tagNovels and NovellasAvril's Fool, a CFNM story

Avril's Fool, a CFNM story


Avril sat on the couch holding her heart in her hands. She wasn't crying. Sitting next to her, Ted wondered if that would change. Still staring at the damning picture on her phone, Avril asked Ted, "You think her tits are fake?"

"Not as fake as her nails," Ted said, trying to keep things as light as possible.

"They could be real," Avril said, zooming in for a better look.

"Her boobs or her nails?"

"Her boobs. Her nails might be real, too. Ever notice Sally's nails? Hers are real."

"Okay," Ted said with a nod and an easy-going shrug. He wasn't going to argue with Avril, not while she was busy wrestling with a picture like that. "Chip sent you that pic?"

"Yeah, but why would Robbie send it to Chip?" Avril zoomed out again.

"Bragging rights."

"You think Chip has pics of me on his phone?"

"Ever let Robbie take pictures of you?"

Avril snorted. "He tried doing that once and I slapped his phone out of his hand."

"Good for you," Ted said, smiling his approval. Ted had long ago explained why there was never a reason to let a man take a compromising picture of her. Guys can't keep pics like that to themselves. "She looks like the kind of girl who shows up on lots of phones."

"Yeah, a real party girl," Avril said, still staring at her phone. "Maybe she was a one night stand? Robbie could have been drunk or something."

"Maybe," Ted allowed, still not arguing with her. "You know what happens when I get drunk."

Avril nodded before poking a hole in his theory, "Except Robbie doesn't black-out like you do."

"I don't always black-out," Ted grumbled.

"No, but it's fun when you do," Avril said with a hint of a smile. She patted his knee, letting him know she was only teasing him.

"I haven't done that in years."

"Is she hotter than me?"

"Not at all," Ted said.

"Did you notice her tan? That's a fake-bake tan if I ever saw one. And what about her hair? Who does highlights without getting lowlights, too?"

"I'm pretty sure Robbie didn't notice that stuff." Ted sure hadn't.

"She's probably a skanky whore."

"Yeah, the skanky-est."

"Want to know the ironic part? Before Robbie left on his trip, I decided I would stay faithful to him the entire time."

"Is staying faithful an issue for you?" he asked, thinking through the years he had known her. As near as he could remember, Avril only had one boyfriend at a time. Except when Ted had first met her. Avril hadn't had a boyfriend when she had transferred into his school district as a skinny eighth-grader with braces, green hair, a cast on her left arm, and not a friend in the world. She had flopped into the only empty seat on the school bus, sitting next to a geeky kid everyone ignored before hanging her head so her green hair covered her face.

Ted would have kept to himself, except Avril had fumbled with her books. Without thinking about it, he helped her, earned a grateful smile, and first felt a funny twisting sensation inside his stomach. That day began a friendship that had lasted through Avril's ugly duckling stage. Over the summer, she lost her braces and went back to being a natural blonde. When high school started, Avril had transformed into a beautiful swan and Ted became her geeky best friend, forever regulated to watch from the fringes as Avril became swept up with the beautiful people.

"I don't do long distance relationships," she explained. "Remember Zach?" Ted nodded. She and Zach had been the hot couple during their senior year. "I broke up with him because I didn't want to worry about what he was doing at his college."

"Or what you were going to do at college," Ted pointed out. Inferring her "slut phase" earned him a sly smile and tiny nod.

"Staying faithful is easier when you see each other." She stared at the damning picture of Robbie. The woman, whoever she was, laid on her back, smiling up at the camera. She held her breasts pressed together, sandwiched around Robbie's prick. Wet droplets were splashed around her neck and chin. Neither had to guess at the source of those white, creamy splashes. "Maybe we should get you drunk and I can take some pictures to send to Robbie."

Ted blanched. "You're supposed to send pictures like that to your friends, not to your boyfriend."

"Some boyfriend," she said, frowning as she turned back to her phone.

"You should delete that picture," Ted suggested. She shook her head. "At least stop staring at it."

"I can't help myself," she said, sounding very sad. The way her hair hung in her face reminded him of the skinny, green haired girl he had met on a school bus.

"Stop it." Ted tucked her hair behind one ear before placing his hand over the phone and hiding the picture.

She put her other hand on top of his. "You know you're my best friend, right?"

