tagRomanceAutumn Clematis Ch. 01

Autumn Clematis Ch. 01



This story came about through email exchanges between me and a woman I met through Literotica. We live about 1100 miles apart, have never physically met, and probably never will. We decided to write a fantasy together by exchanging emails. I wrote a section, then she responded, and this back-and-forth continued.

Please excuse the frequent lack of explicit cues as to who is saying what. It was always clear to us, but you'll have to figure it out for yourself.

This entire story is presented as 4 posts containing 17 parts.


Part 1

I really hope that today won't finish the way that it's started.

First, traffic was stalled for half an hour on 119 into town. I just barely managed to get to my massage studio in time for my first client, who I'd never seen before.

And I wished that he'd never shown up. He was obviously gay, which is fine with me, but he tried to hit on me during the massage. I threw him out.

And as if that wasn't enough, today the temperature is a hot and humid 100 degrees. And the air conditioning isn't quite up to the load, so the studio is a bit warmer than desirable for massage.

What else could possibly happen? But then I look at my appointment book and smile. Things are probably going to take a turn for the better. One of my favorite clients, Nina, will be in soon for her every-other-week massage. She's been coming to my studio for a few months, after the LMT who she used to see moved away.

Nina and I get along fabulously, chatting about almost everything, sometimes even while I'm massaging her. She always has a smile on her face and a twinkle in her lovely blue eyes that make my juices start running. In any case, after massaging Nina the rest of the day always seems to go right, and I expect today will be no exception.

Part 2

I've been looking forward to seeing him all day.

As I showered this morning, I took special care with shaving my legs, wanting my body to be extra smooth. I used a silky body lotion in a scent I know he likes. I chose my outfit carefully, something a little more revealing than my typical professional looking business suit. I don't know why I worried about that so much since he always has me out of my clothes in a matter of minutes.

Victor is my masseur. I've been seeing him for months. We've become good friends during this time and we always find something to chat about before or after the massage, sometimes during as well.

A visit to Victor is always the perfect way to end a stress filled day. I can feel all the cares of the world flow out of my body as I'm lying on the table, naked beneath the thin, soft drape. The subdued lighting, the relaxing music turned up just loud enough to block out all outside noises, the scented candle filling the air with a combination of vanilla and lavender all set the stage for me to transport my thoughts elsewhere.

Victor's wonderful hands, so soft yet firm upon my skin, coax my knotted muscles into submission. His soothing voice so calming and reassuring. Often I find myself asleep at some point during the hour, but lately, my thoughts have turned elsewhere.

During a massage, and even at other times, I've found myself wondering what it would feel like to have the drape removed, and be totally exposed and open to Victor. To feel his hands on my breasts, my stomach, my behind. To have those skilled fingers find their way to other more private, sensitive places.

During my drive to his office, I can think of nothing else. The thought arouses me and I know that it won't be hard for him to tell, even beneath the drape. My wetness and the scent of my arousal will be impossible for me to hide. I've thought about asking him not to use the drape but I'm not sure how he'd react. Perhaps I will work up the nerve to do so today.

Part 3

The buzzer to my studio sounds and I let Nina in.

She smiles, and we enjoy a nice long firm hug. But as we separate I notice that there's something different about her today.

She's not wearing her business suit, but something more sensual, somewhat more revealing. Her outfit now sports a bit of décolletage. I find it difficult to avoid staring at her cleavage, not wanting to be too obvious of my interest. And she's wearing the scent that I find most enjoyable. There's something else too, something in her eyes that I've not seen before. It's some kind of uneasiness or uncertainty, as if she's not exactly sure about something. And, just below the surface of the scent she's wearing I detect what might be the additional smell of arousal.

I think that today she might be considering what I've been hoping for. But I think she's still not made up her mind. And now I'm certain that that's the reason for her scent, her appearance, and for what I see in her eyes. It all fits. I'll have to help her along a bit, make it easier for her to make her decision. I just hope that my growing feelings for her are not causing me to imagine things.

I hold her at arms length, spin her around and tell her that she looks absolutely fabulous, and that she smells especially wonderful today. I decide to tease her a bit and tell her that my favorite scent seems to have perked up a bit on her, and that I wonder what it is. A quick blush passes over her face, but she keeps her cool and says she doesn't know what it could possibly be. I'm now more certain.

I apologize for the poor air conditioning and point out that the massage room might be a bit warmer than comfortable for a massage. Her eyes show a sudden surprise at this comment and a very brief smile comes and goes almost instantly. Maybe she thinks she knows where this might be going.

I point out to her that there are some solutions to the problem. One is that we postpone the massage until the air-conditioning is repaired. I'm almost certain she won't go for that. The next possibility has to do with draping options. She could decide to have the massage as usual and live with the heat. Or we could try less draping to alleviate the heat. She asks about this, as I hoped she would. Possibilities include using small towels to respect her modesty. Or she could choose to retain her bra and panties but be undraped otherwise.

