tagNovels and NovellasAvenging Angels Ch. 03

Avenging Angels Ch. 03


"Slower Duncan, tease me," Aiyana whimpered as Duncan slowed the pace of his thrusts into her tight puckered asshole.

"That's perfect," Aiyana moaned as the rhythm matched what her desires were searching for.

Duncan and Aiyana had been enjoying each other for over an hour now. Duncan likened making love with Aiyana to a symphony; slow buildups, intermittent peaks with a finish that crashes over you, taking you places you never dreamed of going. Aiyana had cum several times and her dear sweet Duncan was, as always, happy to offer his services for as long as she desired.

They had met by chance at a Native American festival in Kiowa, Montana. Aiyana was not looking for love, considering that she was already in love at the time she met Duncan, finding it with him was a surprise, but luckily, love is a limitless emotion.

Aiyana had been with Jonas for over five years; falling in love at first sight when they were both eighteen they had grown into adults together. However, as was in their nature they always maintained their playful spirits and deep commitment to their beliefs.

Jonas and Aiyana were committed to each other and felt that they had found their soul mate, not in the clichéd way that people often use the term, but in the true sense. The day they met their souls connected, comingling and creating something new that was stronger and more intense than the sum of their original parts.

Duncan changed the nature of their relationship and brought a newfound component that neither of them had known was missing.


Duncan Marcus Tallingford was English, from Manchester, over in the states on holiday taking in the more eclectic tourist destinations. At 23 he was the youngest of nine children. Raised on Manchester United football, a deep love of the rich history of his country and more than a passing fascination with witchcraft, Duncan was not your average Englishman.

His family had been practitioners of the Craft for more than 14 generations. With each generation one child would be born with the gift manifesting stronger than the rest.

Everyone in the family had powers, but Duncan was the blaen* this generation, understanding and controlling all of the different disciplines of air, fire, water and earth. Now by tradition, the blaen of one family would be wed to the blaen of another family in the coven to keep the bloodlines strong.

Duncan had been the focus of many a girls desires, however, none of them made Duncan feel weak, feel empowered, feel loved. And so Duncan had not asked for any of the "acceptable" girls hands, leading to much consternation within the coven. The council was still trying to decide how to work this issue out when he left for America.

Arriving at the Pow-Wow he thought he would find some interesting trinkets, perhaps grab a book or two on native spirituality, it would be interesting to see how their interpretations of things and his own craft blended.

As he stepped out of a tent he saw her, backlit by the setting sun she glowed, her black hair flowed around her shoulders and down below her waist like a black chrome waterfall. Her bronze skin blazed with an ethereal light that Duncan had never imagined let alone thought he would ever witness.

Aiyana felt his eyes on her before she ever saw him.

Clutching at Jonas's hand she looked into his eyes and in a whisper said, "Someone is here Jonas, they are looking at me, I don't know who they are but they make me feel like you do." Jonas smiled at his beloved, he had felt the presence as soon as they had gotten to the site, it was interesting, not a threatening feeling only a feeling of common energy, common strength.

"We should find him and introduce ourselves, from the feel of it if he does not get close to you soon things could get very messy," Jonas said with a smile in his voice as he pulled his eyes from hers to start scanning the crowd.

"Of course, she is with that tall blond chap," sighed Duncan under his breath. As was the case with all of his love interests there always seemed to be another man there first.

He was about to move on when their eyes met, he shifted between looking at the Native American beauty and her Teutonic partner. Both of them stared back at him, with warm eyes full of empathy, playfulness and friendship.


Duncan moaned as another orgasm washed over Aiyana, causing her tight passage to constrict around his cock. "I love you Aiyana," Duncan said as he increased the pace of his thrusts.

"Yes Duncan, faster now, fuck me hard, cum for me, fill me up with your passion," Aiyana yelled. They moved together as one being, their passion fired by love and tension and power.

His cock was blur as it moved into her, his hands wound in her hair, holding it like the reins of horse, Aiyana moved beneath him like a feral cat, moaning and screaming as her orgasm built to its crescendo.

"Now lover, fill me now, cum with me," Aiyana yelled as her orgasm broke over her.

