Autumn Takes Them All


I knew that meant she was also close so I stopped. No early release from this prison of lust. Then to fully add to the surprise and naughtiness of the situation I used the fingers I had just fucked her to stir our drinks. I even stirred hers with it. Rather than being shocked she simply smiled and drank deep. Then to show I wouldn't go farther than her she stuck my fingers deep in her mouth and licked them clean. I don't mean to be crude but she was always had the most amazing natural flavor. I would crave her and I was willing to please anytime she would let me.

She went to the bathroom again as I headed back downstairs. The guys were visibly bummed she wasn't back. I told them don't worry she would be back and handed them a drink. Inside I was smiling that no matter what happened now they were tasting at least a little of her. We turned back to the movie and a girl was busy getting fucked by a pair of guys. One guy was in her ass and the other in her mouth. They gave a nice close up of her shaved pussy. Again they asked if it looks familiar. I laughed.

"Which part the pussy or the ass fucking?" I asked for clarification.

"Umm, I meant the pussy... but okay either one?"

I said nothing but smiled. Both just kept pressing. "C'mon, she doesn't. No way."

Finally I shut them up with a single word. "Both."

The guys proceeded to be typical guys and began making fake bowing motions at me. "We're not worthy, We're not worthy." They chanted. Apparently the fact that I had fucked her ass and she was shaved made me the new king. I was okay with that.

"You are right, you're not." I laughed. Jason looked a little actually heartbroken.

"What is wrong?"

"Well, it has been months since I got any. Even then it was only a little with this girl who was so nervous she would only fuck in the dark in the missionary position. I would be lying if I didn't admit to being jealous." Jason confessed.

"Well I have been with my girl but only to second base. I have been blue balled for 6 months." Tim added.

"Okay, look, would it help to admit she just blew me a little upstairs? And wanted to fuck real quick." I asked mockingly. The guys answered with a hail of pillows and derogatory comments about my mom.

"Well if you are behaved I would be willing to at least give both of you your first look at a shaved pussy. But you don't tell your girlfriend." I indicated to Tim. "And you respect what ever she tells you. If you are gentlemen she will be open to it. She may even give you a little treat."

"We will be but are you sure you are okay with it?" Even with a hot girl and the offer of seeing her pussy they were cool about it. That locked it in for me. These guys might just be what we needed to fulfill her fantasy.

I explained that sex was not the same thing as love. Sex could bring us together in love but it also could simply be about the physical. Autumn was the same way, besides I told them I am only talking about a look, and only if you behave.

They agreed to do whatever she asked if the could see it. That really ensured tonight was a night to remember.

Down she came, the guys were super quiet. But all eyes were on her. She sat down confused and I gently shook my head out of her vision. The guys got the hint and turned back to the movie. I began to let my hands explore her body. Feeling and groping. She returned the favor. We had made out at parties before. Even fucked in the dark with others in the room doing the same thing but never had we done this. Lights on and only a few guys to witness. They would occasionally look back but their wasn't much to see. She was keeping the blanket high. You could tell my hands were on her breasts or in her shorts. I made sure the movements were exaggerated so they could see what I was doing. Then Jason got up to use the bathroom. On his way back down he would walk by the couch. I lifted her shirt but she tried to pull it down. Tim kept his back to us and was watching the TV. As Jason came down the stairs Autumn tried to lower her shirt but I smiled and held it high. My mouth came down on hers and my hand cupped her breast lifting it up and out but doing little to hide her exposed breast. He slowed for a second on the way by. I knew he was watching and so was she... My cock twitched in my pants.

"What are you doing" she mouthed to me. I whispered that I wanted her to be seen and be wanted. She let me continue to lift her shirt and occasionally let the blanket slip down. The guys weren't really shy about hiding the fact that they kept adjusting their boners. I whispered that they had never seen a shaved pussy before. She shrugged and looked confused. Then as the light dawned on her she realized what I was suggesting. Are you sure she mouthed again? I nodded. Then she leaned in and whispered to my ear. The vibrations sent tingles down my spine and set the butterflies in my stomach to an even stronger flutter. I won't soon forget the words or their meaning.

