tagRomanceAva and The New World Ch. 06

Ava and The New World Ch. 06


Ava grappled with her wet clothing, angrily throwing it on the cabin floor.

"Bloody man..." she huffed before wiping proud tears from her cheeks.

She out on a dry pair of pantaloons, and another of Mendoza's shirts, before wrapping herself up in a fur blanket which had been on her bed. Up til now she didn't notice how cold it had become. The rain was almost ice like and the sea was just as sharp.

Ava's pride and heart were hurt. How much longer could she survive staying at arms length from Mendoza? She wanted him to want her, she wished to impress and win him, but she would never admit how she truly felt about him. Not yet anyway.

The ship was hurling wildly, scattering candlesticks, candles and books across the floor. Ava shrugged off the blanket and moved to retrieve the books. As she stood up the ship lurched into the air, slapping down against another huge wave, launching Ava across the cabin, cracking her head against the wall. Ava slumped in an awkward heap, blood oozing from her hair.

Mendoza had set course, the bosun and the captain also shouting orders above the growing winds and impending storms. The captain approached Mendoza with haste,

"Mendoza, perhaps you should see your lass, go and reassure her then be back on deck when you can, we have things in order here."

"Thankyou captain, but Ava will be fine, I'm sure." Mendoza replied stoutly.

The captain nodded politely, and returned to the helm, but Mendoza had a sudden uneasy feeling in his gut. The battle between his heart, head and loins was starting to take its toll. Mendoza looked around the ship, the wind piercing his eyes and leapt towards Ava's cabin. As he got to the door, the bosun called for him, and Mendoza paused at her door, before hastily returning to the deck.

The seas became higher, powerful triangular waves incessantly pounding against the wooden galleon. They had reached the furthest part south of their journey, and now must head west through the straits. Mendoza would be on watch for the next 4 days and nights.

The wind and rain was near perishing, and as nightfall approached the freeze began. They had sailed into the straits, and at present, were slightly protected from the wind by huge glaciers and piles of rocks either side. Mendoza took a quick break for a stale crust and some salt beef with some other crew, before returning to the freezing night.

Hours passed, the galleon creaked and groaned slowly into the cold night, and Ava came too with a horrendous headache and every muscle stiff from the cold. Her fingers were numb and stark white. Pins and needles racked her limbs, and she fought to sit up. Her head felt warm, and something tickled down the side of her cheek. She tentatively touched it, feeling the thick warm blood on her cold fingers.

"ohhhh," Ava groaned, her head spinning. Slowly and carefully she pulled herself to the washstand which had also toppled at some stage trying to find some water and a soft cloth. It was dark, and she couldn't find any of the candles. It hit her how long she must have been unconscious. For a moment there she couldn't even remember where she was. The ship was gently swaying in the deep swell; the wind had slowed its howling.

Eventually Ava cleaned the wound and as much as she could from her hair, and remembered the last interlude with Mendoza. Ava grew more determined to show him as she found warmer clothes to venture back out to the deck. She stumbled in the dark and finally found a stubby candle to light. Ava went back to the mirror to assess her injury, and brushed her hair so that it swept over to one side covering the dried blood.

Stubbornly to show Mendoza that she was just as capable and important as the other crew Ava set out to be of some help.

As Ava ventured out in the cold, misty night she searched the decks for Mendoza. Suddenly chills down her spine, not from the cold told her he was right behind her. Slowly, Ava turned and faced her towering husband. She caught his stormy eyes, and a shudder racked her body, sparking flames of desire through her belly.

"Your rebellious and insubordinate actions Ava will not be tolerated on this ship. Return to your cabin before..."

Ava masked her feelings, and coolly cut him off,

"Mendoza, I understand your fear of being up staged by a mere woman, but you will have to come to terms with the fact that I am just as capable, brave and intelligent as any mere man..."

In an unusual moment of chaos, Mendoza grabbed her roughly by the shoulders, exasperated.

"Ava! For god sake woman, you are my wife! I bloody well care about your safety! I will not have you out here in danger, how much more succinct must I be?"

Ava's eyes were wide, glowing bright green both disbelieving and hopeful.

"Please, please go back to where it's safer. I will walk you back to your cabin." He finished gently, his eyes penetrating hers. Ava swore she could see the heat begin to rise, and her belly flipped.

They silently returned to her dark cabin, where Mendoza stumbled over the scattered objects, before lighting a candle. He searched quickly for more and securely lit them around the room before tuning to Ava.

Mendoza saw the mess, and the blood stained strips of cloth near the washstand. Confused and worried Mendoza, glanced at Ava who was shivering cold, teeth almost chattering.

"Ava..." Mendoza's rough voice broke through the silence. "Ava, what happened?"

Ava shook her head, not willing to meet his eyes, "Its nothing, just a little cut I'm fine."

He looked at her beautiful body, trembling with the cold, and images of her trembling underneath him flickered through his tired mind. Mendoza shook the image away, frustrated and tired of this battle between them, with his hands on his hips he stepped slowly towards her.

"Ava... we've been married for over 6 months, and the most you've said to me is about three sentences. Don't you think its time you begin to trust me...?" Mendoza asked sharply.

Ava stared at Mendoza openly, her mind whirring with so many thoughts and feelings.

"I know you are still angry with the choices that have been made for you, like getting married, and even perhaps coming on this journey," Mendoza continued gruffly, "I want you to know that I've come to, um.." he faltered, cheeks flushing red.

Ava crossed her arms across her chest defensively, but slowly asked, "Come to what?"

Mendoza gazed at her bold blazing green eyes, her soft skin, full pink lips, her hair damp and slightly curling framing her face. Ava shivered again from the cold, and he couldn't stand it. His mind was ordering him to come to his senses; his body was saying more inviting things.

Mendoza looked away, "I must go back, Ava I'm on duty for next few days. We will discuss this later. Please for once do as you're told and stay where it's safe. I can't afford to navigate this entire ship safely and watch you as well."

Infuriated at his remark, Ava thrust her hands on her hips, her chin proud, "I beg your pardon sir, I was unaware that I was such a hindrance to you!"

Mendoza's temper flared, "That's NOT what I meant Ava!"

Ava stepped forward to him, "Well what did you mean? I can't bear this anymore! You look at me one way and treat me another! I..."

"ENOUGH!" Mendoza roared.

Ava blinked in silence, and Mendoza stood impossibly close to her, his eyes boring into her. She opened her mouth to protest, but Mendoza had already claimed her lips.

Mendoza pushed her swiftly against the cabin wall, as he plundered her sweet mouth. He had one hand behind her head, the other sliding up her torso before savagely squeezing her breasts. Ava whimpered with pleasure, heat spreading like wildfire through her belly.

Mendoza continued to kiss her, deep and deliberate, Ava had no option but to surrender to him. The sensations were oozing through her, her stomach tightening again. He thrust his knee between her legs giving her no choice but to rub against his thigh, her body betraying her by grinding against him of its own accord. She could feel herself become hot and damp, her belly flipped in fear and yearning.

Mendoza roughly pulled her shirt apart where her corset had slipped down below her breasts; they grew taught with lust and the cool air. Mendoza nibbled and nipped his way down her collarbone to her tight pink nipple, then fervently licked and tugged at it, sending pleasurable shudders through Ava.

As suddenly as he had taken her Mendoza dropped her and stepped back. He gazed at her intently, his breath ragged, before turning on his heel and leaving into the dark night. The cabin door banged loudly and Ava blinked slowly.

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