tagLoving WivesAvoiding Divorce

Avoiding Divorce


Two years ago my wife Janet approached me one evening and said she wanted to talk. Over the prior few months three couples we knew well had filed for divorce. She wanted to make sure that our relationship was not headed for a similar fate. While we were still very much in love, Janet knew that things were not as good as they could be. Our busy life had gotten in the way of romance and that we were not having as much quality time or sex as I would've preferred. Her attitude towards sex was not as playful, fun loving, or passionate as it had been. I assured Janet our fate did not include divorce but I would certainly enjoy having more fun and sex in our lives. We talked for a few hours and committed to do anything required to reprioritize our time so we could be together more.

Over the next several months we made a concerted effort to spend more time together. This included a weekly date night, three trips a week to the health club together, and an increase in sex from once every week or so to a least a couple times a week. Janet seemed to be enjoying the sex again more like when we married 12 years earlier. Janet was as attractive as ever, with shiny brown hair, beautiful skin, a near constant smile, and a 35C-25-37 set of curvy measurements that looked fantastic on her 5'4" 125 pound body.

Janet seemed to be working hard at enjoying sex. She was more easily excitable, more aggressive, and also more submissive. I was very much enjoying the new routine. Over the next several months I purchased Janet a number of sex toys, sexy lingerie and some erotic literature that I told her were to give us ideas to keep the bedroom exciting. And unlike before, Janet's attitude was positive. Janet was soon masturbating with her new toys more openly and more often than she'd ever done before. I used to have to coax Janet to wear her sexy lingerie even for special occasions, now she was regularly wearing revealing lingerie and quite frequently teased me by parading around the kitchen in panties and skimpy bras. I couldn't have been more delighted.

We started playing a little game of trying to replicate the sexual positions and locations of a different erotic story every few weeks. We fucked in the shower, on my desk at work, in the back yard, and behind the picnic pavilion at a public park. One night I found myself parked in the corner of a restaurant parking lot fondling Janet's tits in the front seat of the car with her blouse unbuttoned to the waist, her lacy bra laying on the dashboard and her head working feverously on my cock. After I unloaded several streams of hot cum I couldn't help but reflect on how much our sex life had improved over the past year. As we headed home I mentioned to Janet that perhaps it was time to do more than just mimic the positions and locations from the stories. Janet didn't say anything.

Over the next few months I teased Janet when we went out by suggesting that some other guys had their eyes on her or might be good candidates to include if we wanted to act out some of those stories. One evening I suggested to Janet that she should pick out some of the stories that she found most exciting and might be possibilities for fully acting out. She blushed by didn't reject the suggestion. A couple of weeks latter there were a pile of pages on my nightstand that Janet said were the types of stories she found most exciting. As I read through the stories I was rock hard imagining Janet in the role of the women in the stories. The ones she chose had some common elements. They all involved a somewhat reluctant woman having a few drinks and giving in and having sex with a stranger. The husband was an instigator and often an observer. The women were ravished - and they enjoyed it. As I finished reading through the stories I watch Janet slip into her nightgown and join me in bed. She teased me about my erection and said that we must have similar tastes in fantasies. I told her my immediate fantasy was to unload my hard cock in her warm pussy. I proceeded to fuck her until we both came.

Over the next several weeks the prospect of Janet getting fucked by another man obsessed me. I hadn't been that horny since I was a teenager and each time I climbed between Janet's legs I imagined a different guy pleasuring himself with her body. By day I contemplated how I could make the fantasy come true. I kept the idea alive with Janet by asking her if various men we saw while out in public were of interest. I teased her about practicing her blowjob skills so she could take a big cock to orgasm and swallow, and I frequently reminded her we were one day closer to having another man enjoy the pleasure of fucking her. The more we talked and teased, the more determined I became to make it happen.

Last fall a new health club opened near out house so Janet and I decided to shift our membership. As I cleaned out our lockers at the prior club I said goodbyes to the staff of trainers. Jake, one of our favorites encouraged me to keep up our training and said he had enjoyed working with us. He noted, "I will especially miss watching your wife workout. You're a lucky man." As I carried the locker contents to the car it struck me that Jake would be a great candidate. I walked back to the club trying to think of an appropriate way to broach the subject. Jake asked if I forgot something. I told him his comment about my wife had got me to thinking. He quickly apologized for the remark thinking I had been offended. I stopped him and said I was flattered and in fact wanted to see if he might be interested in seeing a little more of Janet. He looked at me with a slightly puzzled look and asked me to step into his office. I continued by telling him that Janet and I were exploring the prospect of her experiencing another man. Jake smiled and asking me to tell him more. I spent the next twenty minutes in his office telling him about our sex life, the Penthouse letters and our interest in purely recreational sex with another man. Jake was a nice looking and popular jock and had plenty of girlfriends but acknowledged that he found Janet attractive. As we talked the bulge in Jake's lycra shorts gave away his interest in bedding Janet. I took his cell number and told him I would call with a plan in the next few days.