The other possibility is that she try European style, completely undraped, as a few of my other clients do. I point out that it's her decision to make, and I won't try to convince her to do anything she doesn't feel comfortable with.

I tell her to think about it while I show her to the massage room, which is all set up for her. She immediately notices that the room has a new scent, and I show her the new picture on the wall. I explain that the vine in the massage picture, although not in bloom, is autumn clematis, responsible for the scent that's in the room, and the scent that will be in the massage oil. I don't explain the setting of the massage picture at all, but she obviously notices how romantic and idyllic it is and comments on how romantic the bed and setting are.

After telling her to make herself comfortable I leave the room and close the door. I wonder what I will find when I come back.

Part 4

While Victor leaves me in the room to undress I ponder some of the things that transpired while he greeted me. Perhaps it is just my imagination running away with me in light of some of my own thoughts lately, but it did seem to me that our usual hello hug was just a little longer, a little closer than usual. He compliments my clothing, my choice of scent. He seems even more attentive than usual.

And the lack of air conditioning, is this really the case? Could he have read my mind during my last few massages and purposefully set the temperature a little warmer? He brought up the option of an undraped massage. I've thought about this possibility for weeks and now he's made it easy for me. I don't even have to ask about it. Could this possibly be a coincidence??

Looking around the room, it could not be more sensual or seductive in its new design. I know he changes it with the season, and of course he has other clients but he seemed especially intent on pointing out the changes to me. Did he do this just for me? Although today is an unseasonably warm Indian Summer kind of day, the warmth of Victor's room design is quite inviting. The new colors and scents are enveloping, warm, sensual.

I have finished undressing now. My hand wanders to my breasts, my nipples, even in this warm room, hard and rigid. Trailing my fingers down my stomach I discover the moist hotness between my legs, a small moan of pleasure escapes my lips as I touch myself. My arousal will be unmistakable to Victor. I wonder what he will think, I wonder if I should really do this.

I look at the table with the now optional drape lying on it. I pick the drape up and sit it on the chair with my clothes. Trembling, I lay down on the table, adjust my face in the cradle and ring the bell to signal to Victor that I am ready for him. Ready, in so many ways.

Part 5

I hear the bell signalling that Nina is ready. But as usual I allow a few minutes for her to relax on the table. Then I gently knock on the door and enter.

Upon entering I'm delighted to find she has chosen the undraped option, at least while lying on her front. I hope she'll continue that way when it's time to turn over.

Since the human body is not built to lie face down on a flat surface, I lift her feet and place a bolster under her ankles.

Then I stand at the the head of the table, gently rub her shoulders and neck a bit and talk to her before continuing. "I think you've made the right choice, and that you'll not want to go back to a draped massage. However, if you change your mind and reconsider just let me know and I'll respect your wishes.

"This massage will be very much like the draped massages you've been receiving. But now there are a few things I can massage that I couldn't really do before, and things I can do better. I think you'll enjoy it and that you'll find it more sensual.

"During the massage if there's anything at all you want, or don't want, just let me know."

I begin the massage by placing one hand between her shoulders and the other just at the top of her buttocks, rest them there, and slowly slide them together and then apart a few times. I detect some real nervousness. She's probably not absolutely sure that she's ready for this. I need to be very tender and respectful.

But after just a few strokes the nervousness and apprehension that I had detected in Nina's body seem to disappear. She now seems more relaxed, ready for the massage, and has gotten over the initial apprehension of being nude.

The massage proceeds much like a draped massage but with some modifications and additions.

I truly enjoy feeling her smooth skin beneath my hands. Her legs and thighs seem especially smooth and silky today. She must have prepared especially for this session. I'm now convinced she had this kind of session in mind but wasn't sure either how to request it or how I'd react. I wonder how far she's willing to go, not now, but in later sessions. I intend to push the limits just a little bit, to get some idea of whether or not she might be open to more intense sensual and erotic experiences later.

I begin massaging Nina's buttocks just as in a regular therapeutic massage. I drip warm oil onto a cheek and begin to rub it in, first gently, then more firmly. I hear Nina say softly, "Ummm, that's so nice." And I do the other one.

Now I decide to administer more sensual attention, outside what is acceptable in a purely therapeutic massage. This will help me understand her willingness to explore further in later sessions.

I work each cheek more deeply than before, exploring and prodding all around with my thumbs. I knead her cheeks in wide opposing circles, which opens up her crack and lets me see her rosebud. I use both hands to encircle and massage first her left cheek and then her right. In order to grasp each one I have to place the edge of my hand deep in her crack, a risky move that might offend her. But Nina's sighs shows she's enjoying the experience.

