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My friend Mike and I had a crush on the same girl in high school. Her name was Marta. We sat next to her in an anatomy class. This was our senior year and we had just turned 18. We both liked the fact that she wasn't too popular, she preferred to stay away from the major cliques. We were not among the in crowd ourselves. She was cute though and her smile made her seem nicer than most girls in our school. She was quiet most of the time, but occasionally would show signs of being extroverted.

She had the first desk in the last row, next to a window. I sat directly next to her, and Mike was right behind her. We went to a private school, so the uniform was rather bland, but sometimes students were allowed to wear something besides the required outfit. On one such day, Marta was wearing black stockings and had on a black skirt with white polka dots. She had on a form fitting white top and wore black ballerina shoes.

Marta was also 18 and had olive colored skin and short black hair with plenty of waves in it. Her dark eyes seemed capable of giving more than she seemingly offered. She was about 5'7" tall. Her body was slender. The legs were long and thin. Her ass was on the smallish side, but was bubbly and worthy of attention. Her tits usually looked small in her loose blouses, but when she wore tighter tops, they looked bigger than usual. Her sexiest feature was her lips. They were very full and seductive. I was mesmerized by them and conjured up images of kissing them.

Mike and I looked at each other and shook our heads. It was not easy sitting next to a crush. We would often talk about her and what we wished we could do with her. Often, on the phone, I masturbated while we discussed what she had worn that day and how her body had looked. We always compared her to the hottest girls, and said she just missed being in that top tier. She was our crush, and we would have been happy if either of us got to know her better.

While she sat there with crossed legs and dangling a shoe, Mike and I were called to the front of the room by the teacher to move some boxes. I realized as I headed back to my desk that I had a bulge in my pants. Marta was looking at me as I sat down. She also noticed that Mike was bulging too. Her face was pensive for the rest of the class.

When the bell sounded, I could tell she wanted to say something to us. She gathered her books and waited for people to clear the area. She stood in front of us. Her legs were posed, her feet pointing in different directions.

"I'm sure if you wait a minute or two after I leave, it will be safe for you two to get up and go." Marta said.

"Was it that obvious?" I said.

"How do you know you caused it?" Mike said.

"Good point." She said.

Marta looked down as if to hint she was looking at our bulges, then she smiled before walking away.

Mike and I finally got up as students for the next class were coming in.

"She looked awesome in that skirt." Mike said.

"I know." I said.

The next day Marta walked in after Mike and I were already seated. She sat down and turned so that we both could see her. She was dressed in uniform, but looked very cute.

"How are we doing today?" Marta said.

"I am Fine." I said.

"Good." Mike said."

"Is everything back to normal?" She said.

"For now it is." I said.

"I'll see what I can do." Marta said.

I spent the whole class sneaking looks at her while she took notes or made a few surreptitious texts on her phone. I couldn't keep from looking at her lips as she played with a pen in her mouth. I felt she enjoyed the erections she thought were in her honor and she now had something over us. The erections were in her honor and I wanted to experience more of them because of her.

At lunch, Mike and I sat and wondered if Marta was opening the door for us because her attitude seemed playful. We could see her at another table reading a magazine. She was not alone at the table, but was not interacting with anyone.

"I don't know. She obviously saw we had boners. Unless she thought they were boners we gave each other, she must have known it was because of her." I Said.

"I like her even more now." Mike said.

"Yeah, I do too."

"You think we have a chance with her? Look at her over there. She acts like high school is beneath her in some way."

"I don't know, but if she honestly does not buy into the whole popular thing, we might."

I saw her in the hallway just before last period and she gave me a quick wave. It felt friendly, and as though there would be more recognition in the future.

There was a basketball game that weekend and Mike and I decided to go. Mike played football in the fall. I didn't play sports. We sat in the bleachers and said hello to our friends and joked around with each other. We would joke around about what cheerleader we thought was going to get laid that night. Jenna, a blonde with a delicious booty, always turned me on, but she was so far gone as far as popularity goes, I didn't even have a chance to share the same air space with her.

Marta was there also. She came with a guy who had graduated the year before. We were not happy to see her with him. There was no speculating whether or not she was going to get fucked. We were sure she was. He was older than us and most likely experienced.

