tagLoving WivesAverage Wifey Files #24

Average Wifey Files #24


I had been out shopping with Jen. When she and I got back to our house, I had no idea Michael was home. I thought he was at the office working. Jen and I chatted for a few minutes and then she headed out.

I opened one of the bags which had a cute little nightie I had purchased. I knew Michael would love it on me. As I thought about the fun of revealing it to him sometime later, I felt my body tingle. It was arousing to let my mind enjoy the fantasies of what that would be like.

I glanced at the plates of mirrored glass in our dining room. I framed my reflection with the nightie. Although I was wearing jeans and a top, my vision managed to envision my body with just the nightie covering it. I felt sexy.

As I sometimes would do when I felt aroused, I moved to the computer. This was when I would feel inspired to write a naughty story at Literotica. My mind wandered to the exciting fantasy of standing on a windblown balcony overlooking the ocean, wearing only my new nightie. Michael stood behind me, admiring how the setting sun silhouetted the lines of my body visible under the sheer, sexy nightie.

I typed away, trying to record my fantasy thoughts. I worked in naughty elements of Michael fondling me as I leaned against the balcony railing, daring random strangers walking on the sidewalk four stories below to peek at us. There was also the couple on the balcony angled just across from us, making out but certainly aware of our presence.

My mind took a naughty turn, creating a scenario where that couple focused on Michael and I, watching him touching me, revealing my body to their eyes. They eventually left their balcony, exited their room, and moments later showed up knocking at our room door. Before long, they were interwoven in my story and mind, sharing the erotic fantasy and forbidden pleasures.

The nameless couple joined Michael in exploring my body. Three pairs of hands massaging me, erotically fondling me, moving over my body with designs of lust. As my writing progressed my fantasy, I removed my jeans and top. Then, after sliding off my panties and bra, I slithered the nightie over my body.

I tried my best to describe the fantasy my mind was conjuring up. It was naughty to be detailing what it would be like to have not only Michael, but a random, anonymous, married couple also participating in our foreplay.

Then the unexpected happened.

Michael was home. I had no idea.

Michael had slipped into the room behind me. I had no idea.

He finally broke the silence I mistakenly thought was my solitude with a soft-spoken, yet firmly worded question.

"What the fuck is that?"

I was so startled that my hands nearly jerked the keyboard into my lap as I spun around at the sound of his voice.

I tried to say something, but words would not come out. In the few seconds, which felt like an eternity, I sat there with that stunned look on my face, Michael eyed both the computer screen and my body lightly veiled by the sheer nightie.

He stepped to my side. His eyes were intense. His voice again pierced the silence as he repeated his question.

"Kathleen. What the fuck are you doing?"

Tears began to well up in my eyes. My story-writing was a complete secret. Nobody, not even my best friend, Jen, had any idea that I did this. And now I was exposed. I fumbled to say something... anything.

"Just... um, a story journal." My attempt to somehow wrap a piece of the truth in a fallacious package of possible acceptance was a weak attempt at best.

"A story journal? What is that?" Michael's slings and arrows tone intimidated me.

I broke down and began to cry. He knelt beside me, placing his left arm around my shoulder as his right hand took control of the mouse. He scrolled up to the top of my story. I shivered as I helplessly watched him read every word of it.

My secret fantasies. My forbidden lusts. The unspeakable and naughty interactions. The details of how my body was pawed by the hands of strangers. My thoughts... omg, my secret thoughts flooding that computer screen and filling his eyes and mind.

The irony was tragic. In my story, it was ecstatic to be clothed in just that nightie and be exposed to others. In the reality of that moment, it was excruciating to be sitting there in my nightie and having my secret desires exposed to my husband.

I could only sit as he read my story. My apprehension increased as he heaved a heavy sigh or two along the way. There was no escaping my predicament.

He read about how he exposed me to strangers; something he would NEVER do.

He read about how the married woman merged her body with mine, giving her hubby and Michael a vision of two married pussies erotically grinding.

He read about how the married man could not resist fingering our pussies, mixing our juices together.

He read the things that married couple said as they talked dirty about me, revealing the things they would like to do to me.

The longer Michael read, the longer I was left fearing what his disapproving reaction would be. He never removed his left arm that was draped over me.

When he finally reached the last line I had written, he shocked me when he said. "Well, are you going to finish?"

I was so confused! I expected a firm rebuke and serious questioning of my fidelity. Dazed by his question, I replied, "Finish?"

"Yes. Finish. Are you going to finish it?"

I shook my head no, shame overwhelming me.

Michael stiffened. Leaned in and spoke assertively in my ear, "Yes... You... Will."

He let go of the mouse and lifted my hands to the keyboard. "Type."

I quivered as I reread the last two paragraphs which detailed how that married couple openly craved my body. My mind was struggling to regain my balance as I read what moments ago had been so arousing but had instantly become so shameful...

She and I were laying on our backs on the bed, both with our legs split wide open, my head at one end of the bed and her head at the other end. Our pussies were pressed against each other, our slits perfectly aligned, making it convenient for her husband to slide his fingers up and down, back and forth, sharing our pussies with each pass.

My hands felt like lead balloons as I tried to channel a finishing thought to my fingers. I struggled. I read the final line I had written...

Michael kissed me deeply as the married man used both of his hands to twist his wife's clit and mine into position to actually rub against each other as they glistened with the wetness shared between our pussies.

"Type" Michael said. "Finish what you started."

I swallowed hard and finally broke the seal on my stunted thoughts and petrified fingers. Michael watched as the words formed on the screen. With each new phrase, I thought I sensed in him a growing sense of arousal, dare I say surprising approval, of what he was reading.

I am not sure where that story was headed when I was alone. But, with Michael reading as I typed, it took on a life of its own that led to an amazing experience of two married couples fucking together, side by side.

I moaned in sync with the married woman, feeling Michael's cock pumping deep inside me with repeated thrusts of lust that were almost animalistic. I could also hear the sounds of her pussy being slammed by her husband. Faithful, yet utterly naughty, the four of us fucked side by side.

At that point, Michael stood with his hard, married cock poking out of his jeans and slid it into my mouth. I sucked it with a blend of desire and relief that lapped his married meat with a sense of excitement that I had not exemplified in years.

By the time I typed "The End", Michael's stern countenance had melted into a flow of molten lust that spilled all over me as his cock exploded in my mouth, his full load of cum dribbling down my chin, over my breasts, and onto my nightie.

It was the greatest surprise ending any of my stories had ever delivered. FOR ME.

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