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Avoiding the Kids


The music from the outdoor disco rose up the hill to me as, I leaned over the white plaster balcony attached to our room. On a weeklong vacation from Catania, Italy, my family had spent the day playing in the cobalt Mediterranean Sea. Citta de Mare Resort, located on the west side of Sicily was a piece of paradise. Lush tropical vegetation surrounded the small white villas perched over the cobalt sea. The cascade of white stucco buildings surrounded the outside disco and restaurant and created a secluded oasis. There wasn't one reason to leave this Garden of Eden. Seeing the expression on my face and feeling my discontent, my husband suggested, "Why don't we use the in-house babysitter?" Said with a grin and an arch of his eyebrow. His leer made it clear what he was thinking about.

"You know how I feel about strangers watching our kids!" I shot back, bristling at the suggestion. I had been a parole officer while my husband completed law school. I knew personally what kind of freaks were out there.

"This is Italy...it's not the same...all our friends love the resort baby sitters." He said placing an arm on each side of me and nuzzling my neck. Warmth radiated from his suntanned skin.

I love to have my neck kissed, bitten and licked. It was one of the most sensitive places on my body and my husband was using this against me. Goosebumps covered my arms in the tropical air and proved it was working. Pushing my body back into his embrace, I sighed. He had already won the battle and he knew it.

"Come on, don't pout. It'll be a little old Nona and the girls will love her." A few more neck kisses later and with a slap on my ass, I headed inside to get ready.

My shoulder length blonde hair was matted to my head and my face was already sporting a slight sunburn from a day spent snorkeling. Hesitating and exhausted from the sun, I almost took back my agreement, but hearing the excitement in my husband's voice I stopped myself. After fourteen years of marriage, I was grateful he wanted to take me out this much. Tired and looking like the mother I am, I had a lot of "fixing up" to do.

A little later, caught by my own reflection, I took in my final results. My dark blonde hair fell in waves to my collarbones and my make-up was expertly applied. My slanted green eyes appeared brighter against my darkened skin. It wasn't my face that I was critical of, it was my figure. With two nine pound babies under my belt, things had changed. Some for the better, like my ass. Where once there had been nothing, I now sported ample curves. My breasts were great, I'd had them redone four years ago. Ridiculously large for my five foot frame, I had my E cup breasts reduced to full B's and I loved them. It didn't hurt that my struggle with gravity began anew.

My figure looked its best in the full length black sundress I had chosen for the occasion. The plunging neckline and thigh high slits directed attention away from my softly rounded belly and to my better attributes. Satisfied that my appearance would please my husband, I decided to leave my new lacy thong behind. Earlier at the beach, my husband had growled in my ear, "I'll find a way to get you alone." Panties would just be in the way. My nipples tightened and a warmth spread between my legs as I imagined the possibilities awaiting me.

Leaving our one room villa to our two girls and the delightful Nona, I walked out on the Terrazzo to join my waiting husband. After meeting Sonora Samara, all the worries had lifted from my shoulders. I was ready to have some fun. A rare opportunity to play alone with my husband was not going to be lost. Energy restored and feeling sexy, I bristled with anticipation.

Catching David's profile in the twinkling lights that hung throughout the resort, I sighed with contentment. Where once had stood a young man rearing to go was an older, more reserved version. More handsome to me now than on the day we met, I continued to stare. His thick brown hair was cut in accordance with military standards. Bright blue eyes with just a few smile lines, a roman nose and an infectious grin made it impossible to win an argument. At six feet, he towered over my petite frame. Broad shoulders tapered down to narrow hips and a tight muscular ass that was surprisingly pronounced for a white boy. That body had given me years of pleasure and I cherished it more dearly than my own.

Feeling my gaze on him, David turned and took in my appearance. The look in his eyes assured me he was pleased. He was wearing the black and white silk Hawaiian shirt I had given him for Valentines and kaki cargo shorts. His tanned muscular legs ended in Italian leather sandals. Thinking about what he could do with his mouth and how big of a package he was carrying around, I began to get wet. My husband knew exactly how to get me going. Staring at my nipples that had poked through the thin silk frantic of my shirt, my husband arched his eyes and gave them a tweak. Giggling like the girl I was when we met, I pushed his hand away. It was obvious that we both more than ready for adult time.

Walking onto the crowded disco floor with my husband's hand in the small of my back, I felt younger and sexier than I had in a long time. Wiggling my curved hips, I swayed on the large outdoor dance floor filled with Italians gyrating to Donna Summers. Disco never died in Italy and the carefree culture of the clubs were perfect for my husband and me. People here often danced alone. My hubby could remain on the edge where he was comfortable and I could lose myself spinning around to the music as long as I wanted. My husband liked watching and I liked performing.

