tagLoving WivesAverage Wifey Files #18

Average Wifey Files #18


When Michael has to be away for days at a time due to his business travels, I dread the reality that I will become reacquainted with those childhood monsters in my closet. I sleep with a sense of security when he is home. Sounds in the night have a different tone when he is in bed next to me. But when he is away, there is that unspoken reality that I am the last line of defense against those nighttime creaks and shadows.

As any parent of a live-at-home college student knows, late night and wee-hours-of-the-morning activities in the bowels of the home are not unexpected. The lifestyles of those late teen to early twenty-somethings are top-heavy with late night activity. Some of those activities are understandable, perhaps even overused as an excuse such as the odd, part-time job hours or college class exam studies or assignment deadlines.

There are also the activities that meet with varying degrees of disapproval from parents, such as late-night partying and carousing, texting instead of sleeping, video game activities ad nauseam.

On this particular night, early morning to be more precise, a noise downstairs had penetrated my light sleep. Such sounds would normally be under my radar. But this night Michael was a thousand miles away. This night our daughter had been out with her boyfriend.

With a half-opened eye I caught a glimpse of the clock next to our bed. It read 1:37am. I laid still. Another sound or two later, I battled against the emotions bubbling inside of me. One was just the hint of fear, wondering if indeed that was just my daughter and not something, or someone, else. The other was more than a hint of irritation, believing that indeed it was my daughter.

The bedside clock's numbers of 2:11am seemed to scream at me. "Get up! You won't be able to go back to sleep until you check on those sounds!" A few minutes later, I unfolded my naked body out from under the blanket and swung my limp legs over the edge of the bed. I sat with my feet touching the floor, blindly fumbling my hand on the bed until I found my robe. I stood to my feet and wrapped my body in my robe.

I was 99% sure it was my daughter I had heard. But that 1% of uncertainty kept me in stealth mode as I stepped out of our bedroom and towards the stairs. That single percent of fear led me to linger an extra moment at the top of the stairs, straining my ears for any clues.

The house was as quiet as it was dark, illuminated only by the faint glow of the full moon sneaking through the slats of the window blinds. The interior light to the front door entry way was off. That meant my daughter was home. I curled one foot down to the top step, the soft, plush carpet edging up my Achilles as I timidly moved forward.


Another step. Then another. It was just when my foot landed at that third step, not even a third of the way down the stairs, that I heard a rustling sound. I did not recognize it, but I could tell it was coming from the right of the stairs. Instantly my one percent of fear spiked higher. My daughter's room was to the left. So was the kitchen, the dining room, and the family TV room where I might find her at this late hour.

But the sound was from the other side of the house. Two other bedrooms and Michael's office were to the right. So was what we called the "pool room". It was the largest room in the house where we often entertained guests. It had large French doors that opened to the patio area around the backyard swimming pool and spa. It had its own bathroom. It was where our guests would usually go to change into or out of swimwear.

I took another step. Although I heard nothing, I knew that I had heard something a moment ago. As the carpet rose against the back of my ankle, my fear rose another notch as well. By the time I reached the midway point on the stairs, my fear consumed me. It wasn't just that I heard something that fueled my fear. It was the unknown.

I was at the point on the stairs where I could bend my neck and peak around the wall that bordered the right, upper half of the staircase. Like a snake curling around a boulder, I slowly poked my head around the corner enough to take a peak. My heart was pounding. My fists were clinched.

The dimly lit "pool room" was largest and closest. As my eyes scanned the portion of room visible from my position crouched down on the staircase, I spotted motion on the large, sectional couch near the French doors. Instantly my fear was swallowed up by relief as I recognized my daughter. In the same instant, my fear was also swallowed up by curiosity as I also recognized her boyfriend on the couch with her.

I froze. It was in that instant that I had to make a decision. Either silently back away and go back up to bed or, well, the or else was less clear. My overwhelming relief paved the way back to bed. My curiosity anchored my body right there. I should have gone back to bed.

But I stayed right there.

I knelt on my silent perch, my eyes now able to interpret the sound. The faint rustling was the sound of two bodies squirming on the couch. My heart was now beating even harder than when fear had been pulsing through my veins.

I am not proud of what followed. But the memory of it arouses me as much now as it did in that original moment. I watched. Like a pervy voyeur sneaking a peak at two, college-aged lovers behind closed doors, I settled my focus on them.

The couch was cut in half by the shadows and the moonlight cascading through the French doors. Within moments, I had a full grasp of the context. They were passionately making out. They had the full and reasonable expectation that they were alone.

