tagNonHumanAverage Grade Ch. 02

Average Grade Ch. 02


When she woke, she wasn't surprised to find herself in a similar situation. She'd briefly hoped it had been some terrible caffeine-induced nightmare. However, when her eyes fluttered open, and she took in the sensations that were already overwhelming her body, groaning around the cocks still stuffed in her mouth.

The tentacles were still and halfway down her throat. Her body was bound by tentacles, hanging in the air just as she had been before she'd fallen unconscious. Her arms were spread; back at a forced arch that made her pert breasts stand out, swelling under the pressure of the appendages wrapped tightly around them. Her nipples were finally free, red and aching from the previous abuse they'd received.

A tentacle thrust sloppily in and out of her pussy, her own juices and cum mixing with the strange, sweet seed of the monster that had her in its grasp. Her knees had been drawn up, legs spread uncomfortably wide by tentacles that rubbed over her skin. Almost like it was caressing her. Almost like it was offering comfort. She shuddered at the idea.

Noticing her awakened state, the movement in her pussy ceased. It was then that she noticed the strange tentacle that was over her belly, splayed out over the expanse of soft skin. A strange wiggling made her gasp around the appendages in her mouth, and she realized that it was attached to her bellybutton, pumping her system with some sort of hormone. Because suddenly the tentacles around her breasts squeezed, and the first signs of lactation began.

Tears slipped down her face, and a spare tentacle wiped them away. She wasn't sure if it was consolation or to absorb anything her body gave off. The beast's tentacle in her mouth began thrusting, jagged and uneven until cum shot down her throat. The one not wrapped around her neck slipped free, but another soon replaced it. It plunged into her mouth, past her lips and down her gullet, fucking her. She could only shake and let it happen.

It was then that she realized something bigger had taken her ass. She was impaled on it securely, and only noticed when the thing shifted in her, buried deeper. It didn't cause any pain, only a slight discomfort, and she was instantly grateful—knowing that it had to be at least seven inches in girth, and who knew how long. Just that it was in her, knotted in her, and staying. She felt it begin to vibrate, and her asshole spasmed around it. Her body torqued against its restraints and she came in sweet agony.

The small tentacle up her urethra began thrusting again too. A fresh wave of tears spilled at the burning sensation there, at the need to pee, but she was staved off by the thick limb shoved up, dancing around in her bladder. Whimpering helplessly, she tried not to flinch away from the tentacle that rubbed her face gently, obviously trying to assure her that all would be well. It was frightening to know that it was sensing her discomfort and trying to ease it.

Jennifer no longer feared for her life, though. Which was a pleasant relief. Instead, she feared that the impregnation would be successful, and the beast would mate with her. And her professor would hide her away, having her hatch little monsters for the rest of her life.

That, and the fact that no man would ever be able to make her cum now. She'd felt too much, been fucked too strangely. Nothing would ever please her like this again. Which was terrifying. Because the sad, honest truth of it was that, no matter how uneasy it was, it felt mind-blowingly fantastic.

Sobbing softly, another tentacle unloaded into her mouth, slipping free only to be replaced. She knew instantly that they were feeding her—she wasn't sure how she knew, but she did. Feeding her and then saving her waste for some unknown reason. Keeping her alive, and stuffed. She would have bit at the tentacle in her mouth if not for the tightening around her neck.

The member in her pussy slithered free with a gross pop. She cringed at the sound, feeling fluid leak from her. Feeling oddly tingly. Another massive tentacle came forth, a good five or six inches in girth, with odd ridging about it. It drove into her without warning, slamming deep and hard. She felt stretched and used. She felt a pleasurable ache shoot through her, and it fucked her perfectly—hitting all the right spots, pushing and pulling her body for her. When she came, milk squirted from her breasts and the beast let out a crow of happiness.

It thrust into her a few more times until it stilled, stiffened, and thickened. It elongated and pressed to her cervix, the tip of it opening to allow it to spread the muscle and shoot her womb full with a mixture of numbing and ecstasy-heightening liquid. It coated the walls of it, and she decided she didn't want to know what it was for.

A few moments later, when strange, round lumps began to form in the huge tentacle in her pussy, she panicked. Thrashing about, she tried to get free for the first time since the debacle began. The tentacles only tightened their hold, stroking her to try and keep her calm. Milk leaked down her breasts, cum and saliva down her chin, and tears down her cheeks. She screamed as the first egg was implanted in her.

One after one, eggs were shoved into her waiting womb. She watched in growing horror as her stomach began to grow. She expected pain, but there was none, and she nearly cried with relief. Instead, there was only a growing pleasure. One so intense that her eyes rolled back each time a new egg passed the threshold. The tentacle in her ass increased the vibrations, and she felt the eggs within her vibrate too.

Her hips bucked as she came, another egg slipping inside of her. She didn't know how many there were. Just that she felt so full, and yet so empty. Her stomach was massive, round and perfect. Her breasts swelled again, and suddenly there were the worm-like things wiggling into her nipples, cutting off the only escape the milk had. She knew that they would grow too, with her belly. Another tentacle released into her mouth.

She'd become used to the transition, and didn't even gag as a new one took its place. As this happened, it seemed the final egg was planted. Groaning around the cocks in her mouth, she humped the air wantonly, as if begging for more. The monster responded with a long, hard thrust of the tentacle in her. Her pussy instantly clenched around it, and she came as it filled her with hot, sticky seed.

Fertilization, she realized faintly.

It was then that all movement in her pussy ceased. The tentacle stayed, knotted in her, and stuffed her. And she was briefly angry with it for taking away her pleasure.

Almost as if it was reading her mind, the vibrations in her ass increased once more, and her hips rocked of their own accord. The beast cooed contentedly, shifting her in the air until it was holding her perpendicular to the floor, her legs still hanging like she was in stirrups, and her arms restrained in the air. The feelers on her breasts began to thrust, much like a dick might fuck a pussy, and she felt herself cum again, realizing that her nipples were just as sensitive as a pussy.

She could only imagine the slut she must look like. Stuffed full of seed and eggs. Being thoroughly fucked by quivering tentacles. Covered in sweat and her own juices. She found the idea turned her on, and her hips rocked again. The tentacle up her urethra reacted, fucking her slowly. It gradually picked up speed, fucking her bladder, and making her squirm. It came in it, filling it so much she thought it might burst. When it slid free, piss and cum exploded from her, and she came so hard that she passed out once again. Pregnant and incubating in the basement.

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