tagLoving WivesAverage Wifey Files #17

Average Wifey Files #17


"Happy birthday, sweetie." Michael was smiling at me as he walked in the door with a gift-wrapped package in his hands.

"Happy birthday for who?" I queried as I walked toward him and gave him a welcome home kiss. My birthday was over two months away.

"Well, you of course! I know it's a little early, but I could not resist." His face was aglow as he handed me my present. "Go ahead, open it up."

No woman has to be told twice to open a gift from her hubby. We moved to the kitchen table as I set the package down and began to tear into the gift-wrap. Enclosed was a white box with dimensions that signaled an article of clothing inside. The box was light, but not so light that it could be hiding a skimpy piece of nightwear.

As I progressed to the point of lifting the lid off the box, Michael said "When I saw this, I immediately thought I would love to see you in it." Before my eyes discovered what my gift was, I looked at him and smiled with a blush that comes with feeling unexpected adoration. I flipped the lid over and folded back the sheet of white tissue paper laying over my gift.

I reached in and delicately lifted the garment up, slowly unfurling a darling, little, sleeveless sundress that felt slinky and smooth. It was light yellow with little pink roses faintly splashed randomly about, cream-colored lace bordering the neckline and hem. I stood up and held it against my body to model the projected fit. It fell about midthigh level, with a plunging neckline that was no doubt a key selling point in Michael's eyes.

"Try it on" he chirped.

I smiled, giggled "okay" and turned to walk down the hallway to our bedroom. I sensed him following me. As I stepped into our bedroom, he playfully slid onto the bed, laid on his side propping his head up on his hand and gave me his full attention. It was not uncommon for him to watch me undress (he made sure of that). But it was not everyday I was playing the role of fashion model for him. I was feeling just a touch of apprehension.

I slid my shorts down my legs and playfully kicked them at him on the bed. He grabbed them and suggestively tucked them between his legs. I crossed my arms as I reached to my waist and slowly lifted my tee-shirt up. I got into the spirit of the moment and teased him, turning my back to him just as my tee rose over my bra. I pulled it up over my head and extended my arms as high as possible, twirling my tee in one hand and then tossing it backwards towards him.

With my back to him, I reached for the sundress. Before I even touched it I heard him say, "Uh uh... not yet."

I looked at him over my shoulder and mused, "What's wrong, am I overdressed?" I reached behind and unclasped my bra, letting it fall off of my shoulders, keeping my back to him. I knew how badly he loved seeing my breasts. This tease was real.

After my bra slipped to the floor, I again reached for the sundress. Again he interrupted, "Uh uh... not yet." I was not surprised. In fact, I expected it. It had me on edge. I knew he would want me naked under that sheer sundress.

I wiggled my hips and tucked my thumbs inside the elastic waistline of my panties as I coyly said to him, "What, you mean these?"

"Oh yes" he murmured. I pleased him as I slowly exposed my ass to him, rolling my panties down my legs. I stepped out of them and towards my gift as he gave me a moan of approval. I remained with my back to him as I flipped the sundress up over my head and felt it smoothly slide over my body and settle into place.

Immediately I recognized that my 36c breasts were a firm fit, making the plunging neckline a clear window to my cleavage. I pulled the fabric over my left breast to the right. I pulled the fabric over my right breast to the left. It made little difference. I smoothed the fabric over my tummy, feeling the hem flip against my thighs. The fabric was so light, so sheer, and so comfortable. I wanted to step over and take a look in the mirror, but I knew I had another set of eyes that had first dibs.

I took a deep breath and spun around a full 360 degrees, giving Michael just a brief glimpse of me from the front. Then I lifted my right hand to my hip and tucked my left hand behind my head as I playfully turned to face him. I smiled, "You like?"

There is something extremely sensual about feeling a slinky dress over your naked body, knowing that no matter how simple or modest it might be, there are eyes craving to know more. That craving look was clearly in Michael's eyes. I felt so adored in that moment that I didn't care about the mirror. The reflection I saw in his eyes was more than enough for me.

