tagLoving WivesAverage Wifey Files #04

Average Wifey Files #04


As my doorbell rang, I glanced at the clock and smiled. I could set my watch to my friend's Tuesday morning visits. I opened the door and greeted her with an embrace as she playfully said, "Are you ready for some fun?"

Liz and I had been friends since college. Back then, I would be off in the library studying while she was in some sorority house partying. I worked hard for my grades, she sucked off professors for hers. We had our differences for sure, but boy did we have fun together!

After college I got married, while Liz just simply got laid; over and over again by a seemingly endless parade of some of the finest studs the southern California beaches displayed. She incessantly teased me about my "vanilla" sex life as she flaunted her "flavor of the day" exploits. I always knew she was just teasing me, perhaps even a bit jealous secretly, but also knew that she got a kick out of seeing how it sometimes aroused my curiosity.

Liz was a knockout blonde. She worked hard to keep her 5-6, 130 pound frame looking good. That she was born with a pair of breasts that looked better than any boob-job could dream of was her first-impression gold card. Her globes had that perfect round shape with nipples that set so high that she often did not wear a bra. This partly due to the fact she did not need one, and partly due to the fact that any bra she liked seemed incapable of covering even half of her nipples.

But I digress.

The reason Liz enjoyed our Tuesday morning coffee times together was obvious. I was not only her friend, but her safe haven when it came to exposing her secrets. She was highly sexual, yet had a way of being sophisticated about it. She rarely, if ever, was seen as a slut even though most dirty sluts would have a hard time competing with Liz's fuck calendar. She had a refined sense of discretion that meant rarely did she ever speak of her sexual encounters.

She was only 29, but had already fucked some prominent men in and about the southern California region. As much as she liked the expensive tastes and gifts that accompanied fucking the high-rollers of business and politics, her greatest appetite was for the bleached-blonde surfers who were a year 'round mainstay to the local beaches. They were simple. They were delicious. They were here today, gone tomorrow, no-strings-attached partners that she chose randomly.

Each Tuesday, she would stop by to update on my her most recent experiences. Usually we just chatted about things. Occasionally she would include pics or vids on her cellphone. A handful of times she even took a phone call from one of them while sitting in my living room, making me sit by and wait (and watch) as she played out some phone sex role play, complete with her finger pleasing herself.

But on this Tuesday, I was in for a surprise. "Kathleen, I know you are probably gonna say no, but I have something I really want to show you!"

Her tone of voice and devilish eyes definitely had me spooked. "Show me what, Liz?"

"You have to promise not to get mad at me. You have to just go with it and trust that I will not get you in trouble, okay?"

"In trouble?" That was not the type of pre-risk assurance I felt comfortable hearing.

"Oh Kathleen. You just have to trust me. I really, REALLY want you to see something." She was nearly pleading with me.

As much as my good sense urged me to either say 'no' or at least find out more of what she was talking about, my desire to maintain my identity as her most trusted confident had the last say. "Okay Liz, what do you want to show me?"

She giggled excitedly as she pulled her phone out. I expected to see some racy photo or vid. Instead, I watched as she quickly pecked out a text message.

"Who are you texting?"

"You will see soon enough!" I recognized that naughty gleam in her eye, having witnessed it during those phone sex episodes. Less than a minute later, the doorbell rang. I froze. "Well? Aren't you going to answer the door, Kathleen?"

"Oh my god, Liz! Who is it?!" She just sat and smiled, refusing to answer my question. "Just go answer the door!"

Almost under her spell now, I got up and trembled my way to the front door. I cracked open the door, my heart racing, my mind screaming in my head "WHAT ARE YOU DOING, KATHLEEN!". There on my porch stood a young man in shorts and a tee shirt. I had no idea who he was. "Hello?" I timidly said to him.

"Hi. Are you Kathleen? I am looking for Liz." I nodded politely as my eyes realized how firm and handsome this young man was. I cracked the door open wider.

"Yes, I am Kathleen. Liz is inside. Would you like to come in?" I widened the door further, inviting him inside.

"Nice to meet you, Kathleen. My name is Mark." He extended his hand to politely greet me. No sooner had we touched hands than he looked beyond my shoulder to Liz in the living room. "Hey Liz, got your text." His knowing smile alerted me that this was headed in a direction that made me nervous.

"Come over here and sit down, baby" Liz said as she patted the cushion next to her.

"May I?" Mark politely volleyed back at me.

I stammered a bit and said, "Sure Mark, like I said, come on in." He was so relaxed you would have thought he was in his own home. He strolled to the living room and sat down next to Liz.

