tagRomanceAutumn Clematis Ch. 03

Autumn Clematis Ch. 03



This is the third of four chapters in this story. The introduction to chapter 1 explains how this story came about.


Part 10

I start the massage by spreading her legs and placing separate small bolsters under each ankle.

"Are you comfortable Nina?" "Yes, thank you Victor. I will tell you that I'm just a little bit nervous."

"Just remember that you can stop me at any time. This is for your pleasure. I certainly don't want to do anything that upsets you.

"Incidentally, today I'll be using a warm water-based lotion instead of oil. Oil is not good for the more intimate parts of your body."

While she's in this position I perform a thorough therapeutic massage of her back, arms, shoulders, and spine. This helps her relax a bit, and relieves her apprehension. But today I put more of myself into each stroke. Each stroke is slower, and my fingers explore every inch of her back. I try to put extra tenderness and care into each touch of her body.

"What you're doing feels especially nice today."

"This massage is special for you today and so I'm putting even more of myself into the way I'm touching you.

"You have such wonderful smooth skin. It's very relaxing for me to feel it in my hands. And I can feel you relaxing too.

"But now I need you to lift your hips off the table while I slide a pillow under you."

The pillow holds her hips up just enough that there is some space between her thighs and the table so that I can slide my hands completely around them. She's completely supported by the pillow so she can just relax. To allow me better access I spread her thighs way out.

There is nothing of her lower body hidden from view. Her pussy is damp with arousal and its scent begins to fill the air.

I wonder if he can tell how nervous I am. I'm sure I'm blushing. He may well be thinking this is just a professional massage....does he know how turned on I am? Do his other clients react this way? But he's told me that he'd never do this for any of his other clients, that he'd be doing things that are only for me. Oh my! This is not a regular professional massage at all!

And as if he is reading my mind, Victor says "Nina, being so vulnerable like this is part of sensuality and eroticism. And it brings out a bit of the exhibitionist that's in all of us. Just thinking about things like this can be very arousing; it's part of the whole experience. And I'm enjoying helping you along the way."

I guess I didn't really think much about what he said when he offered me this sensual massage and talked about exploring my sensuality . This is already more intimate and arousing than I'd ever imagined. But he seems convinced that this is right for me. And something inside me is telling me that this is what I've needed for a long time.

Oh how his hands feel so especially tender and caring today. And when he kissed my nipples at that last massage it so aroused me and made me want more. And today he's giving me more.

I wish my face wasn't hidden in the face cradle so that he could see the smile on my face. Oh yes, I'm going to totally abandon myself to his care and enjoy whatever happens. And I'll not hold back telling him how I'm feeling about what he's doing.

I grasp a leg and bend it to put her foot in a better position for me. I massage her foot with all the tenderness and passion I can muster. First I tenderly caress completely around it, top, sides and bottom. Then I pretend I'm making love to her foot as I annoint its sole with warm lotion and explore every inch with my thumbs. I rub each toe and explore it, pulling and squeezing it, as if it were one of her wonderful nipples that I can hardly wait to touch for the first time.

I slowly rub warm lotion into the leg. I do long slow strokes, proceeding deep along and completely around her thighs, very slowly so she can anticipate their slow progression towards her groin. Each stroke ends with my fingers grazing the lips of her pussy. The first time she gasps at the touch and then tentatively tries to spread herself even wider. I repeat on the other side and she adjusts her position again.

"Nina, I can tell you're enjoying this. Go ahead and spread your legs if it heightens your enjoyment. It's good for you to respond that way." And she does.

"Yes, sooo nice," I hear her whispering at each stroke. And then, "I so wanted you to touch me there last time."

"And I wanted to also last time. But it would have been taking advantage of your trust. But now that you've told me that it's ok I'll be touching and pleasuring your most intimate parts."

"Your hands feel so good the way you're touching me. I do want to feel them touching me everywhere."

I return to work on her buttocks. I annoint one cheek with warm lotion and lovingly and tenderly massage it in its entirety. My fingers probe all around it, my thumbs pressing deeply around, reaching into her crack for access to the edges of the cheek.

