tagRomanceAva and The New World Ch. 04

Ava and The New World Ch. 04


Mendoza returned to the cabin hours later. The bright moon reflected off the unseasonably glassy smooth ocean, it streamed through the cabin window, its tendrils touching Ava's sleeping body. Mendoza opened the door slowly, to find her asleep slumped across the piles of books she had been so avidly studying.

Mendoza slowly and quietly crossed the cabin to where she lay, deciding on taking her to the bed or covering her with blankets. Up til now she had been in her own little private cabin. Mendoza gently scooped her in his arms, and took her to the bed.

Laying her gently down, he placed some soft blankets and his cape over her before turning away to undress. Ava stirred and muttered, sighed and rolled over. Mendoza froze in silence, waiting for her to say something; instead she fell back into a deep sleep.

Mendoza finished undressing, blowing most of the candles out, leaving the ones closest to the bed alight in case Ava woke up. Ever so slowly he climbed in next to her and protected her with one arm over her. Unconsciously she snuggled in toward his warmth; he felt her warmth through her slip on his bare chest. They both fell into deep and fulfilling sleep.

Early morning light began to warm the cabin room, and Mendoza woke with its brightness. He leaned over to pull the dark fabric across the window, and then looked down at the angel lying beside him. She still looked so beautiful. He couldn't fathom that after this long and through some un-agreeable times, she still appealed to him, even more now than ever. Never before had a woman intrigued or interested him for so long. His head was protesting; his heart bursting... he had to take her as his.


The candles had burned all night, leaving short flickering stumps and pools of wax, the room smelt of beeswax and salt. The early morning light filtered its way through the cabin. Mendoza gently placed a feather light kiss on her cheek, and Ava stirred. Mendoza continued to kiss her face softly, before he hesitantly kissed her sweet, full lips. Ava sleepily opened her eyes, unsure if she was in a dream or not.

Before she had time to decide or protest, Mendoza passionately kissed her, coaxing her mouth to open. He shifted his body weight across her, and Ava realised what was happening.

Tearing her raw lips away she said breathlessly,

"Mendoza, stop! What are you doing?" She shrieked.

Her palms pressed up against his bare sculpted, chest, her efforts were in vain.

Mendoza was not in the mood for talking; he grabbed her chin and turned her face to his,

"Ava, you've tortured me long enough" he growled, and began kissing her deeply, assaulting her senses, her body betraying her. Sparks flew through her body; she felt her conscience fade away, along with her stubborn pride. Of their own accord, her hands started skimming his skin, sending ripples though Mendoza.

She did not know what to do, her mind was yelling at her to fight him, her stomach tightened and tickled as Mendoza burnt a trail of kiss down her throat. Ava tensed; she could feel her pulse race.

"Don't fight me Ava," he hoarsely but seductively threatened her.

Mendoza shifted his weight away, tearing her slip off and flinging the blankets away.

Ava gasped in shock, "You just ripped my..."

Mendoza silenced her with a demanding kiss, before Ava tried to cover her modesty. She was blushing furiously. Never in her life had she been naked with anyone, especially a man! She could feel his taut torso against her, his thighs skimming hers, and his proud cock straining against her mound.

"Good god you're heavenly," he growled into her throat, and lifted as he looked down her exposed, slender body.

Ava began to struggle, her shame filtering in through the heat haze.

"Ava, don't fight me, please," he whispered gently to her earlobe, stroking her brow.

"I can't do this, it's not right, you don't love..." she sucked in a breath, swallowing her fear.

Mendoza stopped abruptly, propping himself up from her, not wanting to talk of this tender subject for he himself did not know what he felt. His gaze narrowed and darkened.

"Love...?" He paused, his heart lurching from her words.

He searched her face for a response. When she didn't reply, he descended on her again, kissing her fervently, his hands travelling around her shoulders, one down to her taut soft breasts. He delicately twisted a pink nipple till it was burning. Ava was torn between these sensations and her head. His lips followed his hand, burning a trail down her chest to the soft swells, nipping and kissing as he went.

Ava was lost in a sensory overload. She knew she burned for him, which was what she afraid of.

A moan escaped from her moist parted lips. Mendoza welcomed the change in her and also relaxed. He shifted his attention to her other breast, and she arched against him, the liquid heat poured through his body.

"Mendoza..." she uttered, "Don't..."

"Don't what?" he huskily replied between kisses.

Ava placed her hands on his head and neck, pulling him up to her. She daringly lifted her head, kissing his lips ever so gently, delicately sliding her tongue in to taste him.

She was thrilled when a throaty growl from Mendoza escaped his breath; she began tracing his cheeks with her lips.

For fear of losing himself, Mendoza pulled away, drinking her in her autumn shades of hair spread around her like a mermaid, her green eyes shimmering like the sea.

He moved down her body, kneeling over her quivering legs. She looked in horror and excitement at his manhood, not wanting to stare but unable to tear her gaze away.

