tagBDSMAvailability Ch. 02

Availability Ch. 02


Opening the door...no, ripping open the door...I stand there before you. Speechless, my mouth trembles as my vision fills my vision. My hand clutching the door-nob, its the pain of my grip upon it that causes me to gasp, filling my lungs with air as if to speak.

Speak or cry, I don't know which; nor does it matter as your face lights up and you step towards me. Taking my hand, I watch you, as if in a dream, step inside, bringing me along with you. The door closes behind us but I could be anywhere...a crowded room, a sold-out ballpark, the middle of a busy street...and I would only see you; only be aware of you.

Your lips upon mine, my head spins. Already barely breathing in my shock, you're taking what little oxygen I have left; and I give it to you willingly, hopefully, unabashedly, passing it back to my heart which you hold.

I'm clinging to you, tears flowing. I'm barely aware of you speaking to me, whispering it will be alright; each word accompanied by a kiss upon my face. I suck in a large lungful of air, my body shuddering with the effort, with my fingers digging into the material of your top. Somehow I'm sure I can hold you with me, if I can only squeeze them a bit tighter, and never, ever let go.

Hands take hold of my face, and we're looking into each other's eyes. I'm sobbing now, blubbering, words pouring out that don't even make sense to me. Three repeated over and over throughout, "I miss you."

Its then my head is jerked back, your hands releasing my face only to allow one to tangle up in my hair and rip it back. The other a blur as you slap me. Instantly, I cease my mewing and regain my focus.

Don't you think I've missed you too?

I force my eyes downward to see you, my head still held back and tilted at the ceiling. Your eyes blaze at me, and I quiver with the realization of how strong your need for me, and for others, had always been. How I needed that strength; how it excited me, how it fed me. A need that exceeded any I had ever known; and now it strikes me that your deprivation may have been greater than mine. And you had other factors, issues, complications, that I was not privy to although you tried to make me aware of them.

Shaking now, I dare not speak but I hope my eyes will pass along my sudden insight. I notice a slight softening in you, and the grip of my hair loosens a bit.

Yes, you remember now don't you? You think I stayed away by choice? No...Some things were taken from me, some I had to give up.

My head jerks back again.

And you were one of them. It pained me then, as it pains me now, that our contacts could only be chance ones.

The tension increases and for a moment I fear my neck will give out before my hair tears free.

Are you MY bitch?

I open my mouth and scream out my yes.

Always your bitch. And no other's!

My face is slapped left and right then my head pulled forward, leading me inside my apartment, down the hallway to my room. Reaching the bedroom doorway, you practically toss me inside and I stumble across the floor and down onto my knees.

I look back at you, turning my body back to face you. Wanting to see you but also placing myself where it might best serve your interests.

Take off your top.

My hands fly up and I grasp hold of the material, buttons flying as I rip my blouse open and off. Without instruction, I unclasp my bra and toss it aside.

Stay there.

Kneeling on the hardwood floor, I see you turn and listen to your footsteps go back to the door, then I hear the door open and close. Seconds drag into minutes that seem like days before I hear the door open again, followed by your sure steps back to my room. When you reenter, its with a large satchel that you set beside you on the floor.

Your movements upon your return reveal that you are braless under your top, your breasts moving easily as you bend and lower the bag. I'm once again taken by your beauty, and confidence, along with the sexual heat that just seems to radiate from you. Your top coffee colored, almost sheer enough to expose your aerola; actually just sheer enough if one is permitted to stare long enough, and I am staring.

My staring noticed, small points appear as if to confirm where I had placed them, and I fight off a desire to smile. Instead I take further stock of your attire as you place your hands on your hips and gaze back at me. Your skirt at first appears modest, its length just above your knee, but then the way it fits your body become apparent. Tight, form-fitting, it shows off your toned body. At the waist, you are wearing a wide red leather belt, with a silver bucket in front. Your legs are bare, with your feet in heels; the heels at least 3" high with straps about your ankles and the toes pointed.

Your hair is cut short again, and I can't help myself, a smile forms. Its the way I like it, framing your face and giving you that edge when you wish it. Your make up as impeccable as ever with another touch I think is for my benefit, your lipstick a bright red shade that I love.

Reaching into your bag, and as if reading my mind, you toss a tube of lipstick to me. Without looking, I know its the one you're wearing.

Wipe off that other shit and put this on.

I grab my blouse and use it frantically to remove my lipstick. My hand is unsteady as I apply the new shade without aide of a mirror; praying that I don't make too much of a mess of it.

You move about the room, inspecting it, and my eyes follow you. Admiring your legs, and your ass when you turn; the lack of stockings...and bra...now has me wonder if you are sans panties. And a rush of excitement in the almost certainty of it leaves me flushed.

Noticing my flush, you come up from behind me, leaning down, your fingers capture my nipples. Pulling and twisting them as if to take them with you. You lips at my ear, I gasp as your tongue explores my inner ear, the attack sudden and oh so sweet.