He was shirtless and appeared to be wearing only his boxers. My sweet, adorable, daughter was smothered by him. I saw enough of her skin edging out from under him to know that she too was topless. Her long legs were exposed. I covered my mouth to suppress my motherly instincts to gasp as I realized I could see nothing but skin as my eyes caught a quick view of her side; from shoulder to knee, nothing but skin!

Then, he lifted away from her, even as their mouths continued kissing. His strong body glowed in the milky light of the moon. My eyes drank in the view of his profile, six-pack abs rippling just above the waistline of his boxers. His hands fondled my daughter's breasts while her arms were wrapped around his neck. Their kisses were so erotic, so seduced me, that I lost track of the reality that that was my daughter.

Fear and curiosity had driven me to this moment. But it was arousal that kept me curled up on that staircase. It was forbidden lust that invited me to sit on the stairs and watch.

My eyes grew bigger and my fingers loosened the snug knot on the belt of my robe as I watched them. She slid her hands down his chest, their tongues still dancing together. I felt both naughty and excited as I felt my inner urges cheering her on, hoping to see more of him.

His hands were still roaming over her breasts as her hands moved over those abs of his. I imagined how firm and strong he must feel to her tender hands. Their mouths broke apart. His head tilted back as mine tilted forward.

Her lips kissed down his chin as the belt on my robe come untied.

Her mouthed nuzzled along his neck as the front of my robe slid open.

Her tongue licked over his smooth, hairless chest and lapped at his nipples as my finger brushed over my smooth, married pussy.

Then, I watched as her hands worked in concert with her mouth, delicately lowering his boxers. The moonlight was flowing over their bodies. I could see the glistening traces of moisture on his chest and abs left by her wet kisses and licks. I could feel the wetness on my pussy lips now, inspired by this forbidden venture and view.

I watched with a level of arousal and thrill that had me yearning for a chance to reach out and join them, an impossibility for sure. My finger soothed over my pussy as I swallowed hard and shivered at her erotic tug on his boxers.

My eyes nearly leaped out of my face when his cock finally sprang into view. It was amazing! It was both long and thick. I watched her sweet mouth lower to the tip of it. I could make out the precum coating awaiting her little mouth.

Her lips kissed his tip as my fingers patted the moist folds of my pussy.

She slowly lowered her mouth over his mushroom as I slid a finger between my folds.

Her mouth then moved slowly, lowering over his juicy cock, taking as much as she could. My legs fanned open wider as I pressed my finger deep inside of me.

Her mouth lovingly moved up and down. Each time she rode her mouth up, the reflection of the moonlight gleamed off of his slick cock. My finger painted my pussy lips with my juices, flowing freely between my legs now.

As her mouth bobbed up and down on his cock, my mouth silently fell wide open as my own pleasure began to flood over my body and my mind projected my mouth as hers.

I admired how his ass cheeks firmly clenched as he moved his cock in concert with her mouth. I felt my body tense with each slithering stroke of my finger over my clit.

In total sync with them now, I pulled back my robe so that my hardened nipples could somehow enjoy the view as I watched her hands cup her breasts as her mouth pulled off... feeling my breasts tingle.

His own hands quickly moved to stroking his long, hard, dripping wet cock just inches above her breasts cradled in her hands... my finger vigorously rubbing my swollen clit.

Her eyes looking up at him with an expression of adoration... my eyes drinking in the view of them as if I were right there, giving him my breasts even as the taste of his precum lingered in my mouth.

I watched his hips begin to thrust... my throbbing clit began to explode.

His cum spurted onto her inviting breasts. One rope. Then two. Then another! OMG, he was so full of lust and passion... my body buckled under the weight of having to silently manage one of the most intense orgasms I had ever experienced.

I watched his glimmering, gooey cum ooze between her breasts and down her tummy... as my pussy leaked out all over the stair carpet beneath me.

I shuddered in post-orgasmic thrill as I watched her naughty finger curl up her tummy and over her breasts, lifting a taste of his cum to her mouth... unconsciously I scooped my pussy and ran my finger across my tongue lustily hanging over my lower lip.

He crumpled to the couch... I fell back.

She cuddled up against him... I slunk back up the stairs in a daze, my robe left on the carpet somewhere along the way, my naked body finally collapsing onto my bed.

I have no idea when he left the house. But I would be more certain to pay attention to when he might return on a future late night.

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