tagRomanceAva and The New World Ch. 07

Ava and The New World Ch. 07


The cold blast of air had sharpened Mendoza's mind, he was astounded at what he had just done. Surely she was bewitching him. How strong he tried to be, how much he wished he wasn't in this position, it didn't change the fatal attraction he felt for Ava. He shook her from his mind, determined to focus for the safety of the crew for at least the next few days. He took off into the darkness of the ship.

Ava was breathing shallow, still leaning against the wall, thankful for its support. For what seemed like an eternity she stared at the cabin door, in shock of what had just transpired.

The passion she thought he never had in his soul rivalled hers; her body ached all over for more of him. Without knowing her own hand had crept to up her exposed breast, which was tender and tingling. Closing her eyes Ava began gently rubbing her chest; her breathing was still shallow her mouth dry, yet her sex was weeping hotly.

Still dazed Ava mechanically went to her bed and undressed, and slowly lay down. Pulling the covers up around her shoulders she shivered, and she covered her still aching breasts with her warm hands. Closing her eyes Ava dozed and imagined Mendoza's rough hands on her, and she drew ragged breath with anticipation.

As her fingers on her left breast squeezed harder Ava's tired mind started to play tricks. She could still taste him, smell him, but couldn't feel him.

Fear and excitement filled her mind. God she wanted Mendoza!

She moaned softly, and began to wriggle, her other hand smoothed its way down her own hip, and then brushed the crease of her thigh. Showers of sparks flew through her body, her pussy started to throb with need. Before she realised, her own hand had softly stroked her wet lips, delving gently in, then out again. Ava's fervour grew, and she brushed her clit sending sharp convulsions through her body, and she cried out.

Tentatively Ava continued, shuddering every time she touched herself, but instead of sating her lust it increased, making it unbearable. His eyes continued to dance in her mind; she imagined his iron arms around her, his hot breath on her skin. Ava arched her back, writhing against herself, her fingers dancing in her hot wet folds, brushing the nub faster before a bold climax sent her into a near black out.

The next morning Ava woke from a restless night. Her dreams were haunted my Mendoza, frantic and passionate.

Ava shivered with the cold, and the soft cold light filtered into the cabin. Her stomach dropped; memories of what she had done last night flooded back, her cheeks scarlet with shame. Blaming it on Mendoza, Ava tried to reason with herself.

Ava quickly dressed, this time in her riding pants, her corset and camisole, one of Mendoza's shirts and a heavy woollen coat. The cut on her head was still heavy with blood, it gently and slowly throbbed. Her belly growled, and Ava surprised, realised she hadn't eaten for a day.

She stepped out onto the deck; a low grey mist was enveloping her surroundings, but as they groaned and creaked along the narrow strait, glimpses of awesome scenery appeared through the clouds. Ava's eyes grew wide with awe.

Misty, snow capped peaks plunged into the cold waters, narrow waterfalls tumbled down the sides, and ahead a huge stunning glacier clung to the rock face, threatening to break and tumble into the freezing waters. Ava had never imagined such a raw beautiful place.

Ava had a swift feeling of nausea, and her belly groaned again. Resigned to leave the spectacular scenery Ava went to the galley, where the cook more than happy to oblige her with a warm meal. As she walked across the decks, she could feel his gaze burn into her back. Determined, she did not look back.

Mendoza had seen her come up on deck; he watched her eyes light up when she saw the surrounding mountains. He was irrevocably besotted with her.

His belly dropped, and a shiver shook him to the core. A mix of frustration, pride and wanting filled his heart.

"I am doomed..." Mendoza groaned to himself.

All those years of freedom, adventure and gold were overshadowed by a much stronger feeling. His mind raced as did his heart.

Glancing at the towering peaks, a menacing fog surrounded them. The weather was not going to be kind to them. Distracted by the welfare of the crew, Mendoza returned to the helm.

The day passed for them both; the temperature was falling, and snow fluttered gently, nightfall had come too quickly. Ava had been out with the crew, working while her small hands froze, and her body shuddered with a deep cold ache. But proud and resolute, she fulfilled her duties, exceeding the crew's expectations, and even her own.

Ava had retired to the cabin, back to reading more charts and learn more about celestial navigation. She had been studying the straits, and realised how important Mendoza was to this expedition, as he sailed with Magellan on its exploration. Ava was almost scared of how narrow it was in parts; so close she could almost reach out and touch foliage.

Tempted to go out to the quarter deck and test her new found knowledge Ava debated whether to face Mendoza or not, but she knew it was not her knowledge she wanted him to be interested in.