I planned a get together at our house on Saturday night. I was going to take Janet to dinner, get her a little tipsy to lessen her inhibitions and then have Jake come by for what I hoped would be Janet's first extramarital romp.

That Saturday I chilled a bottle of Janet's favorite wine and told her I planned a romantic evening after diner. I encouraged Janet to dress in a particularly sexy set of lingerie and revealing dress for our dinner date. We were especially horny since we hadn't fucked all week. We had a delicious dinner at a new restaurant in town and I made sure Janet had a couple of drinks. She looked radiant and I could hardly keep my mind on our discussion as I was daydreaming about my plan. My cell phone rang as we waited for our desert to come. I excused myself to take the call. Jake was on the line and immediately apologized that he would have to cancel the plans as had to retrieve a close friend whose car broke down. Jake was very apologetic for the late cancellation and promised he would reschedule. I cussed in frustration and told him it was his loss as Janet looked stunning in her pink lace lingerie and black dress and was primed with a few drinks and a week of abstinence. I told him I would just have to take care of her myself, then I hung up.

Janet noticed my disappointment as I returned to the table. Since I hadn't told her about Jake, I made up a story about a call from work and tried to refocus on the pleasure that awaited. By the time we finished desert and a fare amount of under-the-table fondling we were both eager to get home. The short drive was punctuated with fondling at traffic lights and as soon as we got in the door Janet and I embraced and explored each other's mouths with a deep passionate kiss. I soon found the dress buttons and started to undo them. Still standing in the entryway, I was startled by the sound of the doorbell. I broke our embrace and vented my frustration that anyone would be coming by at midnight. As I peered through the peek hole I saw Jake. He looked striking in his black slacks and white turtleneck with his gym-honed physic.

My heart and mind both raced contemplating what to tell him and Janet. I turned to look at her. She looked sensuous and horny, a little tipsy and very vulnerable with her cleavage and bra partly visible in the unbuttoned dress. She was anxious for me to finish dealing with the person at the door. I cracked the door open to greet Jake. Before I could say anything he said he hoped he was still welcome. Janet was asking who was there while Jake was asking to come in. The decision was now even more complicated as I could see Jake wasn't alone. I paused uncomfortably for a few moments then decided, what the hell you only live once, and I opened the door.

Janet was taken aback as I opened the door. Jake moved the few steps toward her and reached out to greet her with a hug. As she recognized him she instinctively reached out and as she did her unbuttoned dress top revealed more of her bulging lace bra. A momentary pause was followed by laughter, which served to break the ice. Jake hugged Janet and told her how much he missed seeing her. Janet asked why he had come by at this time of night. Jake, then Janet, turned to me. I told Janet that I had invited Jake to come by -- and he knew about the letters. Jake just smiled as Janet realized what was going on. As she stood there grasping the situation Jake introduced Burt, a teammate from his soccer club who had had car trouble. Jake told Janet that he had called to cancel earlier but that when I had described how beautiful she looked he couldn't resist coming over and he didn't have time to drop Burt at home so he brought him along to watch.

Janet was blushing and a little embarrassed by the predicament. Jake then told her she looked gorgeous and said, "It was my understanding that this was a mutual interest?" Janet looked at me and said, "Remember, you let them in." Then she answered Jake's question by sliding her dress straps from her shoulders. We all watched her black dress slide down her body to become a pile of fabric on the floor. We all grinned as Janet stood in the entranceway in her hot pink lace bra, panties and black thigh-high stockings and heels. Jake began running his hands over her body telling Burt "I told you she had a hot body."

Janet next said, "Jake can't watch." After a brief pause she continued. "If he is going to be here he has to participate."

Burt grinned and nodded concurrence then stepped forward. He kissed Janet deeply and it was obvious his tongue was probing her mouth. After a moment Janet broke the embrace and told me to bring some drinks to the family room. She led Jake and Burt to the family room. When I arrived with drinks Janet was surrounded. Jake was unhooking her bra as Burt kissed her and rubbed her ass. Janet coyly held her bra over her boobs and told the guys she needed to see some more skin before anything else was revealed. Jake stepped back and began to remove his shirt and slacks. Jake was in beautiful condition with a sculptured body and hairless tanned skin. He had small bikini shorts with a huge bulge in the front. Burt was also athletic but taller and thinner. When he was down to his shorts the head of his hard black cock stuck out the top of his waistband. Janet grinned as she reached to take the glass of wine I offered. She let her bra fall away uncovering her beautiful boobs with their very aroused nipples. Janet asked if I was ok and I told her I was nervous and excited. She kissed me and grabbed my crotch telling me she was excited too. Jake cut in on our kiss saying, "You can kiss her anytime; it's our turn now."