After he extended the moment gazing at me, he slid off the bed, took my hand and said "follow me." As he led me down the hallway, my heart was racing. As we walked toward the front room, my apprehension spiked not knowing what exactly he was up to. We moved near the front window where the late afternoon sunshine was streaking into the house. He positioned me with gentle hands on my waist, turning my back towards the window. He stepped back.

I knew the sunlight behind me had to be shining through the thin fabric of my delicate and delightful sundress. I felt the warmth of the sun from behind me. Michael's mouth fell open as his big eyes absorbed the view. I swallowed hard as I increased the space between my bare feet, spreading my legs apart a little more.

Michael broke the silence with one syllable at a time punctuated with pauses, "Oh... my... god!" I felt the heat of his stare between my legs, knowing the outline of my pussy had to be clearly outlined under the thin veil of my special gift. It was amazing how such an innocent view given to anyone bold enough to be peaking in our window could be such an erotic vision downstream on the other side of me.

I felt SO hot now. The sunlight was baking my flesh from behind. Michael's full-blown leers of lust were overheating my innermost desires. I felt completely aroused and erotic. It was an added bonus that my actions were such a tease and turn-on to Michael. I felt so bold, so hot, so naughty.

A devilish grin edged across my face as a risky and naughty thought crept into my mind. Michael had managed to unleash something inside of me that robbed me of my modesty. I stepped towards him, close enough to run my hand through his hair, and softly said, "Watch this."

I turned around and walked to the front door. I grabbed the key to our mailbox. I opened the door and stepped out on the porch and maneuvered so that my path forward was directly in line between Michael and our curbside mailbox. I turned to acknowledge his stares, giggling to see his nose nearly pressed against the front room window.

A light breeze blew between my legs, instantly pinpointing the moist patch of flesh between my legs. I glanced left and right, wondering if anyone was out. I heaved a sigh of relief as I saw no one. The only eyes I needed were peering out our front window. But the idea that I might be spotted by a stray eye or two had the same effect on both Michael and I. The risk. The tension. The thrill.

When I arrived at our mailbox, I again glanced around. All clear. So I took the key in my hand and extended my arm towards the lock as I slowly bent over, my ass pointing at Michael. I felt the lacey hem dance over the back of my thighs, and even higher. As I reached in to get the mail, the faint sound of an approaching car muffled its way towards me. I had a few seconds to stand back up before the anonymous vehicle passed by uneventfully. But the thought that someone in that car could have taken advantage of the view of the sunlight flowing through my dress made me shiver.

I walked back towards the house, fanning myself with the mail as I pursed my lips and puffed out a small whistle of air signaling to Michael both that I was hot and that the car passing was a close call. When I stepped back inside, I discovered Michael standing near the door wearing nothing but a big smile and an even bigger hardon!

I slid my body up against his and said, "Good thing it was my turn to go get the mail."

He reached down and slid his hands under my dress and cupped my ass as he moaned with lust in my ear, "I have a special delivery for you."

I ground my body against him and squeezed my hand around his thick cock as I moaned, "A big package for me?"

We were standing just a few feet inside the front door. I lifted my foot off the ground and wrapped it around his waist, opening my pussy wide for him as he pulled me firmly up against him. "Yes ma'am. A big package you will need to sign for."

I playfully replied, "Where should I put my John Hancock?" I made sure to put special emphasis on the COCK as I fingered the tip of his cock pressing against the warm, moist flesh of my pussy folds.

He allowed my hand to guide him as he pushed his throbbing cock inside of me. He had reached his limit. He could no longer hold back. He dropped the pretense of the double entendre banter and groaned, "right... fucking... there!"

We did not make love as we stood there. We fucked. I never removed my sundress. It was as much a part of our passion as we were. Michael would later call it the "fucking magical" dress. I totally agreed. And we both started laying out the plans for it's next enchanted appointment.

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