tagRomanceAutumn Clematis Ch. 04

Autumn Clematis Ch. 04


I wait for Nina to emerge from the room. She's been resting from her massage for quite a bit longer than usual. But of course the session was quite a bit longer than normal; and all the intense sensuality and intimate erotic touching and her orgasms might have overwhelmed her so that she needs more time to recover. I'm almost positive she enjoyed everything. But I could be wrong; perhaps she's decided that she let me go too far and doesn't know what to do and is afraid to come out.

But the door opens and to my great relief it is absolutely clear that she enjoyed everything. She looks absolutely radiant and she has a wonderful smile of satisfaction on her face. I'm both relieved and encouraged. I feel confident that when I express my feelings for her they'll not be rejected.

She immediately comes over to me, gives me a hug, then steps away and says "Victor, that was absolutely amazing. I can't even begin to explain to you how I feel... serene and relaxed, yet energized at the same time."

"I'm so very happy that you enjoyed what we just did. I enjoyed hearing your reactions and expressions of pleasure as I worked on your body. The ways I touched you and the things I said were for you alone; no other client will experience that from me. That you trust me so completely has touched me in ways I can't describe.

"I'm growing to care very much about you. I enjoy seeing you, talking with you, hearing about your day. I enjoy just watching you walk in the door. You've started to become an important part of my life. I'll never do anything to hurt you.

"But now I want us to take a really big risk together. I'd like us to become lovers. I'd like us to enjoy the special intimacies that lovers enjoy. And while we're doing that we'll get to know each other more fully. We'll share our hopes and dreams with each other. We'll share with each other who we are. And then we'll decide whether or not we want to make a permanent commitment to each other.

"Nina, will you be my lover? "I don't want to hear your decision right now, even if you know what it will be. I want you to think about it and live with your decision for a while, and become comfortable with it. A couple of days before our next session I'll call you and we'll meet, and I'll ask for your decision then."

I was practically flying as I left Victor's office. I wanted to scream out my "yes" to his question. But it seemed so important to him that I think it over and take some time with my decision. Could it be that he really hasn't had an inkling of the way I've felt for him all these weeks? I know it must be a big step for him to even think about a professional relationship becoming a personal one. He was so sincere and almost serious in his tone as he talked about this possibility. So very sweet. And so I will wait until I hear from him - and until I do I will have the pleasure of anticipating our next encounter.

Part 13

It's now been almost two weeks since I last saw Nina. I'm looking forward to her next session, only a few days away. But first I need an answer to the question that I asked her after our last session.

I call her. "Nina, your next session is just a couple of days away. And I told you I'd be calling before then. Right now I want to invite you to something special. I think you'd enjoy experiencing sunrise with me in my outdoor jacuzzi."

"Sounds wonderful Victor. I've never done that before with anyone. And it will be a good opportunity to talk. When did you have in mind?"

"Well, tonight it's going to be warm, and stay that way through tomorrow morning. The temperature will be just right for soaking in my jacuzzi. So I'm thinking that you could come to my place early tomorrow morning, before dawn, and we'll watch the sunrise together."

Nina eagerly accepts. I tell her I'll be really looking forward to it, and that she should arrive a solid hour before sunrise, while it's still dark.

It's quite tricky finding my place even during the day, especially with all the country roads. I give her very detailed directions about finding her way through Smicksburg to my place out in the countryside. And I suggest that she might want to bring her working clothes with her so she can go directly to her office from my place.

I wonder what her answer will be. I know what I'm hoping it will be; but I don't dare raise my hopes only to have them shattered. It will probably be a long sleepless night, just like every night since I asked her to be my lover.

Part 14

Victor's directions were very detailed and I even did a Mapquest search, but this area is pretty remote. I had no idea he lived out in the middle of the country. I was trying hard to concentrate on where I was driving, but my thoughts kept drifting to where I was going emotionally.

It had been a very long time since I had let myself trust not only a man, but myself with my emotions. Yet I was prepared to give my all to Victor. Funny, what began as a silly crush, a fantasy, all those months ago, might just now be the beginning of something wonderful. I wonder if he is as nervous as I am.