Janet was quickly sandwiched between Jake and Burt. Burt was fondling her boobs and Jake slipped his hand in the front of her panties and gently fingered her. Janet was whimpering between kisses as she was being attended to by both men. Burt began kissing Janet's breasts, first one then the other. Jake managed to slide down Janet's panties and was fondling her. Janet was excited and horny and grabbing for the two new cocks. She managed to pull Jake's cock out of his shorts and was grabbing the 7-inch tool. In a few minutes the guys laid Janet down on the sofa. Jake was feeding her his cock while Burt positioned her legs so he could have access to her pussy. It wasn't long before Burt had his face plastered in her slit and her stocking covered legs wrapped around his head and shoulders. He was licking and nibbling on her clit and Janet was responding with bucking hips and moaning sounds.

He placed his hands under her ass and with his athletic strength could easily maneuver her body at will. Meanwhile Jake was breathing heavy. What had started as a blow job was now more accurately describes as Jake fucking Janet's willing mouth. Janet had more cock in her mouth than I had ever seen her take. She had her hands on Jake's ass and began fingering his anus. As Jake neared a climax Janet squeezed his cock and pushed him away and told him she wanted him to unload deep in her pussy. He told her he would do that with the next load but that he was going to come all over her face if she didn't take him. Janet took his cock back in her mouth and Jake resumed his thrusts with even more urgency. In a few moments his body stiffened and he erupted. Janet sucked him to the last drop and only paused to catch her breath when his cock shrank.

Janet was still panting as she approached her own orgasm from the sensations Burt's licking was having on her clit. Her body quivered and her hips bucked as his tongue and teeth focused in on her clit. She screamed with pleasure as her body tensed when she came gasping to catch her breath. Burt placed her ass back on the couch and got up and pulled off his briefs telling us it was time to give her a ride on his big black cock. Burt was quite a specimen with a good sized cock and a ripped body. He positioned Janet on the couch and climbed between her legs placing the tip of his cock at the entrance to her cunt. As he readied to fuck her he asked her if a Black man had ever fucked her. She responded, "No, and never two at once, and no one but my husband for the past ten years." Burt grinned then eased his steely cock into the warm hole. For the next ten minutes Burt fucked Janet in the missionary position. His strength and stamina were impressive as he pounded away. When Janet told him that big black cock felt great he couldn't last any longer and dumped his load deep in her.

As soon as Burt finished, Jake helped Janet to a seated position then sat next to her and went to work sucking her boobs. Burt relaxed to regain his strength and watched as Jake pleasured Janet. Soon Jake positioned Janet over the arm of the couch and told her he wanted to fuck her doggy style while she took me in her mouth. I quickly stripped and moved into position in front of Janet as Jake pushed in from behind. I was incredibly excited and knew I wouldn't last long. Jake was already rock hard and thrusting deeply slamming his groin into Janet's ass with each push. I came first giving Janet a full load and Jake came soon afterwards dumping his second load of the night.

Janet got no rest as Burt gently positioned her so he could feed her his cock. She was lying on her back on the couch with her head on the arm and Burt was straddling her and feeding his tool into her willing mouth. Burt was praising her technique as he pumped away. Ten Minutes latter he filled Janet's mouth with a third load of cum in 90 minutes.

I got everyone towels and drinks as we rested. Both Jake and Burt complemented Janet on being a hot fuck with Jake taking credit for getting her in such great shape at the gym. Jake mentioned it was getting awful late and perhaps they should be going. Burt blurted out that he wanted to fuck Janet one more time if I Janet and I didn't mind. I said tonight is your chance. Janet said we better enjoy it before she sobered up and thought better of it. She surprised me by saying she wanted to move to the bedroom and get the camera to save this memory. I grinned and headed to get the camera and some lubricant. The guys and Janet followed and they soon had Janet sandwiched on the bed and were fondling and kissing. I began taking videos with our camcorder and all three of them played to the camera. Jake noticed the lubricant and quickly turned his attention to Janet's ass. He had her whimpering as he fingered her anus.

Both guys were as hard as steel. They quickly positioned Janet over the edge of the bed, and this time Burt was probing for her asshole with his cock. It didn't take long for Burt to work his way in and was pumping away in no time. Janet was completely out of control squealing and panting as the big cock worked in and out. Jake fed her mouth his cock and I filmed away capturing the incredible scene of two hot jocks fucking the daylights out of my wife. It wasn't long before Burt came and pulled out but Jake stepped into position immediately and worked his cock in her hot asshole. Janet had a shuddering orgasm as he began pumping and I put the camera down and approached. Janet grabbed my cock with her right hand and began pumping me to the rhythm of Jake's thrusts. I couldn't last more than a few minutes and erupted spraying a load on Janet's hair and face. That uncorked Burt who pumped his load deep in Janet's ass.

After that encore performance the guys dressed, kissed Janet goodbye and left. I helped Janet to bed, locked the doors and collapse in bed.

The video turned out great and never fails to get us both unbelievably aroused. Absolutely no plans for divorce -- this is way too much fun.

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