tagNonHumanAvacon Ch. 05

Avacon Ch. 05


Disclaimer: Read Avacon Chapters 1-4


Antonio was sitting at his desk when his phone began to ring. He knew who was calling and without looking, picked up.

"Demetri," he said, enthusiastically.

"We have a problem." Demetri quickly declared, in a serious tone.

"What do you mean we have a problem?" Antonio questioned with concern.

"Analisa shared some information with Zemora."

"Shit," Antonio said aloud. "What exactly did she share?" He charged.

"Something about destiny. Look, I'm not sure of the details because Analisa stormed out of the room during our argument before I got the chance to question her further."

Antonio exhaled loudly with frustration. How could Analisa risk exposing the matter they all knew was to be kept a secret until the timing was right. Especially since Zemora barely knew him and not to mention all that transpired last night.

She wasn't supposed to find out like this. God, he could kill her. But that wouldn't go over so well with his friend, so he quickly dismissed the thought.

"Yeah, me too," Demetri said in agreement, sensing what he was thinking, and knowing his friend would never do that.

"Look, you should come over so we can figure this out," Demetri went on to advise. "We need to find out exactly what was said," he finished.

"I'm on my way," Antonio said before hanging up abruptly. Grabbing his keys, he left his villa and went to go meet them.


An hour later, he was standing in Demetri's suite. Analisa was coming out of the bedroom as the men made their way into the living area.

Demetri called for her to come sit down so they could question her about what happened.

"So, what did you tell her?" Antonio asked hastily, after pouring himself a drink.

Sitting there under both of their scrutinizing eyes, she knew to fess up and fess up fast.

"Zemora had called me over," she began. Twisting her fingers now, she resumed. "She said she needed to talk to me about something and to come over right away. So I did. When I got there, she seemed unsettled. I thought maybe it had something to do with you." Eyeing Antonio with a nod of her head.

Antonio took another sip of his drink and then motioned for her to continue with his glass.

"At first she was hesitant to tell me what the matter was, and after several minutes of me trying to get it out of her, she...um...she said..." Tripping over her words, she went quiet. She wasn't sure how to tell them the rest of the story without giving out the intimate details of her friend's confession. The men sensed her hesitation, and that's when Demetri said, "Analisa, now is not the time to keep secrets," he warned. "You already told one. You might as well tell another," he finished, sneeringly.

"But I can't tell you guys, you don't understand!" She pleadingly asserted. "Yes, you can and you will," was his final warning. She knew he could find out, and she didn't want to go through that. So, after giving them both the meanest, most resentful look she could conjure up, she proceeded to tell them the rest of the account.

Minutes later, Demetri interrupted her with, "I'm missing the part where you tell her it's destiny," coldly, unfazed by the details she'd just shared. Antonio, on the other hand, was grinning darkly within, showing evidence of his arousal for the briefest of moments. Analisa could relate to his undisclosed arousal when she first heard the details, being reminded of her own experiences with Demetri.

She remembered the all too vivid dreams she used to get and how she was always in a state of arousal, knowing the only one who could quench her desires was Demetri. Analisa quickly sensed early on that she would never be with another man again.

And after their first intimate escapade, it sealed that truth forever. The way he ravished her body inside and out, the way he would make her come with one stroke of his finger after teasing her for hours, and how multiple orgasms would ensue when they'd finally fuck or make love.

The current situation became disquieting as she desperately tried to avoid the sexual thoughts and get to the important part of the conversation.

She snapped out of her reverie when Demetri commanded her to answer.

"So after she told me all of THAT..." Stressing on that last word, Analisa continued, "Zemora asked me if that was normal." "And..." Demetri interjected again, waving his hand, as he was growing more impatient.

Analisa went on without further hesitation. "Well, I told her it was. Then she asked me what that meant, almost as if she knew there was a meaning behind my answer, and then I blurted out destiny. I quickly realized what I'd said, and then I left."

Demetri had a look of irritation on his face before speaking up again.

"So, which part of the story warranted you telling her that?" He asked with puzzled sarcasm as he waved one hand in the air.

Analisa stared blankly at him at a loss for words. There was no part warranting her to share that with her friend but felt Zemora wanted to know. And that's what she tried explaining to him.

"The fact of the matter is you were told not to tell her anything about this, Analisa," Demetri scolded. "And you did," he snapped, harshly.

It was like Antonio was no longer in the room as the conversation began to get heated between the two.

"I was just trying to help her! I didn't want to lie to her again, and I believed that she could handle it and so I told her. What is the big damn deal?" She asked, angrily, looking back and forth between the men.

"That's not the point, Ana'. The point remains we agreed not to tell her until the timing was right. It was enough that she saw what we did, but to add to it and tell her what you did, and why you did it, was very foolish!"

Analisa felt like a little girl under Demetri's glare. She knew he was right, but she felt that what she did was right too. So she wasn't backing down, at least not in front of them she wouldn't.

"Okay, you two." Antonio's accented voice cut in, hoping to calm them down and help prevent further argument. He understood Demetri's frustration, though. There was a lot at risk. Analisa didn't fully realize the gravity of the situation, so he couldn't stay angry at her either.

"I'm sorry," she said, insincerely, throwing her hands in the air. "But that's my sister. I'm not going to lie to her again," she said pointing at them both. Turning to walk away, she stopped herself suddenly and faced them again to make another point. "Oh, and might I add, rather than questioning me about why I told her and what I said, why don't you ask yourselves why hasn't Zemora packed her bags and gone running?"

Not waiting for their response, she stormed off, leaving them both standing there pondering her unspoken point as the two watched her disappear around the corner.

"Analisa is right," Antonio spoke out finally. Quickly adding, "There is a good reason she hasn't done that yet."

