Avril's Fool, a CFNM story


"Are you trying to make me do it a second time?"

"Tease," she giggled, scooping up another fingerful and feeding it to him. "See? It's yummy, isn't it?"

"Whoa," he said with a startled look. "So, that just happened."

"What? You've never tasted yourself?" she asked, running her finger through a puddle of semen as if she was finger painting.

"No, have you?"

"I do it all the time," she said, laughing. "But I like how guys taste better." She licked her finger clean before going back for more.

"Can I get dressed now?"

"Maybe," she said, though she didn't move away from him. Instead, she kept him pushed against the couch while she played with the mess on his stomach and stared at his spent manhood. "Has anyone ever said you have a great looking cock?"

"Not that I can remember."

"Well, you do, and it's big, too."

"Big, but not too big," he said, repeating her words from earlier. He excused himself. Moments later, he returned cleaned up and wearing a new t-shirt. He plopped next to her couch and they swapped unsure smiles. "Are we okay?"

She nodded. "Still best friends, though I need to leave."

"Because of what just happened?"

"No, because I have to work in the morning and it's getting late," she said, brushing her lips against his before standing. "And, I might need to take care of myself."

"Tease," he said, following her to the door.

"Probably," she admitted, pausing to take a long look at him from head-to-toe before she pulled open his door and left.

* * * * *

Avril suggested lunch at Panera Bread Company. Ted recognized that she had named her favorite comfort food. She met him at the door wearing a big smile he wasn't expecting. "Sorry," she said after eyeing him up and down and before giving him a polite peck on the cheek. "Was just thinking about last night."

"We still okay?" he asked.

"Of course," she said. "Though you can never kiss me again. You're dangerous."

"Me?" he scoffed, laughing. "You started it!"

"Maybe," she allowed, pausing to place her order. They collected cups, visited the drink station, and sat in a booth away from everyone else.

"Is it okay if we still talk about Robbie?"

"Whatever you want," he assured her.

"Do you think it's wrong that I still miss him?"

"Not really." He shrugged. "You've been with him for almost a year. I think you're supposed to miss him."

"But he's cheating on me," she said, playing with her straw paper.

"It could have been a one-night-stand."

"What if it wasn't?"

"What if it was?" he asked, playing devil's advocate for her. They paused while a server delivered their food. "Do you feel guilty about last night?"

"Why? Nothing happened. I mean, not really, you know?"

Ted nodded. That wasn't how it felt to him.

"We didn't do anything," Avril insisted. "I mean, sure, we kissed, but so what?"

"Do you think Robbie would approve?"

"Fuck him," Avril grumbled. "I didn't kiss you because of what Robbie's doing." She washed down a mouthful of food. "And I'm glad I kissed you. You're an amazing kisser."

"Be sure to tell your friends," Ted joked.

"Can I tell them the rest, too?" Avril asked, flashing a grin again.

"You might want to keep that part to yourself."

"Do you regret it?"

"It just feels weird knowing you've seen me like that."

"I liked it," she insisted with a playful glimmer in her eye. "I want to do it again."

"Except, you have a boyfriend."

"I can still watch, can't I?"

"I guess," Ted said, laughing.

"What if I wanted to do more than just watch?"

"Tempting, except you still have a boyfriend."

Avril tilted her head, considering him for a long moment before she pushed away her empty plate. "See? Right there, that's why I love you so much."

"Because I know you have a boyfriend?"

"Because that means something to you."

"Just don't test that theory too hard," he cautioned and he meant it.

"I'm supposed to meet some work friends for drinks tonight, would you come with me?"

"Sounds like you're asking me out," Ted said.

"Actually, I'm hoping you'll cock-block Chip. Fuck, he's getting annoying. He's been hitting on me since Robbie left and it's only getting worse."

"He's really breaking the Man Code." An annoying thought occurred to Ted, one he wanted to keep to himself, except he couldn't. "What if Chip already had that picture of Robbie on his phone? What if it was from before Robbie starting dating you?"

"No way!" Avril said, digging out her phone and pulling up the damning picture once more. She expanded the picture and studied its details. Unfortunately, there weren't many details to see aside from Robbie, his date, and the bed. "I'm getting really tired of looking at this pic," she grumbled. Finally, she stopped her scrolling and wore a victorious look on her face as she pointed to the binder on the nightstand. "That's the same binder they gave me when I did that training last year."

"Then I guess it's true," Ted said, feeling bad for his friend as he watched disappointment replacing the pleasure from her flash of discovery. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have pointed that out."