Just as I'm almost done with her buttocks she tells me that she's really enjoying what I'm doing and so I continue a bit longer. I use one hand to hold her cheeks separated while the other hand lets two drops of hot oil fall in her crack. She sighs, "Ohhh that's nice" as I stroke the edge of my hand inside her crack and glide over her rosebud without penetrating it. She purrs in delight.

After finishing there I do long strokes along her body that extend down closer to the table than normal, occasionally brushing the sides of her breasts. All the while she is moaning, "Ummmmm."

I spread her legs a bit to make it easier to work on her legs. When I'm working at the junction of leg and torso, which I couldn't do when she was draped, I'm able to almost completely encircle her leg with my hands, including her groin area, and rub in warm oil. However I am careful to avoid her pussy, even though I come extremely close.

Her moans indicate she is truly enjoying this new experience. She would probably be open to some stimulation of her pussy, quite visible to me. But I'm not sure she's ready for that this time, and so I decide to leave it.

Before having her turn over I wipe the oil off her back with a cool damp cloth. I wipe every part of her, and matter-of-factly go deep in her crack; there is no objection from her. After I dry her off I dribble powder down her back, and then distribute it with light feathery strokes. I am careful to get every inch that I have massaged, including that same crack. By this time she is purring, in obvious rapture.

I whisper in her ear, "Nina, it's time to turn over. Do you want to have your front covered, or do you want to continue this way?" Her response is one word, "Undraped." And then softly, "This is wonderful! So much nicer!"

As she slowly turns over I'm treated for the first time to the full unfettered heavenly sight of her revealed charms. Her breasts are full, ripe, mature, resting on her chest. They are tipped with lovely nipples, now fully erect like pencil erasers. How I would love to grasp them, to suck on them. But that would be going too fast at this point. I can wait for another time. She needs to know that I'll not violate her trust. I see her nicely trimmed pussy hair, damp with arousal, inviting attention. And I smell her arousal. She is an erotic vision of aroused womanhood.

She stretches a bit, raising her chest, which only adds to the eroticism of the vision.

I glance over at the picture on the wall, the one of the four-poster bed. I stand there imagining how beautiful she would look on that bed. I hear "Victor?" I guess I've been dreaming a bit too long. "I'm sorry Nina, but something was occupying my mind. I didn't mean to ignore you like that." And I refocus my mind on the pleasant task at hand.

I place a bolster under her knees; it not only raises them but spreads them slightly and now I see deep between her thighs what was once hidden by the drape. I place a block under her neck and head, and she rests there, eyes open, a smile of satiation on her face. I gaze into her her eyes, delight in the sparkle that I see there, and smile at her for a few seconds. Already she is completely limp and relaxed, and the massage is only half done.

As usual I sit on the stool at the head of the table and massage her head, neck, face, ears, nose, and lips. And then I continue massaging her front.

Again, there are a few changes relative to a draped massage. I've spread her legs a bit, so that when I work on the fronts of her legs and thighs I have no difficulty continuing the strokes extremely deep, right to her groin. Her pussy is in plain view, dripping from arousal. But again I avoid it, as I'm not quite sure yet of her limits.

When I do long strokes they extend upwards to the very edges of her breasts, and I make sure to touch them, but just barely. And when I rub her abdomen I apply extra oil and work down as close to her pussy as I can get. I make sure to spend extra time massaging her lower abdomen with hot oil, always getting as close to her pussy as I can without touching it.

When I massage the front of her shoulders I extend the massage to the tops of her breasts, and when reaching over to her side I brush the outside edges of her breasts as well. But otherwise I keep my hands off of them.

And when I'm done with the oil I wipe all of her front with another cool damp cloth. I make sure to wipe deep into her groin and include her pussy, but in a matter-of-fact kind of way.

When I wipe her torso I extend right up to her breasts and briefly under them a bit. After drying her off I dribble powder up and down her torso, a sensual shower of gentle touches that arouses her nipples once again. It's so erotic to see her nipples rise and fall. I distribute the powder with light feathery touches. I casually move each breast aside, apply powder around it, and move it back.

I'm done with the massage, but I pause to take in what I see before me. Nina is totally relaxed. Her legs are spread in total abandon. Her breasts with their erect nipples rise and fall in time with her relaxed breathing. An expression of total contentment is on her face. And I am now much surer that she's open to a much more sensual and erotic experience next session.

I place a hand flat on her abdomen, just above her pussy, and one on her chest, between her breasts, and rest them there for a minute. Her nipples are so fascinating, seemingly begging for attention, and I decide to take a chance. I lean over and lightly kiss first the right nipple (she gasps), and then the left. Then I kiss her forehead, tell her that the massage is finished, that she can stay there and relax until she feels ready to get up. And then I glance at the picture again and leave the room.

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