I hold her cheeks open and drip in a couple of drops of warm lotion. I hear a long "Ohhhh" from Nina as I stroke between her cheeks, making sure to continue to extend my strokes over the lips of her pussy. With my thumbs I continue to explore each smooth beautiful cheek. And as I work the insides of her buttocks I continually stroke across her rosebud.

"Victor, I've never experienced anything like this before. Last time I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but today, oooh....."

"There are wonderfully sensitive nerves here that give a lot of pleasure when stimulated. Most people don't know about them. And many people are shy about this part of their body. But I know I enjoy attention there, and I'm glad you do too. I'll work on this for a few minutes so you can relax and get into this new experience. Just let yourself go and let your mind and body get used to being massaged here."

For several minutes I continue to tenderly stroke inside her crack and across her rosebud and the lips of her pussy. I make sure to give a bit of extra attention to the small expanse of skin between her rosebud and pussy, the perineum. Nina continues to purr with satisfaction.

I drip a small amount of warm lotion directly on her rosebud. She gasps. Using my thumbs I play with its outer edges a bit, prodding it just a tiny bit. I know this is a new experience for her. She tenses up a little.

"Just relax Nina. Enjoy the feeling of the warm lotion, and let me help you loosen up there. I'll be very gentle as I open you."

I move my hands away for a moment to massage her cheeks. Then I return and again gently rub warm lotion in her crack and over her rosebud. I sense her tension slowly going away. Again I play with its outer edges a bit, move back to her cheeks, and rub warm lotion along her entire crack. When I return the next time her rosebud opens just enough, without resistance.

I drip warm lotion directly on it, carefully insert my middle finger and slowly rotate it as I penetrate just a short distance. I'm very careful to go very slowly and not too deep.

"Oh my! That is nice." "I was pretty sure you'd like it. I'll keep doing this for a while so you can enjoy these new sensations."

My finger remains there for a minute while the other hand drips more lotion around it as lubrication. And then while continually twisting my finger I very slowly and gently stroke in and out. I am careful to not go too deep, because the sensitive nerves I want to stimulate are right near the entrance. Fresh warm lotion continually bathes her crack as I work.

"Is it still good Nina?" "Don't make me talk. Just keep doing what you're doing. Let me concentrate on how nice this feels." And so I continue for some time, tenderly and slowly moving my finger in her anus, and gently fondling first one cheek and then the other. As I continue I sense her totally relaxing and giving in to the sensations.

With my free hand I reach under Nina, locate her clitoris, and gently fondle it as my other hand continues to work her anus.

Nina's breath quickens. I see her pussy lips open, longing for the penetration that won't be there. "Oh that's good. Whatever you're doing, don't stop"

I hear "Ohhh, Ohhh, Oh God, Oh God" as she cums for the first time today. I let my finger rest inside her anus for a moment and then slowly remove it.

"Oh, that was wonderful! Such a new experience!"

"I'm glad you enjoyed that. More will be coming." As quickly as possible I clean my hands. I don't see anything on them from her anus, but it's best not to take chances.

As she continues to come down from her release I tenderly massage her groin and completely around her thighs. I really enjoy their soft warm feeling and work right up into her groin again, massaging every part.

Her pussy is in a perfect position for me to attend it. I spread the fingers of one hand and run them along both sides of the outer labia. With the other hand I drip warm lotion directly on her pussy and proceed to stroke along the lips as Nina moans in delight. As her pussy opens again I slip in one finger and then another and stroke deeply in and out as she purrs in delight.

The smell of her dew is now mixed with that of the autumn clematis. My cock is hard and wants to be free of my shorts. But that won't happen today.

"What you're doing is so nice. You're really spoiling me. It feels so good!"

"I'm so glad you're enjoying this. We'll do more of this in a few minutes. But there are other things to work on first."

"I'm so looking forward to whatever's coming next."

I have no intention of bringing her to another climax at this particular moment. And so as I continue stroking I am careful to avoid her clitoris and her G-spot, and I slowly withdraw my attention from this part of her body.

"Nina, it's time to turn over."

Part 11

When Nina turns over I am again treated to the view of her charms. I wonder if I will ever find looking at her body an ordinary event. I hope not.

