tagSci-Fi & FantasyAvatar Ch. 01

Avatar Ch. 01


When she got into the transport she didn't know where they were going or why. Nick had just told her he had a surprise for her that he wanted to try out. I guess he'd been saving for several years to be able to do this so she was curious what it was. Nick had pulled some strings but wouldn't tell her what those were because he wanted her in the dark completely until she was in the room with the experience he wanted to share with her. She wasn't even sure which planet they were pulling into. The view when they reached the surface of the planet was incredible. She inhaled as they broke through the atmosphere

Nick knew it made her uncomfortable because people were around but he slipped his finger under her skirt into her panties as they hit the rough turbulence going into the planet. Jackie couldn't help it even though she was looking around having his finger moving against her as she was gazing at all the mysteries of this planet she'd never seen kept her from pulling away from him. It was beautiful. It reminded her of the rain forest with life teeming everywhere, exotic looking bugs and animals. She did notice that their where tribes of people that were very large probably 8-9 feet tall, muscular, and a shade of blue almost as if their skin were camouflaged the same color as some of their surroundings to protect them from predators. They were beautiful. She started to imagine what it would be like to see one and touch one and how large they would be.

Nick reached into his bag rifling through looking for something he located and handed back to her. It was a blindfold. The type you sleep with that doesn't let any light in.

"Put this on".

He led her through what seemed like a building and she heard some voices inside. Every now and then he'd touch her or stop her. It made her uncomfortable when he put his hands up her shirt and tugged at her nipples. She didn't know who could see or where they were. This wasn't something she was really comfortable with even though the shock and feel of his finger twisting her nipple threw shock waves through her that weren't entirely unpleasant.

They came to a stop and he whispered in her ear "this is it - I'm going to be putting some things onto you I want you to lie down where I ask you."

She was scared not knowing what was going on. She was curious and she trusted Nick so it was a shock when she felt something being inserted into her skin. It hurt. She wasn't sure

what it was or why.


He got her hooked up and helped her lie back down. "Just try to sleep everything will be ok"

She was inside some kind of machine with a blind fold on feeling a little claustrophobic but was starting to feel tired. She felt herself drifting out of consciousness. It felt so good to sleep. Waking startled her. She was groggy and disorientated and someone was fucking her and not gently. She tried to get away from him and get more orientated but he had such a firm grip on her. He was one of the huge men she'd saw when they entered the planet. He was slamming into her roughly. She pushed him, tried to elbow him and fight him off.

"Who the fuck are you what's happened."

She did notice that her skin was blue and wasn't sure if she was awake or dreaming.

"It's Nick." He pushed her roughly to the ground. "I wanted to take you into one of your stories and see how you do like it, inside these bodies I can fuck you up as much as I want and you'll wake up unhurt"

"No, don't please Nick this hurts" Nick pushed her hard against the ground where she went sprawling and grabbed both her ankles in his hands. She watched the raw strength of his avatar as he drug her legs apart. He'd brought toys with him. The one she showed him on her smart phone was a cock ring with a clit stimulator. It seemed like it would make the enormous cock even more ridiculously out of proportion. She was scared of how big it was she still felt raw where he'd been fucking her when he woke her up that way. He pulled out some of the things she had fantasized about using with him. She felt her body start to react as he pulled out the cock ring she had fantasized about and watched him put it on. It didn't take long for his cock to get even larger then it was already. It was frightening but she looked at the protruding thing that was going to be hitting her clitoris. She wanted this, she wanted to feel it vibrating against her while he was fucking her with that huge cock, but he rubbed his dick against her clitoris and wouldn't give it to her. She was wet. Everything in her wanted him to violate her as deeply as he could and hit her over and over again with the wedged vibrator protruding out of his cock ring but he wouldn't.

"Jackie I'm not going to fuck you until your screaming for my cock - screaming Jackie people can see you I'm taping this whole deal so we can watch it later - you've got to beg for me to fuck you then my lovely fucking whore I'll fuck you"

She started screaming "fuck me Nick God please fuck me."

He was rubbing her clitoris gently teasing her tickling her she could feel the bullet inside the vibrator shaking him and the buzzing outside was infuriating her. Why can't he just fuck me I can't take this anymore? Nick slapped her with such force she fell back against the ground.

"Put me in your mouth first and then I'll fuck you."

She was so wild with how much she wanted him to fuck her she would have done anything. Nick put his hands against her hair and rocked in her mouth as she stared up at him. He was sliding deeply in her throat choking her with the huge cock it barely fit it was engorged from the cock ring. He grabbed her braid wrapping it around his hand and pulled her off his dick and slid his dick outside her again until he saw her start to shake then he gave it to her.

He moved in and out of her so deeply and so slowly the vibrator on the toy was hitting her clitoris between strokes but he pumped her when it was right on her clitoris and shook it there so the toy would fully hit and vibrate against her before he pulled away. He knew she would cum and hard he plunged all the way in and didn't pull out just pushed into her, relaxed and pushed so the vibrator would stay up against her the whole time. He was buried as deep as that huge cock would go and knew she would be filled. He felt her avatar violently shaking.

"I want to hear you when you cum scream let me know"

She threw her head back with such an amazing expression he watched every emotion she was feeling pass over her face and he knew he was right there with her.

"Nick I'm going to explode Oh God, Oh God,"

She was so loud he felt himself respond as violently as he violently pumped her filling her as he lay there he let her know that he'd paid for an experience where she could be awake and inside her avatar and he wanted to fuck them both she'd be able to fuck herself and him. Jackie's jaw dropped as she started to cry it was so beautiful, this experience.

She couldn't believe something like this was real. She was hungry to try the rabbit toy she saw Nick touch as he was reaching for the cock ring. Nick brought avatar sized toys. She lay in Nick's arms a little sore from where he'd hit her and from how large he was inside her. He'd fucked her awake. she'd always been curious how that would feel. She wasn't disappointed. Sometime before they left this place she'd have him fuck her to death and let him be really violent. She was scared but if she woke up and wasn't hurt she could experience that fear & pain and she was curious. What would it feel like to be injured and killed while he was fucking her? She visualized dying right as she was climaxing wondering what he would think of her. She felt safe, she was scared, she was curious. She wanted Nick to torture her, fuck her, rape her then pump into her until she climaxed all hurt and injured then kill her. What would that trauma do to their relationship? She was excited to find out.

*I'd like to thank my reader for suggesting I write this story*

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