Three years in to our marriage, I had given him a choice. He was to either learn how to play cards or start dancing. These were two of my favorite pastimes and I was not giving up both. He had become quite the card player in the last ten years.

After exhausting my body on the dance floor I returned to my husband happy and covered in a light sheen of perspiration. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I pushed my body against his a suggestively suggested we move to a private table. Fondling my ass roughly, he agreed. Turning on this man after so many years filled me with happiness.

After snagging a bottle of Chianti and two glasses, David and I settled close to each other at a circular mosaic table that was set back in a darkened corner that offered privacy. Breathing in the smell of the sea, blended with the scent of tropical flowers, made me relax. Smiling with contentment and feeling grateful for this magical moment, I leaned into my husband and gave him a soft lingering kiss.

Slightly opening my mouth, I flicked my tongue into my husband's and drew him closer. His tongue charged into my mouth with frustrated need. My lips caught by his, opened further. Lost to his passionate kisses, I held onto his face. After all this time, I felt like a teenage girl about to get laid. Giggly and thrilled by a man's touch.

Placing small kisses on his neck, I breathed in his scent. Sighing, I basked in the fragrance of polo cologne, sunscreen and his own personal musk; I called this scent home. It was the place I always returned to.

Soon David's hand found its way up my leg and continued searching. Feeling his long fingers reach my mound sent jolts of pleasure running through me. I wanted more. No, I needed more. Too long sharing a room with our kids had left me hungry and craving more.

"We need somewhere more private...now," urgency filled my voice as I felt my nipples ache for his touch and the need to submit grow. A small yelp escaped from my mouth as my husband's fingers wiggled their way inside my moist folds. My ever increasing juices met him and I moaned into his neck. Gently finger fucking me, he again kissed me. I sighed. This love of mine knew how to please me. His thumb soon found my clit and began small circular movements. Then my hips began to squirm. We needed a hiding place bad. Pointing this out, I started to push his insistent hand away. His other hand caught mine and stopped me.

"No, Baby...relax, no one's looking," again said softly into my neck. He continued his outpouring of praise. As I said previously, my husband really knows how to work me. Always wanting his attention made me easy to manipulate. Having never been able to resist him, I submitted. My legs slightly parted and embarrassed I buried my face deep into his neck. I was embarrassed but I was also enflamed by the idea of being watched.

It didn't take long. I was already ready when we sat down. As he continued to tell me all the things I craved to hear, I started to grind against his hand. Small yelps escaped my parted mouth. He picked up his pace and so did I. In what seemed like just a few seconds, my hips began to buck and my center tightened. Tensing then releasing, my juices poured onto David's hand. A few jerks later and I collapsed into his arms and shuddered.

With smacking sounds he sucked my sheen off his fingers. Turned on, I grabbed his hand and finished the job. My salty sweet flavor entered my mouth. I loved the way my juices tasted and it was the only pussy I got to appreciate anymore. My love of David was so strong, I had given up female lovers when we married. His skills made sure I was never left wanting. Drawing me nearer, he told me how much he enjoyed making me cum.

An aggressive look met me when David spoke. "Let's go." Still shaky, I asked, "Where?"

"I found a path, when the girls and I went exploring. It's perfect...no lights."

I couldn't have been more pleased. Despite the orgasm he had given me, it was his cock that I craved. Taking my hand, my handsome Navy officer started leading me down the hill. With an abrupt stop, David pointed to a small unlit path that led into the tropical foliage. Stepping ahead of him, I carefully started walking on the narrow trail. It soon opened to a clearing. To the right was more foliage but to the left was an on unobstructed view of the sparkling sea. Stretched across this section of the path, was an old wrought iron railing.

Shaking the railing, David checked its strength. It was secure. No doubt was in my mind. I was about to hang on to this old railing while my David pounded me. His traveling hands made it clear. This man needed me and he needed me now.

Shaking my hips, I teased him. Despite my protests to the contrary, I liked to jiggle and bounce my ass for him. Catching my wiggling behind, he laughed and called me his precious slut. My belly started to tighten. I loved his dirty talk. No longer able to wait, I turned, bent over and grasped the rail. Amused at my eagerness, he got down on his knees behind me. All I could say was, "please."

A cool sea breeze tickled my legs as my hubby pushed up my dress and grabbed both of my muscular thighs. Leaning forward he kissed the back of one knee and then the next. Little kisses and nips up my inner thighs made my lips start to open and I again wiggled, playfully.