"That sucks." Mike said.

"I know. Just when we were getting friendly with her she shows up with that guy." I said.

"I remember that guy."

"Yeah, he always acted like he was a rebel."

"Why would she be with him?"

"Who knows?" I said.

During half-time I went to the concession stand and was just waiting there, when Marta came up to me. She was by herself. She had silver boots that were knee high.

"Where is your buddy?" She said.

"He's around. Where is your buddy?" I said.

"He's patiently waiting for me to get back."

"Up or down?" I said.

"Excuse me?" She said.

Her lips were caught in a half smile.

"Up in the bleachers or down here on first floor?" I said.

I also smiled.

"Maybe he is somewhere in between."

"Is he starting or finishing?" I said.

I was trying to be clever.

She got closer to me. We were face to face. I was just slightly looking down at her. Her lips were so full and had just a hint of lipstick on them. I wanted to kiss her so badly. Our torsos were touching. We stared at each other for what seemed like minutes before she finally broke the silence.

"Or maybe coming or going." She said.

Marta walked away and looked back once. She half smiled and then laughed.

I went back to my seat without having bought anything and told Mike that I had talked to her. He was pissed he had not gone to the concession stand himself. Marta left with her friend before the game was over. Mike and I left as soon as the game was over, sadder because we knew she was spending time with another guy, yet, I could not wait to get home to masturbate to images of the moment we shared. That was the closest I had physically ever been to her.

We stopped by Mike's house first to go over our lack of progress with Marta. His parents were in the living room so we went into the basement. He didn't prepare me for what he had probably not planned, but felt compelled to do. He sat down on a sofa and unbuttoned his pants. He let out his dick and started to stroke it. He did not even look at me. He leaned his head back and concentrated on his spur of the moment masturbatory session. I sat down across from him to watch.

Mike was very hard. I could tell his penis was a little bigger than mine. Mine was a little over 5 inches long. Mine did seem to be a little thicker than his, which surprised me, since he was more muscular than me. I figured then that a thick body meant a thick dick. I was not sure if he wanted me to just watch or if he wanted me to join in. I decided to just watch. His strokes were quick. I could sense when he was ready to ejaculate. He started to mumble something as he started to cum.

His splatter was impressive. I was glad that I was not standing in front of him.

"Feel better now?" I said.

"Yeah, I do. I get so turned on by her when she wears boots." He said.

"I do too."

"You can take care of your business if you want." He said.

"No. I'll just wait to go home and make a mess on my sheets." I said.

We played pool for a little while. We just hit the balls, not really trying to pocket any of them. I had a hard-on the whole time, and was actually considering relieving myself in front of him.

I slumped away and walked home alone. I kept replaying the image in my head of Mike masturbating. I wondered if this signaled a turning point in our mutual feelings for Marta. Were we going to get more desperate, or were we going to start and initiate something real with her? I figured we were stronger as a duo then as just lone guys.

On Monday morning, when we finally had our class with her, we were quiet and watched her as she walked into class. We sat in silence for the whole hour. Finally, as we were getting ready to leave, after her of course, she spoke to us.

"It's casual day this Friday. Do you guys have any requests?" She said.

I tried not to look too surprised by what she said. Actually, I was thrilled by what she said.

"The least amount of clothing would be good." Mike said.

"Don't be stupid." She said.

Marta walked out as I was about to suggest something. I decided to wait to tell her next time I saw her.

"What's wrong with you? She's being cool with us." I said.

"I didn't know what to say." Mike said.

"Don't say anything then." I said.

I just shook my head and walked out of the room.

I spent the rest of the school day trying to figure out what I should request of Marta. I decided not to confer with Mike. He might suggest she come in a tube top and shorts. I saw her on the way out of school. I hurried my pace to catch up to her. She looked at me with a quizzical look, probably wondering if I was stalking her.

"Yes?" She said.

"I was thinking you could try another skirt." I said.

She smiled at me.


I was frozen. I didn't know how to express to her that she looked awesome in skirts and that her legs begged to be shown off and that I was prepared to beg her to show them off.