"No, you're fine," she said, glancing at the full picture again. "You were trying to defend Robbie, not throw him under the bus."

"Yeah, I'm just stupid like that."

"It's not stupid, it's call being a friend. I'd kiss you, except. . ." she trailed off, not finishing her suggestion.

"Except you have a boyfriend."

"Actually, I was going say: except I might not want to stop."

"And you have a boyfriend," Ted insisted.

"Only for a couple more weeks," she said, putting away her phone. "So, will you come drinking with me tonight?"

"Trust me enough for that?"

She laughed. "Do you trust me? I might want to see you naked again."


"Maybe," she said with a playful wink. Ted wished he could figure out what that wink meant. Was she playing or flirting?

* * * * *

For appearance's sake, Ted drove without offering Avril a ride. They were friends and nothing more, but other people had trouble understanding the difference. For the same reason, Ted showed up late. Strolling into the Applebee's, he took in the scene. Avril and her workplace friends owned the center space around the bar. He saw faces he recognized from similar get-togethers. He smiled back at people who vaguely recognized him, too. He saw Cindy and Sally sitting in a booth and knew Avril wouldn't be far away from her two friends.

"Ted!" Cindy squealed as soon as she saw him. She jumped up from the booth and gave him a bear hug. "Avril said you would be here."

"I am, but where is she?" He asked, swapping hugs and air-kisses with both women.

"At the bar, next to Chip," Sally said. "He's working her hard."

"So I heard," Ted said. "She asked me to cock-block for her."

"You are such a good friend," Cindy said with a look of admiration in her eyes. "We tried, but Chip just blows us off."

"I think he showed her another picture," Sally offered.

"I don't get that. Why?" Cindy said.

"Oh, they're boys. They were in the same fraternity in college, so they're tight."

"I guess," Ted allowed, realizing Sally was referencing a world he never understood. He accepted his place in life as a geek surrounded by mostly geek friends. Once, Avril had accompanied him to a work party and had laughed seeing so many skinny people wearing glasses in one room. Ted stepped up to the bar, next to his friend. "Hey there," he said. He gave Chip a nod.

"Hey handsome!" Avril flashed a big smile before kissing his cheek. Over her shoulder, he saw Chip sizing him up without enough information to reach a valid conclusion. "Sally's sitting a booth," Avril said, grabbing his hand and pulling him away. Once they were out of earshot of Chip, she explained, "I told Chip I'm playing matchmaker."

They spent an hour drinking and laughing, especially about the watchful eye Chip maintained over the quartet. Ted paced himself, sipping a single beer and making it last. Neither Avril or Sally showed the same restraint. "Guess you're the designated driver?" Ted asked Cindy.

"Yeah," she said with a sigh.

As Sally got drunker, she became more interested in Ted. It was a pattern she had repeated before that night. "You are so cute," she gushed, hanging on his arm. Ted looked to Avril for help. Though Sally was pretty, she was clingy and a bit of an airhead, two traits that turned him off.

"Isn't he?" Avril gushed. "And he's a great kisser, too."

"I thought the two of you were just friends?" Sally asked, looking confused.

"Best friends," Avril said. "He's lucky I already have a boyfriend."

"Some boyfriend," Cindy said, rolling her eyes. "Did Chip show you another picture?"

"He showed me lots of pictures. Apparently, he has an entire collection Robbie has taken through the years of other girlfriends."

"What a perv!" Cindy said, echoing the opinions of everyone else at the table.

"Fucking frat boys," Sally added before the three women went into a rant about how nearly all guys were douche-bags and unworthy of them.

"See what happens if you disrespect our girl?" Cindy asked Ted.

"I would never do that," he said, confused. "Besides, we're just friends."

"Uh-huh," Sally said, rolling her eyes. "Friends who kiss." Despite the anti-man tirade they had just finished, she draped herself over Ted again. "I want to be your friend."

"And, he has a really big dick," Avril volunteered. Her friends cheered that morsel of information with hoots and howls fueled by alcohol.

"Should I ask how she knows?" Sally asked.

"Probably not," Ted said, feeling very uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation.

"He showed it to me," Avril announced, drawing surprised stares from her friends. "Nothing happened. Well, not really."

"Oh-my-God, he's blushing!" Cindy cried, pointing out Ted's situation.

"Okay, details," Sally demanded.

