tagMatureAutumn Days Ch. 03

Autumn Days Ch. 03


Reading Chapter Two is a must to understand Chapter three, enjoy.


Jean McCullough was the older version of her daughter, the same reddish blond hair, maybe a pound or two heavier but with all of it in the right places. Her breasts were larger than Rachael's, the nipples on each getting hard as she watched her daughter stroke my hardening cock. She licked her lips and ran her hand over her breasts, taking the nipples between her fingers, pulling and twisting them as she watched her daughter stroke me. Rachael had said she and her mother had wondering how big my cock was when it was hard, fantasying on how it would feel inside their cunts, apparently this morning was show and tell, Rachel had come to find out, now like her daughter, Jean had come to find out.

I had expected Rachael to call and invite her mother sometime today, but Jean said Rachael had left her a note, apparently she knew her mother was coming and would be looking for her, seemed to me this had all been planned before today, made me wonder. Rachael had ask if I would screw her mother if she came up and from the way she was acting this morning I guess she assumed I would, seemed a bit forward of the young lady to take it for granted but what the hell, in for a penny in for a pound.

Rachael continued to stroke me, her mother running a finger down the crease between her legs and touching her clit, her other hand still playing with her nipples which caused me to harden to my full extent as her daughter continued to stroke me. She was a women in heat, the fire's intensity fueled by her daughter's actions.

"Come feel him mother, feel how hard he is," Rachael teased.

Jean came closer and put her hand next to Rachael's, never taking her eyes off him.

"Oh my dear God!!" she exclaimed, "I can't believe how big you are."

"He's bigger than Daddy's was then?" Rachael ask.

"Honey, he is longer and bigger around than anything I have ever seen, my fingers won't reach around him," she replied.

"I know mother," Rachael replied, "wait until he puts it in you're cunt, never mind your ass."

"You took this in your ass?" Jean ask.

"I did once but I never will again," Rachael replied.

Rachael ran her hand down over her mothers tummy and in between her mothers legs, "Your soaking wet mother," she said.

"Of course I am, I have never seen such a beautiful cock and it makes me wet.

"You don't know how many times I have watched you Amos, how many times I have wanted to feel this in me, I have never wanted a cock so bad in my life," she said as she pushed Rachael's hand away, leaned down and took him in her mouth. She went to her knees, sucking and stoking my cock with one hand the other between her legs playing with her pussy. Rachael watched her mother for a bit then pulled her up, turned her around and put her hands on the dock railing, "Bend over mother, bend over so he can fuck you, that's what you want isn't it, you want him to fuck you don't you, you want his big cock in your cunt don't you mother," Rachael taunted her.

"Yes, oh yes, oh my god yes!!" Jean exclaimed as she spread her legs a bit and bent over the rail, her bare ass directly in front of me.

"Put it in her Amos, fuck her silly," Rachael said as she guided my cock between her mothers buttocks and against the lips of her cunt.

"Oh my god," Jean exclaimed as the head slipped between the lips of her cunt , opening her, stretching her as it went deeper. I took her hips in my hands, using my thumbs to pull her buttocks apart as I pushed further into her, gently working back and forth, holding her open as my cock slipped deeper and deeper into her molten cavern. She was wet with anticipation.

"Oh my, oh, oh my god, oh please be gentle Amos, you're so deep, so wonderfully deep, oh damn, how much more is there, oh Jesus, oh shit, oh Amos, I don't think I can take it all," she groaned.

Rachael was standing beside us, caressing first me and then her mother, one hand between my legs fondling my testicles the other pushing on my ass urging me on.

"Give it to her Amos, fuck the bitch, fuck her like she has never been fucked before, make her your slut like you have me, fuck her darling, fuck her until she can't walk," she said.