"I don't know."

"You have to tell me why."

I paused for a second and tried my best to let her know why.

"Because I think you look awesome in them. You're... are..."

"Yes, go on, my what?"

"Your legs are amazing." I said.

"You think so? They aren't too skinny for your taste?" She said.

"No. They are perfect." I said.

"I'll see what I can do." She said.

Marta disappeared into a crowd of students. I went my own way and felt as though I were almost weightless. I felt so satisfied I had spoken to her at the end of the day as opposed to catching a moment with her in class.

Mike called me later that day and told me he wanted to see Marta dressed in some type of body suit. I told him I had already talked to her. He didn't get angry, but I could tell he was annoyed with me.

When Friday came around, she did do as I requested. The skirt was not as short as her polka dot one. She had on a beige skirt that was a few inches above her knees and she wore black leather boots that rose to just below her knee. Most of her legs were hidden. She had on a light beige colored sweater that fit her very snug. The side view of her chest was impressive. Although not large, it was defiantly buoyant.

She sat down and didn't say a word to us. She acted aloof and as if she were the only one in class, modeling for us, for everyone, on her own personal runway. I was instantly hard, she didn't have to, although it was appreciated, cross her legs and uncross them over a dozen times, seemingly for our benefit. I never looked back to see what Mike was doing. Ideally, I wanted to part with our mutual interest in her and just take up the cause myself.

I never heard the sound of the bell. I had been dreaming up scenarios that I thought were possible. All of a sudden people were getting up and leaving the room. Marta appeared in front of me and I had to wake myself.

"Are you afraid to get up?" Marta said.

"Yes." I said.

I was still hard.

Mike got up from his desk. His bulge was clearly visible.

"I'm not." He said.

Mike walked out of the room by himself, leaving us behind.

"I'm sorry it isn't... the skirt... as short as you had asked for. The only other short skirt I have would have gotten me sent home." Marta said.

"This is... was fine." I said.

"Glad to hear it. Now let me see it." She said.

"See what?"

"Don't be silly. Let me see it."

I was shocked at her candor. I was embarrassed but got up anyway. She looked at my package and smiled.

"That is very good." She said.

Marta slowly turned and walked away. Her heels were clicking in satisfaction.

Mike and I decided to act quickly at her display of interest in our arousal. It was a half a day and we asked her to go with us to lunch at a burger place near the school.

"We're seniors now. That's the hangout for the underclassmen." She said.

"It's close by." I said.

"That's right, for kids who have to walk. Do you guys drive?" She asked.

"Yes, but we don't have cars." Mike said.

"That's all right. I will drive." She said.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"We're going to the food court at the mall." Marta said.

She had a sporty car and looked sexy ensconced in the leather bucket seats. I sat in the back. Mike was too big to sit comfortable anywhere but the front. I sat and watched as her legs deftly moved around the pedals. Mike sat almost dumbfounded. We could have been driving to another state and his face would have had the same countenance. I was starting to not like having him around. I wanted Marta all for myself.

We walked into the mall and were at her sides, almost as bodyguards instead of fellow students. She walked calmly and confidently. We looked like average teenagers doing what kids our age did: hanging out. We sat down in the center of the food court without having gotten anything to eat. There were a few college students around and mothers with young children. It did not feel crowded.

"You guys think you are really funny, huh. I have a boyfriend. He finds out and he's going to come looking for you." She said.

"Uh, I'm on the football team." Mike said.

"I'm not, but you agreed to this anyway." I said.

"I'm teasing. You two still think you're funny. I'm going to have the last laugh though." She said.

"How will you have the last laugh?" I said.

"I'm going to give you two what you want, but it won't be without... someone will feel like they lost."

"What do we want?" Mike asked.

"Me." She said.

"Mike, don't say another word. Yes. We want you." I said.

"I'll be quiet." Mike said.

"Explain how someone will lose?" I said.

"Simple. You two strip for me and I measure your fully erect penises. That won't be a problem, getting hard, I assume. The bigger one of you two get's my pussy. Smaller one gets my lips, which really isn't all that bad."