"And you're mine." Ted took her phone away and filled her hands with his. For a long moment, they stared at each other with sad eyes. Avril felt sad over her ending relationship and Ted felt sad for his friend's loss. "If it matters, you could keep being faithful to him until he comes home."

"Or, I can do this," she said, forward and pressing her lips against his. It was not a friendship kiss.

"Whoa," Ted said, pulling away half a moment before they crossed a line friends never cross.

"That felt good," Avril said with half a smile. She pressed her lips against his again, leaning against him until he was trapped against the back of his couch. They kissed until their lips parted and tongues began caressing each other. They kissed for a long time before Avril pulled away. Wide-eyed, she patted her wet lips as if making sure they truly belonged to her. "Wow, you're not supposed to be good at doing that."

"Why not?" Ted asked, wearing a hint of a smile.

"Because kissing you is supposed to feel like kissing my brother."

"You don't have any brothers."

"You get what I mean," she said, still looking surprised. "We can never do that again."

"Yeah," he agreed. Friends don't kiss, and if their lips do meet, they don't open their mouths for more.

"Never again after this time," Avril said, putting her hand behind his head and pulling him forward for another kiss. Again, their lips parted and tongues met. This kiss lasted even longer before she pulled away. "Stop being so good at that, you know I have a boyfriend!"

"A crappy one who's cheating on you."

"Maybe it was a one-night-stand," she huffed, sitting back and crossing her arms just below her breasts.

"And maybe Chip wants to get into your pants," Ted said, pointing out part of the equation they hadn't discussed.

"Why would you say that?"

"Why else would he share that picture with you?" Ted asked. "It's always bro's before 'ho's, unless you want that 'ho, and then it's, 'Fuck that bro.'"

"Are you calling me a 'ho?"

"Never," Ted promised.

"Why don't you have a girlfriend anyway?"

Ted fidgeted. "Just one of those things."

"You're a great guy. You should have women lined up wanting to date you."

"Except girls like bad boys and I'm not."

"That's not really true," Avril insisted, though her tone sounded as weak as her denial. "Well, not all women and not all the time."

"Maybe you can start a rumor about me. You can tell your friends I'm a great kisser and how I have a big dick."

"Big, but not too big," she said.

"How would you know?" he asked, shrugging away the flippant comment. Wearing a big grin, he made her an offer. "Kiss me again and maybe I'll show it to you."

"Tease." Avril glanced at his lap for a moment before catching herself and returning her gaze to his face. "Is kissing me getting you hard?"

"It might."

Avril tucked her legs beneath her and sat up straight. Ted's gaze dropped to her chest, noticing and appreciating how her new position accentuated her breasts. "Let's say we kiss again and you get hard, will you really show it to me?"

"I don't know, maybe," he mumbled, making sure he wasn't staring at her tits.

Wearing an impish smile, Avril ran her fingers through Ted's hair. "What if I get you really, really hard?"

"I guess," he said, fumbling for a right answer to a very wrong thought. Ted recognized the slight narrowing of her eyes above her playful smirk. He had spent too many years watching her from across a room and he knew he couldn't trust that particular expression.

She pointedly glanced at his lap again before looking back up at him. "So, we kiss, you get hard, you show it to me, and that's it?"

"If I get hard, I might want more."

"Technically, I still have a boyfriend."

"Officially, we know you don't."

"But I'm not going to renege on pretending to be his girlfriend until I see him again."

"But kissing and seeing me naked is okay?" he asked.

"Naked and hard," she said, licking her lips and laying it on thick.

"What if I want an orgasm, too?"

"I'll watch you give yourself one."

Ted laughed. "That's allowed, too?"

"None of it this is 'allowed.' And none of it is going to happen if you keep talking about it. Take a chance Teddie. Let go and see where it goes, that's all I'm saying."

Ted stared at his friend, his best friend, a woman he had known longer than anyone else in his life. He didn't know why they had stayed best friends, except they had safely maintained a no-bullshit policy between themselves. They were there for each other whenever the other person called. She had known all of his girlfriends. He had known all of her boyfriends. She had even told him about her few one-night-stands. His number was substantially smaller than hers.