It's about an hour before dawn, still dark. The smell of autumn is in the air. But this season of Indian Summer brought with it a pleasantly warm night that has lingered until this morning. I'm hoping it lasts a few more days.

Nina should be here soon, to watch the sunrise from my outdoor jacuzzi, and more importantly to give me her answer. Everything about her at that last session indicated that she'll probably say yes; and during the massage she did say that she wanted my cock in her. So why am I so nervous? I just can't be sure of anything until I hear it directly from her.

All last night I slept barely a wink. I twisted and turned with both nervousness and an upset stomach stemming from apprehension that she won't take the risk. What do I do if that happens? I don't want to lose her and I don't think I could bear keeping her as just a client. I take a deep breath to try and calm myself. I pace aimlessly back and forth.

It's the first time that Nina has ever been here, and I'm hoping she doesn't get lost. I did give her extremely detailed directions. But all the hills and twisty country roads and sideroads here in Indiana County can easily get you lost. And on top of that she's coming in the dark. Every time I hear a noise I look to see if it's her. Where is she?

Just as I start to think it might not have been a good idea to ask her to come when it's dark she drives up. I take a deep breath and try to hide my nervousness.

I greet her, give her a big hug, and am relieved when she says she had no trouble at all finding my place. As I suggested, she's brought her work clothes, so she can go right to her office afterwards.

I bring Nina in for a minute and to show her where the toilet and shower are. Then we sit and chat a bit over coffee and toast. "Now we better start getting ready because we don't want to miss the show."

"Victor, I brought my bathing suit, but do I need it?" "No, it's completely unnecessary. There's no one else around and being nude won't be any problem. And besides, I was going to suggest that anyway."

I gather some towels for us and take Nina outside to the deck where the jacuzzi is lightly steaming in the pre-dawn air.

The pre-dawn night is clear, cloudless. The stars are still bright, easily seen. A tiny sliver of moon illuminates us just enough to barely see each other. We see the trail of a meteor shooting across the sky. We stand for a few minutes looking up.

This is a good time to ask Nina what she's decided. But before I can say a word she starts talking. "Victor, I can't wait any longer to tell you. Yes, I want us to be lovers. Yes, I want to be your lover. But I'm also quite scared about the risk we're taking. We have no idea what we're going to find when we start sharing who we are. But from the first day I started getting massages from you I've been able to trust you. And so I'm going to trust you again."

I pull her tightly to me. "I'm so happy and relieved with your decision. I've been so nervous since I asked you. I don't know what I would have done if you'd said no. I'm a bit scared about what might happen too. But the risk is necessary if we're to have the possibility of a future together.

"Let's initiate our new relationship at dawn. But right now let's get into the jacuzzi and wait for the sun."

I watch Nina as she strips. The darkness allows me to see only subtle hints of her body. She turns sideways and I see the outline of her wonderful breasts. Her nipples are erect, but in shadow. Her trimmed mound shows as a faint dark shadow.

She stands there naked, waiting for me to finish undressing. The anticipation has given me an erection, its shape easily seen even in the dim light. I see her trying to get a better view, and she makes no secret of her interest.

I take her hands, pull her to me, and give her a long firm hug. This is the first time we've been naked together and I enjoy feeling the warmth of her body against me. Her breasts with their erect nipples feel so good against my chest. "Nina, you feel so wonderful. I can hardly wait until dawn." We remain hugging like this for several minutes until I suggest we get into the jacuzzi.

As she lifts a leg high to climb over the side of the jacuzzi I try to get a good look at her wonderful pussy. I've seen her completely naked on my massage table, but I still feel drawn to the magic of her special part.

She sees me looking and shakes her head as if to say "You're just like every other man." But she's amused, not angry. And as I lift a leg to climb over the side, she goes out of her way to make sure I see her trying to get a really good look at my cock and balls. But in the dim light she can't. "I guess I'll continue to have to use my imagination", she comments. "I really don't need to imagine at all," I joke with her, "because I've got extremely good first-hand knowledge." For that comment she reaches over and gives my butt a wicked hard slap before I can sit down.

