tagLoving WivesAverage Wifey Files #11

Average Wifey Files #11


It started as a crazy thought for a valentine's day surprise for hubby. I thought it would be fun to send him a naughty self-pic via email with a seductive comment. I had no idea how it would get out of control.

I stood in front of the mirror in our bedroom, wearing only one of Michael's favorite nighties for me, as I tried to strike a pose that I could be proud of. Standing with my iPhone in hand, I was prepared to take a photo when the angle was just right.

I felt excited. I had never done something like this before. I was shivering, even as the sunlight was streaking through the window blinds, creating a delicious back light that pierced my nightie and traced a silhouette of my breasts that made me look even better than I really was! I smiled, held my iPhone still and ~CLICK~.

I turned my back to the mirror, spreading my legs in a-frame fashion, allowing the sunburst to lick my body and spray an incredible vision in the mirror; a detailed outline of my bare pussy mound bulging between my legs. ~CLICK~

I turned around to face the mirror and arched my back. I felt my nightie inch up my upper thighs as my breasts pressed against the see-through fabric. My large, light, pink nipples were clearly outlined. ~CLICK~

After a few other poses, ultimately showing off my breasts with obviously aroused nipples as well as my bare pussy, I laid down on the bed and began reviewing my naughty self-pics. As I flipped through about 20 or so photos, I was drawn to one that had somehow made me look WAY better than I deserved. The combination of the angle of the sunlight and the iPhone had managed to not only highlight my curves, but gave me a perky look from years ago! The only problem was that I cut off my head in that pic.

As I admired it, I thought to myself that Michael might not even believe that is me! I had pulled the nightie up so high that it was bunched up just under my chin, making it impossible to identify as his favorite. I had taken the pic with my left arm stretched out to my side out of sight, thus no wedding ring he could identify.

At first I strayed to the thought of sending him the pic in an email with the naughty, simple comment, "Guess who?" Of course he would know it was a picture of me, coming in an email from my personal email account. That's when the next level of thought emerged, a dangerous one. What if I sent it from an email account he did not recognize? I had just such a thing, an account I had created for a chatroom that I never used. It was still on my iPhone.

I giggled to myself as I composed an email with that naughty image and comment. Little did I know that email would soon set into motion a series of exchanges between Michael and I that would both arouse and shock me.

I expected Michael to see that picture and with perhaps an extra look or two, quickly know it was me. I thought he would appreciate the naughty, yet playful way I choose to email it to him. I expected him come home horny asking for some private time with his new favorite model! My only apprehension was that he might be tempted to show it to one of his buddies. But I was certain that he knew better than that.

Well, a few hours later he arrived home. My pent up anticipation was met with disappointment when both his initial greeting and follow-up discourse showed no hint of what I had been looking forward to. I inwardly fought off feelings of rejection by telling myself, "he has been busy and did not get to it yet... be patient!"

After dinner, I smiled and announced that I was going to take a bath. He politely nodded and said "okay" as he barely took his eyes off of the TV. My heart sunk as he failed to even nibble at the bait.

As I fought off another wave of feeling rejected, I walked to the bedroom. I slipped out of my jeans and top. As I wriggled out of my panties and bra, I caught a glimpse of my naked body in the mirror. I shook my head and muttered, "Who am I kidding?"

As I slipped into the warm water, I set my phone on a towel within reach as I always did when taking a bath. I submerged my body until only my head was above the surface. I closed my eyes. Moments later, I heard the unique and almost forgotten tone my iPhone made when a new email arrived in the mailbox of that unused email account.

My heart raced! Suddenly the pendulum of my heart swung hard and wide away from those feelings of rejection and towards excitement as I knew that alert had to signal a reply from Michael! I thought I had better read his reply immediately, thinking he might walk in on my bath, horny and eager to play.

I dried my hand on the towel, picked up my phone and looked. YES! In my inbox was a reply from Michael to my email! I quickly opened it. What I read seemed to me at first to be playful and coy.