He knew he could ask her anything and she would give him an honest answer. It had always worked in reverse, too. Still, there was a single question never asked between them: Why didn't they date each other? He knew the reasons. He wasn't handsome enough. He didn't drive a fancy, new car. His fashion sense seldom went farther than jeans and a t-shirt. He saved his money instead of spending it on lavish gifts or fancy dinners. He wasn't blessed with a silver tongue and the ability to seduce with a single, well-spoken line. Girls like Avril didn't date geeks like him and he had never asked for an explanation. He was happy being her friend, a true friend, one without conditions.

"Would we still be friends if something happens?"

"Maybe," she said, flashing that same playful grin she had used earlier, the sly smirk he knew he couldn't trust. She was testing him, forcing him to think less and act more.

"I hate you," he said, pulling her close and pressing his lips against hers, taking a kiss from her instead of reacting to one she had initiated. As her lips parted, he knew he couldn't steal something freely offered. He relaxed, releasing his apprehensions about whether their lips belonged together. Right or wrong, this was happening and they both approved.

A soft moan moved from Avril's mouth into his and he felt his passion rising. He caressed her back, sliding his hand up her neck and losing his fingers inside the mane of her sweet-smelling blonde hair. Avril moaned again, kissing him with more heat while Ted wondered what to do with his other hand. He kept it safely on her shoulder, resisting the temptation to slip it down her chest and cup her breasts. He wouldn't risk breaking whatever spell had fallen over them.

"How you doing?" she murmured, asking the words with her lips still in contact with him.

"Good," he confessed, feeling a tinge of shame as their kiss began working its magic in other places, too.

"Are you getting hard?"

"Why don't you check?" he asked, squirming.

"That's not our deal," she said. "Just kissing, remember?"

"We should stop," he murmured, staying in constant contact with her mouth.

"No," she said, putting a hand behind his head and keeping him locked in their kiss. Her petite hand caressed the side of his face and he felt his blood boiling. This was wrong, so very wrong. Friends shouldn't kiss like wanna-be lovers. He shouldn't get hard in front of her. They should stop. He kissed her again until he felt Avril pulling away. She looked at his lap and asked, "Is that all you?"

"Some of it is a sock I shoved in my pants before you got here."

Her eyes went wide with surprise as she moved her gaze to his face. She wasn't expecting his humor. "Now you have to show it to me, you dufus."

"No, I don't." He moved in for another taste of her sweetness.

Avril pulled away. "But you promised and it's been months since I've seen one in real life."

"Kiss me and I will," he said, believing he was lying. She gave him a measured gaze before kissing him again. She pulled his hand off her shoulder and placed it between his legs. He knew what she expected.

Ted cupped the large bulge inside his jeans straining for more attention and battled with the question of right or wrong. Every part of him wanted to move forward except things would forever change between them if he did. They could never go back to being whatever they were. This could break a friendship that had lasted a decade. He wouldn't do it. He shouldn't do it. Except passion doesn't acknowledge the arguments of reason. He undid the button at the top of his jeans.

"Do it," she mumbled. "Show me."

Was she watching? Was she kissing with opened eyes, staring past his cheek and watching his hand? "This is so wrong," he silently worried, fishing inside the flap of his boxers and pulling out his hard prick, exposing it for all the world to see, though his world only included her.

Avril broke their kiss and stared at the long, hard length of manliness he held in his hand. She grinned from ear-to-ear, wide-eyed with the sort of expression saved for unexpectedly bumping into a favorite celebrity at the grocery store.

"Now you've seen it," he said, instantly embarrassed and regretting his decision. He began tucking himself back together.

"But I want to see you get off, too," she insisted, pulling harder on his arm and preventing him from covering up.

"Pervert," he playfully quipped.

"So?" she asked, laughing with him. Avril wrapped both arms around Ted's one arm, holding it against her body while he struggled to redo his pants. Ted learned it was easier undressing with one hand than doing the opposite. He managed tucking his hard-on inside the flap of his underwear and nothing more. Smiling, they stared each other down, acknowledging they were being silly and enjoying it. "You should kiss me again."

"You just want to see me naked again."

"Probably," she admitted, pressing their lips together again. As they kissed, she tugged at his open pants.

"What are you doing?" he asked, keeping his lips close to hers.

"I want to see it again."

"No," Ted said, though he didn't stop her tugging.

"Yes," she insisted, working his jeans halfway off his ass. She hooked her thumb inside the waistband of his boxers, forcing those down, too.