Many times during the day, Mendoza ached to hold Ava; he became angry when he saw how white she was with cold, her body trembling violently, also from the cold. But he knew her temper, she was not to be treated as if she were less than the others, her stubborn pride took care of that.

When he finally returned to the cabin for a quick change of clothes and a meal, he found her curled up on the bed, surrounded with charts and books. His gaze narrowed, and he took a deep breath. He had to control himself! Quietly he took some clothes, and turned to leave the cabin. He froze mid step as a soft moan escaped Ava's mouth.

Waiting, Mendoza stilled his breath, and Ava's moans became stronger and she murmured his name.

His stomach flipped; she had said his name. In a hot mix of lust and confusion, Mendoza remained still.

He closed his eyes tight, fighting the surge of lust through his body, determined to make the stubborn woman to him, but this siren lured him gently. He turned slowly to look at her writhing on the bed, seeing she was dreaming passionately.

Mendoza was mesmerised. Her hair spilled around her like a halo, the bed sheets twisted and messy from her dreams.

His mind started to fire. What did he care of this! She was a young woman, he was a man -- shouldn't it be that simple? Not to mention they were wed over 6 months ago... But she wanted love. In fact, in the time he got to know her, he realised she deserved so much more than that. She was a brave, intelligent unique beauty, with a fire and passion for life that matched his own. But could he give her the life and love she deserved? He didn't know.

The urge to satisfy himself battled with his conscience.

He faced her, eyes molten with lust, his loins raged with a fire he had never known.

Suddenly Ava's eyes flew open, her breathing ragged and her hair tangled around her. Their gazes met, Ava blushing furiously realising what her dreams had been about... How long had he been there? Had she said his name?

Ava tore her gaze away from his burning eyes, sitting up, while pulling the sheets high to her neck. Her head span, she was dizzy and confused.

She glanced at him again, her mouth slightly parted, dishevelled hair and eyes of desire. He could not wait another moment.

In a heartbeat he crossed the room, his look was predatory. He pinned her to the bed holding her down with his weight. Ava gasped but did not protest. She still felt dazed, and the whole moment was dreamlike.

His gazed lowered to her full mouth, and he almost growled.

His kiss was hard, commanding and almost punishing. Relentless with his lips, his hands assailed her body, throwing away the sheets that covered her, before settling his weight over her trembling body.

He slowed, kissing keep and deliberate. Ava shuddered and began to kiss him back, her hands entwining around his strong neck. Of their own accord they continued moving around to the opening of his shirt where they slipped underneath the cotton neckline.

Mendoza broke the kiss and took a moment to gaze at her before deftly removing his shirt and tossing across the room. He took the moment to also tear her chemise away, leaving her corset and riding pants.

Neither spoke a word, Mendoza slowed again. Moving down her body his fingers slipped inside the waistband of her pants and in one swift movement he had them down to her ankles, roughly tearing them away. He ran his hands up her bare legs, his mouth a breath away from her skin.

He grazed her skin with parted lips, burning a hot trail along her inner thigh. Ava writhed, her arms outstretched on the bed, gripping the under sheets. The sensations rippled through her body, a fire storm was building deep within her, and she felt powerless against it. Ava's eyes fluttered open when his weight shifted.

He stalked up her body, his dark stormy blue eyes were voracious and he skilfully drew a short dagger and sliced her corset in two. Ava's eyes grew wide in horror and excitement; she drew a sharp breath and let out a small yelp, before he plundered her mouth again.

Ava felt as if her body would burst, every sense was heightened and heart was beating so hard, she feared it would explode in her chest.

Mendoza's powerful hands settled around her small hips, his fingers biting into her flesh as he continued to devour her, his kisses burning across her tender skin.

Ava began running her hands up Mendoza's powerful and muscular back, sending shivers through him. Without knowing, she let out a soft whimper, her hips moving of their own accord and an ache began to grow strong within her that she had never felt before.

Mendoza pulled away gently, taking the time to stare into Ava's passion glazed eyes before he deftly removed the last of his clothing, a temporary relief for his strained and ever growing cock.

Ava was suddenly hit with the full realisation of the situation. A look of panic flashed across her face, and Mendoza recognised it.

"Sweet Ava, you are so beautiful..." he murmured, lowering his head to kiss her gently, before moving to her taut breasts.

Mendoza nipped at her skin, kissing and grazing her skin with hot breath til Ava couldn't take it anymore.

"Mendoza..." she gazed at him, eyes begging for something more.

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