Did my bitch miss me at all? I think maybe just a little huh?

Stepping away, you leave me reeling as you return to your bag. I watch you squeeze gel into your palm, rub your hands together and then through your hair. Another palmful and you go to my mirror, using my brush to slick your hair back tight along your scalp.

I'm melting now, clearly all this is for my benefit, my needs.

Your reflection smiles at me and I see you unbutton the top two buttons of your blouse. Standing, you walk back to your bag and retrieve another surprise, waving the cane this way and that as you gauge its weight and flexibility. With your buttons undone, the swell of your breasts clearly evident as you stretch your arm up and down, left and right.

Stand up.

I'm up on my feet just in time for the first bite of the cane across my breasts, a line of fire in its wake, and a red welt raising up to mark its landing. Moving behind me, my skirt is raised up, with me quickly helping. A click of your tongue lets me know you appreciate the thong I'm wearing, and that it won't need to be removed for what you have planned now.

The cane whizzes in the air and I take each strike as best I can. Lines crisscross my ass and upper thighs as you move and swing from this angle and that. I bite my lip to keep from crying out but I can't help but sway as I try to remain erect under your onslaught. Just as I'm about to fall, your arm goes around and steadies me; helping me back down to my knees.

I wish I could show you, you look amazing with those marks across your ass.

The cane tossed toward the bag, you move around before me. Your hands taking hold of my face and kissing me deeply, our tongues playing until you give me yours to suck. Your fingers again claiming my nipples, pinching them harder as I suck on your tongue.

A whisper as you lightly caress my cheek.

You know what I need now.

Rising up, you turn away from me. My hands lift at your skirt, and I struggle a bit to raise it because of its fit, until your ass comes into view. As I had suspected, you are not wearing undies, and my fingers dance over your bare cheeks. I kiss one cheek, then the other, my hands gently taking hold of them. You lean forward, hands on your knees, and I go to work.

Spreading you open, I inhale deeply to savor your essence. Slowly running my tongue down the crack of your ass until I reach your dark star. The tip of my tongue dancing over it, rimming you, loving you, finally returning to one of the places I love.

My tongue plunges at you, I lick with a fever and frenzy that overcomes me. Tracing the wrinkled flesh and teasing your tight opening with my pink muscle. I lick and suck at you, my tongue never stopping. I listen to you coo and moan as I explore you once again, my tongue insistent and wiggling to gain entrance.

With a steady push, I feel your ring relax and my tongue slips inside. I'm eating your ass now, like a slut, like a bitch, the bitch that I am for you. Snaking my tongue in as deep as I can before drawing it back, then returning deep again. In and out, in and out, tasting your musk, and loving it as it fills my senses.

You're rubbing yourself as I can feel your fingertips brush my chin now and then. I'm tiring with the effort but I refuse to stop or slow; if it kills me, I won't stop until you are ready for me to do so. Besides, I've missed and longed for your tight, smooth canal, along with the rush that comes from performing this way for you, pleasing you this way.

I feel you shift and your hand touches my cheek, pulling me back. Your voice soft, not sated, but happy.

And now, you know what else I need.

I look up as you turn once again. Looking up at your face but my eyes drawn to your sex as soon as you twist your body around. Even after loving it so many times before, I can't stop myself from gasping. Your clit extended, large, hard; like a tiny cock it juts out from your folds.

Another gasp as I see that you have trimmed yourself for me too. Your triangle cut short and small; far from being bare, but lovely in the simplicity of its shape.

My mouth finds your clit and I suck on it. My hands gripping your ass as your hands grip my head. Both of us now focused on our juncture. Using my lips, my tongue; sucking you as I would a cock. My head bobbing back and forth, lost to everything else in the world.

Lost until your hands pull me up. Our lips meeting, kissing. Then your eyes on mine, a smile on your face.

I'm not done yet...or rather...you're not done yet, but I had to kiss you. And I need to do this.

I look in your face, loving how hard you look with your hair plastered and looking wet. Fingers take hold of my chin as you step back. I don't need to look but the movement of your torso tells me what's coming. And you slap me hard across the face.

My face burning after the third blow. Your eyes again blazing with lust. Your fingers pull at my chin and I open my mouth. You spit in it then push me back to my knees.

I swallow the spit and take your clit back into my mouth. You're hold my head again, but now your hips are moving, driving forward. Fucking my mouth with your clit.

Suck HARD you bitch!

My face pulled back and slapped again. I'm sucking with all my might when you return your clit to my mouth. Your fingers digging into my head as you smash yourself into and against my face. I hear and feel you cum, your body freezing and quivering at the same time.

Oh I needed that.

Pulled to my feet, you lead me over to the bed. Unzipping my skirt on the way. I slip into the bed nude and turn to watch you undress before joining me.

But I'm not done with you yet.

And with a glance at your bag, I smile and lay back. Whole again.

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