tagLoving WivesAverage Wifey Files #23

Average Wifey Files #23


(I suggest that you read Files #11, 13, 20, 21 before you read this story if you want to understand the previous events that led up to this story.)


Michael is smart. Jen is very smart. I am, well compared to them, average. So playing this email selfpic game with the two of them meant that I was out of my league, no matter how much I thought I knew what I was doing.

That Jen had pulled a fast one on me and injected a few pics of herself into my naughty tease of Michael should have been a red flag to me. But I was too caught up in the snap, crackle and pop of what I was experiencing to say "enough is enough."

When your best friend emails pics of her naked body to your hubby from a secret email account and all you do is bask in the glow of hubby's horny lust; well you are asking for trouble!

The next day, trouble showed up on my doorstep before I even had a chance to pour myself a cup of coffee; and she was proud of herself for sure! As Jen crossed the threshold of my front door, Michael no more than ten minutes earlier having left for work, she smiled at me and skipped over the pleasantries and hit the ground running with, "Okay girl, fill me in right now! I could hardly sleep last night!"

"Good morning to you, too" I half-heartedly said as she marched straight to the couch and plopped herself down as if it were her throne. "Coffee?"

"Sure" she said with an absent-minded look in her eyes.

I shuffled my bare feet across the carpet of the living room and through the dining room to the kitchen. My frumpy appearance in just my robe was no less glamorous than Jen's yoga pants and tank top. I poured two cups of coffee, lowering my face over the rising steam and inhaled deeply, hoping to clear my head as I braced for my interrogation.

As I extended her cup of coffee to her, she smiled and said, "So-o-o, did you two have fun last night?" Although I kept few, if any, secrets from Jen, I felt my face flush unexpectedly. "Kathleen! Are you blushing?"

I quickly gained my balance and boldness as I quietly responded. "Hmmm, let's see. My friend sends naked pics of herself to my hubby. That same friend instigates back-to-back nights of wild fucking for me and hubby. And as I sit naked under my robe, my body still oozing from last night, this friend asks me for details about it." I paused and glared at her; then with an incredulous tone queried, "Why would I blush?"

Jen got a good laugh out of that. She had a way of finding laughter in most things. It was what made her so disarming and charming for sure. I felt the edginess of my mood lighten. "Well, I suppose I might have pushed you a little beyond your limits."

"A little?! My god, Jen! What about your limits?"

She laughed again. "Oh Kathleen, don't be so dramatic."

"But what if he had recognized it was you?"

Jen crinkled up her face with a look that flashed 'not possible' as she quipped, "Yeah. Sure. I am worried about Michael figuring out it was me when he doesn't even recognize his own wife's naked body?" Again that laugh. Again I was disarmed.

She was right. My faceless, identity-shrouding pics had certainly baffled him. He seemed to have no idea it was my body on display. Jen both reassured and taunted me saying, "Sweetie. If he can't do the simple math, I am not worried about him figuring out the complex formula of my body."

She then giggled and teased me. "Of course, if ever the day comes that he gets a peak at those tattooed butterfly wings fluttering on either side of my pussy, we might have an issue!"

I nearly dribbled my sip of coffee down my chin as I flinched at her words. "I think we are safe on that one, right?" My words were confident, with just a hint of insecurity.

For the next thirty minutes, I proceeded to give Jen a play-by-play of our naughty fun from the night before. It was arousing as I described in detail for her the timing and context of how her emails with Michael had created a bonfire of passion for us both. "I think what got me most though, was being able to read the email exchanges bouncing back and forth between you two. Once you veered away from our plan, I was so nervous at what might be next!"

"Yep, I thought that would be a treat for you."

"But, Jen, you realize your naughty change means that my problem is not solved. In fact, it is twice as messy now. He thinks he now has two secret admirers, and no end in sight."

Jen smiled. "Well, you should be flattered that he chose you as the one he preferred."

"Flattered or relieved?" I quipped.

Again that laugh of hers settled me down. "I swear, Kathleen. Sometimes I think you just like feeling the dark side of things!"

It was true. I was not a risk-taking, adventure junkie who sought thrills over security like she did. I had my moments. But compared to Jen I was pretty tame.

"And let me remind you. So far he seems to only reply to emails. He doesn't initiate contact. That has to ease your mind."

I nodded. It did. That he seemed to only react and not reach was somehow comforting to me. But only because I was intoxicated with the rush of pleasure that resulted from the naughty game we played. A clearer mind would have sensed more danger.

