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Avenging Angels Ch. 00-01



* * * * *

To: Cardinal Aldous

From: Dr. Luten Fabbrizi

Date: 5.16.07

Re: Requested Information


As you know the weather in the alps has been horrendous for the past several days, however, last night at approximately 2:34am we had a window of opportunity open and we were finally able to view the area you had inquired about.

What we found was, to say the least, bewildering. Before we give our complete report, would it be possible to know where the coordinates for this area came from? We believe it would greatly help us with our analysis to have some context as to the source of these coordinates.

We anxiously await your reply.

Respectfully, Dr. Luten Fabbrizi, Lead Astronomer, ESA Poggiridenti Research Facility


To: Dr. Luten Fabbrizi

From: His Eminence Cardinal Aldous

Date: 5.16.07

Re: Information


Forgive me, I must have not been clear when making this request for your team to view the specified area. The coordinates provided to you were found only recelently in a newly discovered archive. Our intrest in this area is for archival purposes only, I would appreciate it if you could give us whatever report you feel best describes what is in this area, its age, what if any phenomenon could be occuring and when the last time it occurred.

Again, this is simply an archival study with no signifcance beyond having the correct notation in the proper column. I look forward to recieing your report.

In God's Trust, Cardinal Renard Aldous, The Holy See, Rome, The Vatican


To: Cardinal Aldous

From: Dr. Luten Fabbrizi

Date: 5.16.07

Re: Requested Information


We are not sure how to proceed, without having some kind of background information to use as a reference. It is very difficult for us to objectively provide you with a scientific explanation of what we viewed at the coordinates you provided. However, we will do our best.

Type of phenomenon: Unclassified. This type of spatial conjunction has never been observed before. After reviewing star charts available for this portion of space the findings we have are unverifiable and therefore are based solely on theory.

What appears to be taking place is that, three separate celestial bodies have aligned in such a way to create a pyramid form, point one, the top most point is a class 5 pulsar in the Otana nebula, the bottom right point is a blue proto star in the foxfire star cluster and the bottom left point is a red giant in Sirius.

Two things make this most odd, first, these three objects are in different planes and at vastly different distances, however, because of the 3 objects make up they are viewed from earth at the same relative brightness. Secondly, the alignment of these three objects is perfect, even when calculated out to 9877th decimal, the triangle that these three points create is perfect at nine million light years distance between each.

By our calculations this event has never occurred before, will never occur again and will last for a period of nine months, had we not been given specific coordinates it never would have been seen, however, taking into account that this is a once in an eternity event, these three objects must have been viewed over a period of 5000+ years to accurately predict this conjunction at this time.

The team is very interested in any further details you can give us on this event. I hope that any further information you come across can be shared with this facility. As you requested, no one on my staff will discuss this with anyone and we hope that this information proves useful in your archival efforts.

Respectfully, Dr. Luten Fabbrizi, Lead Astronomer, ESA Poggiridenti Research Facility


The muted amber light from the rose window above Cardinal Aldous' desk revealed the worry lines crossing the Cardinals brow.

Closing the email from the Dr. his hands formed a pyramid as he sat back closing his eyes.

"How can it be that the time has finally come, how can it be that everything we have guarded so long must now be shown the light of day," he said to himself as he stood up and crossed the room, as he did, shoulders that were slumped rose and squared, the time had come, he was the one, the ancient edits would finally be realized.

Closing the door to his office the Cardinal moved slowly down the corridor, only the sounds of his footfalls echoed in the well traveled hall, the Pope would be informed, the rites would begin and the call would go out, nothing could stop it now. Would the outcome be all that had been described, or was it all coincidence, and 2000 years of religious thought and knowledge and power would be lost.

The Cardinal made a silent prayer for strength, not knowing for the first time in 65 years who exactly he was praying too. The door opened, the Pope sitting with his advisors looked up as Cardinal Aldous entered the room and uttered the words most feared and desired by all those in attendance. "The calling must commence"


Chapter 1

Cali appeared calm, but appearances were definitely deceiving in this case.