It seems to me that she might need a moment to catch her breath, I know I do. I ask if she'd like a sip of water before we continue, she nods her head. I pour her a glass from the pitcher I've brought into the room and as I hand it to her, her hands close around mine and she looks me squarely in the eye, not breaking contact for what seems like an eternity. "Thank you, Victor" she says with such intensity that I can't be sure if the appreciation is simply for the glass of water.

"Nina, it's such a treat for me to see you like this. You have such a wonderful expression of contentment on your face, and you seem to be enjoying the attention."

"I'm really enjoying this more than I ever imagined. I'm so glad I decided to to trust you completely."

As I start her front massage I spread her legs more than usual.

Then I sit on the edge of the table, lift her leg up so that her calf is resting on my shoulder and slide closer to her body. Nothing is obstructed now and I delight at the sight of her beautiful pussy, its lips open, wanting release. I would love to bend over to lick it, to taste her sweet nectar, to explore its depths with my tongue. I know that Nina would enjoy that too; but that will not happen this session.

I look up for a moment and gaze at the rest of her body. Her entire torso is like a present wrapped in beautiful smooth soft skin and punctuated by her delightful navel. Her breasts gently rise and fall in time with her relaxed breathing. Nina is looking at me, a contented smile on her face. I smile at her and look right in her eyes; feelings of peace and affection flow over me as I caress her leg with all the tenderness I can manage.

Then a kind of amused grin appears on her face as she realizes how completely open to my view her center is. "Do you like what you see Victor?"

"Yes, I do. And it's wonderful. Your pussy is like a beautiful flower that opens and releases its perfume. This is a real high for me." As she watches me I reach down, stroke her pussy with a finger, and raise it to my nose to smell her delightful dew. "You smell so nice. It's like I'm in a fragrant garden."

With her calf resting on my shoulder I have both hands free to massage her leg slowly and lovingly along its full length and completely around it. I close my eyes and pretend I'm making love to her. When a stroke reaches her groin I continue on, working deep into it, and finish by running my fingers lightly back and forth over the lips of her pussy. I continue strokes in this way for several minutes. And then I switch sides. All this time Nina has been purring without interruption. She's obviously enjoying this.

I hear a very quiet "Awesome." Having finished with her legs I turn my attention to her torso. As I massage the front of her shoulders, I let the strokes continue down over her breasts. And when her shoulders are done I move my complete attention to her full mature breasts.

I attend to her right breast first, and then her left. I use my fingers to smooth gently away from the nipple using only slight pressure. The strokes are very slow and tender and I repeat them several times. Then with a kneading-like motion I gently fondle the breast and apply some light pressure. Grasping the breast with both hands, I twist it slightly first clockwise and then the other direction. Next I use slightly heavier pressure to compress her breast all around, starting near the nipple and working outwards. And finally I grasp her breast at the base, gently stretch it towards the ceiling, and then allow it to flow gently back to its original shape.

"Nina, the way I just massaged your breasts was standard therapeutic practice.I thought you might appreciate knowing what that's like. Now I'm going to be much more sensual."

"What you just did felt really nice. I'm know I'll enjoy whatever you do next."

Now, using my fingers I lightly trace circles around both breasts in a kind of figure eight. Then I focus on her right breast, tracing in ever smaller circles until I reach her erect nipple and very lightly fondle it between my fingers.

"Mmmm Victor, that feels wonderful. My nipples are so very sensitive. When you kissed them that very first time it got me so aroused, even though those kisses were so fleeting. I would have welcomed so much more that day."

"Nina, I love your breasts. And they feel so wonderful in my hands. You are so blessed to have them and those wonderfully sensitive nipples. And I don't know who's enjoying this more, you or me."

A bit of warm lotion dripped onto her right breast brings a moan of pleasure. I use both hands to encircle her globe, caress it, and squeeze it. I repeat some of the therapeutic moves. I loose one drop of warm lotion directly onto her fully erect nipple, grasp it between my fingers, and gently pull it, then lovingly squeeze and twist it. I love tending Nina's large erect nipples.