I eased my way into her with a series of short strokes, going deeper each time until I was all the way in, the head of my cock pushing against the very bottom of her womb, well beyond where any real cock had ever gone, causing her to throw her head back and utter a muffled scream through her clinched teeth. I held her against me, flexing my cock, stretching her, making her wince in pain for a second but even then she backed into me, she had wanted my cock, and she had it, she had it all. I pulled back slightly and started fucking her, pulling back until only the head remained in her cunt, then driving back until my hips pushed against her buttocks. I fucked her this way, fucked her hard, caught up in the lust she and her daughter had generated. Rachael had relieved my testicles earlier so the need to cum was not even close as I pumped repeatedly into her. She put her hand between her legs and ran her fingers around her cunt lips, feeling my cock go in and out of her, then rubbed her clit, bringing herself to orgasm after orgasm as I fucked her. I held her by her hips, fucking her hard, my cock deep in her throbbing cunt until she said, "No more Amos, no more, please, I can't take anymore, please no more now, let me rest a bit,".

I put my arm around Rachael as I pulled out of her mother, turned her to the rail and stepped behind her, took her hips I my hands and pushed slowly into her dripping cunt, just as she had prompted me to do to her mother.

"Oh fuck yes, give it to me Amos, fuck me, fuck me Amos, fuck me, fuck me!!" she exclaimed.

I granted her wish, driving into her repeatedly then holding her tight against my hips as my cock exploded, pumping several strings of sperm as deep as they could possibly go, the head of my cock against her cervix causing her to go over the top and cum with me. Jean was watching me fuck her daughter, one hand on the rail the other between her legs, her finger rubbing her clit and I was sure joining us in one final climax.

Their fantasy had been fulfilled, there was nothing more to wonder about now, they had both been fucked and fucked hard, filled with cock, filled with the cock they had both fantasized about, the only difference being Rachael had felt my sperm wash her cunt, something I was certain Jean would feel in the very near future.

I pulled out of Rachael, walked to the end of the dock and dove into the lake, rolling onto my back as I surfaced, letting the water support me. Jean and her mother wadded out in to the lake, working there way out toward me. The water was shallow enough for me to stand which I did as they got closer. They stood next to me, putting their arms around me and pressing their bodies against me.

Jean ran her hand down my stomach and took hold of my cock, "Amos your positively amazing, you fucked both of us and your still half hard, I have never known a man that could do that, " she said.

"Motivation has a great deal to do with it Jean, it's not often I get to make love to two beautiful women," I replied.

"Do you think you could get use to it?" she ask.

"There is that possibility," I replied.

I wrapped the towel Rachael had brought around me and followed the two of them up to the cabin, holding each others hands as they walked, two extraordinarily beautiful women, both seemly obsessed with my cock, or was it any cock, made me wondered.

There was a large thermos of coffee and a box of fresh muffins waiting for us on the deck, another indication they had arranged all this before today.

"This is a surprise" I said, "just how long have you two been planning this?" I ask.

"A long time Amos," Jean replied, "I have watched you come down and swim almost every summer morning since you moved here and that's three years now".

"I never knew that mother," Rachael said, "you would have never told me if I hadn't caught you would you?"

"You were away Rachael and actually I was ashamed to admit I lusted after something I thought I could never have, and Amos I apologize to you, you must think I'm some sort of brazen slut," Jean replied.

"On the contrary Jean, if I had seen you and Rachael naked I would have reacted the same way, always wondering," I replied.

"But men are that way aren't they, always wondering what a women would look like naked and how she would be in bed," Jean replied.

"Some men I suppose," I answered.

"You don't?" she ask.

"As a passing thought maybe, I don't dwell on it," I replied.

"But your so well endowed, I would think finding a women to enjoy would be something you thought about constantly," she answered.

"Only if I chance to meet an extraordinarily beautiful women, like the two of you, then I, like you, I would wonder how she would be in bed," I replied.

"Have you had many women Amos?" she ask.

"Several," I replied.

"He admits to over twenty mother," Rachael said.

"My God," her mother exclaimed.

We sat sipping our coffee and nibbling on the muffins, each thinking our own thoughts, my eyes taking in their nakedness. Jean could certainly not deny Rachael being her daughter, they could easily passed as twins if you took Jean's age into account. I wondered about her, this beautiful women resigned to lusting after a man she had seen only though her binoculars, what of her husband.

"Jean, Rachael said her father was killed in Vietnam, was he in the army?" I ask.

"Yes, an Army chopper pilot, actually the squadron commander," she replied.

"Do you know how he died?" I ask.

