tagLoving WivesAverage Wifey Files #03

Average Wifey Files #03


For our 20th anniversary, hubby had arranged for a special 5 day stay at the Disneyland Resort. We both enjoyed the "happiest place on earth" for its thrills, sights, sounds, and all around enchantment.

A few days before we were scheduled to arrive, hubby sauntered into our bedroom while I was drying off after a shower. He often did this, propping himself on the bed, eyeing my body with that contagious look of erotic desire. It felt good to know that after all these years, I still had "it".

As I let my towel fall to the ground, Michael smiled and murmured, "Freshly shaven... mmmm, I like that." Although my legs were smooth as silk from hips to toes, I knew he was referencing my pussy. For years he had admired my light, red bush with soft curls. But for the past five or six years, he had transitioned into an appetite for the "bald pussy" look. "Perhaps I will need to find some special clothes to pack away for my hot lil fuck."

Oh how I loved that pet name he had for me. "Hot Lil Fuck" were three words he could melt me with even on the coldest of days. I turned to face him, my bare, married pussy in full view for his eyes to enjoy as I smiled and said, "your hot lil fuck will wear whatever you want, baby."

The result of those words would shook and arouse me a few days later.

We arrived at the Disney Hotel a few days later. Hubby loaded our suitcases on the luggage rack and wheeled them towards the elevator as the attendant moved our car to a private parking area reserved for hotel guests. A quick check-in moved us right along, getting us to our room at the late afternoon hour, just in time for us to unpack and head out for dinner. As I unfurled my clothes from the suitcase and hung them in the closet or slid them into the cabinet drawers, I was still unsure what I wanted to wear. Then I discovered that hubby was not unsure.

He snuck up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist as he kissed me on the back of my neck. As his hands slithered up under my top, he whispered in my ear, "I brought something for you to wear this evening." He lingered against me, his fingers greedily sliding over my nipples and giving them both light twists, just the way he knew I liked it. "NO bra needed, baby" he whispered as he slid a hand around and unclasped my bra.

In a dance that happily took more than a few moments, he slowly removed my clothing until I stood in front of him completely naked, my back against his chest, as his hands kept in constant contact with my body. Then, before I realized what he was doing, I felt him secure a soft, silky belt around my head covering my eyes like a blindfold. It was both surprising and arousing.

With my vision suspended, I began to quiver as I felt his body move away from mine. I could hear the soft brushing of fabric, hints that he was handling what he planned for me to wear. Then I felt his open mouth on my right hip. His tongue began tracing a wet line upward, led slowly by his hot breath. Predictably he stopped at my nipple. His tongue lapped at my large, light, pink nipple. Then he migrated up to my ear and whispered, "I have something very special for you to wear, my hot lil fuck."

I quivered at his touch, his words, and the anticipation of what was to adorn my body. My mind raced, wondering what sweet outfit he had purchased with this moment in mind. My 36c breasts hung free as my bare pussy felt the wisp of cool air revealing his movements around me. I then felt his warm hand lifting my right foot a few inches off the ground, followed by the sensation of soft fabric sliding over it. He followed the same motion with my other foot. Then slowly worked what felt like a pair of shorts up my calves, over my knees, and then ever increasingly snug over my thighs. I wriggled my hips as my bodily eagerly accepted whatever this special garment was. Finally, he fit it over my ass, as I felt it so very tight against my skin, wondering just how pronounced my bare pussy folds made an impression on the fabric; a camel-toe was a reasonable expectation for what I was feeling.

I stood still, feeling the heat of his breath on my freshly covered pussy, his open mouth breathing lust through the fabric of whatever I was wearing. I was getting so wet that I was certain my new, snug, mysterious shorts were certain to show evidence of my arousal.

Then I felt him lifting my arms over my head. All the while he was dressing me, not a word was spoken. I stood in silence, unable to see. He worked quietly, keeping me under the spell of his lust. I felt him sliding something over my uplifted arms, then working it delicately over my head and shoulders, careful not to disturb or lower my blindfold. I was braless. I knew whatever this was, it was certain that my full breasts would be somehow featured in it. I could feel the soft V-neck collar line dipping lower than what I normally would wear.

With the snug shorts and V-neck top fitting my body as he desired, he then moved me in small steps across the room. He was positioning me in front of the big mirror that ran from ankles to just a foot below the ceiling. The moment of unveiling was just a few seconds away when he whispered in my ear, "Tonight you will be my NAUGHTY hot lil fuck."

The way he drew out that word "naughty" gave me the chills. Still blindfolded, his tone of voice was more pronounced than usual. I sensed a level of desire and lust in his words that I rarely experienced. I was anxious to see just how he had dolled me up. I stood with my hands at my side. Quiet and submissive, just he way he liked me.

Then, he leaned in against me from behind. I could feel the bulge of his cock against my ass. He whispered in my ear, "And now let me reveal to you the image I so desire tonight, my hot lil fuck."

Slowly he drew the blindfold away from my eyes until I had a full view of myself standing in front of the mirror. Over my shoulder was his face flushed with a torrent of lust and desire that I could recall only appearing during our most intense moments of pleasure. But that was insignificant compared to what I saw in the mirror, the reflection of my body dressed by his own hand.

No bra. No panties. Just a pair of shorts and a V-neck tee-shirt with a cute picture of Tinkerbell on it. The shorts were pink, with pixie dust sprinkled about in gold splashes of glitter. I recognized the shorts and tee immediately ~ they belonged to our teen daughter! A gift to her last summer during a previous visit to the magic kingdom. They were so revealing and suggestive, we only allowed her to wear the outfit for sleepwear around our home.

As I looked at my reflection in the mirror with his eyes peering over my shoulder, I instinctively moaned, "Oh My God." I was wearing my teenage daughter's shorts and tee... at my hubby's doing... for his sexual pleasure. It was a sudden wave of competing ideas that almost buckled my knees.

But before I could say anything else or react in any other way, he seized the moment and said to me, "Tonight you will be my hot lil fuck like never before."

I trembled at the thought of realizing what he meant. As I felt his unzippered crotch worm closer against my ass, his married cock pressed firm and tight against my shorts. I felt his hands slither under my top and fondle my breasts. I felt a surge of energy coming from him that was new and forbidden. I gave in to the moment, to the fantasy, to the private lust of the naughty imagery as I yielded my body to him and quietly moaned, "Ohhh Daddy."

Day one at the park had barely even begun and we were well on our way to horizons never before explored. I suspended all judgment and gave way to his naughty and fertile mind. It was a fantasy land ride for sure.

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