tagNonHumanAverage Grade Ch. 03

Average Grade Ch. 03


She thought maybe it was all over when she woke with her mouth completely empty. She became fully aware of how real and not over it was when she felt the sensations still thrumming through her. Of the large tentacle up her ass. Of the ones suckling at her engorged tits. Of the smaller one buried up her urethra. Of feeling thoroughly fucked—even though she'd never felt it before.

Her stomach gurgled, and she shifted in the beast's hold uncomfortably. Letting out a small, displeased groan at the ache in her muscles, the monster cooed. Appendages came to her, stroking her and easing her tension. They worked at the stiff muscles, and she shuddered at the feeling. She felt herself relaxing, her stomach clenching.

A loud gasp slipped past her lips as pain ricocheted through her. "Oh, god..."

A contraction. It was a contraction. She didn't know how long she'd been out, but it was apparently enough time for her to be ready to give birth. Glancing down at her stomach, she noted the way it had grown. Another contraction rippled through her, and she cried out, body going taunt.

The monster seemed to understand. It purred and made a sound; it's attention on her increasing as pain overwhelmed her. It wanted her to feel good. It wanted it's made pleased and happy as much as it wanted offspring. To have it's newfound lover in pain was not good.

As the contractions grew closer and closer together, she knew she was going to have to start pushing. That the eggs within her would need to come out. Sweat was already forming, glistening across her skin in the most beautiful way. Whimpering, she felt her body clench, getting ready for the task ahead. It wasn't until a tentacle came up, opening to settle over her clit, that her eyes shot open in shocked pleasure.

It was completely taking over her. The heat that was growing in her womb, and the sudden sucking on her clit made her cry out. Her body pushed, and an egg slid from her soaked pussy, three times larger than what it had been when it had been implanted within her. A tentacle caught it and placed it gently down. The one at her clit sucked harder, and she came with a half-broken plea.

Another contraction. Another egg. She pushed and panted and it slipped from her. A tentacle caught it, and then the one at her clit sucked until she came. Classical conditioning, she realized faintly. It was rewarding her for laying an egg. Each time she gave birth, she would get to cum.

The idea made her hips jerk forward like a wanton whore. Shaking, she began to push again, heady on the idea of receiving such mind-altering pleasure. Another egg came from within her, and when she came she moaned and bucked; the beast, enjoying the reaction, made her cum a second time while an egg was halfway out of her.

It wasn't until they were all out of her, and she'd cum more times than she could count, that the monster that had taken her for it's lover stopped moving. Every tentacle on her stayed still, completely freezing, as a few of the free ones checked over the eggs. She felt a spike of fear rush through her—what if they were still-borns? What if she hadn't given it what it was after?

She knew that they were perfectly fine when the tentacle in her ass began to vibrate faster than ever before. Her back arched, and her mouth fell open in a loud moan. Her pussy clenched at nothing, and she whined desperately as the rest of her body received attention.

"Please," she whispered, begging it even though she didn't know if it understood. "Please, I want m-more. I need—"

Tentacles came up, thrusting harshly into her dripping cunt. The beast made a groan of it's own, fucking her deep and hard. She was exhausted, but felt she could go with this thing for hours. Felt that she could be fucked by it forever. She rocked her hips, feeling tentacles stretch her and fill her.

"Fuck me," she gasped, tossing her head back. "God, yes, please. Fuck me."

It listened. It fucked her long and hard, barely pausing as she came apart in its tentacles. She came, body thrashing, with tears in her eyes. It thrived on the sounds she made, on the way she begged for more. On the way she was starting to fuck herself on the tentacles inside of her. It was a good sign, that she would be its forever.

They came again, together. And she slipped from consciousness once more.

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