"If I do it I may not want to stop. I am yours completely but if this is okay with you I will do what ever you want me to." At her words my stomach leapt. Did I really want this? Was it okay? I swallowed and knew it was too late to turn back. I loved her and didn't want her to do anything she didn't want to but at the same time I was too turned on to turn back. I think inside I hoped she wouldn't be able to stop.

I held her for a second and told her she could do what she wanted but only what she truly desired. Don't do it for me or any other reason. Do it because you want to. I told her I would love her either way. I gave her permission to go as far as she wanted. She looked at me for a second and then smiled.

She rolled back to face the guys and asked how they were doing. She left her shirt partially up. It covered her nipples but exposed the bottom of her firm 36C breasts. They admitted to being horny and frustrated. That's too bad she said. She stood up and took my hand leading me into the bedroom.Now I was the one confused. Suddenly I realized I wanted this to happen as much as she did. She pulled me onto the bed and began kissing me.

"Last chance to back out." she said. "If we do this I want to fuck Jason. Tim's girlfriend is my friend so I will only let him watch and maybe cum on my tits."

Holy shit! I couldn't believe it. I wasn't sure if I was ready for that but the way my dick was hard as a rock I knew what he wanted. I said I wanted her to fuck Jason and me at the same time. She told me to get them. With that she began removing her clothes.

I left and returned to the guys. Tim tried to make a smart ass comment about me being done already but I could see the hope in his eyes. I wasn't sure what to say so I blurted out that she wanted them to see her naked. I only told them that Jason would be allowed to touch her pussy. Just in case she backed out I didn't want to set the expectations too high.

After again assuring the guys I was cool with it we all got up and walked to the bedroom. My stomach was in knots as I imagined what was about to happen.

When we got in the room Autumn was under the covers already. I could tell she was nervous so I walked over to her. She held my hand tight and looked at me. I nodded. The guys were both standing at the foot of the bed watching. She slowly started pulling the covers up. They revealed her bare feet and calves. She was an attractive and shapely girl. Her legs still held their summer tan and her skin looked smooth and warm. She then scooted onto her back, straightening her legs, revealing up to her knees. She kept pulling the blanket, slowly teasing us. The look on the guys face's must have mirrored mine. Full of nervous anticipation, excitement and sexual energy that threatened to overtake us all.

Autumn was staring at the guy's faces. Both wore their desire openly. Staring at her like a shiny new toy they really wanted to play with. She was enjoying the power she held. I could see it in her eyes. I knew without having to look that she would be soaking wet. She slid her blanket over her toned thighs. Higher and higher. My dick was so hard it hurt. Then finally the smooth lips of her pussy were revealed. I had seen them hundreds of times but exposed in front of my friends made it all like new. She was moist, swollen and pink from excitement. The boys let out gasps of appreciation. Jason commented on how hot she looked. Tim on how much better this was than a movie.

Autumn slowly drew her knees up and spread her legs. She pulled the blanket off revealing her naked top. She had large D breasts with small pink nipples. They were one of her best attributes. They were also hard from excitement. She was very sensitive there. I liked where this was going. The guys made more comments about her body. They were quickly becoming more crude and aggressive. She slid a hand to her breast. Pinching and kneading her breasts. The slowly tracing a line down to her stomach she pulled her smooth lips apart with one hand giving the guys a show. She slid a finger in and pulled it out, wet and slick from excitement. She traced it back up her stomach and slipped it into her mouth.

Now even I was shocked. She often hesitated to kiss me after I would go down on her. She was obviously turned on by all of this too. She reached under the pillow next to her and pulled out ol' trusty. It was a dildo I bought her a long time ago. It looked like a real cock and it vibrated just right. She loved that thing. She brought it down to her lips and began rubbing the head against herself. Up and down her slit, drawing her moisture to the outside, getting the tip slick and wet for entry. She raised and lowered her hips too. She wouldn't have done all that by herself but this wasn't for her. She was really getting into the show now.