"Well, I have to go. But let me know when you want to play our naughty game together again!" Jen's appetite for adventure seemed insatiable at times.

She got up and I walked her to the door. Just before she turned to leave, she kissed me on the cheek, then a second time on the lips. She did this sometimes just to ruffle me a bit. As she pulled back, she put her finger on my lips and slowly ran it down my chin and neck, daringly tracing a line where my robe gathered. As her finger crept to my cleavage she whispered, "I can't wait to help this adorable thing get her next dose of pleasure."

A few days later, I was out shopping in the mall. Michael was home watching sports. My phone alerted me to an incoming email to my secret account. I nervously fumbled to slide my phone out of my jeans pocket and check out what was going on.

I read the message that Michael had just sent. It was short and sweet; "Alone and horny now."

It was a reply to an email Jen had sent a few minutes earlier which simply asked, "Miss me, baby?" No pic. Just the simple text and question.

My mind immediately began racing. What is she doing?! Why is he horny?! What am I going to do?!

I sat on a bench along the interior walkway of the mall. I stared at my phone. Wondering. Shivering. Repeatedly refreshing the "SENT" box of my email, as if I could intercept Jen's next message to Michael before he even read it.

Less than a minute later, her next email to him appeared. I opened it. I nervously made sure nobody walking by could see the screen of my phone as the email projected an image of my naked body with the cryptic caption, "Do you want me now or later?"

Although it wasn't true, I felt like everyone walking by me was getting a peak at my body. I felt awkward and exposed and completely caught off-guard.

Michael's reply hit my phone. For a split second I was tempted to wait until I got out to my car before reading it. Not a chance. I opened it. I read it. I shuddered as I quickly moved to the nearest mall exit. "I want you SO now!"

By the time I got to the car, Jen had pushed the envelope yet again. Her next email was naughty and clever. On the left was a pic of my body, on the right was a pic of hers. Both naked. Both faceless. The caption strategically positioned three words as such: "Sweet" under my pic, "or" between them, and "Naughty" under her pic.

There were three answers possible. My heart was thumping louder than the music playing through the car radio as I drove out of the parking lot. My mind was tortured by the wait for Michael's reply.

What would it be? "Sweet"... "Naughty"... or would he dare say BOTH?!

I was only a few minutes from home when his reply hit my phone. Driving like the distracted maniac I was, I immediately opened the email. Michael's one word answer was leaping from the screen to my eyes... "SWEET"!

I gasped out loud, "Oh my god... he wants ME!" Looking back, it was a sad moment that reflected how insecure I wrongly was; how my trust unfairly doubted Michael's faithfulness and Jen's friendship. But in that moment, I was so overcome with a sense of affirmation that if I could have, I would have stripped naked as I drove that final block home so I could burst in to the house and be taken by Michael!

Of course, the reality of the moment was that I could not allow him to know that the entire email charade had been orchestrated by me and Jen. I had to pretend that I knew nothing of those naughty exchanges. I had to enter the house, knowing he was horny as hell, yet act as if I were returning home from a typical shopping trip to the mall. Casual. Uneventful.

I set the bags down on the back entry way counter as I entered the house. I could hear the TV announcer at the far end of the house. I made my way in that direction. I was so excited, wondering what I might see when I finally curled around the corner to where Michael was.

Before I got there, I heard him yell "Hi Sweetie" from the other room. His choice of that nickname nearly brought me to my knees!

I peaked around the corner trying to appear nonchalant and smiled at him, "I'm home." I quickly measured his appearance. Shirt on. Sweats on. Nothing remotely naughty.

But before I could get too confused by what appeared to be mixed messages, he smiled back at me and patted the couch cushion next to him and with a twinkle in his eye said, "Ready to get off,,, of your feet?"

It was the way he said "get off" that tickled my ears. It definitely radiated sexual intent. Of course, I played dumb as I had to keep up the act that I knew nothing about the email exchanges, and thus his present state of arousal.

Then, almost the very second my bottom slid across the cushion and snuggled up against him, his phone alerted him to an incoming email. I sighed heavy as if I were resigned to him having to look at whatever email his phone just announced; make believing I figured it to be work related.

I wriggled up close against him and tucked my head under his chin, allowing him to be able to peak at his phone in private. It was killing me to think that he was reading something from Jen and I was not in on it.