I stood speechless, the door still open. "My god, Kathleen, shut the door and come sit down, girl!" Liz was in charge and definitely up to something. Before I could compose myself, Liz waved me back to the chair I had been sitting in.

As I took a seat, Mark smiled and said to Liz, "I don't mean to be rude, but I really don't have much time."

"Ok baby. Give me just a second." Liz turned her attention towards me. "Kathleen, I have something I just HAVE to show you." She giggled as I squirmed.

"Remember a few months ago when you told me that you wish you could just once see an amazing cock in real life? Not just admire a pic, but actually see it with your own eyes, maybe even touch it?"

I could not speak. I could not believe that Liz was repeating my most secret desire in front of this total stranger. I was so stunned that my mind was like delayed, failing to put two-and-two together to explain why Mark was sitting there.

"Well, today I thought I would show you something that might scratch that itch of yours!"

Every piece of good sense I had alerted me to danger. I should have politely declined. But instead, I opened my mouth and the following words somehow popped out. "Show me something?" That was all the opening Liz needed.

"Um hmmmm" she hummed as she slid her hand up Mark's leg. My eyes trailed along. What followed just seconds later was nothing less than an audible gasp sneaking out of my mouth. Liz moved one hand to the left of the zipper on Mark's shorts, the other hand to the right. As she pulled his shorts snug to his body, I saw the outline of something with such immense proportions that I could not help but gasp.

Mark seemed comfortable with being Liz' plaything. He leaned back just a little bit and allowed his legs to spread open wider. My eyes danced along the length of his outlined shaft. "I think you want to see it, Kathleen." Liz was both affirming me and leading me.

She expertly unbuttoned his shorts and lowered his zipper slowly but directly. Then, with my eyes unashamedly staring now, Liz said "Like I said, I want to show you something."

Mark's feet pressed against the carpet as he lifted his ass off the cushion just enough to allow Liz to slide his shorts down. What I saw unveiled to my eyes in that moment was absolutely stunning! As Liz tugged his shorts lower, his cock seemed to just keep going and going and going!

"OH MY GOD!" I moaned. By the time Liz had finished sliding his shorts to his knees, Mark smiled as he enjoyed the "first time eyes" of an adoring married woman getting caught up in the spectacle of his amazing penis! It was not only long, by my initial guess at least 12 inches long, but it was so thick that I honestly thought it might be a trick at first!

"Was I right, Kathleen? Is this something you would like to see? Maybe even touch?" Liz spoke with a voice that was more lusty than normal. Mark nodded with a look on his face that matched Liz' lust.

Liz cupped him with two hands at the base of his cock, his balls filling her hands. "Come closer. He doesn't bite!"

My married eyes lead my body forward. Every intention I had of being a faithful wife was in jeopardy. I moved to Liz's side on the couch. He was even bigger now!

Liz slid a hand up the underside of his cock, then back down again. "Watch how big he can get." I watched as she softly stroked him. His youthful, primed cock instantly engorged with arousal making him grow even larger.

He was soo big! Without turning my eyes away from my study of his cock, I whispered to Liz in half amazement, half curiosity, "Have you actually fucked him?"

She moaned "Yes. Twice. Both memorable." As she continued to move her hand along his cock, she asked, "Do you want to feel it?" Before I could answer, she moved one of her hands to mine. I felt her softly lift my hand up and aim it towards Mark.

I was trembling. I was aroused. I was utterly consumed by the vision of the most amazing cock I had ever seen! And yes, I wanted to touch it!

It was the outer edge of my thumb that made first contact. I will NEVER forget that moment. The firm, ripe, fleshy give the mushroom tip of his cock had. It was warm and slippery. Liz had already managed to manipulate a small stream of precum outward. Instantly, my forefinger coupled with my thumb to squeeze and slide along the lubricated ridge of his cockhead.

What followed was but a few more moments of gratuitous fondling before Liz said to me, "I am going to make him cum. Don't move your hand."

There I sat, leaning across her lap. My hand slithering along the upper edge of his cock. My eyes drinking in the view. My married heart forsaking my vows as I totally gave in to my lust.

Mark moaned and within a few seconds, Liz's expert strokes milked cum from his cock in heavy spurts that shot warm, creamy cum all over my hand and wrist. As Liz completed the hand-job, I greedily slid my cum coated hand from the tip of his cock all the way down to his balls. Getting one last feel of that amazing organ.

Within minutes, Mark was gone, Liz was gone, and I was left with a burning desire for a cock greater than anything my dear hubby would ever be able to provide me.

The fuse had been lit.

I would never be the same.

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