For the past 4 hours her concentration had been pushed to its limits trying to maintain the gateway. Every muscle in her 21-year old body was pulled tighter than a guitar string, sweat poured down her toned and tanned body matting the long dirty blond hair to her back.

She shimmered in the candlelight, as if an ethereal had chosen this moment to enter our realm. It was the nature of the rites she performed, manipulating both this plane and the other.

Her normally emerald eyes had taken on the violet glow of the nether that she had breached.

Focusing on the sigils that maintained the portal consumed her; would it ever end, would Sam ever step back through, no must maintain the portal, Sam will be back.

Half an hour later, Samantha stepped through the faintly opaque hole in space time.

Cali felt relief wash over her, never had she expended so much magical energy and her body began to quiver under the strain as she took her time to slowly close the portal securely, ensuring that nothing else could come through.

Samantha cradled Cali in her arms, 5th tier incantations were bad enough but make it a portal spell and only the most adept will be able to survive the task.

Now, after holding the portal open Cali was in a near coma, her body shivered against Samantha as the sweat began to dry, the muscles relaxed and Cali's drained reserves finally gave out.

Lifting her in her arms, Samantha strode over to the shower, gently laying Cali on the floor she quickly stripped off her ceremonial robe and worked the controls on the modern multi-head shower system. A light rain effect filled the glass chamber with a warm spray, natural aromatics of lilac and lavender seeped into the heavy mist to help calm and replenish them both, helping to attune their centers and begin the healing process.

Samantha picked up Cali's shaking form and moved her into the comforting warm embrace of the shower.

Slowly Samantha washed the young woman in her arms, the natural sea sponge absorbed the healing salve that would release the strain in Cali's muscles, and cleanse any remnants of the works energy from her mate.

Sitting together on the floor, letting the warm water sooth their overworked bodies, the mingling scents enlivening their senses, Samantha looked down at her sleeping charge, always overwhelmed that they had found each other and together learned so much in such a short time.

It amazed Samantha that two people could be so alike and so different and still be so complimentary to the other. Together they are the Yin/Yang, two parts that are only whole when joined with the other.

Gently rinsing Cali and then herself, Samantha helped her soul twin out of the shower, dried her and then took her to their bed. As she drifted to sleep with Cali in her arms her thoughts slipped back to that day 4 years ago when Cali had quite literally stumbled into her life.


'Mother fucker' thought Cali,

Days on the street had worn on the normally happy teen, 'how is it possible that a 17 year old girl in northern California with enough money to retire can't find a decent place to live,' she thought.

For the third time that day a landlord had taken one look at Cali and said they would not rent to her.

"I thought money was suppose to open doors not have them slammed in your face" Cali whispered under her breath as she looked up at the street sign, trying to figure out where the next apartment was.

Cali had been on the long road now for over a year, her mother had finally given up trying to find the right "formula" that would make Cali conform to the idea of what she should be.

Cali had taken the news of loosing her situation much better than most 16 year olds would have.

It helped that her mothers family had set up a legacy trust for her when she was born, with a few signatures and a notary stamp, Cali was...comfortable. She could never touch the principal in the trust, but the $10,000.00 per month from the interest would ensure she never had to worry about money, if she was smart and not extravagant.

Of course Cali was smart and her idea of extravagant was an evening on the beach watching the sunset, listening to the song of LIFE.

With a quiet resolve that transcended her years, Cali went through the motions of packing up her life; it was the little things, the things with meaning that Cali gently packed into her duffle bag.

The rabbit's foot found at the park when she was 4, the tigers eye that found its way into her shoe on her first day of school at 6, the 12 journals that held the scope of her life within their pages. The bits and pieces of magic that had, through luck or providence found their way into her petite little hands.

Born Calliope Renee Simms, Cali's family looked upon her with something between revulsion and despair, the Simms' were not what you would call parental poster children, if anything they were the antithesis of what parents should be.