Ted looked at Avril. She had gotten them into this, she could get them out of it, too. Except Avril wasn't having any of that. "Go ahead, tell them." Wide-eyed, Ted shook his head. No way could he explain what had happened. "Fine," she said, finishing her beer. Her story was a patent lie. "We got really drunk one night, he lost a bet, and I made him show it to me."

"Was he hard?" Cindy asked.

"Is he really big?" Sally wanted to know.

"Big, but not too big," Avril said, laughing. "And it's pretty."

"Pretty?" Ted asked, unsure if that was a good word to use when describing a man's penis.

"Yeah, it is," she insisted. "Though you should do some manscaping."

"I love when a man shaves down there," Cindy said, accepting Avril's lie without question.

"Me too," Sally agreed. "Why should we be expected to shave down there if they won't do it, too?"

"I'll keep that in mind for next time," Ted said, making a mental note for when he started a new relationship.

"Can I watch you do it?" Avril asked.

Ted played along. "Sure."

"Can I bring along a friend?"

"The more the merrier," he said. Surely she was kidding.

"I can't go. I have a boyfriend," Cindy whined.

"So do I," Avril pointed out.

"Except she has a real boyfriend," Sally pointed out.

Ted tried ending the game by announcing, "I'm not shaving down there tonight."

"How about if I do it?" Sally offered. "I used to be a hairdresser, so I'm really good with clippers and razors."

"And I'm not going to let a drunk chick do it," he insisted.

"Fine, then we'll just watch you do it," Avril said, twisting his words. She asked her girlfriend for a ruling. "Watching him shave isn't the same as cheating, is it?"

"Not compared to what Robbie's probably doing tonight," Cindy said.

"Ouch," Ted said, noticing Avril wincing. His heart went out to her. She deserved so much better than Robbie (or Chip).

"I'm so sorry," Cindy quickly gushed, apologizing to her friend.

Avril shrugged it away before tossing back the rest of her beer. She released a long, loud belch followed by a very satisfied smirk. "Someone order me a shot." She stood and headed towards the restroom. Sally and Cindy followed after her.

Ted ordered shots for the two out of three of the missing girls and glanced at his phone. He looked up to see Chip standing at the table. "You know you don't stand a chance with her?" Chip asked.

"Sally?" Ted asked back, confused.

"You know who I mean," Chip blustered. "She's not into geeks or freaks."

"We're just friends," Ted replied, assuming Chip meant Avril.

"Keep it that way," Chip said before heading back to his spot on the bar.

Ted had a few moments to consider Chip's words. He never cared for bullies or being bullied.

When the girls returned, only two out of three sat back down. "Something came up," Cindy said, standing at the end of the table. "Think you can give them a ride home?"

"Sure he can," Avril said, answering for him. "You don't mind, do you?"

Ted sensed he was being played, he gave the same answer he would have given without the suspicion of something else going on, "I don't mind."

"Thanks," Cindy said, bending over and giving him a peck on the cheek. "Be good!" She said before leaving.

"Aren't you going to have another drink?" Sally asked him.

"Not if I'm driving."

"Ted's afraid of drinking too much because he might black-out," Avril said, offering another reason why he was careful with alcohol.

"That only happened once," he reminded her.

"I know, but it sure was fun."

"Was that the time you saw him nakie?" Sally asked, back to leaning on Ted.

"Uh-huh," Avril confirmed with such a big, delighted smile that Ted wondered if there had been some truth to her earlier lie. When the server returned for another drink order, Sally waved her away. "But it's still early."

"I have liquor at my house," Sally said before flashing a big grin. "And all my hair styling tools."

"We should go," Avril insisted, wearing a huge grin of her own.

Ted guessed he had been setup. Rather than protest or argue, he would play things out. He led the way to his car.

"Is this yours?" Sally asked, marveling at the shiny, red antique glistening beneath parking lot lights.

"Yeah," Ted assured her, opening the passenger side door of his classic Mustang. He didn't bother explaining how it was an investment, a car he could drive without it losing value. Avril climbed into the backseat, allowing Sally to sit in the front. As Ted walked around to his side, he noticed Chip standing in outside the Applebee's. Ted smiled and waved.

* * * * *

Sally lived nearby and chattered the entire time she navigated. Neither Ted or Avril could get a word in edgewise. He parked in front of her townhouse style apartment and followed the girls inside. "I can't believe we're really going this," Sally gushed as she worked her lock.

"Same here," Ted said, frowning at Avril.

"Come on, it's going to be fun," Avril said, looking excited.