Aiyana's orgasm triggered Duncan's as he tensed and slammed into her with one final thunderous stroke as he emptied his seed into her clutching hole. They screamed out their passion together as they road the orgasmic wave, Duncan slid down, his hands massaging her sweat covered skin as they traveled around her to clutch her breasts, laying his head in her hair he smiled and thanked the gods for finding her as the aftershocks washed over them.


That first night was the most amazing any of them had ever experience.

"I'm Jonas and this lovely lady is Aiyana," Jonas said to Duncan, extending a friendly hand.

"Duncan, I'm very pleased to meet you both," Duncan replied, eyeing Jonas with a wary eye. Aiyana slid her hand into Duncan's proffered hand; at the touch they both felt an electric current pass between them. Smiling, Aiyana looked into Duncan's eyes and whispered, "I'm pleased to meet you."

Duncan was speechless, he stood there, with Jonas and Aiyana looking at him, their faces slowly breaking into small smiles, then larger ones, then full out laughter.

"Come on Duncan, I know just how you feel, lets grab a beer and you can regain your senses," Jonas laughed as he placed a friendly hand on Duncan's shoulder and pulled him along to the beer tent.

They spent the evening talking, Duncan told them of his home, his family and his gift. Aiyana and Jonas sat next to each other, holding hands and smiling at their new friends tales from home. As the minutes then hours passed all three of them realized that something new was being born, that together they could be...magical.

It was Jonas who finally brought up the subject of leaving long after the sun had gone down and the last of the revelers were beginning to filter out of the festival.

"Duncan, why don't you come back to our place, its late and there is more that the three of us need to discuss," Jonas said as he stood, pulling Aiyana up with him into a playful embrace.

Duncan was unsure, after only a few hours he felt a kinship with Jonas that was deeper than any he had ever felt with his family, and Aiyana, she was like a warm breeze embracing his soul, comforting and exhilarating all at the same time. Duncan rose to his feet, looking at his new friends he said, "Yes, I think that would be an excellent idea."

Aiyana was in a quandary as she sat next to Jonas on the way home, Duncan was following in his rental as they wound their way along Rt 2 heading towards their place in Santa Rita.

She loved Jonas, loved the look of him, loved the feel of him next to her and inside her, loved the way he accepted her the way she was, not trying to change her.

Jonas, 24 years old was an orphan, born in East Berlin, Jonas went from orphanage to orphanage, never quite fitting in, getting into trouble, and always feeling apart. When he was almost 6 the Berlin wall came down. This proved to be a turning point for Jonas as it was for thousands of orphans like him.

Taken in by a foster family in west Berlin he finally understood what a happy home was, being honestly cared for Jonas came out of his shell reveling in just being with people who truly cared for him and his well being. He spent 6 months with the foster family, learning what it was to be a child.

Two months after his 6th birthday he was adopted by a 3rd generation German couple in the Brighton Heights district of Pittsburg. Klaus and Maria Brandauer were in their mid thirties, unable to have children of their own they were happy when the agency found Jonas. He was blond and blue eyed like Klaus and had the strong high cheekbones so common on Maria's side of the family. Excited with a hint of trepidation about becoming parents Klaus and Maria went to PIA to pick up their new son.

The plane trip to America is something Jonas never forgot. Leaving Berlin, he did not feel sad as some would expect, on the contrary, even at his age he had a great understanding of destiny, even if he did not know it at the time.

Jonas remembers little details like snapshots of the trip, hugging his foster mother at their front door when Ms. Schultz had come to take him to the airport, her scent smelled like home: the strudel she had baked, the lilac soap she used and lemons from the lemonade, yes, she was what home smelled like.

The next snapshot was the plane, Ms. Schultz handing him over to a stewardess named Paula, dark hair, happy eyes, she reminded him of an elf from one of his stories, planes were magical.

Then there were the clouds, being above the clouds, what a wondrous thing, looking down on the ocean, seeing it for the first time, the way the light played across its blue surface, how the clouds he was above cast dark shadows, creating islands of gray on the pure blue canvas.