Mendoza caught her gaze, and couldn't help but smiling to himself with amusement. How it must have looked to her, an innocent yet beautiful enchantress.

"You have never lain with a man have you, Ava?" he growled, still holding her with his gaze.

Ava didn't need to answer, as her body answered for her.

His hands trailed down her belly, smoothing over the swell of her hips before tracing up her inner thigh. Ava squeezed her thighs tight, ripples of nerves shimmering up her body. Mendoza was overpowering, he gently pried her things apart, lifting his knee between her legs.

His fingers tenderly stroked her inexperienced pussy. Each time he delved a bit deeper in the soft folds, touching moist honeyed heat. Ava squirmed as the sensations began building deep inside her. She had no idea what was happening, but the feelings were sheer bliss to her.

Mendoza skimmed her clit, sending violent pleasurable waves through Ava, she yelped and writhed beneath him. He lowered his head to kiss where he had been touching, it nearly sent Ava over the edge and she moaned loudly while breathing his name.

She could feel a power build inside, that spread like wildfire through every nerve, delivering sensations beyond her imagination.

Mendoza wanted to her to melt in his arms, to have control over this wild, ever changing girl, but he could feel his resolve slipping as he craved to fill and feel her.

Mendoza firmly licked and sucked at her pussy, while fingering her unrelenting and confident. He new she was close, earthy noises and moans escaping her parted lips. He stroked deeper each time, tasting her sweetness, driving her closer to the edge of reality.

Without warning Ava cried out, while fireworks exploded through her core, sending tremors through her whole being. She could feel herself throbbing, her wildly racing heart thumping in her ears.

Mendoza deftly slid back up to her side, tenderly kissing Ava while she shuddered in aftershocks of her pleasure. His giant arms encircled her body holding her to him, giving Ava support and protection.

Her eyes were filled with new found lust, that purred through her expression and she nestled into his embrace.

There was an unwelcome and solid knock at the cabin door. Mendoza cursed as he struggled to get free from the tangle of sheets and torn nightdress.

"What is it?" Mendoza bellowed brusquely.

A hoarse reply from the bosun was muffled by the door, "Mendoza, the captain wants to see you right away."

Feeling suddenly overexposed and shy Ava hastily covered herself with a sheet. She was supposed to be working today with the crew, her first chance to really prove herself, but was feeling quite the opposite. She was all woman now, she had tasted the danger of lust, it was insatiable and she was helpless to fight it.

Mendoza nimbly dressed, the sound of his sword being sheathed made Ava shiver.

Mendoza looked helplessly at her, feeling anger and frustration that he must leave her like this, but he didn't want her to know that she was his greatest weakness. Ava wanted to say something to him, but had no idea where to start.

Mendoza spoke unsympathetically,

"I'm sorry, I must go, you should get ready -- there are some spare clothes in my trunk if you wish to wear something other than your dresses, you will get pretty dirty whilst working on deck,"

Mendoza slowly walked to the bed, tying his cape securely around his broad shoulders,

"That is if you still wish to join us." He finished, his eyes challenging.

"Do you need to ask?" Ava replied audaciously.

Ava refused to meet his gaze, not wanting to show her emotions. Mendoza swiftly left the cabin, leaving a trembling and meek Ava on the bed. She sat in stunned silence, not knowing if she was shocked at Mendoza and how dismissed her so cold heartedly or at her own willingness to let him take me like that.

Ava sat on the edge, tracing her lips with her fingers, trailing them down across her collarbone still dazed.

Giving her more fire to prove to him she wasn't to be used, Ava determinedly got up to find suitable attire.

Minutes later she joined the crew on deck; all eyes were on her as she was wearing slim fawn riding pants, boots that were a little too big for her, an oversized white shirt which she had tucked in, an old leather belt and a small but sharp dagger, a gift from her friends she had smuggled from Barbados. Her thick wild hair was pulled back and in a long plait.

"My, she looks the part!" Chuckled the captain, "She's a spirited young filly Mendoza; you had better keep her on a short leash." He finished boldly.

Mendoza scowled, "Yes, she may be more of a hindrance than a help Captain, give her a day or two, I promise she will be back in her dresses and in her cabin."

His assumption was far from correct.

Ava took all orders from the Bosun and other crew members swiftly and efficiently, keen to learn and help where she could. It was a long but uneventful day, clear skies and good winds.

By the end of the first day as a crew member she managed the basics of rigging, the climb to the crows nest on her own, scrubbing and oiling the deck and other daily chores. In the evening she was invited to join the crew to eat and drink, as they rallied around her as the newest member.

Triumphant but exhausted Ava ate her fill, and retired to her little cabin looking forward to a fitful sleep. Her hands and arms ached deeply; she hadn't ever worked that hard before. Rolling her head to stretch her neck Ava opened the door to the cabin. She was alarmed and slightly annoyed to find it was not empty.

Mendoza was sitting on her bunk, looking at her with dancing blue eyes.

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