Avenging Angels Ch. 04


Sam read the feelings coming from Valerius and spoke to him. "Do not feel insignificant my young friend, understand that the history of your race both present and yet born will be shaped by what you do with your life and this knowledge. Your name is now indelibly etched in our history, people will forever remember you and the foundation you laid for future generations." Sam said, waiting for the inevitable change of attitude in the young man.

Slowly, Valerius rose to his feet, slipping the star reverently into his tunic, it felt warm next to his skin. The young man left the cave, walking purposefully towards Jerusalem a new vision of his own life and place in history firmly rooted in his mind.

In the year 313 Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Signed the Edict of Milan, ending persecution of the Christian faith. Through out his life and rule Valerius returned church property, provided for the growth and stability of the church and fought her enemies until his death.

His work laid the groundwork for all those that would pass after him, stewards of the star, the ones who would protect the secret and see the church grow and prosper so that when the time came the star could complete its work and pass on the ancient knowledge to the next evolution of humanity.

The next 1700 years passed fairly quickly, hitting the highs and lows of the church as a whole, always with the star as its central motivator.


Aldous was back in the Cardinal's office; the star was sitting in his lap, gently pulsating. Aldous blinked his eyes, understanding all at once that he was to be the next steward and quite possibly the last.

The Cardinal offered Aldous another glass of wine, which disappeared quicker than the first.

The whole process of gaining the knowledge taking less than ten seconds, the Cardinal knew that Aldous would need some time.

Taking the star from Aldous's lap he touched his shoulder and said, "why don't you return to your rooms and contemplate your place in history my son, we will talk again soon." Aldous nodded and rose, looking at the cardinal with a new sense of reverence, the weight of this would kill most people.

'I hope I am worthy of the task', Aldous thought as he left the office.


As the sun set, Aldous once again regarded the star. They were on their way now. Soon the new Atlantean's would begin arriving, and soon after that the star would make itself known to them, activating all of the potential in their genetic makeup's, ushering in the new world, what place would there be for his church, for himself in the new world? He smiled, knowing that at least in the histories he would be remembered, hopefully remembered well.


What was not included in the history were the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the man after his crucifixion. Sam had seen what happened; Sam S9M had spotted the small craft coming into the sector and warned Sam Sol. While powerless to stop them, Sam was able to learn how they located ones with the power, and how to mask them from future exposure, at least until the time came to fully activate the genetic codes.

Then, only they would be able to stop The Dark Ones from once again extinguishing the evolutionary light that Sam had protected for all these thousands of years.


The Dark Ones had watched the small blue planet for millennia, making sure the infestation that had plagued this world was eradicated. The Leaders were surprised when their lone sentry on the planet reported the appearance of an infected.

Upon review it was discovered that only one had been born, no others showed any signs of the mutations that had required complete extermination of the last species.

A small covert team was sent to recover the remains of the aberration after it was killed by its own kind. Upon examination the determination was made that it was, in fact, a genetic anomoly and not a resurgence.

The Leaders left the small blue planet again, their sentry in place, just incase another aberration presented itself.

*(Note: only 3 Atlantean's have ever been unearthed they are classified as Homo sapiens idaltu)

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