tagRomanceAutumn Clematis Ch. 02

Autumn Clematis Ch. 02



This is the second of the four chapters of this story, and will read better if you start with the first chapter, which also explains how this story came about.


Part 6

I lay on the table for a few moments reflecting on what had just transpired. I was so aroused, my nipples hard, my pussy dripping. My mind was spinning. Victor's response to my decision to have an undraped massage brought as many questions as it answered. As I thought about this, my hand travelled downward, finding my swollen, wanting clitoris. I began to rub slowly at first and then quickening my tempo. My other hand found one breast and then the other, rolling the nipples between my fingers. The nipples that Victor had oh so briefly kissed! In my heightened state of arousal it did not take long to bring myself to orgasm, all the while imagining that it was Victor's touch providing such delight.

As my breathing began to return to normal, I slowly got up and began to dress. What was I to make of this? Was I letting my imagination run away with me again? The massage itself was as professional as any draped one he'd ever given me. His finger tips coming so near to my pussy, yet not really touching, and the way he moved my breasts to apply the powder, this was almost clinical in manner. But those kisses, sweet and oh so fleeting, there was nothing clinical about that.

And the massage of my buttocks - much more complete than usual and he's never touched me near my anus before. Surely that is not a routine part of any kind of regular therapeutic massage.

Yet neither was done in an overtly sexual manner. Still, he had to be aware of my arousal. There is no way he could have not noticed my erect nipples, the moisture clinging to my mound. Perhaps all of his female clients react this way to a nude massage? But again, I think about his lips on my nipples....does he do that to everyone?

Now fully dressed I ponder what to say to him as I leave the massage room. We generally chat for a few minutes before I leave; usually he asks me questions about my work day. But today I decide that I need to direct the conversation. I must make some comment on what just happened, I must let him know I enjoyed it. Somehow I need to let him know that I would welcome even more sensual contact but I need to do that in a totally nonthreatening way in case I have completely misread his intent. My hand on the door, I take a deep breath as I open it.

As usual, Victor is waiting for me near the door with a glass of water. I reach to take it from him using both hands, and I wrap my fingers around his hand, holding on for a moment. I look at him squarely in the eyes and say "Victor, I've never enjoyed a massage more. Air conditioning problems or not, I don't believe I'll ever go back to a draped massage .... if that's okay with you?" I took the glass from his hands, sipping the water without breaking eye contact.

Part 7

I had waited a bit uneasily for Nina to leave the massage room. I certainly hadn't wanted to get her upset during the massage; but yet I felt the need to see if she was willing to explore her sensuality a bit.

I'm glad she's right up front about enjoying that massage, and that she'd like to continue like that. But there's something behind the way she's looking directly into my eyes, holding my hand in a way she's never done before. I think she's wondering where we go from here, and not quite sure how to bring it up. Well, if I've got it wrong about her I'll probably lose her, but I've got to be honest with her.

I look directly at her, take her free hand, squeeze it affectionately, and put on a big smile to hide the butterflies in my stomach.

"Nina, I think this massage was a wonderful new experience for you. I know I enjoyed pleasing you. And I'm really happy you want to continue the same way. You'll be glad.

"I must confess that I did a few things that were not quite strictly therapeutic. I hope that I didn't do anything to upset you. But I thought you might want start to experiment a bit with some sensuality and eroticism.

"For me, seeing you at peace, totally relaxed, trusting in what I do, is a wonderful compliment. And you've such an attractive body that it's a treat to see it. I'm not sure which of us enjoyed today more."

Part 8

"Oh Victor, I bet you say that to all your female clients" Nina says, with a sly grin on her face. "I did wonder a bit though, if everything that happened in there was of a completely therapeutic nature. Not that I'm complaining."

"No, I don't say that to any of my other female clients. And I think you're quite perceptive. And I'm glad you're not complaining," I say returning her sly grin. "You've been a special client from the time you first came here and I always look forward to seeing you. What's on your mind?"

"Well Victor, I feel very comfortable here with you. But .... your massage room seems so, well, feminine. I know you have male clients, I've seen them coming into your office after me. How do they feel about it?"

"Come with me. I'll show you something that might help clear things up a bit." I open the door to the other massage room so she can check it out.

"This room seems almost clinical in comparison to the room I've always been in. It's nicely done, and certainly soothing but there is nothing even remotely sensual in its decor.

"So now I'm even more confused. Why two rooms?" "I see almost all of my clients in this room. All my male clients are treated there, and almost all of my female clients as well.

"The room where we meet is actually a resource for the community of all kinds of therapists to which I belong. I rent it out to members of the community on an as-needed basis. They use it for a variety of therapy-related things that require a relaxing feminine setting. It's in use quite often, just usually not by me.

"Right now I've only two massage clients in that room. You're one of them. The other is one of the therapists who convinced me to set up that room for the community."

"But how did I end up there?"

"When you first came to see me there was something about you that told me you have a very sensual nature. Without even thinking I decided that you needed a more sensual and welcoming place for your massages. I hoped you might even ask for a bit more sensuality. But it would have been unethical of me to take any liberties without you explicitly asking and giving permission. And I just couldn't come up with some way to make it easy for you to ask for what you wanted."

"And then the air conditioning broke."

"It really did. Sometimes things just work out that way. So I gave you some options, left it for you to decide, and hoped you'd make the right decision. And you did.