She made a moan as she slid all 8 inches of it inside in one push. Her legs lifted high and she reached around her own ass to grab the toy. Both knees were up by her head now as she began fucking her pussy with this fake cock. The guys had moved right next to the bed on either side, watching the show. Jason started to get on the bed when she stopped him. Pants off she said. Both guys quickly stripped bare and slid in.

Jason was hung shorter but pretty thick. Tim had an average dick. Both were circumcised. Autumn would like that. She had never liked the uncut kind. I started to get on the foot of the bed when I was instructed that I too had to be naked to be here. I quickly did as ordered. I slid up between her legs and began licking all around the toy. Nibbling her bare thighs gently. My tongue teasing her. I even began teasing her asshole with my finger.

She was making soft animal sounds by now. I looked up from what I was doing to see she had Jason's mouth attached to one of her nipples. He was sucking with all his might. Her hand encircled his cock and she was stroking him tightly. She looked right into my eyes. I had seen her turned on but this was beyond that. She looked like a dirty slut who only thought of sex. At that moment that was what she was. I was loving it. She was my dirty slut and I loved her.

Tim's cock was hard and he was stroking it on his knees watching her. She took his free hand and placed it on her breast. Apparently he would be allowed to touch some. With hands all over her body and mouths enjoying her flesh from all sides she was in heaven. She began to twitch and ram her fake cock in harder and harder. Her hips lifting off the bed. Until finally in a huge orgasm she almost screamed with intensity, the feeling shuddering over her. I kept licking her until I knew the feeling stopped. When I looked up I was surprised to see Tim's dick in her mouth. She was sucking him for all her might. In moments I saw his body tense up and he began to come in her mouth. She just kept sucking, swallowing every drop.

I moved out of the way and Jason slipped over to her pussy. He licked it a few times. Running his finger over her smoothness. The orgasm had barely subsided and she was hyper sensitive. I saw her buck under his touch as it was almost too much. Jason seemed less concerned with her feelings as just exploring a shaved woman so closely. He lifted himself up and pulled his chest to hers.

She looked into his eyes. For a moment I wondered if I really was going to let this happen. One man just came in her mouth another was set to stick a hard dick in her. Before I could think much about it, she reached down and grabbed his ass with both hands, pulling him into her waiting hole. Between the dildo and the licking and the excitement he slid all the way in easy. He quickly began fucking her, short hard thrusts that pushed her around on the bed. Tim had slid back and was watching now. He still played with his half hard tool, I could see the ring around it from her lipstick.

No one spoke in words, just grunts and moans. Jason was fucking her hard. I slid up beside her and looked at her wet mouth. She just swallowed a load of cum from a friend in there I thought. But I sure didn't let that stop me from sticking mine in their too. To her credit she sucked well even with Jason pounding away. Maybe women really are better at multi-tasking?

She pushed against Jason's chest, holding him back and making him stop for a second. She rolled over onto all fours and resumed sucking my dick. Jason looked confused for a second then realized she was just letting him fuck her from behind now. He slid back in and settled into a smooth steady rhythm. Now she could blow me easily while he fucked her. Tim moved in closer and began playing with her tits.

Jason could take it any longer and began pulling her hard into him. The idea of him coming in her wet pussy was too much. She began sucking so hard her teeth were beginning to rub me. I was so hard it didn't hurt but it felt oddly good. She began shaking and I realized she was coming too. Jason groaned a final time and shoved in deep. She would have collapsed but he held her tight with his hands and impaled on his shaft. I blew too. It was too much, I felt the room go dark and though I might pass out for a second. It was one of the hardest orgasms of my life.

Everyone just sort of sat there for a few minutes. I got up and grabbed some towels from the bathroom. I passed them out and all began cleaning up a bit. The guys each kissed her cheek and thanked Autumn for a great night. We agreed this would never happen again and we would never speak of it. I laid with her in bed. We talked a little about if this would change things and how we felt. We finally agreed it was a one time thing and we would only talk about it here. I might feel bad about breaking our vow but the next morning Autumn decided she had one more fantasy to live out while we had three willing men here. So much for one time...

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