I was floored. I had never heard something so wonderful, but I also knew that Mike was bigger than me. Unless his penis failed to get erect, he was going to win her private treasure.

We agreed to her offer. I just wanted to be with her. Mike looked confident.

"It's settled then. Which of you two can host this soiree?"

"I can. My parents are both at work." Mike said.

We walked out of the mall. I felt dizzy as I followed her. She looked like a prize more than a crush. Were we really that close? I thought to myself. One of us was.

She had the music up all the way. No one spoke on the ride to Mike's house. She parked in the driveway as if it were her home. I was full of nervousness as Mike opened the front door for us. Marta acted the same as she had all day.

We ended up in Mike's bedroom. He had a full sized bed and not much else in the room. The walls were full of posters of sports stars, and there were a couple of piles of clothes that he moved into the closet. He did not seem embarrassed by the messiness.

Marta made him go to look for a measuring tape.

We looked at each other in silence, as close as we had been at the basketball game.

"I hope you come out ahead." She said.

I wanted to tell her that she was probably going to be fucking Mike, but decided not to say anything. Mike quickly came back with a rolled up measuring tape.

"This is from my mother's stuff." He said.

"That's great. Be sure to tell her all about this." Marta said.

"What. It's all I could find." Mike said.

"Well then, let's get... to what we came here for." She said.

She was in total control of us.

Mike started to undress. I felt defeated before it even started. I was just hoping that Mike might suffer from performance anxiety and would not reach his full size. I started to unbuckle my pants and was suddenly afraid about reaching my maximum size. Was there any chance that maybe she had meant girth? I thought.

"Why don't you undress too?" Mike said.

"Yeah, that would be nice." I said, laughing.

"You'll see me naked soon enough. One of you will. Loser doesn't see me naked. Although getting a blow-job from me doesn't really qualify as a loss does it?"

"Depends if you know what you are doing." Mike said.

"Just strip for me big boy. Or did I call you big too soon?" She said.

Marta had the now unrolled measuring tape in her hand that she was sliding on the floor.

Mike took off his shirt first and then started to take off the rest of his clothes. He was completely naked. I was shirtless and was just starting to take off my pants. He was almost fully erect. I was not sure if I was going to come out of my shorts ready to do battle

Marta looked at his penis, and then glanced over to me, waiting for me to show mine. When I was finally out of my briefs, I saw a worrisome look on her face. I was disappointing her.

"Make them nice and hard guys. Tell me when you are all the way there." She said.

"I am there now." Mike said.

He was stroking himself as though he was proud of his accomplishment: an erection.

Marta walked over and stroked him a few times, probably to confirm he was hard. She took the measuring tape and measured from the base of his penis over the top of it.

"We have a measurement of just over 6 inches. I'll call it 6 inches for now. If the competition gets close I'll be more exact" Marta said.

She walked over to me. Now that I was barefoot, and she still in her heeled boots, we were the same height. She grabbed my manhood as if she was the lifelong owner of it. I looked into her eyes as she lengthened me out. Was she trying to extract more from it?

"I hope you win." She whispered

"I don't know, Marta." I said.

I sounded apologetic.

She measured me the same way.

"Just a little over 5.5." She said.

Mike let out a loud yell. Marta looked more than a little downcast.

"I am sorry, baby." I said.

"You can't call me baby yet." She said.

"Sorry." I said.

"I'm teasing." She said.

I gathered my clothes and held them in front of me, covering my disappointment up.

"Does he stay?" Mike said.

He was actually deferring to her.

"No. He lost. He has to go." She said.

I walked to the door. Marta followed me and opened it for me.

"Don't put your clothes back on. And whatever you do, don't play with yourself. Save it for me to take care of." Marta said.

"I will." I said.

I left the room and remembered that Mike and his brother Alex had adjoining rooms. If I could just get to the mutual door they shared, I might be able to peek in to see Marta. She had said I wasn't going to see her naked. I was desperate to see her naked. I dropped my clothes on the ground and held my breath as I opened the door to Alex's room. He was away at college so there was no chance of him being home. The door opened. Now I only needed to open the door that adjoined the rooms. I was being as quiet as possible. I was practically moving in slow motion.

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