Leaning over the railing, I felt my husband's face make contact. Tingling, I awaited his next move. No matter how many times this man touched me, I just couldn't get enough. Both hands on my ass, he separated my cheeks. Small whimpers escaped me as he leaned in and began to lick. One long slow lick followed another and so on. It always amazed me how long he was content to spend lapping at my recesses, but I wasn't complaining.

From pussy to ass, his tongue left no spot untouched. Pausing each time in back, he played special attention to his favorite place. This was new. After many years of trying to get in my ass, I had finally consented. And he had been right, it was fantastic! Now, we were both hooked and it was where we both wanted him.

My lips opened further and I felt my own moisture building. Not able to stand the teasing any longer, I shoved back. With a moan that was primal in origin, my hubby began to run his tongue in circles around my puckered opening. I don't know why, but that makes me crazy and I could hear the need in my own voice.

"Oh, baby...that feels so good...please fuck me, I need you so bad." Words poured from me as I encouraged my husband on.

Delighted by my long awaited responses, my husband picked up his pace. The tongue that had been teasing, now plunged. The sensations shooting through me combined with the tropical atmosphere made this moment surreal. Alone in our hidden refuge, David was all that existed. The pleasure his mouth was giving me obliterated all other thoughts as I leaned back and drew him deeper. I couldn't understand this pleasure but it was undeniable.

Relaxing under his ministration, I felt all of me opening up. As my belly coiled tighter and tighter, I again urged him to fuck me. He ignored me. The tongue fucking continued. I was primed. Moistened and quivering, I wiggled around David's face.

David's love of my ass had changed everything. This new intimacy, had returned to our marriage, the passion of earlier days. Just when it seemed we had tried everything, a whole new world opened up. This new pleasure was so powerful, it eclipsed all else. Every secluded moment we had, ended with David's seed leaking out my rectum.

With a groan, my hubby rose to his feet. His body pressed to mine was so hot with the day's sun. Everything in me cried for his touch. Knowing my body and its desire, David grabbed my breasts and began to squeeze. Arching my back, I reveled in his abilities. Shivers traversed my body as his assault on my breasts continued.

Growling, my hubby pulled back and quickly released his straining cock. Eight and half inches began demanding entrance. Holding on to the wrought iron railing, I reveled in the feeling of his urgency. The strength of his passion and the feel of his love took my breath away.

Roughly, my husband yanked my hips back and pushed. A yelp left me, as I felt my pussy opening to him. Without pausing and with one hand gripping the back of my neck, David began to thrust. My wetness greeted him and pulled him further. The sound of his balls slapping my ass filled the air and increased the coiling in my belly.

Pausing at my entrance, cock in hand, David began to stroke the head of his cock between ass and pussy. Back and forth he went. My lips gaped in desire for him. Chuckling softly he whispered, "Ready?" Reaching between my legs, I tickled his balls and said "Yes."

That was all it took. His rigid cock still in hand, David stopped his stroking and began to push gently against my back door. Nervous, but excited, I shoved back and my breath left me. That first pop always made me call out. No matter how many times we did this, it was always the same, a sharp pain followed by intense pleasure.

Soon, I relaxed and he began pushing in inch by inch. Bottoming out he groaned and nibbled the lobe of my ear. The sounds of his pleasure combined with the sounds of the sea transported me. With disco faintly playing in the background I joined his rhythm.

As any semblance of control left our private spot, we began to fuck. Our bodies slammed against each other in a frenzy as my ass opened to him. The strangeness of this act only served to make it more intense. Never had I felt as joyfully submissive to my man then when he ravished my insides.

Squeals, yips and moans were driven from my throat as my very core tightened in response. Anal orgasms still confused me, but they were definitely real and I had one coming. Sensing my impending explosion, David doubled his speed. For the second time that night, I began to shake as wave after wave of pleasure struck me. Yelling out, I felt my juices flowing.

Spent, I collapsed against the railing. This type of orgasm always wiped me out. I finally understood the term, "fucked silly." Because I felt silly as my body continued to twitch with relief. I felt silly that I loved anal so much and that David knew it.

My body continued to bounce and my ass to jiggle as my hubby sought his relief. Pleased to be taken, I encouraged him on. Rolling my hips and clenching my ass, I reveled in his cries as ropes of David's hot seed entered me. This was what I craved. Blowing my husband's mind satisfied me on a deep and spiritual level. Our love held us in its embrace as he collapsed against me and declared I was the best fuck ever. I smiled.

With the return of a regular heart beat and glowing, I reminded David we were parents and that it was time to go. I didn't want to and neither did he. But alas, parental responsibility gave us no choice. Pulling out of me and returning his cock to his shorts, David took my hand.

With his arm around me and feeling loved, we slowly returned to our room.

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