"Avril, please," he pleaded, unwilling to help or stop her. "We can't."

She pulled away from their kiss, looked him directly in the eyes and stated a very simple truth, "No, we shouldn't, but nothing says we can't."

Ted blinked hard and tried to find the flaw in her reasoning. His quick, highly analytical mind came up with a single reason. "You're more important to me than an orgasm."

"I feel the same way." She worked his underwear farther down. "That's why this is okay."

"Because we're friends?" he asked, covering his nudity with both hands.

"Because our friendship won't let something like this get in its way," she said, pulling one of his hands away. "Now give me a show."

Before Ted could object, she pressed her mouth against his, leaving him no other option except moaning. If he was complaining, she didn't seem to care. Avril's kisses were deeper and more passionate than ever.

His swollen cock ached for attention. Why shouldn't he give himself over to her desires? If this was something she wanted, then why shouldn't he follow through? Who was he depriving of a good time? He rubbed his hard-on a few times, Avril moaned, and he knew she was watching.

"Please don't stop," she said, breaking their kiss for a better look.

"I won't, except I have a problem." She gave him a puzzled look. "I'm right-handed," he explained, tugging free the arm she still held against her body.

"Sorry," she mumbled, putting one arm around his shoulders as she watched him stroking his long, hard cock. He felt her breasts against his arm and it fueled his need. For a few moments, she watched before saying, "This is so sexy." She kissed him again, not as long, but just as deeply. "I've never watched a guy do it."

"I've never been watched," he confessed, feeling out-of-place, as if he was breaking too many taboos at once.

"You're not going to stop, are you?"

"Wasn't planning on it." The thought of stopping short of an orgasm had never occurred to him.

"Good, because I want to see it. I want to see you have an orgasm."

"This is so crazy," he muttered.

"But it's fun, isn't it?" she asked, caressing his bare thigh.

"You can help if you want."

"No, I just want to watch," she said though she kept her hand on his thigh.

Did she know that was helping? "Can we kiss some more?"

She leaned in and kissed him again. Ted leaned back, relaxing and melting into her kiss. Damn, her lips felt so good against his. He caressed his hard cock faster, enjoying the moment. She broke their kiss for another good, long stare before returning her lips to his.

"I love how you kiss," he groaned when she looked again. Lifting his head from the back of his couch, he nuzzled against her neck. "You smell so sweet."

"That's hair conditioner," she said, giving him another kiss, though it was just a peck.

"I don't care, I still like it. I always have."

Avril looked surprised. "Really?"

He nodded, fighting off a sense of revealing too much. Avril had always been out of his league, too pretty and too socially connected for someone like him. As much as Ted pined for her, he knew her friendship was all he would ever have. Girls like Avril didn't date geeky guys like him. "I'm getting close," he moaned, pulling up the bottom of his shirt and exposing his belly.

"Hm, I love your stomach," she said, caressing his newly bared flesh. "Especially this part." She tickled the line of hair that led downwards from his bellybutton until it reached his pubic hair. "You work-out, don't you?"

"Some," he groaned, nearing that ragged edge of no return. He wasn't a gym rat. His workouts consisted of fifty sit-ups and fifty push-ups every morning along with running a couple miles every other day. He knew he would never be the muscle-bound Adonis she deserved.

"Do it," she purred, briefly kissing him. "I want to see it."

Ted felt swept up in a whirlwind fueled by lust, pent-up need, unspoken desires, and happiness that his best friend seemed happy, too. He gave into the magic of the moment, drawing in a final deep breath before his release began. His cock exploded with the joy of release, shooting and spraying the first long, ropey strand of his hot, white semen farther than he had anticipated. His cumshot splattered over his bunched up t-shirt, landing on his chest. Each following spurt followed the same path without the same reach until a long line of milky white wetness led from his neckline all the way back to his hard cockhead.

"Oh fuck, that's sexy!" Avril squealed, bouncing with joy. "That could be the sexiest thing I've ever seen! Thank you!" She began peppering his face with more kisses in rapid fire succession, so many that it became funny to both of them.

"So, that was fun?" he asked, purposely understating her reaction.

"That was incredible!" she squealed before doing something he didn't expect. She scooped a fingerful of semen off his stomach and popped it into her mouth. "And it's tasty, too."

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