We sit next to each other in the jacuzzi as we look out over the deck towards the East. It's just starting to lighten up, and for the first time she sees that we're perched high on a gentle hill. Sunrise is still maybe a half hour away.

A sweet honey smell is in the air, autumn clematis on a trellis near by. It will continue to blossom for a few more days. "Victor, I smell the same scent that's in your massage room." "What you smell in my studio is an extract I made last year. I'll be making a new one from this year's blossoms. I make extracts from several other plants to use in my massage studio as the seasons change."

My erection has gone down because of the heat of the water. I reach over and start rubbing her neck and shoulders. She moves over and sits between my legs so that it's easier for me to rub her. After a while we're thoroughly relaxed by the jacuzzi bubbles. "Nina, it's starting to get too warm in the tub. Let's get out of the tub and sit on the deck together to watch the sunrise."

Today's pre-dawn morning is warm enough that we will be comfortable naked and don't need the warmth of the jacuzzi. A pleasant warm gentle breeze refreshes us as we get out of the tub.

The sun is still below the horizon, but starting to cast a glow into the sky. The stars are starting to fade from view. It has brightened enough that we can now see each other clearly. Fog is starting to lift from the valley floor. We hear a rooster crowing in the distance.

I take a soft towel and slowly wipe Nina dry. She sighs at the tender attention I pay to her body. Then I stand in front of her, my legs spread a bit. She wipes my back and buttocks, starts on my front, and kneels down to get my legs and thighs and between my legs. My erection returns and she is especially attentive drying it off. "Ok, you pass," she jokes. And then she carefully dries my balls with quite a bit more tender attention than is called for.

I sit down on a soft pad that's on the deck, expecting her to sit next to me. "What, you expect me to sit next to you? No way. Spread those legs so we can be like in the jacuzzi." As she nonchalantly sits down and nestles back against me and my hard cock she playfully twists her buttocks a little from side to side against it, treating me to a mini lap-dance. I enjoy the feeling of my cock nestled against her body. My arms reach around her, hugging her. As we watch the sun starting to appear my hands rub up and down her chest and casually fondle her breasts and squeeze her nipples.

"This is a wonderful way to start the day," she says as she snuggles to settle more closely against me. "I love the feeling of your hands touching me."

As we look out over the valley Nina sees a path leading down the hill from the house towards a small copse of trees. "What's down there Victor?" "There's a wonderful old foundation from the farm that was here. It's a nice quiet and private place to relax on a pleasant day. We'll go down there another day."

We feel peaceful and calm together as the show starts. I detect the now-familiar scent of her arousal. After just a few minutes we have to stop looking towards the sun, as it has become too bright. So we turn off to the side and let the sun's warmth caress our bodies.

"Nina, now that the sun is up let's make love for the first time. Let's make love right out here and enjoy the sun's light and warmth on our bodies." "That sounds wonderful," she says.

Part 15

"Making love with you for the first time is going be such a wonderful experience. And it's something for us to remember as long as possible", I say. "But the magic of our first time, the experience of our first intimacy, can happen only once. So let's do everything we can to make it as memorable as possible. Let's enjoy every physical sensation as often and as long as we can. Let's leave nothing unsaid that needs to be said. Let's share each and every sensation we feel. Let's take our time and not hurry at all.

"And we should be facing each other. It's a position used in Tantra sessions to enhance communication and intimacy. It will help us be more open as we initiate our new relationship as lovers. We won't have the freedom of movement afforded by more traditional positions, but it will be absolutely perfect for today."

While still seated we turn to face each other. "For this to be comfortable for us I've got to fetch a couple of chairs." So I get up and drag a heavy Adirondack chair around behind Nina; whenever she leans back it will support her back so that she won't have to use her arms. I position another chair the same way for me and then sit back down.

I spread my legs as far as possible and we slide towards each other so that my cock is against her pussy and her legs are over mine. She reaches down and takes me in her hand to guide me, and I gasp at the feeling of her touch. The coolness of her gentle hand is like an electric shock going through me. "Ohhhh, your hand feels so good on my cock. But be careful for a minute or I'll lose control."