"Only what the Army told me Amos, they said he took a flight of choppers into an area that was known for hostile fire, he didn't come back," she said.

"I'm sorry," I replied.

"Don't be Amos, Rachael's father was so full of his own self importance that very few of his own men liked him, I don't know if they pushed him out of the chopper or if it was actually shot down, he wanted to be a hero, wear a chest full of medals and would do damn near anything to achieve that goal," she replied.

"Mother you never told me any of this," Rachael said.

"Rachael you were only two years old when it happened, you never new him, he never even so much as held you in his arms," she replied.

Rachael looked at her mother, "Did you ever love him?" she ask

"Love, define love Rachael, I loved his flamboyant way, the dashing way he presented him self and I loved his big cock, he took my virginity Rachael, he took it and after a while he used me to get promoted, he shared me with his superiors, I was his whore Rachael, nothing but his common whore," the words coming almost as a sob.

"I'm sorry mother, I have always wondered why you never talked about him," Rachael replied..

"Rachael, you were all I had of something that had a bad ending, there was no need for you to know all the details about him," Jean replied.

"But you married Ted," Rachael replied.

"We not married Rachael, Ted is gay. It's a long story and I'm sorry I have never told you this before, I was Ted's private secretary before I met your father and continued to work for him until you were born. When your father was listed as missing in action he took us in to his home and looked after us through some awful times, he opened his home to us Rachael, he watched you grow up and loves you as much as if you were his own daughter," Jean said.

"Have you ever had sex with him?" Rachael ask.

"Orally, nothing more," Jean replied.

I wasn't particularly interested in listening to any more of their family history, excused my self and headed for the kitchen to find some breakfast or brunch actually after I looked at the clock. Breakfast was my favorite meal and my stomach was reminding me it was past that time. I had no idea what the ladies liked, they seemed content with coffee and muffins so I cooked for myself and added a little extra just in case. I could pick up bits and pieces of their conversation as I cooked, questions from Rachael, halting explanations by her mother, Rachael asking about her father, then Jean trying to explain her relationship with Ted. Life does take on some complex complications, Rachael confirming her step father was gay, she just thought he might be, and if he was then Jean was either getting her sexual needs met somewhere else or depending on her collection of dildo's for her sexual release. Rachael said she and Jean had shared them on occasion, I wondered if Jean had shared them with Teddy boy.

I didn't realize they had come into the kitchen, until one of them slipped her arms around me and ask what I was cooking.

"Bacon, egg and cheese on a toasted bagel," I replied.

"Can you make another one?" Rachael ask.

"Make that two more if it's not a problem," Jean added.

"It's not if you make a fresh pot of coffee," I replied.

They did dress before we sat down to eat, well sort of, each slipping into one of my shirts that they didn't bother to button. The conversation drifted between my cabin and theirs, if I had another home, did I intend to winter over here. I was a bit non-committal and truthfully so, as I didn't know if the shipping company I worked for would call me or not, if they did I would be gone for most of the winter, if not, then yes, I would winter over on the lake. Breakfast done, the three of us headed back out on the deck to take advantage of the morning sun, still warm even though it was the end of September, the beginning of autumn on the lakes. They sat across from me in one of the last remaining wicker gliders, swinging lazily back and forth.

"Rachael says you were a sailor Amos, were you in the Navy?" Jean ask.

"Until I retired and my wife passed away, then I went to sea on a container ship," I replied.

"Amos you don't seem the kind of man that would have been anything less than the Captain, am I correct?" Jean ask.

"You are," I replied.

"What year did you graduate from the academy?" she ask.

"I didn't Jean, I was a mustang, I started out as a seaman apprentice and worked my way up from there," I replied.

"I don't think you could have done that in the Army could you?" she ask.

"You could have, but it would have been rare as it was in my case, war has a way of making things happen if your in the right place at the right time," I replied.

"You seem reluctant to talk about your life Amos, is there a reason?" Jean ask.

"Not really, not many people are that interested," I replied.

"You mean little miss question's here didn't grill you?" she ask.

"I tried mother and got no further than you have," Rachael replied.

I filled our coffee cups and sat back down.