I lean over, open my mouth, gently send warm breath over the tip of her breast, and lick its hard erect nipple with my tongue, lick the areola, and enclose it and the nipple with my mouth. After a tender nip I suck on her nipple and tease the area with my tongue. My lips close on her nipple and pull on it, then suck again. I continue this way licking and sucking, teasing with my lips, for many minutes.

I happen to glance up and notice that she's watching me. We smile at each other but she says nothing and just keeps moaning in pleasure. And then I do her left breast the same way.

The scent of Nina's womanhood has been filling the room for quite some time and has almost overpowered the scent of the autumn clematis. Her pussy is wide open, engorged, awaiting release, dripping her sweet dew.

I love to see a woman cum. A woman in the throes of orgasm is one of the most beautiful sights in the world. And giving a woman an orgasm is something I find very satisfying, something that I remember for days afterwards. So I eagerly look forward to bringing Nina to another release now.

I pour warm lotion on her stomach, just below her ribs, and use both hands to massage the entire area. I tease a bit around her navel and massage inside it with a finger. With my thumbs I gently prod around it, as if I'm trying to open it.

I teasingly drip warm lotion on her abdomen directly above her pussy and massage there in circles. This time as I work down into her groin I freely massage her mound. My hands open her pussy. I gently squeeze her lips between my fingers and fondle them, first the right, and then the left. I hear Nina sighing "Yes, oh yes, so good."

"Your lips feel so soft and silky. I could do this for hours. There's something about this part of you that's magical the way it attracts me." I continue fondling her lips for quite some time as she keeps purring.

Then I explore the depths of her pussy. I find her G-spot and begin rubbing it as her pussy opens and closes upon my fingers. "Ohhh", she gasps as I drip warm lotion on her clitoris and gently fondle it. One hand continues to stroke her G-spot as the other tenderly rubs warm lotion around her clitoris, tenderly squeezing and teasing its soft enclosure. I continue this way for several minutes, as long as it takes for her to become fully aroused.

Her breath begins to come in shorter and more frequent bursts as she builds towards her climax. "Use more fingers. Deeper. Deeper. Slow down a bit. Now a bit faster. You're getting me so aroused!" Suddenly she thrusts her pelvis up and throws her head back, her eyes closed. "Oh God, Oh God, Yes, OOOHHHHH!" I feel tremors race through her entire body. She lets out a quiet sigh of release, her body tenses and then she lies there silently, her breathing totally relaxed.

For a moment my hands move away from her center to let her briefly relax, but I still continue massaging all around it. And then I resume fingering her pussy, tending her G-spot, fondling her engorged clitoris again. I bend over, put my tongue into her navel and suck and lick it as my hands continue their work. She approaches her climax more rapidly this time.

"What you're doing to me is so incredible. I can't believe I'm going to cum again! Oh this is wonderful."

I wait for her to finish and slowly move my hands away from her womanhood. I take one of my fingers that was in her pussy and offer it to her. She asks "For me?" I nod and she smells and tastes her own nectar. Then I bring up it to my own face, to smell and taste, enjoying its exquisite sweet flavor. "I love your smell and taste."

"Victor I have to have something more in my pussy. What you've done is awesome, but I need something more to feel complete. I really want to feel your cock in me, but I know we're not going to do that. There's got to be something you can do. Please do something! Oh God I need something more!"

"I have a nice warm vibrator that I think will help. It not only looks like a cock, but feels like one too." When I turn it on it slowly vibrates, and little undulations move up and down its shaft. I show it to Nina. "For me? I guess it will have to do for now."

I lubricate it, and then slowly penetrate her pussy while we look right into each other's eyes. "It feels almost real. I can so easily pretend it's you and not a machine." With my other hand I drip more warm lotion around her clitoris and slowly and gently fondle it while moving the vibrator in and out. "Yes, this helps a bit. If you keep doing that I'll cum again."

This time Nina's orgasm is very quiet and relaxed. And she just sighs and smiles, "Oh, that was nice. Thank you. But I still want the real thing sometime."

"I think that would be wonderful for both of us."

I glance over at the picture of the four-poster bed and imagine us making love there. Her reactions have made it clear that she's harboring some kind of feelings for me. She's finally enjoying her sensuality again. I simply must tell her how I feel about her after we're done.

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