"OMG. You are hot! Who is this?"

That was it. I smiled as my mind interpreted his message as a compliment to my very flattering self-pic that had clumsily risen only to my neckline. I waited a few minutes. I continued to soak alone in the water. I felt my pussy begin to tingle as I noticed my nipples getting so hard. I was definitely feeling aroused.

I grabbed my phone again, opened the email, and hit REPLY. I eagerly typed, "This is the body that has been craving yours for so long. Come and get me!" As I hit SEND, I felt a ripple of desire pulse through my body. This was so fun!

Then something happened to my fun. Just a few minutes later, my phone again alerted me to an incoming email from Michael. As I read it, my mind went from light-headed arousal to dazed denial. "You do know that I am married, right? I don't have plans to cheat, but for now, can I see more of you?"

I read it again. And then a third time. It took some mental gymnastics to grasp what those words that I had just read really meant. He really did not know it was me! I then read that phrase over and over again. "I don't have plans to cheat, but..." His noble restraint was entirely overshadowed by that "BUT".

I became angry. Mocking him in my mind as I replayed his reply in my mind with my own twist of commentary. "Sorry, at this moment I don't have plans to cheat, but I would love to see more of your naked body!"

Impulsively in anger, not the mood one should ever type out and send an email, I hit REPLY. In that first micro-moment I was going to express my anger with a few choice words. Then, from some secret corner of naughtiness buried deep in my inner consciousness came a very different thought. It was as if a little devil was sitting on my shoulder whispering in my ear, "Just how far do you think he would take this?"

My finger trembled as I tapped out words that surprised me. "What do you want to see?" Those simple words showed no hint of the disdain his wife had for his horny query. Before giving myself time to reconsider, I hit SEND.

I was alone and naked in the tub. He was alone with a hardon on the couch. The bounce of our emails now approached the pace of texting. Less than two minutes later, his reply hit my phone.

"More of that fucking hot pussy please!"

That horny bastard! Before I could gather my thoughts, that little devil whispered again in my ear, "Do it. Give him a good view. He won't know it is you if you zoom in for a closeup. You want to know how far he will take this, right?"

That little devil was making more and more sense. I stood up and stepped out of the tub. I dabbed myself dry. I stood facing the sink and mirror. With my right leg extended, I lifted my right foot up and rested it on the counter. I hopped on my left foot lightly so that I positioned myself just right. The angle of the mirror... the zoom focus of my iPhone... my pussy spread wide open... ~CLICK~.

Under the fresh self-pic of my exposed pussy I typed, "How is this?" Then I hit SEND. I stood there naked and fuming.

Barely a minute passed. His reply arrived. "WOW!!! I hope you do not mind me saying, that is a very sexy and fuckable pussy! I will be thinking of that when I fuck wifey tonight."

I shook my head. "Yeah right. Like you are going to get any tonight!"

But even as I taunted him under my breath, that little devil had already begun whispering in my ear. "Tell him to eat his wifey's pussy like he would like to eat yours." That damn little devil was making sense with his double talk!

I hit REPLY. I typed, "Here's an idea. Before you fuck her, lick her pussy just the way you would do mine, thinking of me. Okay?" I hit SEND.

Sure enough, his reply was immediate and affirmative. "Count on it! If it turns you on, picture me doing it in about 15 minutes, because I am gonna go take her now! You have made me so horny!"

I realized he would soon approach. I pulled the plug on the tub. As the water drained, I slid into my nighttime shorts and tee. I took a deep breath. On the other side of that door awaiting me was an amazing twist of irony I would never have thought possible just an hour ago. Up until then, I was craving a horny Michael eager to fuck me thanks in part to self-pics I emailed him. Now, I was angered at a horny Michael eager to fuck me thanks in part to self-pics I emailed him.

I had no idea what I was going to do. Then that little devil on my shoulder spoke up again. "Go with it Kathleen. This could be the start of something really good!" I shuddered. My mind was not devious enough to envision the possibilities; at least not yet.

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