Cali's father Ray was a baby boomer who never escaped the 60's, falling into a life of shaping surfboards on Hermosa Beach in LA county, finding ways to hit the surf and ignore any hint of responsibility.

Cali's mom, Melissa was the opposite, a driven woman from a wealthy family who, after finding the effects of methamphetamines too seductive to resist took up with Ray as a way to "stabilize" her life.

In the end neither Ray nor Melissa should ever have had children, there were no two people alive that had less to offer a child.

Cali, of course understood the state of affairs in her world from a very young age, something had always been different about her, she had an inherent...knowing... that would confound adults and put off other children. This lead Cali to a very solitary existence, an existence filled with books, sunsets and a deep abiding love and connection to the magic of life.

Cali in a word was ALIVE, from the instant she was born everyone new that something was different about her, that difference was her life force.

Cali lived in this world with the energy of 10 souls, she could move through a room and people just naturally moved aside, understanding that something very strange, something not to be trifled with had chosen to cross their path.


Samantha new something was out of place, the air seemed to crackle with potential that warm fall day as she hopped off the bus heading to her last class.

At 18 Sam had her life all mapped out, high school was over, classes at UC had just begun, her tiny apartment in the Haight was just what she had envisioned it would be, her life was on track and there was nothing that was going to stop her from attaining her goals.

Of course, nothing has a way of showing up unexpectedly and uninvited to make sure the best-laid plans are overturned like a fruit cart in a Mel Gibson movie.

Samantha Lynn Carson was a transplant, growing up in Devil's Lake North Dakota; she was a country girl, never meant for the country.

She loved the plains, watching the sunrise, lighting up the landscape in colors no artist could capture, that no chemist could ever hope to recreate.

First, shades of grays would begin to lighten the world, then hues of blues would push back the gray finally turning to the fiery oranges and reds that made her heart beat quicken with the marvel of how each new day was wonderful and inspiring while being totally unique and fulfilling.

Often she would sit for hours with the elderly Sioux women, listening to their stories of the spirits of the land, vision quests and the great festivals of the tribe. Sam could feel the pull of the ancients, sense the heartbeat of these once proud people.

Her parents, John and Elizabeth were hardworking people of German decent who loved their life, loved their ranch and loved their children.

Sam was the middle of three kids, Kyle her older brother was in his third year at UND studying agriculture/farm management, he loved the ranch more than their parents did and would take it over once their parents decided to retire.

Kimberly, her younger sister had just started her sophomore year at Devils Lake High School, she was an intelligent girl who would probably go to college and end up married to a rancher's son, never leaving North Dakota.

Sam was the one who didn't quite fit, while her love of the place was great, the pull to leave was greater, since she was little all she had thought of was leaving Devils Lake, seeing the world and finding her place in it.


Walking towards campus Samantha could not shake the feeling of...overwhelming expectancy. It was like trying to get to sleep on Christmas eve when you are 5 years old, butterflies in you your stomach, every nerve on edge.

Just as she was about to cross the street, a hand forcefully closed around her arm, stopping her from stepping off the curb in front of the taxi that had run the light, and in that instance Samantha new what it was to be complete.


Cali noticed the beautiful young woman as she stepped off the bus and was immediately enthralled by her as she walked up the sidewalk towards her. Her auburn hair glowed in the afternoon light; her eyes were like azure blue pools that you could delve into and never wish to leave, her lean muscled body had the look of a panther walking in its domain, confident, powerful and supremely secure.

Cali watched her pass by, saw the glazed look in her eye, notice the ripple of goose bumps as they moved across her neck and down her back under her light dress, then she noticed the red light and the taxi.

Instinctually Cali reached out and took the girls arm, intending to stop her from crossing the street, when their bodies touched, their souls immediately understood who they were and took over.