I look at her smiling face, her eyes shining brighter than ever before. We sit quietly for a minute, looking intently at each other while I regain control. She maneuvers my cock so that its head is just touching the entrance to her center. We look into each others' eyes as the tip of my cock parts her nether lips, now ready for our joining.

"Victor, I'm truly ready for this. I'm warm and wet from just thinking about you and I so want you inside me."

Slowly we slide together, and I describe what I'm feeling as as our bodies join.

The words just pour out. "Ohhh, I'm feeling your lips open. The head of my cock is almost in and I feel your lips parting to admit it. I feel your lips closing around my shaft, adjusting to my shape. We've got to stop for a minute again. You've got me so excited. This feels so good. Now we can start again.

"Ohhh you're so tight inside, so smooth and warm and moist. I feel you surrounding every part of my cock. It's like being wrapped in satin. It's so good, so wonderful. I wish I could keep going deeper and deeper forever. Words can't describe how nice this is. I love being inside you, enjoying the feeling of you around me. It's so peaceful and calming, such a good feeling."

"Oh Victor.....I can't describe the feeling of having you inside me. It is exactly what I wanted and needed during my last massage, right after you gave me such a beautiful orgasm.

"The feeling of being filled up by your cock is so amazing. But to feel this connection with you this way is something beyond just physical. It's as if you are touching so many hidden places inside me, places that I've not let anyone near for a very long time.

"I want to pull you inside me deeper and deeper and never let you go"

The type of pad we're sitting on makes it easy for us to slide back and forth. So we keep slowly sliding almost apart and then completely back together, re-experiencing the sensations. When our arousal brings us to the brink of cumming we pause to avoid the orgasms that would end our celebration. And then we resume. We remain like this for quite some time, separating, rejoining, hugging, and enjoying this special closeness.

It seems so completely natural to sit intertwined like this, as if we've been doing it forever. We talk, and we caress each other, fondling everything within reach. "I think I'll never tire of how this feels with you." We both look down and watch as we slowly slide back and forth.

Our conversation starts to move from everyday things to what we have to talk about to get to know each other better. As we begin to share who we are, and begin to learn about each other, our intercourse fades from our attention until we are no longer joined. And so we remain intertwined but unjoined, captivated about what we're finding out about each other.

We bring our faces close to kiss. But then I stop. "Nina do you realize that this will be the first kiss we will actually share? I've kissed parts of your body during massages, but that's it. We just have to make our first shared kiss something extra special to remember about this day."

Suddenly memories of Nina's sensual massage come to mind. My recollections of watching her arousal, her orgasms, and her wanting my cock arouse me once again and make me hard. "Yes Victor, let's be together during our first kiss." And with tender anticipation we resume our physical intimacy. "It's just so incredibly beautiful making gentle love like this."

My hands reach out to touch Nina's face. I look into her eyes, "I never thought that it would mean so much to me to give you pleasure. In my studio when I saw you so relaxed and fulfilled it moved me beyond understanding. I always want to keep finding new and better ways of bringing you pleasure." We slowly slide back and forth, in and out of each other, arousing ourselves close to the brink of orgasm but careful to not go over.

I kiss her forehead, the tip of her nose, and then her eyes as she closes them. We touch noses, and then our lips touch, first lightly, then exploring, and then with more intensity. Her lips are warm, moist, soft, sensuous. I wrap my arms around her more tightly, trying to pull her entire body into me. I want us to be completely joined, not just our loins. My tongue reaches into her mouth and touches hers. Together they dance, teasing each other, while pushing, pressing, rubbing everywhere within reach.

Suddenly I feel a special kind of warmth rush through my entire body. It's not an orgasm, but something else, pure, beautiful, a sense of ecstatic joy and completeness. It seems to flow back and forth between us, drawing us closer. We slowly complete our kiss and look with wonder into each other's eyes. "Nina, did you feel that?" "I was going to ask you the same thing!" We sit there in silence, still joined, not knowing what to say, but knowing this truly was a special moment, the absolute high point of our celebration.

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