"But I acted a bit unethically when I touched you in ways that are not a part of therapeutic massages. However I felt that was the only way to let you experience some things that I was pretty sure you wouldn't ask for."

"Like kissing my nipples?" she says with a smile.

"Yes. I felt I just had to nudge you a bit. And now I'm hoping that you'll feel more free to be open about what you want. And I did enjoy doing that too, I must confess."

"Do you give your other female clients undraped massages?"

"Yes, I do. But only if they request it; you might be surprised how many do. But the massage remains completely therapeutic.

Occasionally a woman who's lived in Europe will request that I massage her breasts. And I do, but I don't touch or kiss her nipples. It's all strictly therapeutic."

"Victor, I did enjoy today's massage - all of it, ethical or not. And I can only imagine how wonderful it might feel to have you massage my breasts. Are there other more sensual things that can be included in a massage?"

"Well Nina, I'd love to offer you the absolute limit in sensuality, a complete full body sensual massage. Like today's massage you're nude, and it includes all the therapeutic features.

"But in addition no part of your body is avoided, which will be more open than before. For example, your legs would be spread further to facilitate longer, deeper and more intimate strokes. It's extremely sensual and definitely quite erotic. I'd never offer it to any of my other female clients; this would be just for you.

"But just to be clear, there's no sex involved. And of course you can always stop me if anything upsets you."

"Victor, what you've just described sounds very enticing. You and I have known each other long enough that I know I can trust you won't do anything I'm not comfortable with. Let me think about it until my next appointment, okay?"

Part 9

The moment I left Victor's studio the last time, I knew I wanted to experience a more complete and sensual nude massage. I also knew I was playing with fire. My feelings for Victor had increased and there were subtle signals from him that perhaps his feelings for me were more than clinical.

He was dead on in his assessment that my sensual side has been hiding. That has been true for quite some time. During the last two weeks I've thought about the last massage, those almost sexual touches, our conversation after, over and over again. Sharing this with him might be tough for me, yet nothing or no one had stirred me as he has.

The safe course of action might be to keep all this to myself, continue to visit Victor for more mainstream massages and just allow my fantasies to continue. By opening myself up to him, both emotionally and physically, I could be endangering the relationship altogether. Without knowing what he was really thinking it is impossible to tell. I've never been much of a risk taker and even as I walked in the door, I wasn't totally sure what I would do or say.

It's been two weeks since Nina experienced her nude massage with me. And she's back today for her regular appointment.

As usual I give her a tight hug. She's wearing the same outfit as last time. And I detect a faint trace of arousal again, almost masked by the scent she's wearing. But I also detect some nervousness, like before that last massage. I wonder if she's nervous about what might happen today.

"Nina, I'm so glad to see you. I know the last time was a wonderful new experience for you. And I know I enjoyed pleasing you. Just before you left I offered you a complete full body sensual massage and you said you'd think about it. You can tell me yes or no after you get ready."

I take Nina into the room, remove the drape from the table since she won't be using it, and present her with the two carnations that I always give to her to take after her session. The room is still scented with autumn clematis but I've increased the intensity; its sweet honey-like smell is now much more apparent.

To reassure her I hug her again, then look her straight in her eyes and say "I really enjoy pleasing you, and I'm looking forward to whatever you've decided on for today." Then I leave so she can get ready.

There seemed to be something different in the way he looked at me today, such intense eye contact. The hello hug seemed more personal, his words more pointed. I may be dreaming all this up, but at this moment I decide I want to know. I need to know where this may go.

When I re-enter the room Nina is not lying down on the table but is sitting on its edge, nude, with that twinkle in her eyes, although perhaps still a bit nervous. She is wonderful to look at. I put my hands on her shoulders, give her a quick kiss on the forehead, and make no secret of looking at her. "Nina, I always delight seeing you smiling, confident and happy, and especially today, naked."

She laughs at the "naked" comment. "Victor, you must know by now that I want to try your sensual massage. I knew this would be my choice before I left your office the last time. I want to experience whatever you have to offer. I want to tell you face to face instead of hiding my face in the cradle. What you said to me last time about needing to explore my sensual side is very true. I know I've been somewhat closed off to that for some time now. But I trust you to help me do just that. I'd never have guessed it, but telling you this face to face is a bit of a turn on. I can't believe I just told you that."

"It's absolutely ok to admit what you're feeling, especially today." I can smell her arousal but say nothing about it.

"There's nothing that will please me more today than helping you enjoy all the sensuality and eroticism that you're willing to experience.

"This will be something special from me to you; none of my other clients ever receive anything like this. I don't touch any other client like I'll be touching you, and I'll be saying things reserved for us alone. And I do want to assure you that we won't be having sex. If there's anything that makes you uncomfortable during the massage please let me know.

"You'll enjoy this experience most if you're absolutely open and explicit about what you like and don't like. Just let yourself go. Don't hold anything back. You'll find just doing that to be a sensual experience in itself."

She asks for some water, and while she's sipping it I sit next her and reach around and work her neck and shoulders to relieve her jitters. As I work on her neck and shoulders I almost lose myself in the picture of the four-poster bed. I can't stop imagining what it would be like for us to be together there. What happens now will tell me a lot about the chances of that ever happening.

After she finishes sipping the water she lies face down on the table and I begin.

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