As he fumbled with his phone, I slithered my hand up his thigh and cupped his balls tucked between his legs inside his sweats. They felt full. I then slid my curved, U-shaped hand along the well-defined impression of his cock showing against his sweats.

He moaned and whispered, "Oh fuck, Kathleen... I am so glad you are home."

I wanted to say, "I know sweetie." But of course I couldn't. Instead I sighed back at him, "me too, baby."

I felt his hand form along the curve of my head as he gently pushed my face lower, begging for my mouth to please him. As his ass lifted up from the couch, I tugged his sweats down to his knees. He was so hard and stiff, his cock literally slapped back against his abdomen as I freed it from under his sweats, flicking a warm string of precum across my cheek.

As I lowered my mouth to kiss just the tip, I enjoyed that first moment of pleasure when I could sip precum from his slippery cockhead. That was always such a turn-on for us both. But this time would be unlike any other. As my lips smacked against the moist coating over his fleshy, mushroom, I heard the CLICK of his iPhone camera!

I froze. His free hand brushed my hair as if to disarm my panic. With his cockhead pressing against my precum, wetted lips I mumbled, "Michael?"

"Yes, my Hot Little Fuck?"

That petname always melted me. It worked this time too. My body just relaxed as my mouth opened wide, moving lovingly and slowly over the head of his cock. As I held just the full mushroom meat of his cockhead in my mouth, I sucked a little harder and swirled my tongue around the very tip.

As I eagerly played, I failed to notice his hand lowering his phone to his side, moving into position to take yet another pic. This time, it was not from above with a view of the back of my head in his lap obscuring his cock and my face. It was at his side. His cock was in view. So was my face!


I flinched when I heard it. This was something new. Michael had never done this before. I did not know how to respond. I felt flushed with carnal desire, yet at the same time I felt a little violated.

It was ironic. Just a few days ago, I had enjoyed taking naughty, naked pics of myself and anonymously emailing them to Michael. Then, I had added Jen to the game, with the unexpected addition of more naughty pics of me AND then of her. It was a twist of Shakespearean proportions that I now was conflicted by another round of pics. Things were definitely feeling out of control!

I nervously moved up and down on Michael's dick. He set his phone down next to him and began to move his hands along my hips. He lustily lifted my sweater up until he could see my bra clasp and unfastened it. I felt the cool air on my bare back as my bra fell loose. I kept sucking. I kept bobbing up and down.

Then his hands, after reaching around and loosening my jeans in front, began to weasel my jeans down over my hips. I could feel my panties tugging lower as well. All the while I kept sucking. I kept bobbing up and down.

After a few minutes, my body was still crouched in his lap and on the couch next to him. My sweater and bra were pushed up around my neck while my jeans and panties were shoved down to my knees. Between my cock-loving slurps I heard that now familiar sound again.


I kept sucking. I kept bobbing up and down.

Then, with Michael's hands silently guiding me, I wriggled my leg free of my jeans. Then, lifting my mouth from his cock and turning my back to him, I swung my freed leg over his lap and sat on him, his wet hard cock laying flat between the crack of my ass.

I felt his strong firm hands slide under my ass and lift me up. I was so out of breath that I was literally panting. I leaned forward on my toes and felt the tip of his wet cock press against my pussy mound from behind. Just before I lowered myself down, I heard it again!


I felt his body penetrate mine full and deep. I reached down with one hand and played with his balls underneath me. With my other hand, I rubbed my own clit. I rocked up and down, my pussy bobbing up and down on his cock. Then again...


I kept moving. I kept my pussy bobbing up and down. My fingers kept playing. I began to moan and gasp for air as our bodies slapped together over and over and over.

Finally, as Michael's hands reached around and snuggly groped my breasts, I felt the sudden and strong burst of warm shots of cum pumping up inside of me. It was the last thing I needed to trigger my own orgasm. As his cock throbbed, my clit pulsated.

Moments later, I slumped back against him, my back against his chest with his cock still inside of me. It was one of those rare moments where you feel like two bodies have melted together into one.

My eyes were closed. So I did not see his hand reach around one last time with his phone, positioned with a view of my body sitting on him, still impaled by his cock.


I barely noticed.

Then as I began to drift off, snuggled safely against him, I heard another sound from his phone that instantly jerked me from the edge of post-orgasmic bliss to the edge of the fear of the unknown!

I knew that sound. It was sound of an email being sent. Little did I know that whatever fears my sweet mind envisioned at that moment were a far cry from what was really going on!

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