America, lots of chrome and steel and glass. It felt...new, compared with Berlin this place had no history; it was like a blank slate, waiting for him to cover with his own undiscovered pallet.

Klaus and Maria waiting for him as he stepped off the plane holding Paula's hand; happiness, acceptance and for the first time love.

The next seven years passed quickly. Jonas picked up English at an amazing pace and it was apparent early on that his intellect was above average. Enjoying school and making friends easily, Jonas was passing through his second six years with much more ease and joy than his first. As his thirteenth birthday approached Jonas began to feel...odd, he could not put his finger on it but it felt like the plane, magical.


"Wow, can this day get any more surreal," Duncan thought as he pulled his rental car in next to Jonas' Toyota Land Cruiser.

Stepping out of the car, Duncan took in the scene. The driveway up to the house from the 215 was at least 2 miles long; the house itself was a log cabin. He called it a log cabin being that the material used to construct the house were logs, this was the only kinship this place had to maple syrup or a rustic spot in the middle of no where.

At 3 stories with soaring panes of glass, well-manicured hedges gently under lit by hidden lights and a five-car garage, it was closer to a mansion than a cabin.

"It's Aiyana's not mine," Jonas smiled as he placed his hand on Duncan's shoulder and pulled him along behind the sprinting Aiyana.

"I've really really got to pee," she said over her shoulder as she disappeared through the front door.

The interior was sparsely furnished, the front door opened onto one large room with a well-equipped kitchen to the right and a wide hall leading to the left. A huge stone fireplace that was flanked by floor to ceiling windows dominated the back wall.

Duncan asked Jonas "Exactly what is it that you two do?"

"Well," Jonas began " we don't really do anything, the house is owned by Aiyanas' tribe, her grandfather was a medicine man of high regard, the tribe has set aside the 40 acres and the house for his descendants to use."

It was not as large as it seemed from the outside, aside from the main room and kitchen there were 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms downstairs and a large loft master suite upstairs. Going out on the back porch Duncan was shocked again. "Are those what I think they are?" Duncan asked Jonas as they looked out over the back of the property.

"If your talking about the sweat lodge and stone monolith construction, then yes they are, Aiyana uses the sweat lodge a great deal for her rituals, and the monoliths create a sacred space for me to practice my art."

Aiyana joined them on the deck, smiling as she looked at them standing together, Jonas was about 2 inches taller than Duncan with his short cropped blond hair and wide shoulders he looked like the quintessential all American boy.

Duncan, in contrast was a bit shorter, his black hair was unruly coming down below his neck, his silhouette reminded Aiyana of a dancer or gymnast, tight and focused.

Aiyana moved between them, sliding an arm around each of their waists. She had feelings of contentment, of love, of safety and completeness that were so overwhelming she began to cry from the sheer joy of the sensation.

Both Duncan and Jonas moved to hold Aiyana, they found and easy embrace with Aiyana facing Duncan and Jonas behind her. Each of them touching the other two, each of them understanding that a bond had been formed that would outlast this physical incarnation. They now new what home felt like.


Jonas walked into the room and smiled as he saw Duncan and Aiyana laying side by side, the rumpled sheets and the lamp on the floor gave Jonas a pretty good idea of how they spent their afternoon.

"You two, jeez, Duncan you are going to wear her out," Jonas chided as he crossed the room to sit on the edge of the bed.

"No chance of that my good man, as you well know she can outlast both of us," Duncan chuckled in answer.

Aiyana looked at them both with love and passion in her eyes, slowly caressing her bulging belly she wondered if the baby would have blond or black hair.

Aiyana's hand was joined by one from Duncan and Jonas; they sat like that for a moment, caressing Aiyana wondering at the mystery that was taking place within her womb.

"Get dressed you two, a courier just called from the gate, he should be up here in a minute," Jonas said as he rose and made for the stairs leading down from the master bedroom. Duncan and Aiyana shared a brief, loving kiss and then moved to get dressed and meet Jonas down stairs.

When the bell rang and they opened the door, all three of them were shocked to be faced with a young priest with a package from the Vatican.

*blaen (Welsh)

(adj.) fore, foremost, first

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