Samantha, "I'm Falling"

Cali, "I'm Floating"

Samantha, "So this is love"

Cali "So this is joy"

Both "So this is being complete"

It happened in an instant, once the instant passed both girls just stood staring, memorizing every detail of the other. This took another instant, and once that passed they fell into each others arms, passers by would see many things in that first embrace, sisterly love, passionate love, joyful reunion, the consolation of a friend, the reunion of lost love, pure joy.

All of these were true and none of them came even close to the truth of this meeting, this joining, this communion.


Cali stirred first, flexing her muscles and getting her circulation going, 'oh I feel simply capital,' she thought, reminded of one of her favorite scenes from Tombstone.

Slowly her mind focused, she could feel Sam's nipples pressing into her back, her thigh lying over her own, and her arm draped over her shoulder gently cupping her breast.

Cali sighed as her center became wet and slick with her essence, it was always this way after an invocation, her senses were on overload she needed to be with Sam, to taste her to have her inside her, to join with her and burn off the excess energy.

Just as she turned, gently moving Sam's' auburn locks from her forehead looking into the smiling eyes of her partner the doorbell rang.

'Mother Fucker' thought Cali and Sam in unison, then smiles crossed their lips as they rose from the bed.

Cali grabbed a robe and went to answer the door while Sam headed to the bathroom for her morning necessities.

Opening the door, Cali stood dumbfounded by the man she found waiting, had it been a delivery boy, pizza guy or the mailman Cali could have dealt. But to be greeted at 6:30 in the morning, after the most stressful magical practice she had ever taken on, by an elderly roman catholic priest was just too much for Cali to handle in a serious way.

Father McReynolds stood at the doorway, after ringing the bell three times he was about to leave when the door opened, revealing a lovely young woman who, at the site of him, broke out in the most joyous laugh he thought he had ever heard.

A smile played across his lips as he waited for the woman to contain herself, 'oh to be young and know such joy,' thought the Father.


Father Michael McReynolds had been asked to do many things in his 52 years of service with the church; he thought he was beyond surprise, that thought changed when the bishop roused him at 4:00am this morning.

"This package just arrived from Rome," Bishop Carlson almost whispered as Michael wiped the sleep from his eyes standing at the front door.

"Come in your eminence, please come in and sit, I need to make coffee," Michael was no good without at least two cups and that was when he was having them three hours from now.

"Michael, this package from Rome was delivered by special papal envoy an hour ago, it needs to be delivered to...a couple...in the Castro," the Bishop stated in a way that made his feelings about this "couple" and the "Castro" perfectly clear.

Michael just shook his head as he waited impatiently for enough of the brown elixir to filter through the machine to fill a cup.

Living and working in San Francisco for 40 of his 52 years of service, Michael was well aware of the mainstream churches views on "alternative lifestyles", views never shared by Michael, and one of the main reasons that after five decades of service he was still "Father" McReynolds.

'Ah well, we all serve in our own ways,' Michael thought, as the hot liquid filled his body with a nice warm feeling and his brain began to awaken.

"We have been charged by the Pope to see that this package is delivered to these individuals with all haste, with your...compassion for these...types...of people, I think you would be best for the job" the bishop stated, while seemingly trying to find a spot on his shoe.

Shaking his head, Michael took the parcel and address from the Bishop and told him he would be on his way as soon as the sun rises.

The bishop gratefully took his leave from Michael's small living room, leaving a bewildered and sleepy priest in his wake.


As Cali calmed down Sam came up behind her, seeing the priest she was as shocked as Cali, but was able to maintain her manners.

"Please come in father," she said as she gently moved the still snickering Cali out of the way, opening the door for the father.

Michael smiled and walked into the house, the first thing that struck him were the scents that found him, lavender, lilac and hint of myrrh, it had a calming effect that was, Michael thought, most extraordinary.

Taking in the two women he was struck by just how much they loved each other, though no word had passed between them it was obvious just by seeing them in the same room that their love was something many aspired too but few ever attained, Michael wondered what their secret was.

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