"Well maybe you should go over there and check things out," Demetri advised. "Feel things out." Knowing what Analisa had gone through with all the changes and questions she had, Demetri knew how frustrating this road would be for her. It was best she got some answers and support.

"Alright. I'll go see her." Shaking hands, Antonio told Demetri he'd get in touch with him later before exiting the room. Walking down the corridor now, he followed it to the elevator and got in.

On the ride up, Antonio flirted with different ideas on how he was going to explain things to Zemora without revealing too much, but as the elevator drew closer to her floor, Antonio couldn't quell the sudden stirring in his groin from the thoughts he now had. It had been less than 24-hours since he last saw her. Recalling when they were in her bedroom before she went into her unconscious state. He remembered her warm, soft curves as he snaked his hands around her body to catch her fall and her naked form lying on the bed after placing her there.

He was tempted to taste her as he eyed her up and down but quickly dismissed the impulse to do so. Having worked her dreams last night, and knowing what was happening inside of her, it would only be a matter of time before he would.

Finally, at her door, he knocked.


Analisa had stepped into the shower. She figured it would ease her tenseness and help quell her frustration at Demetri. She hated fighting with him, but at the same time appreciated it. It made it seem as though they had a normal relationship with fights and arguments that regular couples go through.

Not that she cared that they weren't a "regular" couple because she was madly in love with him, but it helped ease the discomfort at times of knowing that she was destined to marry one of the most powerful Avacons in the vampire world.

And at some point, her friend would discover that truth with Antonio. Not to mention all the other things she would find out...

Demetri heard the shower come on as the noise echoed through the hallway softly. He was still upset about the whole situation. He knew Analisa was only trying to help her friend. He could respect that. Her motives were pure, but there was a lot at stake that she didn't fully understand. Things could be jeopardized if Zemora doesn't accept her fate. Analisa's last point at the end of the conversation came ringing in his mind. She was right. Why hadn't Zemora gone running? Maybe she knew instinctively she wasn't supposed to.

As he made his way further into the hallway, the water became louder. Picturing her body naked and wet, he decided to join her uninvitingly.

He pushed the door back softly and quickly undressed.

He could sense she was lost in thought as her eyes were closed while her head was thrown back under the multiple shower heads. She turned around with her back now facing him and reached for the soap on the built-in shelf.

With her luscious rump now in view, he pictured himself taking her from the back, and a deep groan escaped his throat. She heard it as it echoed inside the stall and turned around.

He stood there watching as her body glistened with water as it cascaded down her body. She saw his cock begin to rise while he looked hungrily at her. Analisa was far past her shy days and returned her own look of desire. He began closing the gap between them and she stood there waiting, her chest slightly rising and falling.

"You know I hate fighting with you, Analisa," he began darkly, closing the gap between them.

All she could do was make a nod in agreement.

"But I'm still upset."

She understood. She was still upset too.

"You have to learn not let your emotions override your brain," he continued, tracing her lip with his thumb, gazing intently into her eyes, wanting her to realize the gravity of his statement.

She let out a gasp as his hand began lazily inching its way down her neck, and then to her chest.

His eyes followed the droplets of water trickling down her breasts and then falling into the pool of water beneath them.

"I don't appreciate you speaking to me the way you did, Demetri," she uttered after gaining courage to speak out.

It was his turn to nod his agreement.

"You need to understand that I was only trying to help her. I know what she's going through because I've been there, only I didn't have anyone to talk to," she said with emotion, looking directly into his eyes.

He did understand.

But he didn't want to go on about it, at least not right now he didn't. He wanted to fuck the frustration out of them both, and so he grabbed her breast with his left hand and squeezed. She gasped out a moan.

Taking turns on each breast with his left hand, his right hand snaked down to her pussy and he began playing with her clit.

She leaned back against the wall for support and spread her legs further apart, beckoning him to continue.

"Mmm..." He began. "You like this don't you," he whispered with a devilish smile, feeling her juices pool at her opening. He continued teasing her as he spoke.

He continued his circlings with his thumb all the while staring her right in the eyes, watching her breathing became heavier, and her gaze growing more heated.

On his knees now, he lifted her right leg up over his shoulder, bringing his mouth to her nub, and slowly began licking up and down. Her moans grew louder as his tongue strokes got more intense, and she grabbed a fist full of hair while grinding on his mouth, as he continued.

"Demetri," she said aloud, after panting. "Oh yes...oh yes...oh yes," she continued between moans

His flicks became faster, unwavering, and without warning, he popped his pointer finger inside her ass.

That was it. She climaxed immediately, screaming as the intense waves rocked her body.

Profanities echoed the shower as she held onto him, still grinding down on his mouth, wanting to prolong what he was doing to her.

Picking her up in one quick move, he had her legs wrapped around his waist as he thrust hard up inside her.

She yelled loudly, still sensitive as he fucked her hard and deep, never breaking rhythm with her body. They both were moaning over the loud squishing sounds of the water mixing with her juices.

It was so hot, Demetri thought to himself. He was stroking faster, with more intensity as he was coming close to the edge of his own climax.

She was squeezing him tighter with her inner muscles and egging him on with her groans. He could feel her begin to tense and knew she was getting ready to cum again.

Latching on to her lips with his own, he thrust up deeper one more time and sent them both over the edge together.

Her screams were drowned out by his mouth as her body convulsed rapidly against his. Her pussy stayed clamped tight around his cock as her orgasm continued.

"Yes," he groaned out after breaking away from her mouth. "Give it to me Ana," he encouraged as she was milking him with her pussy.

As the intensity subsided, she became limp in his arms. Bringing them both down to the floor, he cradled her in his arms until she got her strength back.

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