Come with me, slave." And obediently, automatically, Ashley allowed herself to be led.


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