"My past, and both of yours, is something to always remembered, however painful, however wonderful, but it shouldn't dictate your life today, everyday is the beginning of a new adventure, something you look forward to when you wake up, something that makes you want to dive into the lake, walk in the woods, something that makes your body come alive," I said.

"Like making love to your neighbor," Jean said.

"If that's what makes you come alive," I replied.

"Well it certainly did this morning, more alive than I have ever been actually," she replied.

Rachael had been quiet for some time, trying to comprehend what she had learned about her mother I guess, trying to understand the complications of life, her mothers, mine, and most of all, hers.

"Mother, did Daddy actually get promoted because you did his superiors?" Rachael ask.

"I don't know Rachael, I do know promotions back then were hard to come by, and I was not the only one that peddled my body to advance my husband's career, if it did any good, I will never know, but he did get promoted," Jean responded.

She turned to me. "Did that sort of thing happen in the Navy Amos?" she ask.

"I'm sure it did, but I was not a part of it, I was never part of that group," I replied.

"Were you married then Amos?" Jean ask.

"No, not until much later, after I retired," I replied.

"Might I ask what you were in the Navy Amos?" Jean ask.

"I was a Navy Seal," I replied.

"Is that where you got the scars on your body?" she ask.

"Some of them," I replied.

The sun was nearing high noon, the final days of the tanning time in the north country, if you wanted the suns rays it was 'last call' and both Rachael and her mother took advantage of it. Both took off what little clothing they had on, took the cushions off the deck chairs and stretched out on the deck. I don't know if they planned it, it didn't matter, but they laid down with their feet toward me, giving me an unrestricted view up their legs and the valley between the cheeks of their butts and a hint of their womanly treasure.

"Amos do have any sun screen?" Jean ask.

"I do, do you think you need it?" I ask.

"If you don't mind, Rachael and I both have very sensitive skin and burn very easily," she answered.

I retrieved a bottle from the deck storage cabinet and offered it to her.

"Would you put some on my back?" Jean ask.

"And when you finished would you do me to?" Rachael chimed in.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to know where this was going and I was not about to object. I worked my way between them, poured a generous amount of lotion on each one of their backs and using a hand on both, spread the lotion on their backs. I wondered at their response as I worked my way down their backs and I stopped at their waist line then did down the sides of their bodies and their arms.

"Don't forget my butt and my legs Amos," Jean said.

"Mother did you really think he would, he's teasing you," Rachael giggled.

"How do you know that?" Jean ask.

"I know him mother, he will tease you until you beg him to fuck you and then tease you some more until you can't stand it any longer," Rachael replied.

"Did he do that to you?" Jean ask.

"Yes mother, several times and I came the second his cock touched my cunt, he didn't even put it in, it just touched me," she replied.

"Will you do that to me Amos?" Jean ask.

"Is that what you want?" I ask as I poured lotion on her buttocks and let it run down her crack. I used both hands this time as I moved over and straddled her legs, working the lotion into her buttocks with both hands then followed it down between her legs and over her rectum.

"Oh god" she exclaimed as my fingers touched her there. I raised up enough to push her legs apart so I could kneel between them and started rubbing oil on her thighs, working ever closer but never touching her pussy lips, even when she raised her hips up to my touch. I stopped and moved over to Rachael causing Jean to whimper, "Don't stop now, please,"...

"You are a mean man Amos, " Rachael said, soft enough so her mother couldn't hear.

"You think?" I replied.

"I know you are and I love it, make her beg, make her a slut like you did me you bastard," she replied.

"Will you help me?" I ask.

"What, help you make her beg?" she ask.

"Yes, make her beg and then both of us can suck her and fuck her stupid," I replied.

"If you promise to fuck me in the process, she replied.

"That's a given pretty one," I replied.

Rubbing and caressing the two of them had given cause for my appendage to come alive, not rock hard but hard enough that he had the capability of giving both ladies a turn about if you will. I did the same thing to Rachael that I had done to her mother except when I knelt between her legs I pushed them wide enough that the head of my cock touched the lips of her cunt. She pushed back and I pulled away, she pushed back and I pulled away further.

"You bastard," she whispered.

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