Sally's apartment matched her sunny disposition. Her furniture included large, floral prints. Pink and deep rose were clearly her favorite decorating colors. While she mixed drinks, Ted whispered to Avril, "All that's missing are a dozen cats."

Ted sipped his drink, tasted how it was mostly alcohol, and set it aside on a coaster. Avril pointed out the coasters included cat prints.

"I should get my stuff," Sally said, excitedly dashing upstairs.

"No way am I doing this," Ted told Avril.

"Not even for me?" she asked, snuggling next to him on the couch. She pressed her chest against his arm and rubbed his thigh.

"Seriously?" Ted asked, surprised by her forwardness. "How drunk are you?"

"Drunk enough," she said, turning his face towards hers and giving him a quick kiss.

"Avril, please," Ted begged, squirming uncomfortably.

"Come on," she insisted, giving him another kiss while trying to undo his pants.

"Really?" he asked, stunned by her forwardness. "Don't you have a boyfriend?"

"Nothing's going to happen. Not really." She gave him another kiss. "I just want to show you off."

"Maybe I don't want to show off," Ted said, wondering what was taking Sally so long. Shouldn't she be interrupting them by now?

"Please, what guy doesn't want to get naked with two girls and see what happens?"

"Are you getting naked, too?"

"Maybe," Avril suggested, pressing her breasts against his arm. Ted felt his willpower weakening.

"Can I come down yet?" Sally called from the top of the stairs, fracturing the moment.

"Idiot," Avril muttered.

Ted chuckled.

"Might as well," Avril said, pulling away from Ted. Softly, she told him, "You're not off the hook yet."

Holding a pink bag with cords hanging out of it, Sally looked confused. "But he's not nakie."

"Yeah, I wonder why." Avril sighed. "It's almost as if someone interrupted us."

Sally looked confused instead of reprimanded for not following their plan. "Are you shy?" she asked him.

"Something like that," he said.

Sally looked at Avril for help, didn't find any, and took matters into her own hands. Setting down her bag, she straddled Ted's legs and sat down on his knees. "You're not leaving here until we're done manscaping you."

"I'm not letting a drunk chick get near me with sharp instruments," he explained.

"A: I'm not that drunk. And secondly, if I was sober, I wouldn't be doing this."

"You should kiss him," Avril suggested. "He's a really good kisser."

Sally cupped Ted's face and tested Avril's suggestion. Her kisses felt good, but not as amazing as a kiss from Avril. Sally's kisses felt sloppy by comparison. Ted adjusted and kissed her back without offering his tongue. Knowing Avril watched embarrassed him. "Why are you blushing?" Sally asked, noticing his red face when she pulled away.

"I don't know," he mumbled.

"It's hot watching you kiss," Avril said, smiling broadly. "Do it again."

Sally took another kiss from him. As they kissed, Avril guided one of Ted's hands to Sally's chest. Sally moaned and their kiss deepened as soon as his hand landed on her chest.

"Mm, so hot," Avril purred, again pressing against Ted's arm. When Sally pulled away, Avril turned Ted's head, taking another kiss for herself. He kissed Avril while groping Sally and his head spun. He felt drunk without a drink as his body welcomed the thrill of these two women kissing him.

"Someone is getting hard," Sally announced, squirming against the bulge growing inside his pants.

"I want to see," Avril said, looking down Ted's body.

"Me too," Sally said, leaning in for another kiss. While their lips were busy, so were her hands. She undid the front of his pants while Ted explored her chest. He reached inside her shirt, found the hooks of her bra, and deftly undid it. When his hands returned to her front, he reached beneath her loosened bra and cupped her bare breasts. He found stiff nipples and gave into the moment. Sally tugged his pants open and off his hips. "Help me," she told Avril, immediately returning to kissing Ted. As their tongues met, he felt Avril tugging and pulling off his pants until he was bottomless. Sally interrupted their kiss again, this time so she could pull his shirt over his head, leaving him naked and hard. "Oh wow," she said, reaching between them and wrapping her hand around his hard cock.

"See? Big without being too big," Avril said, back on the couch and watching the action.

Sally kept her hands between their legs, caressing and fondling Ted's hardness while they kissed. Ted pushed up her top, hoping to pull it off so he wouldn't be the only one naked. "No," Sally said, pushing his hands away. "Only you."

"Well, that's unfair," Ted said, looking at Avril for help he didn't get.

"Why not? What's wrong with being naked for us?"

"It's embarrassing," Ted said, frustrated and feeling very vulnerable.

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